Tales of Lotus Island The Ice Queen Melts

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This is part of a series of stories from different viewpoints. By all means read it alone or start with Olivia’s story.


Patricia did not want to admit it, even to herself, but she was lonely. Throughout her life she had been a hostess for her late husband and had acquaintances not friends. Now she was estranged from her daughter and grand-daughter her only family as for three generation a single daughter had been born to their family.

Of course, she would never let it show but despite being financially fairly comfortable and having a pleasant house in a delightful village she didn’t have a single friend. Now her grand-daughter and former son in law had moved to somewhere in the Caribbean. The irony was she had got on better with Geoff than either her daughter Suzanne of grand-daughter Olivia. Patricia did accept that she was a little bit formidable as she had standards. Geoffrey a former army officer was not in the least fazed by this unlike her descendants.

Not one for self doubt or moping Patricia shrugged and accepted her lot. Then the phone rang and out of the blue it was Suzanne, her errant daughter. “Suzanne to what do I owe this dubious pleasure.”
“Duty of course” was the reply.

“Oh, you have remembered the concept then.” Suzanne’s behaviour towards Geoffrey was utterly unacceptable and Patricia was not going to let hr daughter forget it.

“Yes mother, I am getting married again or rather remarried to Geoffrey.”

“Pardon me I must be getting deaf in my sunset years.”

Then her grand-daughter came on the line “Stop being a bitch Grandmama and listen Your idiot daughter, my mother has come to her senses and my overly forgiving father has taken the opportunity to get his way since apparently he never wanted to let her go.”

“What did you just call me Olivia.” Olivia had always been a bit of a milksop never saying boo to a goose and now this.
“I know your hearing is excellent Grandmama I asked you to refrain from doing what all three of us are consummately skilled at, being total bitches. Mummy is terrified of making this call you could at least listen to her.” Good heavens how rude but at least she seemed to have a backbone and she was defending he moth


“What has got into the girl Suzanne?”

“Olivia has grown up rather a lot of late and being a highly successful artist and business woman has given her confidence. I rather approve. Now mother you have two choices either come to the wedding and enjoy a bit of sniping but expect retaliation from your grand-daughter or alternatively don’t when at least my stress level goes down.”
Ah her daughter would fight to defend her c***d at least that was an improvement “Good heavens it appears you both have grown up somewhat. Where is this idiotic wedding?”

“This idiotic wedding will be held on the Caribbean island of St Anne and the reception on our home the Lotus Island resort.”

“Your home.”

“Yes mother, perhaps you do need your hearing checked after all it. Olivia, Geoffrey and I live in a villa Geoff has purchased at the Lotus Island resort along with Olivia’s boyfriend and girlfriend.” Patricia knew a verbal trap when she heard one but had to walk into it.

“I am probably going to regret this but boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“Yes, mother dearest, this place is going to shock you and I for one and going to enjoy every moment. Olivia has a boyfriend Lazlo and a girlfriend Meghan. I do not doubt that if polygamy was legal the three of them would themselves marry.”

There was nothing she could say without digging herself into a hole so decided to ignore it.
“In that case I will try to deny you the pleasure. Will you permit your mother to help organise this all and if so when can I come out and get started?”

“Hold on I need to ask about that.”

What totally surprised her was that they were sending a private plane for her belonging to Lady Victoria McAllister. Geoffrey was highly successful and had a high-end security consultancy but it did not run to having jets popping round the world for one person. Despite herself she was excited and had indulged herself in buying some new clothing.
The car came to take her to the airport and Patricia schooled her face to looking normal when she was taken to the private terminal and shared through customs and security as a VIP. On the other side was a very urbane French gentleman who announced himself as Luc Evreux, apparently, he was director in charge of hospitality at Lotus Island.

Once they were up to operating height and the seat belts sign was off Luc went to the back of the plane and came back with some glasses and a wine bucket. The wine was superb, which somehow didn’t surprise her. They started talking and it began to dawn on her what the place where her daughter and granddaughter were living was like.
“I don’t want to sound insulting Luc but Lotus Island sounds a bit on the decadent side.”

“Mon cher Patricia, our Lady Victoria would be horrified at the suggestion that it is only a bit decadent. It was quite amusing seeing Suzanne’s reaction as she didn’t have a clue until the morning after her arrival by all accounts.”
“I would have loved to see that my daughter can be a prim little madam or at least pretend to be.”
“Oh, she didn’t try pretending for long. Vicky seduced her straight away and she decided that was more fun than being snooty.”

“Suzie’s bi as well. Good heavens, I knew about Olivia but I always thought my daughter was far too proper to ever discover girls.”

“You don’t sound shocked I admit that the impression Suzanne gave me I would have though you would disapprove.”
“The contrary, I was a bit wild before I married including a lesbian affair. Of course, my daughter has no idea but I always found her prim attitude slightly annoying. Now I find it was an act.” Luc refilled her glass for the second time. “Are you trying to get me drunk monsieur.”

“Absolutement, I am hoping it may allow me to seduce you.” Patricia gave him a long hard stair. “I hope you mean that and leaned forward and kissed him. Surprise showed in his eyes before he leaned into the kiss. It was long and thorough with each exploring the other with their tongues, drawing on age and experience.
“Your daughter has no idea about the real Patricia, does she?

“No, I have been presenting a façade for so long it almost came the real thing. I think I may have been saved just in time. I suppose we will have to be good or scandalise the crew.”

“The are a married couple and I suspect when auto-pilot is on get up to activities they wouldn’t want to admit to aviation authorities. You need not worry Lotus Island rules apply, public sex is frowned on but this doesn’t count as public.” As he spoke he started to undress Patricia showing a clear knowledge or women’s clothes fastenings. This felt wonderful to her as even whilst her husband was alive the sex had not been exactly thrilling.

Luc was a caring lover of considerable expertise and kissed and caressed her everywhere that could fee erotic. Patricia revived skills long unused and did the same for him until they were both thoroughly aroused. Once they had reached a peak of excitement he entered her thrusting with strong slow strokes bringing back sensations to her that she had forgotten. The pleasure was greatly extended but eventually Patricia had a massive orgasm and was off in an erotic world of her own. When she came back to the real world she realised that Luc must also have had cum as he was lying beside her with a self-satisfied smirk on his face.

“That was incredible somehow you achieved the impossible of being like a desperate virgin yet combining it with a lifetimes experience. Thank you so much mon cher.”

“Et merci aussi. I was a young girl when I last enjoyed sex so much. My husband, to whom I was always faithful, had many sterling qualities but an exciting lover was not one of them. Even more now I need to try and find a way of making things better with my daughter and granddaughter. I think I am going to like Lotus Island”
“Suzanne really doesn’t understand you does she?”

“No thank God. Though I’m going to enjoy enlightening her.” The rest of the flight was spent drinking wine, eating the picnic à la française and making love. Patricia was rather proud of her stamina.

When they arrived at Lotus Island Patricia looked out of the window to see a welcoming committee including Suzanne and Olivia both near naked. Patricia was about to demonstrate that she did have a sense of humour and it was quite a wicked one.

Luc went down the steps first and then to get maximum affect Patricia stopped at the top and slowly descended at least in part because of five-inch-high heels but only in part. On her head was huge hat shading her eyes and thus the mischievous twinkle and nothing else.

Suzanne and Olivia greeted her with formal affection but Geoffrey was a lot more open and even squeezed her bottom. It amused her that he said “Round one to you.”

Determined to be pleasant she asked to be introduced to her grand-daughter’s partners. Lazlo was a handsome young man who was very urbain. Meghan was far more nervous but Patricia already had good reason to be grateful to her knowing that Meg when Livi’s house mistress had provided the affections and stability in adolescence that her own family hadn’t.

What did surprise and shock her was to realise just how much she scared both her daughter and grand-daughter. That they did not feel close to her she knew and had hardly encouraged but fear was a bit extreme surely? It was only when she was sitting talking to Suzanne whilst they drank cocktails starkers that her daughter admitted how they both felt about her. That Livi had stood up to her was even more impressive. Still it looked how she now had a chance of repairing matters. It seemed to surprise and please Suzanne that she was comfortable with nudity. Oh my little girl Tricia thought if you only knew so she admitted just how much wine she had drunk on the plane.

“Mum your never tipsy.” Suzanne had called her Mum for the first time ever Tricia needed her famous self-control not to cry

“Darling you never call me mum, thank you it may seem strange but it means quite a lot to me. As for tipsy don’t you believe it, I am just good at covering it up. Do you know I think I am going to like this place? If you and Livi will let me I can forget about being Patricia, the queen bitch. You never know I may get used to it.”

“It worked for me. I am a lot nicer and more respectful if not respectable.”


“Truce and let the peace talks begin.” Peace was firmly settled when Olivia found out and proceeded to hug them both. It was difficult doing it but she admitted to Livi how much she enjoyed the hug.

That night they had a formal dinner with some interesting attire in the case outrageously tall boots and a very racy evening dress. Tricia met all the other directors and the famous Lady Victoria McAllister who it turned out was a similar age to Patricia. The long suppressed lesbian side of her nature woke up as Tricia saw this very elegant lady who was thoroughly sexy despite her age. I hope I look as good as her she remembered thinking. From Vicki’s reaction it seemed a distinct possibility.

By unspoken mutual agreement at the end of the evening he two mature ladies went off together. Once out of site of the others they joined hands and Tricia could feel herself strutting, those boots certainly helped. They got inside Vicki’s sumptuous villa and kissed with no caution or restraint as both were experienced and knew what they wanted.
Upstairs the sexy dresses were abandoned but not the boots. The two women kissed and caressed touching everywhere that could give pleasure before eating each other in a sixty-nine. If they had been younger they would have kept it up for hours but after they had both had orgasms they just lay in each other arms and went to sleep in the warm glow of mutual satiation.

The next morning Vicki made a phone call and soon a naked young girl served them breakfast in bed. It was clear that she both expected and enjoyed the two women playing with her in a lascivious way.
After she had departed Vicki commented. “That young nymph will enjoy anyone or combination of people touching her. Totally insatiable and so cheerful with it this is the home for her and I suspect the same may be said for you.”
“I am comfortably off but even without knowing your prices I doubt I could afford this place permanently. Also, my daughter will have apoplexy I can’t wait to see her face when I return. We may be friends now but teasing her is so much fun. I think that Livi and I may end up partners in that game.”
“Our c***dren never consider that we might enjoy sex lives or if we did that we would continue them when a little antiquated.”

“Then they will just have to be disabused now give me another kiss.”

The return to her family’s villa was everything she could have hoped for. First of all, Olivia wanted to paint her nude which was the greatest flattery she could be offered and then the look of mixed shock and awe on Suzie’s face at realising that her mother was happily bi. Olivia however wsa clearly amused.

Later Livi got her grandmother to herself.

“Grandmama are you enjoying shocking my mother as much as I think you are.”

“Oh yes. Want to join in.”

“Of course I do its just too much fun not to. I have always loved you but never thought I would like you and as for getting up to mischief together,”

“I was a silly old bat. I am sorry I messed things up for you and Suzanne so badly. Its not going to stop me teasing her though.”

That Suzanne happily allowed her mother to make the arrangements for the wedding showed how far they had come but what said it even more was the way both Suzie and Livi would come up and hug her at random times and after a couple of days Meg joined in the hug fest.

On one of those occasions Patricia decided to address something that offended her neat and tidy mind. “Meghan dearest, I hope you know that I appreciate all that you have done and are to my grand-daughter.”
“I think so. Though it feels a bit weird in some way that you are so accepting not that I am not grateful as it makes things so much more comfortable.”

“Rather than if I had been a prize bitch and upset everyone.”

“I didn’t mean that.”

“I think you at least thought it and with good reason. Now another of my faults is an excessive love of order I am getting fussed as to how I should think of you. Would you let me consider you another grand-daughter?”
“Considering my relationship with your present one, interesting idea but yes I would really like that.”
“Ooh so you’re not that meek and mild then.”

“I have my moments. I do love my new family; please tell me you’re not going back to England after the ceremony.”
“Goodness knows how I am going to work out the practicalities but Geoff and Lady V say don’t worry so yes I think I am going to stay here. Its much nicer on old bones in any case.”

Patricia through herself into arranging her daughter’s wedding with her customary efficiency. It was so much less stressful than the previous time the wedding breakfast was all in Luc and Lazlo’s hands and she was more than happy to leave them to it. The number of official guests was small and most lived on the island. The rest were Geoff’s very laid-back family who were no trouble compared to her own completely absent extended family. Trish totally agreed with Suzie that they had a good enough excuse to not invite aunts, cousins and other none of whom were talking to her anyway.

A week before the big day Geoff’s family arrived consisting of his two sisters their husband and c***dren plus Eric who was Geoff’s uncle but only eleven years older than him. They all fitted in very well to the extent that both of the c***dren enquired if any jobs were going. Which they were and they were soon working for their aunt on the islands second superyacht soon to begin service.

Patricia was surprised that Eric displayed considerable interest in her despite the fact that she was around a decade older. Not that she was complaining as she had taken a distinct liking to him.

“Would you be willing to go for a walk with me and show some of the island please Patricia.”

“it would be my pleasure.” They took a walk through the jungle and along the shore line to a cove that had become a favourite with her family. A tiny stream fed into a natural pool before entering the sea. Whilst only half a metre deep this pool provided a pleasant place to lounge in the balmy water. Eric expressed his pleasure.

“Whilst I love the jacuzzies and tubs a natural pool has the edge.” They relaxed on the water and this being Lotus Island they snuggled up together.

“I did not expect to find Suzanne’s family so informal. I would have thought that is more my family’s style”

“Ah this place provides you with a different outlook on life. All three of us girls were very uptight and unhappy with ourselves and the world. Coming here gave us an excuse to get out of the persona that was expected of us not the least by ourselves. When I was young I was quite a naughty young thing, far more than Suzanne ever was, though I am not so sure about Livy with her ménage. I have nobody left in England but have rediscovered my family here. If I can find a way to stay I will though goodness knows how it is as I am sure you are aware eye wateringly expensive.”
“It is though, fortunately I sold my business for a satisfactory sum and can afford it I made some enquiries f that nice young tart Chrissy and I think I can and will emulate my nephew. It has the advantage that my nieces will be able to come and visit which since they have a suitably Lotus style marital arrangement fits in rather well.”

“Oh come on tell all also please keep doing that.” ‘That’ being a very pleasant massage of one of her nipples.
“Well the two sisters married cousins who had been largely brought up together. It was a toss-up which sister married which cousin. The reality is that they didn’t choose and the four of them have shared a house since the second pair got married and their spouses as well.”

“Now they most certainly belong here.”

“Unfortunately, their business precludes that on a permanent basis as they need to stay UK based. But if I have a villa here and their k**s who as adults know full well what is going on working for the resort. It will allow them to spend a fair amount of time here. I have an off the wall idea.”

“Which is?”

“Well it would be tidier if all of both families were here as far as possible. How about shacking up with me.”

“That is utterly ridiculous but an elegant solution so yes.”

“Blimey, I thought I would have to try some persuasion if only for forms sake.”

“I’m too old to play silly buggers, it would suit everyone. It may not work but if so well come up with plan ‘B’. Fancy having your evil way with me.”

The response to that was for Eric to kiss her deeply and move the hand not playing with her nipples to Trisha’s crutch. It became readily apparent that his reputation as a lady’s man was fully deserved and he had the skills to keep his lady’s happy. Having fully arouse her Eric proceed to enter Trisha and thrust forcefully deep inside her. The ecstasy was just that, exquisite. They took their time to thoroughly provide the other with the deepest erotic pleasure.
Returning to the villa they found all of both families present and a bit curious as to where they were or in Suzanne’s case a tad nervous.

“Hello darlings, Eric as so thoroughly dishonoured me that I can never return to England because of the shame. So I am going to move in with him to his villa.”

“Mother you’re are a naughty old lady.”

“Yes I know, fun isn’t it?”

“The ice queen has really melted and underneath is the mum I wish I had known before.” Mother and daughter hugged affectionately.

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