Taboo Party Payback

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“Shove over, you stupid little twerp,” my sister Lillian said as she pushed on my shoulder with her elbow in an attempt to get me to move. She wasn’t gentle about it, but since I was actually a fair bit bigger than her I just smiled and ignored her actions.

My family was all crammed into my dad’s car, and it was starting to get a little hot inside. Sweat was beginning to appear on all our brows. Luckily, we had just arrived at our destination, the home of a friend of the family. It was a large modern house, practically a mansion, really. The long driveway that led up to the entrance had numerous cars of all shapes and sizes cars parked alongside it. That wasn’t a surprise. It was Halloween, and everyone was here to party. Michael, the owner of the mansion, was famous for his extravagant parties, and they always drew a crowd.

“We’re here. Time to get out,” my father said as he unbuckled himself and looked back at my sister and me. He was a stern looking middle-aged man of average build with short brown hair that had specks of grey in it.

“There certainly are a lot of people here already,” my mother remarked as she reached to open her car door. She was younger than my dad, and had married him quite young, so she wasn’t quite forty yet.

Dad smiled at her. “The more the merrier. Meeting new people is one of the reasons we’re here.”

“Dad! Cody isn’t moving,” Lillian whined shrilly. I swear, her voice could shatter glass sometimes.

“Cody move,” my dad replied absently as he stepped out of the car. He always took my sister’s side. It was basically an automatic response with him.

Lillian was older than me by two years, but you would think it was eons based on the haughty way she acted. She had short blonde hair that ended in a straight edge just short of her shoulders, and the body of a cheerleader, which she was. She attended the local college and was twenty.

“I’m moving,” I announced as I acted with deliberate slowness. Both my parents were already out of the car and I was still opening the door.

“Aghh, you’re so annoying,” my sister hissed. She couldn’t get out the other side because of a pile of boxes were in the way. They contained some stuff from work that dad had left in the car.

Just as I was standing up and moving out of her way, she lost patience and tried to force her way past me. She pushed off the seat and tried to wedge her shoulder into my stomach, but I shifted my weight and slid around her. Caught off guard, she lost her balance and fell forward towards me. As she stumbled, her breasts brushed against my chest, and I ever so briefly felt her nipples tickle me through our shirts. I flinched in surprise, but then relaxed. Whatever, it hadn’t been on purpose, and tits were tits. My sister had great breasts, though. It ran in the family. They were a nice round shape and at least a C cup.

“You creep,” she growled as she regained her balance and stood up straight.

“If you’re going to be violent at least be good at it, and not clumsy ditz,” I shot back quietly so dad couldn’t hear. The comeback earned me a furious stare.

“Settle down you two. We are here to have fun,” dad told us as he walked over and took mom’s arm. My sister stuck out her tongue at me, but I just grinned and shrugged.

Now that we were all out of the car our costumes were plain to see. This was a Halloween party after all. I was dressed like a soldier in cameo pants and a green tank top that showed off my athletic build. I also had on cameo face paint to complete the action hero look. Dad was a roman senator with a golden laurel on his head and a long white toga. He thought it made him look distinguished, but I thought it just made his inner jerk show through.

My mom’s costume was much better. She was dressed up as a German beer girl, and her long blonde hair was up in two curly pigtails that made her look much younger. A tight brown corset lay over her frilly white shirt. It didn’t cover her shoulders. Below that, she had on white knee socks and a puffy green mini-skirt. The costume showed a lot of cleavage. I don’t know what my dad was thinking letting her wear it. Even though she was my mom, I couldn’t help but sneak a look at the way her huge tits were held up and shown off by her outfit. I thought I could see her nipples poking through the shirt, but I had to quickly look away before anyone saw me staring. That would be super awkward.

My sister was dressed up as a sexy witch. I thought that was very fitting, since it rhymed with bitch. It was a nice costume, though. It really showed off how much of a pretentious slut she was. A large brimmed witch hat decorated the top of her short blonde hair, and her eyes had been smeared with thick black mascara. The rest of her black costume included long draping sleeves, high-heeled boots that went up past her knees, and a lacy miniskirt. The boots and skirt really showed off her long athletic legs, but the shirt didn’t show enough cleavage for my taste.

“Listen pendik escort to your father, both of you,” mom scolded us as her and dad began leading the way towards the house.

“Don’t you dare bug me when we get inside,” my sister hissed. “I don’t want you bothering me or anyone I meet here, twerp.”

I rolled my eyes and didn’t bother to respond. I had no reason to go anywhere near my sister at a party like this. I had much better things to do, and she was a total bitch, as well as a slut. Even in high school, she had gained a reputation for sleeping around. Why would I want to see that? Gross.

“Now, don’t either of you drink too much,” dad said as he pressed the doorbell. A ringing noise was heard from within.

I rolled my eyes before replying. “I don’t plan on it.”

“I’m just going to hang out with some friends,” Lillian added. It was an obvious lie, but dad bought it, because he always did.

Dad turned back and smiled at her. “I’m sure you’ll be on your best behavior, princess.”

“Thanks, dad,” Lillian replied cheerfully. She returned his smile and joyfully bounced on the spot.

I rolled my eyes again. Dad was the one with a drinking problem. Embarrassingly enough, he had passed out at a party like this several times before, and Mom had been forced to look after him. Once dad got drinking, he started talking with anyone who would listen and just kept drinking until he passed out.

Suddenly, the door in front of us opened to reveal a man my dad’s age. It was Michael, and he smiled when he recognized us. He was a longtime friend of the family. He had been a client of dad’s a few times, and I had cut his lawn when I was younger.

“Come on in! I was wondering when you would all show up,” Michael announced happily. He was wearing the outfit of a catholic priest, which I found funny. He was one of the least prudish people I knew.

Dad and him quickly shook hands before we all stepped inside. A foyer full of coats greeted us. Off to one side was the entrance to a brightly lit room. The sound of a laughing and walking crowd could be heard from coming from it, and lots of people could be seen within.

“Just head on in. There are drinks at the bar, and when you get tired you can go upstairs to your room,” Michael told my parents as he handed them a room key. He knew my dad tended to get smashed and that we would probably be leaving tomorrow morning.

“Thank you,” my mother told him as dad took her arm and led her toward the party. He was probably in a hurry to hit the bar.

My sister skipped after them, but I stayed behind. When they were out of sight, Micheal and I exchanged a handshake of our own.

“It’s great to see you again, Cody,” he told me.

“Same, Mister Gregor. Your party looks great as usual,” I replied.

“Ha, well, I hope you have a good time, and I think you will,” he laughed as he held out another key. “I left the bag you gave me under the sink, like you asked.”

“Thanks. This means a lot to me,” I replied as I took the key.

He gave me a mischievous grin. “There are a lot of beautiful young ladies here tonight. Choose wisely.”

“Oh, I will,” I laughed as I headed over to join the partiers.

Stepping out of the foyer, I entered the ballroom. It was a huge space, and it looked larger since it was only dimly lit. Still, it had obviously been extravagantly decorated. Spider webs draped down from the ceiling, and jack-o-lanterns with glowing eyes were scattered about, as flashing party lights sprayed colors in every direction. Along the far wall, there was a long bar where two bartenders were serving drinks. To my right, was a long line of tables covered in all kinds of food.

As I looked around, I grinned in anticipation and felt an ember of lust in my gut. There must have been over a hundred guests in the ballroom, and all of them were in costume. A mummy danced with a nun, while a skeleton talked to a plumber over by the food. My eyes were immediately drawn to several hot looking women, including a super exotic-looking geisha with full face paint and a short skirt, and a teenage girl in a slutty clown costume that already looked drunk. Oh, man. Her skirt was practically a belt and I could clearly see her pink panties and more than a bit of camel toe.

However, Grudgingly, I tore my eyes away and went to grab some food. If I just started chasing chicks, then my parents would probably notice and get in my way. I had to wait at least until they started drinking. I wasted a few minutes leering at sexy women and nibbling on snacks, before moving again. Wandering around, I scouted the room out. The way upstairs was through door beside the bar, and right before the stairs was a side room full of coaches where guests were relaxing. The bathrooms were on the other side of the ballroom, and after looking around to make sure no one I knew was watching, that was where I headed next.

There was no one in the men’s room, so I quickly slipped escort pendik inside, and locked the door behind me. It was a small single-person room. I walked over to the sink and opened the cabinet beneath it. There, much to my relief, behind the cleaning supplies, was my small black knapsack. I hurriedly pulled it out and unzipped it, to reveal some neatly folded black clothes. Grinning from ear to ear, I pulled the clothes out, set them on the sink counter, and started to undress. When my costume was fully off, I turned the sink on and washed off my cameo face paint. After that, it only took me a minute or so to put on the other costume form the bag. It was a black Zorro outfit, including the trademark mask. I left he mask off, though. Instead, I pulled a bottle of black hair spray out of the bag, and I leaned over the sink as I began applying it. It was temporary stuff, but it would last until tomorrow.

Soon, I was grinning at the mirror, and an athletic-looking young man with dark black hair was grinning back. My build is muscular for an eighteen year old. There was no way anyone would recognize me now. Nervous, but excited, I put on the mask and studied myself. Liking what I saw, I stuffed the soldier costume into the bag and shoved it back under the sink. I then opened the bathroom door and rejoined the party as an anonymous man in a rather sharp looking Zorro costume.

A woman dressed up like a black cat walked by alongside a man in a devil costume. I admired the woman’s tight ass for a moment and then moved on. A popular pop song was playing as costumed guests danced and lights flashed across the ballroom. I saw my parents over by the bar. Several of the men there were glancing at my mom’s bountiful chest. Her green beer girl costume did nothing to hide it, although dad didn’t seem to notice. He was too busy ordering another drink.

Feeling free, I ignored my parents. They wouldn’t recognize me now and I was free to do whatever I wanted. I could flirt with every woman here and they would have no idea what I was up to. God, dad was such a jackass, and my mom wasn’t much better. They were always bugging me about keeping my behavior respectable, while they ignored Lillian. She was the one they should have been worried about, but my dad was incapable of seeing her as anything but a perfect princess.

Thinking about this now was dumb. I was here to party. There was no reason to let myself fall into a funk, so I wandered over and joined the dancers. I wasn’t a great dancer, but I didn’t embarrass myself either.

Suddenly, I saw a cute redhead in an angel outfit over by the food table. Seeing that she was alone, I wandered over to join her. She was short and didn’t have much in the way of breasts, but she was slim and definitely a looker.

“Hi, did you come here alone?” I asked her.

Smiling coyly, she told me she was here with some friends. We got to talking, and I moved closer. As our conversation grew friendlier I discreetly put a hand on her ass. She froze for a second and then awkwardly brushed my hand away. A tried to play it cool but she excused herself and walked off.

“Crap,” I swore as she left. Well, if a little touching had scared her off, then I probably wouldn’t have scored with her anyway.

Feeling disheartened I headed for the lounge I had seen earlier. Maybe there would be someone more open-minded there, where people could get more intimate. The lighting inside the sitting room was dim to match the overall aesthetic of the party. As I walked into the room, I saw that there were half a dozen people inside, all younger. There was a couple kissing on a couch, a man who looked to have dozed off in a chair, and three teenagers sitting on a sofa. There, two boys were sitting on either side of a girl, and neither one of them look pleased by the presence of the other. That was understandable since the girl was drunk and obviously flirting with them both. Oh, and the girl was Lilian. What a slut! She was already wasted.

As I watched, one of the men reached over and shoved the other. “Why don’t you go get us something to drink?”

“Make me!” the other replied before shoving him back.

As Lilian ducked low, they grabbed each other and began to fight. Without thinking, I stepped forward and pulled Lillian away from their struggles, so that she didn’t get hurt.

“Oh, thank you,” she giggled happily as she leaned up against me. “You’re my prince charming! Not like those brutes.”

“Um, thank you,” I replied awkwardly as I realized she didn’t recognize me. Although, there was no reason she should have. I was in disguise after all. Huh, at least she wasn’t being bitchy.

“Let’s get out of here,” I told her as I pulled her toward the door. I wanted to get rid of her as soon as possible, but I didn’t want to leave her here. The two would-be-suitors were still wrestling over on the couch. What a bunch of dumbasses.

“How forward! I like that,” Lillian whispered as she let herself be pulled. pendik escort bayan “Are you going to take me upstairs and fuck my brains out?”

I choked in surprise. What? No. She was my sister.

Taking advantage of my sudden stop, Lillian leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I froze in shock as our lips met and she tried to insert her tongue into my mouth. At first, I didn’t respond, but then Lillian reached down and palmed by cock through my pants with one of her hands. My mouth fell open in shock as she began rubbing my junk, and immediately she inserted her tongue into my mouth and began sucking on my lips. Her mouth tasted of cheap alcohol and something fruity. Strawberries?

Even though she was my sister, and this was so wrong, my body responded. My cock began to stiffen as she rubbed it, and I briefly kissed her back before pulling away. No, even if this felt amazing, it was a waste of time. I needed to dump Lillian somewhere and find a real date.

“You’re such a slut,” I mumbled as I took a step back.

“I’m your slut for tonight,” she moaned playfully as she stepped in after me and embraced me lustfully. “Now take me upstairs and fuck me like an animal. I want it sooo bad.”

Wow. Lilian now had her arms wrapped around my chest. As I tried to figure out what to do, she dropped her weight and began rubbing her crotch up against my leg. Since she was wearing a skirt, I could feel the shape of her cunt through her panties on my thigh. My cock was rock hard now, and it knew what it wanted.

My previous resolution vanished, and I began considering the unthinkable. Did I want to have sex with my sister? Even though we were related, and it was wrong, she was sexy as hell. What would it be like? I might never get a chance like this ever again…

Fuck it! Lillian was a bitch, and she’d earned a good screwing. It would serve her right, and I deserved a little something from a slut like her. She was always getting me into trouble. It was about time I repaid the favor. I grinned nastily. It might even be good for her.

“Come with me. Let’s have some fun!” I whispered to Lillian in a deep voice meant to disguise my identity. I then pulled her up and led her to the dance floor. I had to support her a little, but she stumbled after me.

“What are we doing?” she asked in confusion as we entered the ballroom.

“We are just going to have a bit of naughty fun before the main event. You want to have fun, don’t you?” I told her.

She giggled and nodded in agreement. Her eyes were hazy but glowing with barely contained lust. Wow, that was such a turn on. She still had on her witch costume, including her black pointed hat. I let my eyes roam her body as I took in the prize that was now mine. She had such nice perky tits and a delightfully round ass.

Once we reached the center of the dance floor, I pulled my sister in close, flipped up her skirt, and grabbed both her ass cheeks. Instead of dancing, I fondled her right there in front of everyone while she moaned. God, she was such a horny little bitch. She didn’t try to pull away at all. Instead, she looked up into my eyes and pursed her lips, as if begging for a kiss. I obliged. Our lips met, and our tongues began intertwining as we both began sucking on each other with complete abandon. Turned on beyond belief, I pushed my fingers in under her panties. She shivered in delight and moaned into my mouth as my fingertips found her warm slit and asshole. While one hand began rubbing her wet folds gently, the other grasped her panties and pulled them down. They fell straight to her ankles, but she didn’t seem to notice or care. We just kept kissing.

Reveling in the situation and her exposure, I flipped my bitch of a sister’s skirt up again. This revealed her naked ass and cunt to the people around us. There were gasps of shock from the nearby guests. They could see everything, but my sister didn’t care. She was too busy sucking on my tongue.

I wanted to go further. Everyone needed to be shown how much of a dirty whore my sister was. I reluctantly removed my hands from her crotch and reached up to grab the straps of her black witch’s vest and her bra. Gently, I pulled them down her arms so that there was nothing holding her blouse up but the pressure of my chest against hers.

Ending the kiss, I grabbed Lillian’s chin and lifted it up so that our eyes met. “Let’s take this upstairs.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she moaned in reply.

Her eyes shone with uncontrolled mind-numbing lust, and she nodded in agreement. Slowly but surely, as I watched, her white frilly blouse slipped down, taking her bra with it. My sister’s cute little nipples were now poking out above her disheveled blouse, where everyone could see them. It was time to leave.

Taking my sister’s hand, I quickly pulled her toward the corridor. She stumbled briefly as her fallen panties tripped her, but then she managed to get one leg loose. Oh, god. That was sexy.

We moved past the lounge, and up the stairs. She giggled as I took out my keys and opened the door to the bedroom I had been given. We entered. Unceremoniously, I then pushed her onto the bed and walked back to lock the door.

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