Tales of Hedonism: Ken Gets Lucky

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Ken Gets Lucky

I had decided to go to Vegas for the weekend to clear my head after finalizing the divorce with my wife of 24 years. The divorce had been amicable, taking place just six months after she had come out to me as a lesbian last summer during our only child’s college graduation party. We’d talked about trying to make it work, but it quickly became apparent that it would be better for everyone if we simply split.

I’d hopped in my Tesla and hit the 15 Freeway to Vegas right after signing the papers in the law offices in San Diego on Friday afternoon. I got into Caesar’s Palace just as the sun was setting on a chilly early December day. I hadn’t packed a bag or booked a room, but there would be time to buy some new clothes and get a place to stay later. I valeted my car and headed straight to the craps tables.

Six hours later it was getting near midnight and the table I had started alone at now had a crowd three deep. I was on a roll. After being on the last chip of the grand I had laid down on not one or two, but three separate occasions, I was now on a two hour heater that had me up well over twenty thousand bucks.

The crowd erupted again as I hit yet another point, my 4th in a row. Across from me, a stunning blonde in her early twenties blew me a kiss. She was wearing a low cut and tight little black dress that showed off the top half of her perky breasts. Her hair was in a long braid that fell over her shoulder. She had been betting small but now had to be up a few hundred dollars herself. I smiled at her.

“I’m starving,” she said, picking up her chips and letting someone take her spot. To my surprise she walked right over to me and whispered, “How about I buy you dinner?”

I looked up from the table where I was about to pick up the dice to roll once more and into her green eyes. “Are you serious?”

“You ever been to Mr. Chow’s? Amazing dumplings.”

I remained both speechless and motionless for just a moment longer, a wild thought going through my head. Was she a pro? I didn’t think so. But if she was? Well, fuck it, I was divorced now anyhow. I turned back to the dealer and said, “Color me up.”

The crowd groaned, and as I took my chips, I saw half the table now doing the same. I took my stack of chips in one hand and offered the other to the mysterious blonde. “Lead the way.”

Twenty minutes later we were sitting at a table at Mr. Chows, compliments of the casino, and I signed the paperwork for my winnings while sipping on a Manhattan with some outrageously expensive bourbon in it. The casino employee took the paperwork, handed me a check and a room key and politely suggested that if I intended to do any more gambling this weekend, perhaps I could try the Bellagio across the street, but to otherwise enjoy my complimentary suite and dinner at Caesars.

I turned my attention back towards my dinner companion. “Guess you’ll have to buy me dinner another güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri time.”

She smiled back at me, “Deal. I’m Samantha, by the way.”

“I’m Ken,” I replied. “Nice to meet you Sam.”

“For a second I thought they were going to take you into a back room or something. Didn’t realize how serious winning could be.”

“Me neither, never won more than a couple hundred bucks before.”

“So what brought you to Vegas, Ken?”

“Celebrating my divorce finalizing. You?”

“Going to see Britney with a girlfriend of mine tomorrow. Sucks about your divorce.”

“Not really,” I replied. “Britney? Is that a friend of yours?”

Samantha nearly choked on her martini.

“No. Britney Spears. At Planet Hollywood?”

“I know,” I said sheepishly, “I was only teasing.” I hadn’t been but I really didn’t want to come across as old as that response must have sounded.

She smiled at me and I back at her. She bit her lower lip as she picked up her martini glass. I could see there was something on her mind. She took a drink, then put the glass back down.

“I just broke up with my boyfriend last week. I’m determined to get laid this weekend and I think you’re handsome as hell. I know you’re a bit older than me so if that’s weird or whatever… um…”

I didn’t know what to say. At 52, I’d kept myself in good shape competing in triathlons and still had a full head of light brown hair, though now with streaks of grey in it. Working in the tech industry, I kept myself dressed in, if not high fashion, not clothes that were years out of date either. But I had lines across my forehead while the girl across from me could be dating my son.

Suddenly, she began to pick up her purse and stand up from the table.

“No, don’t go. Please.” I replied, my hand covering hers on the table. “You just caught me off guard and things… things, um… things didn’t typically move this fast back when I was dating.”

She smiled broadly at me and sat back into the chair.

“Yeah well us iGen girls aren’t afraid to ask for what we want, we when want it. We’ve kinda taken over.”

I was speechless, and then the dumplings came and they were as amazing as Samantha had promised.

A bit more than an hour later we were in my comped suite, kissing passionately and ripping at each other’s clothes. I quickly got her dress over her head to reveal firm B breasts with tiny pink nipples. Her breasts filled my hands perfectly, and as I squeezed them, I bent over to suck one nipple and then the other, each elongating and stiffening in my mouth as my tongue flicked across them. Samantha’s hands were deep in my hair and she pulled me back up to kiss her as we moved across the large room onto the white sheets of the bed.

I removed my shirt and then my pants while Samantha kicked off her heels and took off her panties, her long, milky white and strong legs sticking straight güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri up in the air as she did. As I looked back down at her, I was amazed at how small she looked, just a few inches over five feet and so skinny! Skinny in a way that only the young were, without a bit of belly fat and her ribs just visible under her skin.

At just under 6 feet and 180 lbs of (mostly) muscle, I reminded myself not to lay my entire weight on her. Then, I looked down at her completely bare pussy and felt my mouth water.

I pushed apart her legs and knelt on the floor, pulled her sex to my mouth and darted my tongue out to her tiny hole. Her juices were amazingly sweet. I quickly found and began to work her clit, and Samantha began to moan deeply just moments later, her legs squeezing my head as her hands reached down and grabbed my hair once more.

“Oohhhh, ohhhh, I, yes, fuck, ohhhhhh.”

She sighed as I reached up and slipped a finger into her hole, finding it tighter than I could possibly believe. My mind was suddenly awash in the memory of youthful sex. Samantha came just minutes later.

“Ken, oh my god. I want you in me right now, Ken. In my purse. Get a condom.”

I came up from between her legs and looked over to her purse on the bed. I opened it, saw an iPhone with 6 missed text messages, an ID and credit card, and a single Lifestyle condom. I grabbed it and was about to rip it open when she took it from my hand, tearing it open with her mouth as her hand reached into my boxers and felt my stiff cock.

Our eyes locked then, and she bit her lower lip once again. “God you’re hot. I’ve never gotten off that quick before.”

She pushed me over on the bed and took off my boxers, freeing my thick, seven inch cock. She played with the hair around it for a moment like a curiosity, then rolled the condom over my dick.

She straddled me, then reached back with her hand to put my head at the entrance to her pussy. “I’ve never had one this big,” she said as she moved her hips back and took me inside her.

I nearly exploded as I felt Samantha’s tight, wet pussy surround my condom covered cock, but held myself back. It was the first strange pussy I’d felt in more than half my life, and I’d be damned if I wasn’t going to enjoy it for more than a few seconds.

My hands went to her hips and she began to rock back and forth on my cock. I could feel her steaming hot juices flowing past the condom along the root of my cock and drenching my pubic hair and balls. She quickened her rhythm and a few minutes later I could feel her pussy rhythmically clenching around me as she began to cum again.

She brought me with her, I exploded into the condom as I screamed in pleasure. She carefully pulled me out of her and lay down next to me, panting hard, her hands playfully teasing my chest hair and nipples.

Not five minutes later, I was hard as a rock again and güvenilir bahis şirketleri we broke into the “Naughty Delights” box next to the peanuts on the mini-bar, and pulled out the two condoms inside. While I opened the box, she moved over window overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, buck naked, and put her hands up on the glass. I got behind her and plunged my cock back into her tight pussy. The view, both of her tiny ass and the lights of Vegas at one in the morning, were incredible. I wondered if anyone walking along the strip could see us.

“Spank my ass, Ken,” she’d demanded as I thrust into her. When I didn’t do as she said, she turned her face back to me, and through pouty lips begged, “Please spank me.”

This time I did, cracking softly at first but harder as each stroke brought a moan of pleasure from Samantha’s lips. Once more I felt her cum around my cock, and once more it brought me to my own orgasm.

We paused only so Samantha could text her friend Desi that she was alright and then jumped in the shower.

She’d gone down on me after we had soaped and rinsed. I had never experienced a blowjob like the one Samantha gave me. I’d thought it would be impossible for me to get hard a third time, but it had taken her less than a minute to accomplish it. She didn’t bob up and down, relying totally on her tongue and cheeks to work my soft cock back into seven inches of stiffness. Sucking on me like a sour candy.

Once I was fully erect again, I carried her back to the bed brought her to orgasm with my tongue once more before using the last condom. I pushed her legs back behind her head and pounded hard at her pussy as she screamed, “Yes, fuck me harder, Ken!”

After I came the third time, I laid down next to her and we fell asleep, exhausted. Just before we drifted off, she said softly, “God I, I could do this for a week.”


I awoke the next morning half expecting her to be gone, and pleasantly surprised to see her still lying next to me in the bed. As I sat up, her eyes opened as well.

“Morning,” I said giving her a kiss on the forehead.

“Morning,” she replied.

“Breakfast,” I asked.

“No, not hungry.”

Out of nowhere, an idea struck I like a thunderbolt.

“Do you have a passport?”

Samantha got a curious look on her face. Surprised by something for the first time.

“Cause if you’d really like to do this for a week, how about we go somewhere interesting to do it?”

Now she sat up in the bed, the sheet falling down to expose those perfect young breasts again.

“Are you serious?”

“I just won a month’s salary and there’s a place I’ve always wanted to go but my ex would have never, in a million years, have gone with me.”


“A place called Hedonism in Jamaica. It’s a…”

“I’ve heard of it,” she cut me off with a smile. “Can Desi come too?”

I could not believe how lucky I’d got.

To be continued…


Tales of Hedonism is a story series following individual couples as they decide to book their first trip to the infamous resort in Jamaica. They can be read alone, but eventually these couples and stories will intertwine with each other in Tales of Hedonism: New Year’s Eve 2017.

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