Tamed Pt. 05: The Morning After

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This might be the longest chapter I have ever written on this profile! Be sure to give feedback if you have any requests of what you want these sex crazed step-siblings to do to each other…More depraved the better!

Disclaimer: This is all a publication of fiction and in no way happened. This may also get a little unrealistic. You have been warned.


Alanah she stepped through into her bedroom to see me passed out between her sheets. She couldn’t help but curl a large smile on her face. She slipped into bed beside me, clad in a tight white t-shirt that struggled to hold her heavy chest, along with an equally tight pair of pink boyshorts that hugged her ass with a passion. She sighed to herself as she shot her best friend Claire a text about why she was stood up tonight.

As my sister said, she understood once Alanah had bragged to her about the horse cock that she had just scored. Her friend kept prodding and pushing for information, wanting to know who he was. Even after the constant probing for information Alanah had made sure to keep my identity a secret…If she knew who I was, my sister was sure that Claire would steal me from her. After glancing at the clock, she had realised that it was wall past 1pm. Saying her goodbyes to her bestie she sank into the bed and casually draped her arm over my hip, pouting her lips in disappointment when she felt the clothing covering my legs.

*Defiantly getting a no clothes rule in this bed…*

With the tingles of my cock still ravishing her insides, my step-sister slowly drifted to sleep.

My slumber was undisturbed, dreamless of any fantasies that my mind would create from my lack of sex, my fantasies and feelings towards my desperation to lose my virginity had been fulfilled. There was no need for my mind to create such scenarios in my dreams.

I woke up at 2pm. Something which was unheard of by me, my class had been and gone, as did my study session with Hana…but I honestly didn’t care at the moment. My body was tired as one usually would when you wake up after a deep and undeterred sleep. The light from the sun broke through the closed curtains bringing light into the room. Slowly I sit up, realising that this wasn’t my room. The bed was larger, far more comfortable…even more so, the entire room was larger. Then the memories of the night before came flooding back. Alanah on her knees sucking my cock, teasing me toward the bathroom where I had lost my virginity. I swallowed hard, my heart racing as the vivid memories came back.

After leaving her alone to shower I had gone into my room to put pyjamas on…then I went into her room and made myself at home like it was mine. This odd new confidence was a shock, that was for sure.

From the other side of the door I head a jingle of glasses, then the pitter patter of feet stepping around the apartment. Groggily I slipped out of the bed and made my way outside, tiredly rubbing my face as my stomach rumbled for fuel.

Once she heard the door close, Alanah spun on her feet and looked at me, she was grinning like an idiot, for a moment she tried to calm herself down, nibbling her bottom lip to hold back her giddy smile. “So he IS alive!” She introduced herself with a beaming confidence, something which I only saw directed at other people, never myself.

I woke up as soon as I saw her, taking extra time to examine her in her morning clothing. “Well…It’s your fault. You tired me out.” I replied. She saw how I was looking at her, she deliberately posed a little, bending one of her legs to tilt her whole body, showing off a bit of her ass in those shorts which looked three sizes too small for her.

I pulled myself away from your body and looked toward the window, it looked blazing hot outside, the guilt of missing class and being close to Hana building up inside of me ever so slightly. “How long have you been waiting for me to get up?” I asked, stepping closer toward her, leaning up against the counter to get close to her alluring presence.

She began to play with a loose strand of her hair, her heart fluttering as I stepped closer. She was getting used to the fact that her younger step brother wanted to strip her naked and fuck her silly, she moved over to the counter across from me, bending over at the waist and pressing her already constrained tits down against the cool surface. “Oh, I wasn’t waiting. I thought I heard a man in the house, not my boy brother…” Her teasing still lingering from before she pulled my dick out last night, before our whole dynamic had changed. “But I see now there is a man in my kitchen. Hopefully he’s not here to defile me.” she batted her eyes at me with false innocence, turning her face to the side to give me a bashful look.

“Well he certainly would if you go walking around dressed like you want it…those shorts look about three sizes too small for you, and don’t get me started about that top.” I nibble my bottom lip without even thinking about it, ataşehir escort it’s like she knew all about my lust for tight clothing; and she rocked it perfectly. I could swear I could see the fabric cling so tightly onto her skin I could see her belly button.

“So… plans for today? I have to get some work done; I missed my class thanks to that workout last night.” I say with a wink. This confidence which grew within me was welcomed, I wished I had this before this redhead sucked it out of me.

Her face moved into a disappointed pout as the first thing I brought up was an excuse not to spend time with her…That certainly wasn’t the fact, I just needed to do some research.

Fully aware that it was a flimsy excuse at best, she moved a hand up placing her thumb on her lower lip before pulling it down slightly. Showing off the lips that looked so good wrapped around my monster cock yesterday as she looked up in thought. “Oh yes, I’m oh so busy too. Really need to buckle down on tinder… And should probably organize my clothes…” With each fake obligation listed off, she clearly wiggled her ass behind her. “I don’t think I’ll have any time to play with you…” Giving me a small shrug before smirking wide again.

Grinning I dart my perverted gaze to her jiggling cleavage, toward her shaking ass then to those pouty lips. Flashes of last night return in picture perfect quality. That overload of slippery gel over my sisters soft and hefty tits, my cock stuffed between that thick ass which she masterfully used to jerk my horse cock off, and of course those lips stretched and wrapped around my shaft sucking the soul out of me. My cheeks began to burn, voice quivering as I stuttered a reply.

“Already focused on the next dick I see…I bet after last night you were already chatting up some guy.” A raised brow and a handsome smirk formed on my face, moving around the counter to approach her, my fingers sliding across the cold counter as I faced her. “Some tinder guy probably won’t be as big as I am… sis.” Like any other thirsty guy, I checked her out and softly stroked her bare arm with the back of my fingers; reminding her of what my hands on her body felt like.

Alanah watched as my face burned, she knew she had me exactly where she wanted me, but having too much fun with the game, she kept up the chase. As soon as she felt the touch my fingers, she pushed away from the counter; I tried to reach forward to get a small feel of her. Half skipping, she moved around to the other side again giving me a look of pure mischief.

“Another man?” her voice jingling with amusement. “No… But I did message Claire.” Turning away from me and leaving the counter she bounced her way over to the fridge, her ass getting tossed back and forth with each fast motion. Opening up the fridge, she arched her back and look up at the contents. Not actually searching for anything, but finding it a perfect excuse to show off her booty. “And I told her all about this hot stud that I fucked last night… How he treated me… How he grabbed me… How *massive* his cock was…” Letting out a little giggle as she recalled back to her begs for proof. Twisting around to look at me, still pushing her round ass back to me, she gave me a little wink. “So yes, I’d say you are bigger than the person I was talking to last night… Not that it’s much of an accomplishment.”

I stepped back and sat on the arm of the leather sofa, still watching that deep arch and wiggling ass. I wondered if I just moved up behind her and whipped it out on that shaking peach…would she pull her shorts down?

“Claire? That girl you were going to meet with yesterday…D-did she like what she was hearing?” I asked, faking the casual tone in my voice, I wondered if her friends her as perfectly crafted as her…I slid back onto the main seat of the leather sofa, trying desperately to look cool as I moved; I didn’t know much about flirting, but I knew deep down that what I just did certainly wasn’t it.

She took a moment to collect herself before turning back around, swinging the door closed and pressing her back upon it. Her nipples poked at her top, leaving nothing to the imagination. She gave a cute look of shock before pressing her hand against her chest “Why would you care what another girl thinks of you?”

Pushing off the fridge she shook her head slowly, giving me one of the overly acted face of hurt. “Am I not good enough for you?” Stopping as her thighs pressed against the arms of the couch, she crossed her arms and look down at me; her head still slowly making its way back and forth. “She doesn’t know… and I guess she’ll never know if you’re planning to run off with her!” Turning her face away in a huff, I stomped her foot against the hard floor in an attempt to really sell the act. But inside, she hoped that Claire hadn’t already made her way into her hung brother’s mind.

The act was working on me, not wanting to admit my stirring member to her allowing this adorably kadıköy escort bayan sexy act to work its magic. Even though it would be quite easy to notice; I was having maybe a little too much fun with this. “Are you jealous? Don’t want to compete with your best friend over a man?” I bit my lip as my toes curled up, her whole body seemed to jiggle softly as she stood there; Silky ginger hair looking all too pretty.

Mostly She was putting on the act, stomping her feet and pouting to poke at me, but deep down she felt something more. Fear. This confidence that I so easily tossed about now only filled her head with images of Claire being split open by me, then a sea of air headed girls, all lining up outside my door like a doctor’s office, waiting to be split open, filled with cum and being sent on their way with their bellies full and lips drooling. As her mind began to sabotage her, she felt the all too familiar sensation of heat growing between her thick creamy thighs.

*Am I getting turning on by this? No! I want you to myself bro!*

Fidgeting slightly in place as the warmth came off my body, so close to that meat hammer she had come to love. “I’m not jealous! You can fuck a thousand girls and I wouldn’t care!” Her lie was obvious as fluster in her tone revealed those true thoughts. Looking back up at the floor, her eyes looking slightly scared she tried to stick her tongue out at me in defiance.

I chuckled softly, standing up I approached her, close enough to smell the alluring shower gel that I lathered onto her last night. “Don’t worry Sexy. I don’t think I have enough game to bag someone as hot as you anyway…unless they know about my little secret.” I brush my finger across her smooth chin and wink. I leaned forward in attempt to suck on her tongue, stopping only a slither away from it with my lips parted like I was going to kiss this short redhead I called my sister. Exhaling softly onto her pouty lips I teased her. It was no secret between us that our obsessions with our bodies could not be hid, from my shaking hands and prominent semi I was packing in my underwear-less pyjamas; to her blushing and pathetic attempt to hide jealousy.

“So…as much as I would really want to continue teasing as lying, I really need to get to work, but my door will be open sis if you want to talk more about how desperate you are to try and keep me exclusive to your whorish ways.” With that I pressed my lips onto her, moaning in her mouth quietly as I make sure my hands were kept to myself; if I fell into the trap of holding her, we would be all over each other. That much I was certain of.

*How the fuck is he so confident already?* She asked herself as she graciously accepted the kiss. Suddenly she pressed her hands against my chest and gave me a little shove. breaking the kiss and moving me away. Giving me a devilish smirk, she nodded her head toward my room. “Go be a nerd then loser…But that door better stay open.” She giggled cutely and watched me leave, sucking on her bottom lip as she saw the semi I was hiding in my pyjamas.

As I moved and dropped onto my puffy desk chair I sighed and rubbed my eyes, heart still rushing as I had yet to recover from that conversation. Crossing my legs and sitting in the correct spot to ensure I was comfortable I began to sort through those papers which were spilled over and messed up while I was napping in the living room.

The next few hours for me was in total silence, working through various assignments which were rapidly piling up on me…By the end of it I was rather ready for some sort of refuelling. Without Alanah realizing I was actually also looking through various things on the internet…things which I could use against her. Tips on confidence, positions ideal for men of the larger side. One specific article taught lessons on how to go from a shy guy to a man oozing confidence and masculinity. They were all rather interesting reads, following step by step guides which I thought I desperately needed for my sister to have the best stud in me as possible.

As I read on, I started to wonder how this new relationship between me and her would evolve into…would this be a changing point for me? Was I going to become the type of man I hated? I didn’t want that, for all my faults I liked who I was, but there was a need for more confidence and swagger if I wanted to be popular with women…Overall I vowed that I would still be me, but with the knowledge I gained from this session, I was going to make that redheaded whore putty in my hands.

Having not eaten anything yet, Alanah made her way into the kitchen. Humming to her as she toasted some wholemeal bread, and scoffing it with chopped avocado. While she ate, Claire had struck up a conversation. Having to hear about her sexual conquests now, only being able to smirk at most of her brags knowing full well that HER cock was bigger than anything she could lure in.

After she finished eating, she glanced down the hall escort maltepe into my room. She judged whether or not I truly was busy. Seeing that I was concentrating rather hard she gave herself a disappointed shrug before moving into her room. Taking the time to do her make up, calling out her pretty face, her cock sucking lips, and the allure of her bright aquamarine eyes.

My sister’s patience started to grow thin, her ever unsatisfied libido fully recovered by now. Taking one last look at herself in the mirror, grinning at the perfect sex appeal she had crafted. Pattering her bare feet down the hallway, she strutted toward my door, she slowed down to try and silently make her way into my room. Only to blow my cover instantly by reading out the title of the article on my screen. “From Skunk to Hunk?” She couldn’t the loud laugh that burst out of her, leaning in closer to start reading the smaller font below. “What are you doing babe?”

I jumped out of my skin and hurriedly shut my laptop, spinning my chair around to her. Immediately I noticed the splash of make-up she had dusted across her pretty face, I burned red and my crotch twitched. Placing my hand over it to cover my pleasure I stuttered and stammered.

“It’s nothing…it’s a campus joke going around. Someone tried to experiment with a skunk to make it go through a workout routine to see if it attracted more females compared to other smaller skunks.” Hoping that my over explanation didn’t affect the lie I sent a smile in Alanah’s direction. She grinned in reply to my babbling, shaking her head in disbelief as she gave her eyes a quick flick down to the hand that tried to subtly cover my cock, the corner of her lips quivered, mouth filling with saliva, a hunger grew deep within her.

“You’re looking nice, plans with the girls tonight?” I ask with genuine curiosity, in fact I wanted to have her gone for a while; defiantly not because she was getting on my nerves; more so that I could practice my new confidence tips and tricks without having my lust filled thoughts cry for me to bust into her room without any clothes on while she were busy…it was extremely hard to take my mind off the woman in front of me now since last night, and that amazingly hot yet simple outfit wasn’t helping things.

She brought her attention back to my face, I gave me a giggle with a playful wink before she posed for me again, rubbing her hair over the side of her face like an erotic supermodel “You like it?” She asked, never tiring of my obsession with her looks.

She raised a one of her manicured brows, pursing her lips into a thin line…I had always seen them as so plump and full that I barely thought it possible to press them together so thinly. “Are you trying to get rid of me little bro?” She felt disappointed, she had expected me to have caved into lust by now.

“No, usually you looking all hot and sexy meant you were going out with friends.” I said.

“I just assumed that when you were talking with this Claire it wasn’t just about dicks and sex…” Chuckling I slipped the laptop off my desk onto my lap away from her greedy and prying eyes; hiding my throbbing cock underneath as I open it back up. I quickly saved the page ‘From Skunk to Hunk’ to my bookmarks and pretend to type, trying to look busy to draw away the fact that I was attempting to keep Alanah from getting on top of me. The article said the best way to have a woman go crazy for you was to deny her when she was at her peak of lust, and with my sister…she never wasn’t

“So, Claire…what does she look like? She’s your friend so I guess she’s mid 20’s like you? And probably just as hot given that you’re clearly worried she’ll steal me from you.” I gave her a wink, one which came off naturally charming; while I did this, I leaned back in my chair looking up and down her body like a drunk hunk would at a club.

Leaning over, she placed her palms against the screen of the laptop, pushing it down slowly until she heard it click shut on my lap. Her movements were graceful, as if she was dancing, with a swift movement she replaced the laptop with her body, pulling the computer off of me and sliding her legs to sandwich mine. Her huge tits pressed onto me, throwing her cleavage up to spill out of such a tight top; her boyshorts rode up her ass, acting like a second layer of skin it was so tight. I blushed heavily, feeling her body casually grind on my ever-growing dick. Wrapping her arms around my neck, Alanah spoke like nothing was happening.

“Oh Claire? She’s nice…very pretty…Got the goth look down perfectly…Her tits are almost as big as mine too, her ass is to die for though…if you think my ass is nice just wait until you see hers…” She blushed, staring at me with her bright eyes. She grinded on me slightly faster, working her magic to the point where I was already forgetting the rules of denying her to make her more desperate.

“But only a pig would be thinking about that bimbo right now, real studs would focus on the cock craving slut on top of him…Since after all, I only think and talk about dicks and sex…” She sent a sultry giggle out of her as a shiver went up my spine, my hands slithered from my sides to hold the sides of her thick thighs, caressing her body softly.

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