Take my wife please!

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A friend confided he’d always wanted to send his sub wife Trish to have me use as a sexual plaything for the week. I’m always up for a good time, so he bought her a ticket to fly down.

“I’ve told her she is to do whatever you say while she’s there.” he said. “ANYTHING?” I replied. Anything was hubby’s answer. First she must be properly attired when she gets here, collar, open cup bra, semi transparent blouse, She may wear a button front sweater for the plane, button front skirt, garter belt, seamed stockings and heels.
Take my wife please! “Whatever you say grand master” hubby said.

I set about planning a week of debauchery and sexual enlightenment for my very special guest. It was to be a Monday to Monday experience, with arrival on the first Monday.

After picking her up at the airport we’d go to dinner near the airport, without the sweater. During dinner I would relate the plans for the week and fondle her openly. Take my wife please! 2
On Tuesday we’d go to the Nude beach at Canaveral National seashore and see what popped up. I instructed her that I would openly solicit good looking hard young men for her to suck off.

After that we would check into a hotel near the beach where she would change into a string bikini top and sarong skirt and nothing else for supper at a popular seaside bar full of spring breakers.

This particular one was famous for a wet t shirt contest and she was entered and expected to win. She would take first place after dropping her skirt and blowing all three of the judges.

Wednesday we went to a nudist resort and sought out a group of swingers who invited us to join their orgy. Every guy in the room had a go at each of Trish’s tight holes filling her with cum which I would personally clean out of her sopping holes back at the room.

Thursday was the first day of the bodybuilders convention at the convention center so we went to the hotel bar nearest the center and trolled for studs. I had gotten an extremely sexy low and high cut dress, black seamed stockings and stiletto sandals for the occasion as well as her collar which I had fitted with a gold short leash that rested neatly between her gorgeous tits. Six hard-bodies surrounded her at the bar and were delighted when I approached them all and asked if they would like to gangbang her. We all went to the room and she brought them all off several times in all possible combinations.

Friday was master slave day. Trish was blindfolded and wearing thigh high stockings only was tied spreadeagled to the bed. I went out with a few extra room key cards and passed them out to likely studs at the biker bar to come to the room and ravage her.

Saturday was everyone’s lucky day as i dressed her in a very revealing outfit again with stockings and stiletto’s and we went to a local casino where I got into a wonderful Texas holdem game with three other high rollers. Even though I only had a pair of threes, I wanted to make things interesting, and bet almost everything, I was called by a tall cowboy on my left, and told him the only other thing I had to bet was Trish. The other two also went in to get a piece of that pot which of course I lost. They collected all night in every hole.

Sunday was going to be the crowning glory for the week, a full blown swingers orgy at my house I invited a dozen of the most fabulous couples I could find and between fucking in the hot tub, on the back porch, both bedrooms, both bathrooms, the kitchen and the living room. every imaginable combination of warm bodies was in motion all night into the wee small hours of the morning. The only rule for the night was everyone had to cum only on or in Trish and nowhere else. At 5 am it was time to get Trish to the airport back to her hubby. I gave her a pair of panties to hold in all the ‘deposits’ and dressed her the way she’d arrived.

On the way back from the airport I called her hubby to tell him she was on her way with souvenirs of her week in Florida.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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