Taking Turns

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I travel from home to hook up with women in other towns. I’m 38, a single parent to two teenage kids. I’m a completely submissive and closeted lesbian.

I meet women on the internet for my thrills, and to get fucked. By and large, they can do whatever they want to me. I’m a slut to be fucked. It’s getting expensive as I travel and pay for the hotel hook ups.

This trip sees me stop in a motorway hotel on the M6. I’ve organised to meet another couple. They’ve been together a couple of years and come from Lancaster. Both are voluptuous blondes, 40 and 35 year olds. I’ve only met blondes so far, I dont have a preference for any hair colour.

My only type is for feminine ladies. I’m firmly a bottom though. I have no idea how to initiate or take the lead.

We had a bit of chat on the way to the room after meeting at the Northbound services for a Costa.

The hotel itself is cheap and rough. I dont regret it, it adds to my feeling of being a worthless slut.

I’m straddled over the corner of the bed. My arse is being stretched and smashed by a strapon wearing 40yr old. She’s taking no prisoners and this fucking started not long after we got into the room.

I’m balancing on my sling back wedges, my knickers are down my ankles and my dress pulled up over my waist. bahis şirketleri The older blonde is wearing a tight white sweatshirt and a strapon.

Her left hand is pushing my shoulder into bed, her right pulling my waist into her. She’s viciously smashing my bowels with her plastic member. I’ll be honest when I say I’m wincing and gritting my teeth.

There is no holding back and her thrusts are forceful. I shudder with each sharp inward push. I get a second or two to regain my composure with each drawback, but the respite is brief.

The lube doesn’t seem to help, I want my arsehole to relax and accept this battering. Its relentless and painful. I’m loving it.

The younger woman is strapping up. Her tits beautifully big, loose, and sagging under there own weight.

Her body is starting to get soft. I want to feel it’s softness and smoothness. I want those tits in my mouth. I dont think I’m going to have much time playing with them. I’m under no illusions, I’m here to be fucked.

My pussy is hot and wet. Its swollen like never before. Its leaking well, I want it fucked, and I want it now.

I’m moaning, the woman behind me is groaning. She’s plundering my inner sanctum. I’m embarrassed to pass wind on each pull back. She just fucks me harder.

Then she stops, bahis firmaları impaling me hard on her member. It’s kept firmly in place by her waist. I’m forced to stand with her pulling my hair. Her partner comes over, she reaches out for my trimmed snatch, strings of my moisture stick to her fingers.

My cunt is slippery, my front hole swollen and accepting. She looks at it in awe. She kisses me, I welcome its softeness, I take her tongue in my mouth and suck at it.

She pulls back and smiles. I’m pulled back onto the bed, my back door still impaled. The fall and shaft hurts my arse and bowels. I complain, but I’m ignored.

The belt on my dress is untied, my bra unclipped at the front freeing my big white tits. I’m forced back on the blonde behind me and my legs spread.

My trimmed quim is exposed, ready for a good ploughing. The desire in this girls eyes is intense enough to drive me wild.

She rubs her strapon head on the entrance of my love tunnel. My bum is being streched, and is stinging. Each movement feels unbearable, exaggerated and completely mesmerising. Suddenly the cock is driven forward between my cunt lips. The dribble and drool from my love hole lubricates it in smoothly.

When I say I feel full, I am now full to the brim. It feels as though kaçak bahis siteleri the two cocks are meeting inside me.

The cock in my cunt slides in and out slowly. The movement send shivers of pleasure through my body. I’m moaning loudly. Somebody is grabbing and kneading my tights. My waist being held in place taking the shafts into my holes.

This is exactly why I like being fucked, and I’m moaning loudly. The woman I am lying back on is kissing my neck and nibbling my ear lobe. The woman on top of me is holding left hip and my right thigh, keeping me open and accepting.

Surely this can’t last much longer. This fucking is intense. She’s over me feasting on me with her eyes, driving her member in and out of me relentlessly, in and out, in and out. My moans and groans are getting louder. Surely people can hear me.

I’m at boiling point. I’m shaking, her pace picks up. Soon I will be spent.

Actually, now I’m spent. My heart pounding, cunny is throbbing. The bed is now soaked, and I’m sore.

She stop and withdraws. The woman below me pulls out, the noise from my rear is loud and impolite. I’m embarrassed and they laugh.

The two kinky milfs look at each other, they look at me.

“Let’s swap, round two.” They laugh and pull off the condoms from their strapons and quickly replace with fresh.

I take in a deep breath, strip off my dress and kick off my pants. The beds wet and the room is stinking of my cunt, it reeks of sex. I turn kneel on the bed and invite the fucking to resume.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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