Taking the Neighbor Ch. 04

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I had been at work a couple of hours, when I got a text. Checking the phone, I saw that it was from Allen, “About to get blown!” In a few seconds, I received a picture of him in his speedo, his cock fully erect and stretching the thin material of the suit.

I texted back, “I want pictures of him sucking you.”

“K” was the response.

About ten minutes later, I received a photo of Mark, obviously on his knees, looking up at the camera, Allen’s cock deep in his throat.

I texted back, “call me when you are done, I want to hear all the details.”

Here is the story that Allen told me when he called me afterwards:

Allen was getting warm, it was almost ten in the morning, he had slipped of his swim trunks and now only had on the too small, green, speedo.

Mark was in my bedroom upstairs installing the speakers and video cameras when he saw that Allen was working in the flower bed, a thin layer of sweat breaking across his lean, smooth body, he also noticed that he was wearing the green speedo. I had told Mark that if that was all Allen was wearing, it meant he was cleared to suck him off.

Mark opened a window and yelled down to Allen, “Hey, looks like you could use a cold drink, wanna meet me in the kitchen?”

Allen was startled, but looked up and replied, “sure, give me a couple of minutes.”

Allen then texted me a close up of his hard cock pressing against the tight speedo.

Allen walked inside and Mark was pouring tea into a couple of glasses filled with ice.

“Here you go, Allen, right?” Mark asked, confirming Allen’s name, as a stab at small talk.

Allen nodded and replied, “Yes and you’re Mark, right?”

Mark nodded, staring at the bulging cock inside the tight swimsuit.

Allen knew that we was staring, and it caused him to get a little harder.

Mark handed him a glass of tea, they both took a long drink and sat the glasses down on the counter. They were still staring at each other, not sure who should make the first move.

Finally Mark broke the silence and said, “Well, since you are in your speedo, I guess that means you would like me to suck you off.”

Allen swallowed hard and nodded.

“Let’s go in here,” Mark said, pointing to the Den.

Once there, Mark knelt down in front of Allen and slowly pulled the speedo down to his ankles. Allen stepped out of the suit and stood there, completely naked, his hard cock pointing right at Mark.

Mark wrapped his hand around Allen’s cock and pulled it into his mouth. Soon he had swallowed the beautiful, young cock fully and was looking up at Allen as Allen snapped several pictures with his phone.

Mark sucked Allen’s throbbing cock, pulling it almost all the way out of his mouth, then sucking it back in. With each thrust Allen moaned deeply.

After only a few minutes, Allen felt his orgasm building and announced to Mark that he was about to cum.

“mmmmmmm” was the only response from Mark.

Allen grabbed Mark’s hair and groaned loudly, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Then he unloaded his heavy load down Mark’s throat.

Mark just kept sucking and swallowing until every drop was drained from Allen’s young porno izle cock.

Allen stepped away from him, letting his still erect cock from Mark’s lips. Allen said, “Wow, that was great!”

Mark, licked his lips and replied, “Thanks, that was a lot of cum, and it tasted so great!”

Allen smiled and said, “I guess I need to get back to work,” he then reached down and starting pulling up his speedo as he turned and headed back into the kitchen, giving Mark a nice long look at his young, smooth, bubble butt.

Mark said, “Remember, if you decide you wanna fuck me, just come in naked.”

Allen turned and said, “Maybe, I’m not sure about that, but thanks.”

Allen went back outside and starting working of the flower beds again, while Mark went back up stairs.

Allen called me and filled me in afterwards, I asked, “Well, did you like him sucking you?”

Allen said, “Yes, very much! I didn’t last long, but it was really hot.”

“You know, you can fuck him, just use a rubber if you decide to do it,” I said.

Allen was quiet for a minute, then he finally said, “I think I want to, but I mean, you are the only guy I’ve ever been with and I love getting fucked, I’m just not sure I want to do that yet.”

I replied back, “You really should try fucking, see if you like being on the giving end as much as you like being on the receiving end.” I let that set for a moment, then I added, “Look, you know you like getting fucked, you love my cock in your ass. You also like sucking dick, don’t you?”

“Yes, I really do like the feel of your big dick in me and I love sucking,” he said.

“And, you enjoyed getting sucked just now, right?”


I then said, “then why not try it. You might like it. Besides, Mark has a great ass, it’s smooth, round and bubble shaped, almost like yours, except a little wider.” Mark does have a great butt, he is in good shape, just a little extra chub here and there. He keeps his ass shaved, and his cock too for that matter.

Allen said he’d think about it. I reminded him to send me pictures.

It was now just after noon and my phone buzzed, signalling a new text message, it was a closeup of Allen’s cock, fully erect and void of the speedo! Next a short message came across, “I’m going to do it.”

I texted back, “Send photos and call me afterwards.”

He responded a typical teenager answer, “K”.

What follows is Allen’s tale of what happened next.

Mark had finished in the house and was now installing the cameras in the back yard under the eves of the house. Allen was still working on flower beds, still wearing only the speedo. His cock was hard again and he knew that Mark kept checking him out.

Allen said to Mark, “Hey, I’m going to order a pizza for us for lunch, what would you like on it?” Mark told him and then went back to work, while Allen went inside to call in the order.

Allen fixed two new glasses of tea, then went into the bathroom and found the condoms and lube that I had left for him. He took both into the den and sat them down on the end table.

The doorbell rang and he went to answer it, knowing it was the pizza, however he forgot amatör porno he was only in the speedo and that his cock was hard, leaking precum.

He opened the door to the pizza guy, who said, “Wow, nice suit!”

Allen blushed instantly and said, “Oh man, I’m so sorry, I forgot that, well, I , oh man!”

The pizza guy just smiled and said, “No biggie, well, I mean that looks like a biggie!” He smiled and added, “too bad I can’t stay, bet we could have fun!”

Allen blushed and didn’t know what to say, he was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. He simply handed the money over to the guy and told him to keep the change. As he was closing the door, the pizza guy said, “Next time you make an order, hopefully I can stay longer and help you with that.”

Allen blushed again, but he felt his cock twitch. He then realized that the pizza guy was cute, it was the first time he thought of a guy as cute. He then took the pizza into the kitchen, and decided it was time to try fucking a guy for the first time.

He slipped off his speedo, his hard cock bouncing in front of him, he slid the glass door open onto the backyard patio, stepped out there naked and said, “Hey Mark, the pizza is here.”

Mark almost slipped off the ladder after seeing Allen standing there naked. His cock was instantly hard as he know that this was the signal that Allen wanted to fuck him. He hurried down the ladder and went into the kitchen.

Allen, still naked, stood there, his cock bouncing up and down. Mark said, “Does this mean what I hope it means?”

Allen nodded and said, “Yes, let’s go back into the den again. Mark unzipped his jumpsuit and stepped out of it, leaving it on the floor, next to the speedo.

As I mentioned, Mark is a little chubby, but carries it nicely. His cock was hard and sticking out, with a slight downward curve. He was shaved smooth, and he was already dripping precum.

Once he joined Allen in the den, Allen took several pictures of him, having him turn and bend over, Allen took several shots of his ass too…all of which were sent to me at my office.

Mark saw the condom and the lube, picking up the lube he said, “Okay, let me get my ass ready for you,” with that he poured the lube into his hand and reached under himself and smeared the lube up and down his crack and slid a finger or two inside himself.

Allen picked up the condom, opened the package, and began rolling the condom onto his erection.

Mark was kneeling on the couch, his hands grasping his ass cheeks and spreading them wide open. His pink anus was beckoning for Allen to enter him. Allen eased up to him, placed the head of his condom covered cock at the entrance and slowly began to push.

At the same time, Mark began to push backwards, helping the cock enter him. He moaned, Allen moaned and after a few, long, slow seconds, Allen’s cock was fully embedded in Mark’s ass.

Allen felt the amazing warmth and tightness surrounding his cock. He thought back to how amazing his own ass had felt when I had first fucked him. He stood still, just letting the asshole in front of him adjust to his cock.

Mark spoke first, anal porno “Oh man! Your cock feels amazing! Now slowly start pulling out, just not all the way out.”

Allen did as he was told and slowly began to withdraw his cock from the tight hole. “Like this?” He asked.

Mark simply groaned his response.

Once Allen’s cockhead was the only part of his cock still inside Mark, he began to slowly push back in. He had the hang of it now and slowly began to fuck his first ass. Moving slowly in and out of Mark’s perfect, tight, bubble butt.

Both of them were moaning and groaning now, and Allen began to pick up the pace, pulling almost all the way, then easing the full length back inside Mark.

“Faster, faster Allen!” Mark exclaimed, looking over his shoulder that the amazing teenager that was fucking him, “Pound my asshole, pound it hard!”

Allen began to ram his cock in harder and faster, he was now a blur as his cock came nearly all the way out, before plunging back deeply inside him.

“I’m going to cum!’ he yelled.

Mark, head down, panting, yelled back, “Cum, cum in my asshole, cum, cum!!!”

“OH FUCK!!” Allen yelled as this cum built up and flooded into the condom. He continued to fuck Mark, hard and fast, until he knew his balls were drained.

He stopped, then slowly pulled his cock from Mark’s ass. Mark spun around and pulled the condom off of Allen, then took his cock into his mouth and began to clean Allen’s cum. The intense pleasure was almost too much for Allen as he felt his knees giving way.

Mark pulled his mouth off of Allen’s deflating cock and then took the full condom, turned it upside down over his mouth and let Allen’s load drip from the condom into his waiting mouth.

Now that he was facing Allen, sucking the cum from the condom, Allen knelt in front of him and took Mark’s hard dick into his own mouth! Mark had not expected this and he began to cum almost instantly.

Allen did his best to swallow Mark’s thick, heavy load, swallowing as fast as he could.

Mark bucked up and down, as his orgasm rocked him.

Once he was drained, he slipped to the floor and kissed Allen on the mouth, both sharing each others cum as their tongues battled.

Mark broke the kiss first and said, “That was amazing! Your cock felt so good in my ass, and your cum is so freakin’ good.”

Allen smiled and replied, “Thanks! Your butt was amazing! That’s my first time to fuck and it was amazing! And you came so much! I thought I was going to choke.”

They kissed again and then the got up off the floor and headed back to the kitchen. They popped the pizza into the over, as it had gone cold.

After lunch, I was rewarded with numerous photos of Allen’s cock sliding in and out of Mark’s ass.

I texted Allen, “So, which do you like better? Giving or getting?”

After a few minutes, he replied, “Both!” He then texted, “and I liked sucking him too, he came a lot!”

I texted back, “When I get home, I’m going to fuck you, so be ready,”

He replied back, “Okay, I’ll be here, naked.”

I replied, “Naked?”

His response made me even harder than I already was, “Yes, we are both going to stay naked, I might fuck him again and I know I’ll suck him again.”

I then got a selfie picture of them, both naked, both with semi-erect cocks.

I couldn’t wait to get home. I was about to introduce Allen to his first gay threesome.

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