Tales of Jason Ch. 18

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Alpha Male

Chapter 18

“So since he isn’t getting girlfriends, he wants to start dating guys,” I said to Javi the following morning. The two of us had been sitting in the kitchen discussing the previous night’s events over some coffee. Javi didn’t say anything at first, instead, he took a long sip from his coffee and then gently placed the mug on the counter. Then he finally said, “Wow. I’ve gone through a drought myself but not once did I think about dating a guy. He’s clearly desperate, but he doesn’t need to be.”

“Exactly! We’ve discussed this several times before. And the conversation always ends with him agreeing to just be patient. But then it happens again. I really don’t understand why he’s rushing into this stuff. For fuck sake, he’s 18!”

“Just let him learn. It’s the only way at this point. That boy is determined to be in a relationship. And who knows? Maybe he actually is bisexual. Maybe this is his opportunity to explore his sexuality.”

The sounds of footsteps interrupted our conversation. It was Steven coming down the stairs. With a big yawn, he landed on the floor of the hallway with nothing but a pair of shorts on.

“Morning, guys. Is there coffee?” Steven said, sounding groggy.

“Fresh pot,” Javi said, pointing to the kitchen.

Steven went into the kitchen and grabbed a mug. While he did that, Javi and I moved our conversation to the living room. Javi was on the couch while I sat on the recliner next to it.

“As I said, let him figure it out,” Javi urged.

Steven walked into the living room holding his coffee mug and sat next to Javi on the couch. He was now between me and Javi. Cautiously, Steven took a sip of his coffee, then Javi spoke, “So I hear you want to start dating guys?”

Steven spat out his coffee and turned directly at me, “Does anything stay a secret in this house?”

I shrugged, “I figured you weren’t serious about it. As if it was just a random thought.”

Steven glared at me, then turned his attention to Javi, “It’s maybe right now. It’s just I’ve been…”

Javi cut him off, “I’m aware. Jason explained it to me. Look, there is nothing wrong with wanting to experiment. You could be bisexual and not know it. So all I say is to do it. Try it out.”


“Yeah. But, are you willing to do things for another guy? What if you meet someone you really like and he asks you to suck his cock or something.”

Steven shrugged, “I think I can suck a cock. It doesn’t seem that hard. Now, taking it in the ass, that will be a different story. I don’t think I will ever do that.”

“Tops also eat out.”

“Like at restaurants?” Steven said with a little worry in his voice. He knew what Javi meant.

“No, I’m talking rim jobs.”

“Uh, I don’t know about that. Maybe.”

Javi finished his cup of coffee and set it on the coffee table, “Look, if you want to explore you’re going to have to get uncomfortable. You know that saying ‘You gotta get uncomfortable to be comfortable’?”

Steven shook his head, “Is that from Sun Zhu?”

“Nope. Look, I’m all for you discovering another side of yourself, Steven. But make sure it’s something you want to do and not something you think you wanna do. Because by doing the latter you could break someone’s heart. I understand that you’ve been through a dry spot with relationships, but like Jason and I keep telling you, you’re young!” Javi pressed his finger into Steven’s chest, “You have plenty of time to find someone. To experiment. You’re a good-looking kid, you’re in great shape, and you’re not an asshole. So stop worrying about this and just enjoy your life. Like how many more times do we have to tell you?”

“Probably a few more times. Maybe I need a head bashing,” Steven said jokingly.

We laughed.

“You are pretty cocky though,” Javi said.

“I am, that’s for sure.”

“You said sucking a cock wouldn’t be that hard, why don’t we put that to the test?”

Steven’s eyes widen as Javi rose from the couch and reached for his shorts. He pulled them down along with his boxer briefs. His member sprung out nearly erect. “Holy shit, that’s huge!” Steven cried.

“Were you hard already?” I said to Javi.

“A bit, you’ve clearly seen it at full erection.”

“That thing isn’t fully erect!” Steven cried.

“It’s about 8 inches at full erection,” I said.

Steven gulped, “Uh, I think that’s a bit too big.”

Javi pulled up his shorts and underwear, “That’s fair. Instead, suck your cousin’s dick.”

The mere thought of Steven sucking my dick sent blood flowing to my member. I had thought about it a few times since we’ve become sexual. But I was always afraid to ask. Javi did bring a point, my cock was smaller than his and it would be a good starter cock.

“You want to?” I said to Steven.

Steven gulped and then finished his coffee. Nervously, he placed the mug on the coffee table. His nervousness reminded me of my first time ever sucking a cock. It was back in high school with KJ. For a while, KJ had been pushing escort bursa the idea on me and eventually, I caved. I ended up sucking his cock in one of the stalls of the men’s bathroom. I remembered my jaw hurting the next day.

“Alright, fuck it. Let’s do it,” Steven said.

“Do you want me standing up or on the couch?”

“Uh, standing up, I guess.”

I rose from my seat and stood before Steven. He was shaking a bit. I reached for the waistband of my shorts and pulled them open, dropping them to my ankles. Due to the conversation, my member was already erect. It pressed up against the fabric of my gray briefs. Steven gulped as I opened my underwear and my cock flung out.

Steven leaned forward and wrapped his fingers around the shaft of my six-inch cock. I gazed down at the unusual sight of my cousin about to take my cock into his mouth. He pulled back the foreskin to reveal my purplish-colored tip. Steven stared at the cock for a second as if he was second-guessing what he was about to do. I knew it must’ve been hard for him.

Steven’s mouth opened and brought my cock into his mouth. About halfway he closed his lips around the shaft and he began to move his head back and forth slowly. The blowjob felt empty as he wasn’t using his tongue nor did he have a rhythm to it. So that’s when Javi stepped in. Javi knelt down next to Steven and said, “Use your tongue. Pretend you’re licking a ball pop.”

With my cock still in his mouth, Steven began to use his tongue on the tip of my cock. Waves of pleasure washed over me. The blowjob felt like it had finally come. Steven’s lips pleasured my shaft while his tongue pleasured the tip of my cock. Moans left my mouth as he continued.

After a few minutes, Steven removed my cock from his mouth and rubbed his jaw.

“You want to take a break?” I asked him, knowing the experience of sucking a cock for the first time.

“Sure,” Steven said.

Javi told him to stand up. Steven stood up and without warning, Javi pulled down Steven’s shorts by the legs. There my cousin stood before Javi in his black trunks. Javi pulled them open and took my cousin’s sock cock into his mouth. Steven had never been sucked by Javi. I knew Javi did it but it was rare. I guess the teaching got him in the mood to suck a cock.

Within a minute, Steven’s cock grew to its full size inside Javi’s mouth. Javi stroked the shaft with his hand while the other hand played with Steven’s balls. This caused Steven to tilt his head back and close his eyes. Moans constantly left his mouth.

“Oh fuck,” Steven moaned out.

My cousin’s hand was now on the back of Javi’s head as Javi sped up.

Javi slurped on my cousin’s cock at a fast pace. The moans now echoed through the living room. It felt like Steven was getting close to the climax. Which is something that worried me. I wasn’t sure if Javi swallowed cum. But I guess I was going to find out.

Steven’s moaning grew louder and more constant as Javi slurped on the cock. Then Steven jerked slightly and I knew that jerk. It meant he was about to blow. Steven cried out and convulsed as he fired his load into Javi’s mouth. Steven pressed Javi’s head against his skin so his cock would enter his throat. Javi gagged but continued to hold as Steven finished.

Javi swallowed the load.

“I didn’t know you were so good at sucking cock,” Steven commented.

Javi grinned as he sat down on the couch, “I’ve had to suck a cock a few times in the service.

I turned to Steven, “Are you ready for another round?”

“After that amazing blowjob, I’m motivated,” he said.

I removed my briefs and shorts and sat down on the couch next to Javi. Steven got down on his knees between mine and brought his mouth to cock. My cousin wrapped his lips around the tip and began to suck. This time he was better. He used his tongue and lips to pleasure my cock. I tilted my head back and briefly, closed my eyes. He had clearly improved and it felt amazing.

Javi pulled down his shorts and underwear causing his cock to spring out. I took the large cock into my left hand and gently stroked it. My other hand went on the back of Steven’s buzz-cut hair and guided him. Part of me wanted to shove his head all the way down for a deep throat, but I felt he wasn’t ready for it. Instead, I just let him suck my cock at his own pace.

While Steven continued to suck on my cock, I lowered my head onto Javi’s cock. I pressed my lips against the pink head and slowly opened my mouth. The cock slid inside my mouth only making it halfway due to its length. With my right hand, I stroked the base of the shaft and I moved my head up and down. Moans left Javi’s mouth as I slobbered on his cock. Using my tongue, I licked the underside of the cock and the tip of the cock.

I couldn’t believe that my cousin was sucking on my cock. Something I never thought would ever happen. The other amazing thing was him quickly getting better at it. It made me wonder if he would be bursa yabancı escort able to suck Javi’s cock. I knew the task would be arduous for him. Javi was rather large, but I had a head start as KJ’s cock was also big. Not as big as Javi’s but close.

My stroking increased in speed as I slurped on his cock. The moans had become more frequent and I knew the load would come. I wanted my prize. With my mouth and tongue tag-teaming, I felt the jolt from Javi’s body. He tilted his head back and I felt his big hand on the back of my head. He pushed it down, shoving the upper part of his cock into my throat. The load fired into my throat. I gagged and tears ran from my eyes. His cock was ensconced in my throat.

A final grunt came from Javi as he fired the last of his load. Slowly, I pulled the cock out of my throat and almost out of my mouth. The reason for this was that I wanted to suck on the tip to get out every drop of cum. From the urethra, I drained any remaining cum. When I was done, I swallowed the leftover cum and rose. Javi turned to me out of breath and said, “Wow, your face is red.”

I grinned, “That’s what happens when that beast of a cock of yours enters my throat.”

Steven stopped sucking my cock and turned to stroke me, “You want his load,” Javi said to Steven.

Steven gulped, “Uh, I don’t know.”

“Oh come on, you might as well finish the blowjob,” Javi urged.

“That or I cum on your face or chest.”

Steven shook. Clearly, he was nervous about it, “I mean, I guess. I don’t even know if I can make you cum.”

“I’ll guide you,” Javi said.

Steven took my cock into his mouth and began to suck. Javi then began to tell him what to do. Like a professor to their student, Javi taught him the way of sucking. I wanted to pay attention but I couldn’t. I succumbed to the pleasure my cousin was giving me. Moans and grunts fled my mouth as he slobbered on my cock. Growing closer to climax with each passing moment. I couldn’t believe I was about to blow my load in Steven’s mouth.

A moan flew out of my mouth as I jerked forward slightly. My load fired out. The first burst was made inside Steven’s mouth however the following did not. As Steven realized I was cumming and didn’t expect the amount of cum. He took my cock out his mouth, but I couldn’t stop the load. Across his face and chest my cum landed.

When I finished, Steven quickly rose up in shock, “Holy shit. You managed to get it in my mouth, my face, and my chest. What the fuck?”

Javi burst into laughter. “Wow, you couldn’t handle the load huh?”

Steven made a disgusted look on his face and said, “I expected it to be sweet.”

“It can vary from person to person.”

Steven managed to swallow the small load, “Yeah, that’s something I’m going to have to get used to. But until then, I think I’m going to take a shower.”

“Thanks for the blowjob,” I said.

Steven left for the bathroom leaving me and Javi on the couch. Javi pulled up his underwear and shorts, while I did the same. “Not bad for his first time,” I said.

“Yeah, not bad. One day he’ll suck my dick.”

“I forget you’ve sucked cock before.”

“I don’t do it often but when I do, I make sure it’s done well.”

A few days later, Steven and Javi had gone to work, leaving me by my lonesome at home. It was my day off so I decided to do chores. In only my black Calvin Klein briefs, I washed my bed sheets, my clothes and I even managed to clean the bathroom, and vacuum the living room. Living with three other men meant the bathroom would get dirty quickly. Dick usually was the one to clean the bathroom, but he was busy with everything for the new shop.

When I was finally done, I took a shower.

After the shower, I put on some clothes and then went to the kitchen to warm up some food. While I ate, I texted Sam. It had been a while since I saw him.

Without wasting time, Sam replied, “Hey what’s up?”

I replied back, “Nothing much. Just bored. What are you up to?” I figured he would be on campus which was a short train ride away.

“At my uncle’s dojo doing some practicing.”

“Dojo? Like martial arts?” Sam had never mentioned anything about doing martial arts nor that his uncle owned a dojo.

“Yeah, you wanna come down and see it?”


Sam gave me the address. Then I grabbed my things and left the house.

Thankfully the trip wasn’t too far. It was a short train ride away. Not even that far from the college campus. The dojo was on the corner of a street and it was a tall building. I walked inside and saw no one at the desk.

“Hello?” I said.

For a moment there was silence then I heard someone coming from behind the curtain. It was Sam, “Hey there Jason. You got here quick,” Sam wore a plain white T-shirt with white shorts that ended mid-thigh.

“Yeah, I got lucky and didn’t have to wait for the train for too long. I like your shorts.”

Sam looked down and then back at me, bursa escort “Thanks.”

“I thought you guys normally wore a karate uniform?”

“Most of the time, yes. However, when you’re practicing by yourself you can wear whatever you want. Heck, I’ve done it in just my underwear.”

I smiled, “I’d pay to see that.”

“Maybe later on. Come, let me give you a tour.”

I followed Sam into the dojo which was quite spacious. It reminded me of a warehouse. The center of the large room held a massive mat that was separated into four sections. I assumed to have multiple groups of students. Off to the right of us was the entrance to the locker room and showers. At the very back of the room were a set of staircases and an office.

After the tour, Sam turned to me and said, “So what do you think?”

“It’s pretty dope. So when do I learn karate?”

A smile flashed on Sam’s face followed by a frown, “Unfortunately, we do not have any open spots. So we ain’t taking in new students.”

“Shame, I would’ve loved to learn the art of karate from you, sensei Sam,” I bowed.

Sam chuckled, “I’m not a Sensei yet. I mostly help my uncle with the students and getting things prepared. There are other teachers in the building, I’m just not one of them.” The last part of what he said came with a hint of sadness.

I placed my hand on his shoulder, “You’ll be a teacher one day, Sam,” I assured him.

“Thanks, Jason. I may not be able to give you a proper lesson but I can teach you some of the basics.”

“That sounds like a great idea.”

“Follow me,” Sam said. He turned and walked in the direction of the locker rooms. I followed him in. We stopped at a locker, which he opened. From inside he pulled out a pair of white shorts like the pair he wore and a white t-shirt. He then handed them to me, “Here, put these on. I guarantee you training in pants is not optimal.”

I smiled and grabbed the clothes. I removed my shoes and socks, then stripped down to my baby blue briefs. They were a new pair. The waistband and the trim were both white and the underwear was quite snug. It had become my new favorite pair and I was glad that Sam was the first person to see them. I caught him gazing at my underwear.

I put the shirt on and then the shorts, “You should put those on slowly next time,” Sam commented.

I smiled, “Don’t worry I’m probably going to have to take these shorts off later.”

A grin grew on Sam’s face, “Come on, let’s go before I get a hard-on.”

“Wait you don’t already have one?” I teased.

“Shut up, Jason!”

I followed him out of the locker room into the center of the dojo. For the next hour, Sam taught me some of the basics. Kicking and jabbing, proper stretching, and some techniques I could practice at home with. Sam was a good teacher. He explained everything to me very well and I felt comfortable with him too. Maybe because we were friends, but I knew if I had another instructor they wouldn’t be so lenient with me. Like my coach from school. He was strict and hard on us, but we won the races because of it.

Sweat covered my body. Sam was also covered in sweat. I couldn’t believe I was sweating so much from just the basics. It made me wonder how much I would sweat with actual lessons. I hadn’t sweat this much since our track run at the college. In High School, sweating like this was a daily thing with our coach.

“Alright, I think that’s enough for today,” Sam said.

“Time to hit the showers,” I said with a grin on my face.

Together we walked into the locker room. The two of us stripped down to our briefs. Sam wore his white Fruit of the Looms briefs. The underwear was starting to grow on me. The underwear suited his thin frame. Sam disappeared for a moment then came back with two towels, then we walked into the shower room.

The shower room had a total of eight showers, four on each side. We walked down the center aisle to the very last shower. Sam turned the faucet and water began to come out of the shower head. While the water warmed up, Sam brought himself close to me. He placed his left hand on my lower back while his other hand was under my chin. Our mouths were inches from each other. His breath washed over my face. Quick eye contact was made then our lips locked.

When steam became visible, Sam adjusted the water temperature and the two of us entered it with our underwear still on. The kissing continued and our hands began to move across each other’s bodies. Eventually, our hands were on each other’s crotch. My member had grown in the soaked underwear. Sam’s hand began to stroke it.

Sam’s kissing went from my lips to my neck. He continued down my body making a stop at my nipples. Where he began to lick them. The sensation caused me to moan. His hand continued to stroke me in my wet underwear.

The kissing continued down my body until Sam was in a squat before my crotch. Our eyes met as Sam looked up at me with his fingers under the waistband of my drenched underwear. He pulled them down and my erection sprung out. The underwear fell to my ankles and Sam tossed it at the edge of the shower. His fingers wrapped around the base of my cock and he pulled back the foreskin revealing the blushing head. Impatiently Sam wrapped his lips around the tip of my cock and brought the cock deeper into his mouth.

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