Taking Care of Granny

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The summer I finished secondary school I was at a bit of a loss. At 18 I was a big, brawny, brainy lad, awkward and unsure of myself. So when a phonecall came to my mother to announce that Aunt Mary had to go to hospital to have her varicose veins treated, I volunteered to travel back to the old family house in the small midlands town where my father came from and take care of Granny. I figured it was better than sitting around the house at home arguing with my mum.

Granny lived with her unmarried daughter Mary who we sometimes affectionately called “metal belly” because her shape was so round and strong. Her body looked fat, but also hard. Huge breasts, enormous belly, massive arse. But unlike other women of similar dimensions she didn’t jiggle as she walked. It all looked very firmly packaged, hence the nickname.

My granny on the other hand had a refined gentle elegance. She was quite tall, taller than the average man. And even though her posture had stooped a little and she needed a stout stick to help herself walk, she was still quite a presence. She had a strong frame and fine bone structure you noticed straight away in her physique and her face. But of course her flesh had loosened away from her bones with the passage of years. She always dressed in ornate floral frocks and wore a tiny splash of rose-smelling perfume. She was kind and I always loved her.

Not that Granny was invalided or incapacitated, but I was there to help her out and keep her company. At 82, she was still alert and mobile. She moved around the house just fine and sometimes even walked into the little shop around the corner to natter with the neighbours.

So when on the first night of Aunt Mary’s stay in hospital I overheard her sniffling and crying in her room I was concerned. I knocked on the door. “Granny is everything ok?”. She invited me in was standing by her dressing table holding a jar of ointment. She wore a very long, modest flannel nightdress, Denizli Escort buttoned up to her neck and down to her ankles.

“Mike, can you help your old granny?”

“Of course granny, anything for you”

“With the pain in my wrists, it’s too awkward for me to apply my ointment. I hate to ask you. Mary always does it for me you see. But it’s a little embarrassing, is that ok?”

“Of course Granny, I came here to look after you and that’s what I’ll do, whatever it takes.”

“Ooh you’re a good boy” she said. Then without ceremony she opened three middle buttons of her nightie, reached inside and took out her right breast, holding it up to the light. “It’s my psoriasis you see”. And sure enough, I could see how the skin from the tip of her nipple, and from her areola back along her breast, was dry, papery and cracked. “I need you to dab it in for me. I have to lie down”. Her large saggy breasts swayed as she moved to the bed and I clearly see the shape of her body through her single layer of cotton.

She stretched out on the bed covers with her eyes closed. It was a beautiful mild summer night. In the old tracksuit cutoff shorts and t-shirt I wore as pyjamas I felt self-conscious and afraid she’d see the hard-on I had sprouted for my grandmother. So I turned off the harsh overhead light and allowed the dim reading light take over instead.

Taking a small bean of the sweet-smelling cream (was this where her lovely smell came from?) I lifted her breast in my other hand and applied it gently, starting on the white skin. I’d never touched a breast as intimately. I moved the luxurious lotion slowly around her nipple, spreading it carefully into the driest areas. Then I took another dab and applied it directly to her nipple. It must have been cold to the touch, as she gave an audible sharp inhalation and I watched her nipple visibly tighten up and harden in front of me, and protruded nearly a centimetre out from the Denizli Escort Bayan rest of her body.

“Now Mike give it just a little pinch” she asked and I used her nipple to raise the breast up off her body and allowed it to slip slowly through my fingers and fall back on her belly, pinching and rolling her as it fell.

Reaching inside her clothes again she lifted out her left breast. “Same again Mike please”.

This time I raised the entire breast in my hand. It was wrinkled and saggy but not entirely empty. There was still some weight and substance. It stretched down to her belly button so I could imagine how big it must have been in her younger days. Taking more cream I held it and rolled it between my two hands, gently stroking her until her dry skin had soaked it in. With a supplementary dab, I circled and rubbed and pinched her breast tips.

Never before I had I experienced such eroticism. I’d kissed Catherine Kelly and rubbed her tits through her clothes a few times but nothing like this. My PJs were saturated with pre-cum.

She smiled and whispered “thank you my darling, goodnight” We kissed farewell and I went to my own room for a wank, followed by another wank, before I could get to sleep.

The next morning after breakfast she produced her potion jar and asked me again to grease up her nips. As she was dressed, it was slightly awkward. She opened her light summer dress and reached under the enormous white bra to extract herself. She looked at me and smiled, “go ahead”. I found it best to stand behind her while she sat and I could massage her big doug properly. I felt bold and I reached under her clothes to lift out the second breast and held up each together. They felt so wonderful and weighty in my hands and it was such an honour to be granted this amazing intimacy.

When I was finished, granny took my hand and drew my head towards her. Reaching up she gave a long lingering kiss. When Escort Denizli our wet lips finally parted she looked at my obvious swollen erection and said, “later my sweetheart”.

That evening after I had treated her magnificent boobs once more she produced a tube of ky jelly and said ” my sweet boy, can you attend to me down below?” She pulled her nightie up to expose her silver bush. “Oh granny” I gasped “it’s beautiful. I was awe struck. I’d never seen a pussy before, never mind my beloved granny’s. I reached out and stroked her bush gently with the back of my hand with long downward strokes in the direction of her hair growth. Granny parted her legs and I saw a sliver of pink flesh. Under her careful instruction, I squeezed some of the lubricant into my hand and applied it to her flesh with my nervous fingertips. I glided my finger tips up and down her soft crack and felt how the skin folds opened up. Underneath was another world, waiting for me to explore. I dared myself to go a little deeper. “Don’t worry darling, you won’t hurt me, I’m stronger than you think” assured granny.

Granny’s quiet sighs were my guide. I felt the flesh of her pussy expand and soften. I thought I felt some firmer flesh underneath but granny stopped and rolled to herr side. “Can you do my behind?” she whispered and I took another squeeze of jelly and lifted her ass cheek to rub in the ointment back there. I caressed up and down her buttcrack until she asked me to take off my clothes and lie with her.

I snuggled behind her with my hardon pressed into her ass. She reached around and lifted her buttock so my cock snuggled into her ass cleft. It felt so warm and wet. Granny had her hands between her own legs and was obviously touching herself down there. Her slight movements were stimulating me and soon I could no longer stop myself. The pleasure was unbearable. I held her hip and rocked myself backwards and forwards between her ass cheeks. She was cumming but I wasn’t aware at the time. “Yes yes my sweetie” she moaned. “Oh granny oh granny” I shouted like a man possessed as I pumped a huge load of hot teenage semen into the lubricated skin folds of her octogenarian ass.

I slept like a baby curled up close wrapped around her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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