Taken By Surprise Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

Author’s Note : This is a true story of a friend which began almost eight years ago. It is only now that she agreed to allow me to post her story here on this site. Depending upon the responses we receive, we shall carry forward and narrate the rest of the incidents. If incest is not to your liking, kindly refrain from reading any further. Your comments will definitely be forwarded to her.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

At twenty-eight and still single, Megan was always a free spirited girl. She had a nice job of being a school teacher, and had a house near the beach in Trinidad. There were always lots of friends around her, and life could not have been any better for her. Leisure for her was surfing the net and making friends from the world over. From time to time though, she would go the beaches where her favorite past time was teasing boys and girls. And why not? She had her curves at in the right places and she did little to hide them.

Back at home, her parents had divorced. They had been divorced for a while. Her mom was busy with her own life. That left her with her brother Bryan, who was a handsome eighteen year old fresher, spending most of his time at the local college. With the entire house to herself and her brother, at times, she would wear her sexy lingerie while she went about her normal life.

Her times spent on the Internet, though, changed when suddenly she started receiving erotic stories on her mail from an unknown sender. The subjects of those stories were strikingly similar. Every other day there was some story or the other with the central theme of incest. She was intrigued. Stories of brothers seducing their innocent younger sisters, drunk sisters seducing their brothers or even their parents became her source of erotic thrill. After some time, she actually looked forward to mails from her unknown sender.

The thrill of reading the taboo subject had her wet on many occasions, but that still remained outside the realms of practicality. In her mind, while enjoying those stories, she always used to think, “How could they do that between siblings or with their parents?” It was unreal, something only told in stories. Little did she know that, one day, she would become a part of it all.

It was an idle Thursday afternoon. Megan had come back from school early to find an empty house. From her experience she knew that her mom won’t be back till late in the evening and neither was Bryan expected any time in the next few bostancı escort hours. As she slipped out of her school teacher dress, she noticed a new DVD lying on the center table. Must be one of the new Hollywood films that Bryan downloaded from the net, she thought as she put it into the DVD player. She was in for a shock when she realized it was no Hollywood movie, but one of porn, titled Taboo 2.

The story of seduction and perversity unfolded from the Scott family to the McBrides, and the mother, son, brother, sister, father, and daughter slowly entered the perverse world of pleasure in front of her; Megan’s fingers found their way into the sopping wet pussy and her deliciously hard nipples.

Her mind raced back to the wonderfully erotic incest stories she had been reading all these past months. She did not know who had sent it to her, but in her mind she had thanked that unknown sender for those highly satisfying sessions of self pleasure. And now, right in front of her eyes while she was watching the brother fuck his sister on screen, in her mind they were no longer some unknown characters, it was Bryan fucking her.

For brief moment, though, her rational mind told her that this was only a film and it was just some weird fantasy. She would never do this with her younger brother, not only because he was just eighteen, but more than that, he was her younger brother. She would never do that. Never!

But for now, her animal instincts of lust had taken over and she could not resist continuing with her session of self satisfaction. Images of Bryan and what he might be like were playing on in her mind. Would he be equally robust? Does he fuck his girlfriend like Junior was fucking his sister on screen?

Before long she was screaming out “Please fuck me Bryan, please,” as she continued to frantically finger her pussy with closed eyes.

Unknown to Megan, Bryan was quietly waiting outside. He had spelt endless nights dreaming of this moment and today it was just taking the final shape. He had struck upon the brilliant idea of leaving the Taboo 2 DVD only last week. And now he had Megan, his dream right in front of him fucking herself crazy, and even better, screaming out his name. Bryan could not wait any later and quickly undressed. He had always been proud of this thick and huge cock. Today was his chance to feel it inside his sister’s pussy.

“I can’t believe you look so hot like this sis,” Brian said as he walked out of ümraniye escort bayan the shadows.

Startled, Megan, eyes closed until that time, with her right hand still inside her sopping wet pussy and left hand furiously pulling on her right nipple, did not know how to react. Her bra and panty were nowhere to be seen. How could it be? Bryan had already thrown them far away. Still, with whatever modesty she could, she tried to cover her breasts and screamed, “What the hell are you doing here Bryan? You are supposed to be in class now!”

Acting as though he hadn’t heard anything, Bryan continued to step even closer and continued speaking. “Oh sweet sister, don’t stop now. It’s every guy’s dream to watch his sister play with her pussy. See how hard I am looking at you? You were fantasising me just like this weren’t you?”

“Get out of here, you asshole,” Megan screamed as she desperately tried to look for anything that could cover her.

With the smile of an assassin who had cornered his prey, and with his eyes full of lust, Bryan said, “Sis, let me have a closer look at your pussy.”

Even before Megan could react, his strong hands had found their way towards her thighs, clenched tightly, protecting her last bit of modesty, and soon Bryan was forcibly trying to part them.

“Noooooooo, get away you pervert! I am your sister,” cried Megan, as she tried to push Bryan away.

There were so many things to do; look for some cloth, try to stop the DVD, and poor Megan was fighting and losing the battle. And to top it all, she was in such a posture, there was no way she would be able to stand up. Bryan was so close. She knew she would never be able to stop him in this condition. Still, she struggled and struggled, all in vain.

Soon Bryan’s fingers were touching her pussy lips and a shiver went down her spine. It wasn’t only the feel of Bryan’s finger that she had; Bryan was so close that his thick, veiny cock was touching her belly as well. It wasn’t long before Bryan had completely pinned her down. Megan was desperately trying to fight him off, to push him away.

“Nooo, Bryan, please for God’s sake, don’t do this. Please, this is wrong. I am your elder sister. Please, Bryan…”

But Bryan was beyond all prayers. Megan could feel Bryan’s cock touching her pussy lips, and she realised he was now pushing to enter her. And she knew she would not be able to do anything. Her pussy was so wet when Bryan had walked in on kartal escort her that it was only a matter of time before he would ease his thick cock into her sloppy wet pussy.

Her mind was racing. She had never even in her wildest dreams thought of anything like this. How could this be happening to her? Her own younger brother was almost forcibly taking her and she was in no position to stop him!

Bryan was already in a world of his own. He could still feel his sister trying to pull away, but he knew she wouldn’t be after he pushed in. He had cornered her and now he could even feel her wetness on the tip of his cock. He knew it was only a matter of moments when his cock would be fully immersed in his sister’s pussy; his dream woman’s hot, wet pussy. Without thinking anymore, he thrust his hips, one mighty thrust and he could feel his cock glide into the wet hole of his sister’s pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” cried out Bryan.

“Noooooooooo! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” screamed out Megan as well, a mixed feeling of shame, the pain of the thick cock head stretching her tight pussy, and at the same time, the pleasure of a thick cock, so thick which none of her previous boyfriends had, and the feel of the young hard chest of Bryan brushing against her sensitive nipples. The force of Bryan’s initial thrust had involuntarily forced open her legs. It was too much to bear.

“Please, stop Bryan. What are you doing?”

“Can’t believe… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, you are… Ahhhhhhhh, so tight sis… Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Bryan’s moans punctuated his thrusts.

Much against her will, the mixed feelings of pain and pleasure had already made Megan part her legs even further. Now she could feel her pussy tighten against his shaft. Her groin seemed to have developed a mind of its own. Her hips were now moving forward to meet his rapidly moving thrusts.

Bryan could still hear his sister’s pleas, requesting him to stop. But in between he thought he could also hear moans. Megan had definitely stopped fighting back. And even better, he could feel her hips move in unison, every time he pushed forward, he could feel her hips move forward to meet his thrust. That is all that Bryan needed to increase the pace of his thrusts. In no time, Megan was holding him tight and had wrapped her legs around him. Her pleas had definitely stopped.

“Ahhh, ahhhh, ahhh, mmmhhh, ahhh…” is all that Megan could utter as Bryan’s cock continued to fill up her pussy, his balls tightening as she knew he would soon be cumming inside her.

Her very own brother was fucking her and she was no longer doing anything to stop him. And then Bryan exploded almost unannounced inside her, shooting his cum deep inside her pussy. Megan could feel his thick cum filling her up…

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