Taking Her Home

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All characters are over eighteen. Any resemblance to real life people, places, or events is purely coincidental.


Eliza Mason stepped into the restaurant unhurriedly. She could feel the textured rubber pad inside her blue short shorts rubbing against her moist cunt and had to hold back a low moan of arousal.

She made her way to her seat, carefully walking to maximize the bounce of her C-cups, making her hard nipples rub against the rippled material in her bra underneath a casual gray t-shirt. Her black hair slid across her pale shoulders as she sat, and somehow even that felt sensual.

The waitress that came to serve her table was adorable. She looked barely out of high school and had a cascade of dark curls covering shoulders so skinny Eliza was almost worried for her health.

The waitress bent over to place her menu and utensils in front of her, offering Eliza a tantalizing view of her small, dark breasts through the top of her uniform, which consisted of a bright blue vest and a knee-length skirt. She quickly refocused on the girl’s name tag and pretended that she had been staring at it, instead of the girl’s soft tits. Sofia. That’s her name.

The girl was not fooled by Eliza’s pretended interest in her name tag. She grinned cheekily, white teeth flashing in her dark face. Eliza’s gaze was caught by Sofia’s warm green gaze. The girl said, in a lovely, cheerful voice, “So, what can I get for you to drink today Ma’am?”

Eliza blinked, startled by the question. She was suddenly all too aware of her own arousal, the rubber pads stimulating her with every movement. She flushed and glanced down at the menu. She could see the girl grinning wider out of the corner of her eye. “Erm, I-I’ll take a water please.” The girl nodded and scribbled something on her notepad, humming a cheerful tune. Then she wandered off, leaving Eliza to stare at the window beside her.

It was nearly eight, so the light inside meant that the window was almost completely reflective, hiding the snow-covered streets outside. She tracked the hot young waitress with her eyes, watching as she served table after table efficiently, never letting the friendly smile drop from her face.

After serving two more tables, she bustled over to the counter and slipped behind it to begin preparing drinks. As she reached up to grab cups from the top shelf, her uniform top slipped up, exposing an expanse of chocolaty skin. Eliza wanted nothing more at that moment than to lick that skin, to make the girl shiver in delight. She squirmed slightly, rubbing herself against the material in her underwear.

When Sofia returned with Eliza’s water, the twenty seven year old woman was flushed and panting slightly. The nineteen year old waitress raised an eyebrow and, as she set the water down, asked “Are you okay, Ma’am? Do you need anything else?” Eliza flushed even darker and shook her head, grabbing the cool glass and taking a sip. “Ma’am, are you ready to order?”

Eliza glanced at the menu. She had all but forgotten food, between her intentional masturbation pads and the unexpected cute waitress. She quickly scanned the menu, finally settling on something that looked slightly appetizing. She didn’t even remember what she had ordered a few moments later, too busy watching the waitress’ ass walk towards the bar.

The entire time she ate, she watched Sofia out of the corner of her eye. It could have been creepy, but the waitress seemed to find it quite endearing otele gelen escort and, if Eliza was any judge, seemed almost as horny and desperate for a decent lay as she was.

She drank her water rapidly, making sure Sofia had plenty of reason to come over and bend over her table as she refilled the glass. She was only halfway through her food when her arousal began to create a visible mark on her shorts.

By the time Eliza finished her meal, something that barely even registered in her brain, it was clear to both parties that they were eager and willing. When she flagged Sofia down for the check, Eliza also received a slip of paper with Sofia’s number and the time she got off: 9:00, which, by now, was only ten minutes away.

She gave the girl a hefty tip and left, choosing to sit in her car and wait, completely ignoring the cold and all other discomforts in her horniness.

Sure enough, thirteen minutes later, the girl came around the corner of the building dressed in a tight green hoodie and loose blue jeans. Their breaths fogged the air as Eliza shot out of the car, waving her over frantically.

The girl jogged over and gave her a grin that sent a twinge through her burning crotch. “Thank god you have a car! I wasn’t looking forward to taking the bus back to my apartment this late in this weather.” Then she paused for a moment and grimaced. “Er, I mean, if that’s okay with you. I don’t want to be a bother.”

Eliza shook her head and grinned. “Not at all! I would love to take you. Actually, would you mind coming over to my place? I’m not sure if they let you eat in there, but I have some food at home.” She looked at the other girl nervously. Both of them were very aware that the offer wasn’t just for some warm food and a ride home.

Sofia stepped closer. “I ate a few extra scraps, but I’m still a bit hungry. I wouldn’t mind going home with you at all,” she finished softly. She reached between Eliza’s legs, gently brushing against her crotch. It was still enough to feel how wet the older woman was, how much she’d soaked herself with arousal. The younger woman’s eyes widened. “Wow, is all this for me?”

Eliza had closed her eyes at the touch, moaning softly under her breath. She opened her cerulean orbs at the question and nodded. “You are fucking sexy. God, you look so smooth and soft and tantalizing.” Sofia giggled and the separated, climbing into the car. This was much easier for Sofia, at only 5’6″, than for Eliza, who stood 6’1″.

Eliza lived close to the restaurant. Normally, it took fifteen minutes to drive there. This time, she did it in eight, Sofia’s hand gently rubbing her right breast the entire way. The other girl seemed mildly surprised to find the rippling rubber pad in her bra, but didn’t comment.

They climbed out of the car and nearly jogged to Eliza’s front door. She shoved the key in the lock and then yanked Sofia inside, shutting the door and shedding her clothes right there in the foyer until she stood in her matching pink bra and panties. The undergarments bulged slightly with the rubber and her panties were clearly soaked through.

Sofia giggled at her forwardness, but Eliza just pulled her into an intense French kiss that left the other girl dizzy and even more aroused. “Sorry if I’m a bit quick on it, but it has been ages and you are way too sexy.”

Sofia hummed in agreement and began gently nibbling and licking Eliza’s neck balgat escort and collarbone, slowly moving downwards until she was playing with the soft skin of the woman’s upper breast.

Eliza dragged her into the living room, throwing herself on the couch. Sofia stared down at the half naked woman lying before her so clearly aroused.

After a moment’s decision, she began to slowly remove her clothing, teasing the other woman to madness as she revealed her dark brown skin inch by square inch. She was just straightening up after removing her pants, now in her lacy black panties and blue bra, when Eliza grabbed her arm and yanked Sofia on top of her.

The horny pair rubbed on each other, skin on skin and thighs between thighs. Their mouths danced passionately together, tongues reaching into their lover’s mouths.

Eliza rolled over on top of the black girl, glad for her spacious couch. She had the blue bra off, throwing it somewhere into the kitchenette, and began to gently knead and suckle Sofia’s small, soft breasts.

The girl’s nipples, already firm, rapidly stiffened. Eliza gently nibbled on them before tracing a line of kisses down the panting waitress’ stomach, finally reaching the black panties. She grabbed the waistband with her teeth and dragged it down, exposing her partner’s soft, shaven pussy. It was soaking wet and loose, her little black clit poking out of her folds like a bump on a tree trunk.

She gently massaged her inner thighs, finally beginning to lick Sofia’s outer labia. The girl moaned and whimpered above her, her juices soaking the older woman’s face.

Finally, Eliza gently sucked on Sofia’s clit just as she slid two experienced fingers into the girl’s loose hole, hooking them upwards and gently wriggling them. Sofia arched her back and screamed, her legs shaking until her orgasm finally subsided.

“Not much of a squirter, are you?” Eliza commented. “Usually a move like that, especially with someone as wet as you already were, makes a bit of a mess.”

Sofia’s cheeks darkened. “Erm… well, I don’t know. Where I grew up, being gay was still kinda discouraged and, well, being black and female didn’t help either. So, um, I don’t really have much practice.”

Eliza smiled warmly. “That’s okay. I’ll just have to teach you. For today, I don’t think you’ll have to worry too much. I’m already soaked.” She leaned back against the couch cushions and slid her panties down her long, pale legs. The soaking wet material slapped to the floor, the rubber pad soon following it.

Sofia stared greedily at her soaking wet cunt, a landing strip of dark hair just above it. Her attention moved upward as she watched the older woman remove her bra, her perky C-cups falling out of the cups and bouncing slightly.

This time, Sofia pounced on her lover. She began just as Eliza did, massaging and suckling on her glorious breasts. Eliza groaned and arched her back under the smaller girl’s gentle ministrations, being driven wild by the sensation.

Sofia licked, sucked, nibbled, and rubbed every inch of her tits and nipples. Then, she moved upwards, gently licking and nibbling her way up Eliza’s collarbone and neck. Finally, she was nibbling on the pale woman’s ear, grinding their bare pussies together, their boobs mashing against each other.

Then, finally, she moved downwards. She dived right in to the moist folds, licking and sucking away with gusto. Eliza’s elvankent escort pussy juice rapidly soaked the girl as she buried her face in Eliza’s crotch. Eliza was moaning loudly, shaking with pleasure as she ground her cunt on the smaller girl’s face. She faintly noticed a slight bulge just above her crotch and an odd feeling in her groin, but it took a distant second place to her pleasure.

Finally, with a scream that woke the neighbors, she came. She shook violently, clamping Sofia’s head between her thighs and nearly suffocating the poor girl. Fluid gushed out of her vagina, soaking Sofia’s upper body and the couch.

Suddenly, still caught up in the throes of a long-awaited orgasm, something in her released. A different kind of fluid spurted out of her urethra, the clear piss spraying Sofia and soaking the couch. It arced and sprayed wildly, covering both of them with piss until, finally, Eliza’s orgasm wound down and the piss slowed to a mild stream flowing from her cunt.

She was utterly shocked when, instead of being disgusted, the soaking wet Sofia merely grinned, said, “Don’t stop,” and went down on her again. She stared in surprise and, to her shock, regrowing arousal as the smaller girl began drinking her piss.

Finally, the flow came to a trickle, then a halt, and ended. Sofia began licking Eliza’s stomach and breasts, as if trying to get every bit of liquid that she could. Eliza reached out and began running her hands through the girl’s hair, relaxing as she felt her lover’s tongue gently clean her, running over all of her skin. I wanted to do that to her, she distantly recalled, though the piss hadn’t been part of her original plan, she was suddenly glad it was.

Sofia finished licking Eliza’s chest and tummy, sitting up, her face darkening. “I… er… may have a bit of a thing for piss. Oh God, this is disgusting isn’t it?! I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t ha–“

Eliza cut her off with a kiss. Sofia’s mouth tasted like piss, but the older woman didn’t mind. She just cared about the heat of their bodies on top of each other, about the way Sofia was straddling her crotch. “A-actually, I, um, didn’t know this before, but, uh, I think I do too. Have a thing for piss, that is.”

Sofia’s face lit up. Even soaked in piss and cunt juice (or maybe because of it), she appeared incredibly beautiful to the more experienced woman. “So… do you think you might be open to doing more? I… uh… may have to pee a little right now, if that’s okay with you.”

Eliza considered it for a moment, then smiled and nodded. Sofia seemed to be mesmerized by her smile for a moment, before she looked Eliza in the eyes and tensed.

After a moment of feeling Sofia’s delicious muscles tense against her body, Eliza felt a hot spurt of piss jet against her clit. She gasped and arched her back at the sensation, the gasp turning into a moan as the spurt became a stream of hot piss, pounding against her cunt. She twitched and moaned, the sensation nearly blowing her mind.

Finally, as the stream slowed to a creek, then a trickle, she began thrusting her crotch against Sofia’s, their wet cunts sliding together as if friction-less. They both groaned and grunted together, suddenly pulling away as if on an unspoken signal and beginning to jill themselves.

Their fingers moved rapidly, sliding on their soaking lips and sloshing in and out of their wet holes, flicking moist clits. Piss and pussy juice splattered all over the couch, carpet, and each other.

Finally, the pair came together, shrieking and shaking. After their orgasms subsided, they slid together, skin on skin, and kissed one more time. Sofia disconnected their mouths and rolled over, fitting her body into Eliza’s like it was made to be there. They cuddling softly, falling asleep together, exhausted and satisfied.

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