Talent Search Ch. 01

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The Producer

The Producer is a middle-aged man who just recently has been separated from his steady girl friend. He is ready to start a new relationship. In addition to asking all his friends to keep an eye open for a possible match, he is also looking into online dating sites. He does not mind having to masturbate but misses having a steady partner.

The Screenwriters

The screenwriters are a mature couple that enjoys engaging in many different variations of sexual pleasure. They like watching videos together. They thought it would be fun to write an erotic story. One evening they had dinner with their friend the producer and several other couples. Later in the evening the conversation just happened to turn to erotic fantasies. Certainly the good wine had helped to overcome the innate shyness. Of particular interest were opinions about the difference between written and video erotica.

Several weeks later the screenwriters emailed their script to the producer. He was surprised but very pleased and spent a quiet evening alone, reading and stroking.

Over the course of several days his fantasies continued to revolve around what it would be like to turn a written script into a video. If for no other reason then to rescue his mind from running tight circles around the same subject he decided to jot down some ideas.

Wanted: Cast and Crew for a mature video.


This text file is being distributed to limited circle of friends and acquaintances in an effort to find volunteers to assist in the making of a very low budget, adult film. If you personally do not want to participate, maybe you know someone who would. So feel free to pass this along.

During the actual movie making on site everyone is required to be naked.

The Cast

The script calls for a mature male and female, not necessarily a couple. They must be amateurs, ideally without any experience in movie making.

The Female Lead

She should be someone not afraid to try something new. As an amateur she must also be somewhat embarrassed yet very willing to do the things asked for in the script. She must have a good deal of pubic hair and preferably average size boobs. The ability to squirt is welcome.

The Male Lead

Pubic hair is also a must. Size does not matter.

The Crew

Not only the cast must be amateurs, the crew should also have little or no experience in movie making. Ideally one male and one female would work best, but that is not a precondition. Couples may also apply.

The Director

The director person has to be mature and pleasant to work with. All participants must have a good time.

The Cameraperson

The cameraperson should be familiar with filming using a video camera, but still have little or no experience in adult movie making. It is expected that this person not be afraid to shoot close-ups.

The Location

The Producer has a friend with a very large home that would be ideal for shooting the movie. However, he has been unable to talk him in to letting it be used for such a purpose. Even when he promised that he could be in it or rather the only audience, he did not give in. The script calls for two bathrooms, if possible on the same floor, a bedroom and a den.

An assortment of toys such as dildos and plugs, some pillows, towels and lubrication are the only required props. The producer will supply the camera, lighting and all accessories.

The Producer will be responsible for editing the film, thus there will be no Director’s Cut, but rather a Producer’s cut.

The Screen Play


The screenwriters insist that their screenplay is a work of fiction. The Producer thinks they may have practiced some of the scenes on their own. The dialogues are just suggestions and may be modified, but only slightly, by the cast as the scenes progress.

Scene I

“Could you give me a hand?” she calls from the ground floor bathroom. He is slightly irritated, because he is watching a good porno video on his computer in the den. He nevertheless clicks it off and calls out that he is on his way.

When he enters the room, she greets him with her back turned. Her short dress is fastened at the back with a zipper. It is obvious that he has to unzip her. When the dress is unzipped it falls to the ground.

She turns around, completely naked, with her hands by her sides, a mischievous grin on her face and her dress in a pile at her feet. His eyes wander up and down her body as his hands start to unbutton his shirt. Soon follows his belt, zipper and pants until his clothes too are in a pile. His cock juts straight out as he approaches her.

He bends his knees and she moves one foot to the side as the distance between them closes. Her ample breasts meet his chest and their lips touch, his cock slides between her thighs, just under her cunt. She closes her legs to hold him. Their arms encircle each other, first tightly then very loosely as their hands stroke up and down xhamster porno their backs.

Breaking the kiss they smile their desire into each other’s face. They kiss with searching tongues. His hands fall to her ass cheeks, just kneading them but soon prying them open to search for her rosebud. When he places his finger on her asshole he stops kissing in order to gaze onto her face. She smiles and opens her legs to assist him.

He releases his hold and begins a downward journey. Kissing her neck and between her tits he attacks one nipple and then the other, back and forth, sucking and gently biting the nubs. Further downward, his tongue licks into her belly button.

His lips finally reach her pubis and began kissing the curly hairs above her cunt. His lips move to her thighs. Without having to be nudged she moves each of her feet to the side, raises her arms to clasp her hands behind her neck, and so slightly that he does not notice, rotates her pelvis forwards.

He kneels down to gaze up into her. Getting closer, he inhales and begins to sniff her fragrance. Smelling her unwashed cunt is such a simple yet wonderful pleasure. She looks down, hoping that his tongue will soon reach out to taste her too.

She is already wet; there is no way to conceal that sign of horny eagerness. His tongue extends to catch a drop of her juice balanced enticingly on one hair. She presses her pussy forwards to aid him, but he is expecting that move and retreats.

She groans; he smiles. Using his hands, he makes her turn around. He is still kneeling so her cheeks come even with his face. One of his hands presses on her back, causing her to lean forward, the other hand touches her inner thigh and she moves both legs further apart. The pressure on her back continues so she bends over even more and places her hands on the rim of the bathtub to steady herself.

Her tits hang straight down and in this position, with her legs spread wide, her cunt is clearly visible; those soft and tender lips are parted. But he had already enjoyed the sight, smell and aroma there. His hands grab each of her cheeks and spread them apart.

Her entire crack is open for inspection. He moans with delight as the fragrant mixture of cunt and ass hits his nose. He closes his mouth and places his nose right next to her anal opening and inhales. He reaches out between her legs to pull down on each of her nipples while continuing to inhale her aroma.

Scene II

Soon it is her turn and she does not waste any time but makes him stand up and spread his legs while she gets on her knees in front of him. His cock hangs down, no longer erect. She places one hand on each of his ass cheeks, opens her mouth and takes his length completely inside until her nose rests against his pubic hair.

She holds him without moving her lips or tongue. She too loves the smell of him. Without releasing his cock, she takes a ball in each of her five fingers and none too gently begins to fondle and explore them. These slippery devils, in their thin-skinned pouch, are one of her favorite playthings. She is an expert at capturing them and squeezing them close to, and just past, the point where the pleasure begins to turn to pain.

His groans and gasps are music to her ears. His cock begins to harden and she uses her tongue to pleasure the sensitive head of his cock. She lets it escape and bends down to inhale the fragrance of his balls. Each one has its own aural flavor. Wetting one finger, she reaches up behind his balls, feeling for his anal opening.

His hands help to spread his cheeks and she quickly finds what she is searching for. Without hesitation she wiggles her finger up into his asshole. With her finger still inside him, she leans back and looks up with curiosity and satisfaction at the pleasure showing on his face. Breaking the spell, he tells her that the hairs surrounding her asshole need to be trimmed.

She spreads a towel on the floor, sits down, and lays back, spreading her raising legs. Her hands spread her cheeks as he carefully applies the electric trimmer to the stray damp hairs that grow there. Further up, her cunt is also spread unprotected, her hole nicely opened. The trimmer starts to attack the stray hairs outside the bikini line, also those growing toward her navel. Longer hairs that spring from her cunt lips are also cut down to size.

Of course, a razor would have done a shorter job, but the stubble left by the trimmer is a close enough crew cut. He turns the trimmer to his own genitals. Both his balls and the cock shaft sported a heavy growth. He does not trust her to operate on such sensitive skin. Although she enjoys the sight of his hairy balls, licking and sucking the hairless areas means that she will not have to remove stray hairs from between her teeth.

The shaft and sack are smooth, but not the crack. The area below his balls is hers to care for. He lays back, raises and spreads his ass cheeks. His hairy crack thus revealed yaşlı porno is easy prey for the trimmer. She carefully removes the entire unruly strands, those surrounding his hole and in a wide swath up each cheek.

When he stands, some one looking at his hairy cheeks would not know about the smooth path between them. Satisfied that her tongue would be able to savor and pleasure between those cheeks, she switches off the trimmer. Taking advantage of his vulnerable position she opens a cleansing bottle, pushes the tip into his anus and squeezes. She kneels down, offering her ass. He squeezes a bottle into her rectum.

They stand up and hug. After about five minutes the pressure from the enema liquid cannot be ignored. Fortunately they have several toilets. A bit later they meet in the shower and begin gleefully soaping each other. There being no no-go zones, their fingers search for, find and enter each orifice, making sure everything is clean, inside and out. They dry each other and move to the bedroom.

Scene III

The bedspread is turned down, towels are brought out and the toy box is opened. A pillow is prepared with a towel. She lies down and pulls him on top of her; he feels her softness, she his full weight. He rolls to one side and pins her arm under his before reaching under her neck to grasp her other arm. With his free hand he traces down between her breasts until his fingers strum the trimmed bush.

Her legs are closed. His hand nudges her thighs and they willingly and enticingly begin to part. He reaches under her legs and pulls them up over her body so that he can place the towel-covered pillow under her buttocks. As he releases her legs, her pelvis, and more importantly, her cunt remains raised.

He pulls one of her creamy thighs between his and pushes the opposite thigh wide to the other side. He has not yet looked at, sniffed, tasted nor even touched the central source of both their pleasures. Making sure her thighs are spread apart as wide as comfortable, he isolates his middle finger and looking her in the eyes allows his finger to zoom in on her wide open, defenseless, sometimes teasing but always willing fuck hole. She returns his kiss with open lips and searching tongue. His finger touches her.

Slowly but surely his finger enters, passing first one then two knuckles until the curled knuckles of the neighboring fingers come to rest on the doors of her opening.

He retrieves his finger, coated with her juices and brings it up to the light. They both can admire the glistening moisture. He holds it under his nose, but after the shower there is only a faint trace of female. The taste, as he sucks his finger dry, is also very clean and neutral. “Are you comfortable?” he asks, tightening the hold on her captured limbs.

She smiles. His hand returns to her center. The finger reenters and begins to explore: the roof, the sidewalls and the floor. He presses deeply and begins to pressure the muscle surrounding her entrance. She and her hole begin to relax. He retrieves his finger and wets its neighbors.

Two fingers enter her twat. In and out his fingers fuck her. She presses up to receive and welcome. He twirls his fingers inside, her juices making a wonderfully sloppy wet sound. Once more he lets his fingers slide out of her hole that remains more open than closed.

Drifting lower first his middle, then his forefinger find the entrance to her ass. It takes a bit longer, but constant pressure and fumbling causes her back door to open. They both have to groan as his fingers are shoved to the hilt into the tight sheath of her anal passage. She squeezes tight, again and again, but he continues to move and rotate his fingers until both of them can feel how her rectal lips are forced to remain relaxed.

“Don’t move,” he tells her. He gets up and greases a butt plug. Kneeling between her open legs, he applies the tip to her asshole and presses. He watches with pleasure as the first inch disappears a bit more in than out and soon more inches vanish. The plug is greased and her hole is prepared yet the widest part remains caught at her door.

“Careful,” she pleads.

“Press out,” he replies, “It is almost in.” He moves it in and out until she presses and it finally does pass through as she gasps with a short lived pain. What a pleasure for him to watch her asshole pull in the remainder and close on the narrow part. Only the base remains visible, to prevent the dildo from disappearing entirely.

He washes his hands and they return to their positions. He puts two fingers in her cunt and can feel the dildo from below pressing up through the thin walls separately her channels. He releases one of her arms and pushes her hand downward. She wets her fingers in her own mouth and reaches down and then inside. “Can you feel the plug?” he asks.

“Oh yes, that does feel good.” He pins her arm again in order to renew the exploration and the widening. A third finger soon joins the second. He flexes aldatma porno and rotates her cunt muscle adjusting and giving way, bit by bit. A forth finger is added, but only the tips can enter.

Kissing her, he pushes the four fingertips again and again against her opening. He takes his little finger away and presses and fucks until the second knuckles are inside as well. She is opened, a three-finger cunt.

The widened look in her eyes echoes the feeling that both of them are enjoying his manipulations. “You won’t make my hole too big for your cock, will you?” she asks.

Chuckling, he replies, “No reason to worry, your cunt is very flexible.”

Leaving three fingers stuffed inside her he twists around until his lips and tongue approach her cunt. Normally he would take time to tease her, kissing and licking around the edges and avoiding her clit and inner lips, but her pussy is splayed and held open and is very wet. He dives at the area above his hand, lightly kissing and licking but soon sucking and slurping.

He looks up at her face and can tell that she is well on her way. He sucks in her clit. He licks on both sides of it. His tongue trails from his inserted fingers up past her clit. His fingers flex and fuck with short in and out strokes. He concentrates on the area surrounding her clit as a direct hit provides more pain than pleasure. He sees that light licks and sucks work best.

Her tummy starts to bulge and she presses up with her cunt. A hesitation in his stroking causes her to groan. He presses his free hand just above her thatch and continues to swallow the juices from her snatch. Her last loud groan follows the involuntary and unruly jerky motions from her hips.

She loses control and her cunt squirts. He is able to swallow much but not all of her liquid, the remains running down over his hand into her crack. He carefully extracts his fingers. She grins in complete satisfaction.

Scene IV

“My turn,” he says as he takes her place, his butt on the pillow, his cock half hard and throbbing. She moves between his legs, helping him to lift and spread. She leans over to kiss and lick the shaft, then in turn, to take each of his balls in her mouth. Holding his balls up with a hand she proceeds to lick the seam that runs from his asshole up to the tip of his cock.

She grasps just under his balls and pulls them up and away from the shaft. She wants to tie them in this position and reaches for a leather buckle. She places his hand so that he can hold the balls while she cinches the leather strap. The loose skin is trapped and his balls are two inches above the shaft. The reduced amount of skin forces his cock to strain.

She returns to licking him, starting at the very tip of his cock. She licks in one slow motion, several inches at a time. The licks remain the same length, but the angle slowly changes. Down the shaft, across the balls and down further. The starting point of each of her licks is getting closer and closer to his opening. He holds his breath, waiting for the magic moment. His cheeks are spread; the opening to his ass is clearly visible.

Her tongue touches there and he moans. He tries to push out but she knows he might try that and leans back. “Don’t move,” she orders. Her tongue does not hesitate and begins to slowly trail over his entire opening. She lets the tip of her tongue glide around the rim, and pushes into his center.

What pleasure for both of them! She wets a finger and places it where her tongue has been. She presses down and it is soon swallowed. He squeezes. She teases him, “You think you have a tight little cunt, but not for long.” A second finger joins the first and she begins to widen him, just as he had done to her. Soon three fingers are moving with some effort in and out.

“Greedy little hole you have there,” she says as he closes his eyes. She greases up several dildos and proceeds to fuck him, increasing the size every few minutes. “Do you want this one too?” she asks, holding up the biggest one, a heavy stainless steel monster with a handle. He hesitates before he finally nods; she lubes. The plug is not very long; the pointed tip widens quickly to a thick middle part, more like an oblong egg than an artificial cock. A very narrow rod is attached to the handle.

She twists and keeps up a constant, unrelenting pressure. Although he does enjoy the feeling when his ass swallows it, he certainly does not enjoy the pain of passage, and although she does not want to hurt him, she most certainly enjoys watching his ass open up to take in what she deems to be an impossible width.

The outer lips of his ass-cunt are curled back nicely. Still the inner lips are putting up too must resistance, even though he is pushing out. “I am not sure this is going to work,” he mutters in pain.

“Wanna bet,” she smiles, putting the rejected object aside (for the moment), she switches to manual labor.

Her lubricated fingers will help win the bet. They are slippery from handling the lubed dildos. Her fore and middle fingers slide in easily. She tests his ring with circular motions. Three fingers are ideal for stretching him. She stuffs them deep inside and flexes, noting the pleasure on his face. “That is good, stay relaxed,” she admonishes.

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