Tame Submission

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I woke up and saw a text from you. You told me to wear the vibrator all day. You had no plans to tell me when you might use it–I was just to go about my day normally and wait.

I followed directions and wore it. As soon as I put it on I let you know. You tested it out immediately. Just enough to make sure I knew you had control and make me want more but not enough to make me cum right away.

Throughout the day you’d choose different vibration patterns and lengths of time to activate the vibrator. Never long enough to make me cum but several times to push me to the edge. I was told to tell you anytime I was close and I was warned not to lie.

When I was at the store you told me to find a private place and let you know. I went to a fitting room and told you. You used the slowest speeds to build me up and increased the speed just right to make me orgasm in the middle of the fitting room.

I left and was told to meet you at a secluded park. You told me to get into your car. You kissed me hard pulling back a little while you looked deep into my eyes. The tension güvenilir bahis was high. You guided my head to your lap and I gave you head while you leaned back and enjoyed being licked, sucked and held. You held my head still and started to fuck my face but suddenly stopped– you didn’t want to cum yet. You had plans to see me later. You wanted to watch me in the passenger seat squirm while you made the vibrator move on my clit. You played with different speeds watching my body react and listening to my breathing changes you remember which settings gave you the reaction you wanted from me.

It was time to part ways and you told me you’d see me later.

Later, you came to the my house. When I opened the door you stepped in and kissed me. Shutting the door behind you. No hellos. Just your body on mine and pressed against the stairwell. Your hands on my body–when I tried to reach for you you told me no and push my hands against the wall. You told me not to move.

You kissed me again. And moved to my neck. And up to my ear and you breathed heavily and told me you were türkçe bahis going to make me beg for your cock. You flipped me around so my back was to you and you started to strip my clothes off.

I tried to turn around. To kiss you. To touch you. To take your clothes off so I could feel your skin on mine but you kept me facing the stairwell– and took your own clothes off. You pressed your body on mine and nibbled my neck and I could feel your cock on my ass.

When you flipped me around to face you. I looked up at you. And you could see in my eyes how bad I wanted you. You told me to suck your cock and I did. I watched your eyes as I licked your balls, and sucked on them and move my tongue up your shaft until I put your head in my mouth and moved my mouth over your cock. After a couple minutes of my mouth and hands all over your cock you hand me stand up.

We moved to the bedroom where you layer me down on my back. Spread my legs open and began to tease my pussy with your lips and tongue. Kissing, nibbling, licking. You ate my pussy like you couldn’t wait to have more. güvenilir bahis siteleri I moaned. Sighed. Squirmed. I held your head against my clit and I moved my hips. I was about to orgasm and it was a slow build up– my lips were swollen and wet. You slid a finger in my pussy and I started to cum all over your face.

You slid your body up mine so we were face to face and moved your cock all over my pussy. Every time it hit my clit I let out a quick, sigh. You were enjoying teasing me. I asked you to put your cock in me. I said please. I moved my hips up so my pussy met your cock. And you moved back. I asked again. You moved the head of your cock to my opening and as I started to lift my hips you moved back again. I begged you. I told you I needed you. I wanted you. I needed to feel your cock in me. I needed to have your cum deep in me. Please.

And you thrust your cock deep in me. We both let out a loud moan together. And you fucked me. Hard and deep. My pussy grabbed your cock and throbbed. I came more than once as you took me. The harder I came and the tighter I grasped your cock with my pussy the more flushed your became– your eyes fixed on mine. And then right before you came you pulled out. Pulled me to my knees and told me to open my mouth. And you shot your cum in my mouth and all over my chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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