Tamed Pt. 12: Build a Babe

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Note: Welcome to the last 3 chapters of this series! I am currently working on a new series which will come out soon, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing it! But for now, enjoy the final act 😉


It was certainly hard to concentrate on my rather important studies with Alanah’s throat tightly milking my hard, monstrous cock under my desk. The constant GLUCK GLUCK GLUCK sounds that her masterful mouth working the entire length in and out of it was distracting. Hot, and amazing to feel, but almost impossible to learn anything. Every so often I would lean back in my chair and see her long, silky orange hair swish forward and backward in rhythm of her pushing her face back and forth between my legs at a steady pace to keep her stamina going for longer.

She had started doing this a day or two after the night I called ‘Chads Lament’, where Alanah, Claire and I had the biggest asshole in my class watch the three of us fuck like wild animals. It had been my perfect night, and it had been almost a month ago…Chad had started to become more placid. He barely spoke to the girls in class, and he had begun to grow pale and sweaty when he saw me walk into the room. Hell, everyone looked at me differently, upon learning that two goddesses had been ‘dating’ me. Girls started to slip me their numbers, taking far too long to pick up pencils from the floor right in front of me. Even Hana, the girl I used to crush hard on had started to mention a video which she had told me she had given to ‘the one in white’.

The one in white was unsurprisingly still wearing the bright shade when under my desk. Tight lycra high waisted boyshorts that clung to her long, silky legs and deliciously smooth thighs and cupped each fat ass cheek comfortably. Over those oversized, natural tits was a crop top of a similar material as her shorts, and of course stuck to her like a second layer of skin; the fabric spreading so tightly over her body that the bright pink bra that supported her globes could clearly be seen.

Alanah giggled with my cock balls deep in her throat, as the tips of her long and loose hair tickled the bases of her feet as she knelt on my study floor (Given that my step sis had now started calling her bedroom “Our Room” I swiftly decided that my old, masturbation dungeon would become my study.)

A hard gag and a swallow sounded from my step sisters bulging neck, and her pretty aquamarine eyes popped and rolled back behind her nerdy thick rimmed glasses. She pulled herself up, gasping heavily as she sucked the precum and saliva from her pouty bottom lip whilst she pumped my sticky, slobbery shaft with both hands. “How can you concentrate on work when you this hot piece of ass sucking your dick Daddy? I thought we would have at least been fucking for the third time by now.” She giggled, eyes lingering up at me lovingly. Clearly, she was in a submissive mood, something which had become all too familiar since The Blooming Rose.

Scraping her girly nails down my pulsing shaft down my hairy thighs she pressed her palms against them, rising up from her place under the desk. She stood in the way of me and my work, pouting, flicking her hair in a sassy, attractive way before shifting her weight onto one long leg and twisting her body ever so slightly to the side to show off the large curve of her soft booty. With her hands placed on her wide hips her suggestive pose was complete, waiting to at least see in my eyes an explanation as to why I wasn’t pounding the life from her body on one of the two beds in the house.

She caught how my hairs stood erect as she made the pose, her thick rimmed glasses reflecting the light of my room as a satisfied grin formed on her lips. “Don’t you want your big sis begging you to fuck her like a whore?” she turned, bending her body at the hips that caused her heavy tits and cleavage to bounce and hang in perfect frame to my eyes. “Because I will. I’ll do anything… *anything* to get your dick in my body Daddy.” She kissed him, he kissed back, she moaned submissively, and made for my slimy dick again, this time rubbing her fingers softly over my sensitive head.

“I’ll defiantly take you up on that offer babe. But I got to study, I have a test tomorrow.” Alanah rolled her eyes and bent her body back upward, softly suckling on the tips of her fingers that were giving a tender massage to my most sensitive part of my body.

“Fineeee…I get what you mean. More to life than just fucking your sister huh? But once you get home tomorrow I’ll be naked and might just have a choker on.” she made for the door with that sway in her hips that made my cock burn with lust, and her fat ass to bounce and jiggle under her tight white shorts. I gave an inquisitive look to her as I stared at her ass and exposed lower back.

“Choker? What for?”

She turned to me in the doorway, head turned over her shoulder to give me a sly, hungry look of mischief. “To show the world I belong to you bro.” she winked and quickly reverted eryaman rus escort back to her normal, non horny self. “I’m off to the gym, have a good day babe.” she called out as she left the room. I sat dumbfounded huge cock erect and glistening. Now I had the urge to fuck…

Hours passed, and the deep orange and purple hue of the sunset had overcome the clouded sky. I was tired, hands stiff and sore from writing and typing for hours straight. Alanah came back once or twice. One time to give me a snack, the other to crash on my bed to scroll through her social feeds. She had changed into her gym outfit when she entered with a poorly made panini, but I appreciated the effort. Upon seeing her gym attire, it quickly became one of my favourites I had seen her stuff her body into. A simple white sports bra that held her sweaty tits against herself in a tight cleavage, and high waisted yoga pants of a similar white and grey with cute floral patterns spread across it.

Of course, like all of her clothes, they stretched mercilessly over her tits and ass. In fact, she liked them as much as I did, and took the time to take simple, yet highly erotic selfies of herself in them. With an innocent pout and pretty doe eyes she ensured her ass or tits were in frame of each photo snap. I spied her from the corner of my eye taking a more erotic picture of herself. This time she pouted her glossy lips as much as she could without making it them look like a duck bill, her free hand making for her boobs to cup one of her fat globes in one hand, giving it a heavy squeeze as she snapped the photograph.

The next one was at a higher angle, with an arched back she threw her ass out and groped that, and went to give a sexy wink with tongue out combo. I dropped the pen and firmly slammed my laptop shut, pushing back on my chair I stood and approached my older step sister. At that point she saw me in her camera, and grinned before I wrapped my hands around her waist and kissed up the nape of her neck. She leaned into it, letting her phone drop to the bed as she moaned. “Mmmm Daddy…”

Every kiss I planted on her bare, slightly sweaty skin sent powerful throbs against my cock, and soon enough it was at its fullest size. She rolled her head back and looked up into my eyes as she grinned cutely, making me blush. “Remember when I hated you? Seemed so long ago, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah…Glad we let our frustrations out.” She hummed in agreement, rolling her ass from left to right as she danced on my crotch. I moaned into her neck, and her expert hips continued to work their magic. The shifting and rubbing of our clothes together made nice ambient noise with her moaning, and my kissing. Then, just in a blink of an eye, Alanah stopped her amazing dance. Her eyes lit up and she giggled.

“I have an ideaaaa!” She squealed in her playful voice. I knew all too well what it meant; she was going to tease me until I let the dominant alpha out to play with her body. She pushed herself away, turning toward me and planting her hands on her hips, swishing her long hair which sent her erotic smelling shampoo enter my nose. “You, Stud, are gonna be my photographer for my socials today.” She giggled and bit her lip, darting her eyes down to my immense bulge that swelled in my sweatpants.

I rose a brow and felt my heart speed up, with my mouth drying up with excitement. “Anything to get you posing and dancing for me ‘Lana.” She giggled and bounced toward me, making her heavy tits bounce along with her, taking my hands she pulled me away from my room and out into the living space, heading directly toward our bedroom. “You need to relax after studying for so long, just sit back, take some sexy pictures of your hot sis and enjoy yourself.” She kept tugging and pulling at me, her glee clearly building to excitable levels like the time she was dolling up for The Blooming Rose.

I slammed the door shut behind us, and I locked the door. Looking at Alanah she gasped playfully “Oh no! Locked all alone with a sex crazed Stud…What *IS* a hot piece of ass like me going to do?!” She winked and blew me a kiss, before moving her chair on her makeup desk and planted it in the middle of the room. Pointing at it she smiled innocently and winked. “Sit. And close your eyes ‘Kay?”

I rolled my eyes and followed her orders, sitting on the chair and closing my eyes tightly. Darkness consumed me, all I could hear was the squeak of Alanah’s wardrobe of fabriced wonders and her small, sing song hum as the scrape of hangers over the hanging bar seeped into my ears. “Aha! Perfect one to start us off…”

I felt something land on me, then another, patting on them I recognised the feel; her clothes she was wearing not a few moments ago. I grinned as my excitement grew with anticipation. The small rustle of her body told me she was close enough to me physically, and when I felt her leg rub up against my bulge it was all but confirmed. “You can open now Daddy.” She said. I opened them, and ankara escort bayan what greeted me was my hot as fire Step-Sister clad in a familiar white mini dress with spaghetti straps. The same perfectly slutty dress from the night of Chads Lament. She giggled as she watched my expression, in her teeth she held a small pair of black lace panties which she pulled on with her index finger. “I forgot to say. That shirt needs to come off before you take any pictures. Deal?”

I stripped it off and threw it across the room, her lips parted and exhaled a hot breath, cheeks flushed as bright as her hair. “Ohh boy…Ok…Picture time. Got my phone Daddy?” She asked as she casually dropped her thong on my crotch before stepping backward. I gripped her phone in my hands, opening up the camera as she stood with a side profile, throwing her hair back and giving an authoritative look toward the wall, arms crossed under her heavy breasts that caused them to push up and spill over her low neckline. The hem of the tight mini dress rose up her thighs, high enough that, like before, even the slightest bend at the hips or squat would make the lycra material to ping up over her fat booty. Her white high heels made her already delicious legs look even better, pushing them up higher as she posed. I snapped the photo, then another as she turned to the side so her back was facing me. Bending over ever so slightly made her ass bulge out and her dress to ride up her legs until her folds of her ass connecting to her thighs were peeking out. I snapped a few more, muttering an “Oh fuck Sis…”

She threw her hair back and looked over at me, the glint in her pretty eyes clear from her thick rimmed glasses. She went to another pose, swaying her body left to right toward the edge of our bed. My hot babe of a sister planted her ass on it, throwing her arms far back to make her perfectly huge bust to be thrown forward, along with her slim, yet thick frame. Curling one long bare leg over the other she pouted and stared at me. I stood, getting a better angle of her body as she followed me with her aquamarines like a hungry predator does to its prey.

My bulge was fat and throbbing, with a slight dark, sticky patch forming at its tip. I snapped the photo as she looked at it and licked her lips softly. “Hey, the camera’s up here baby.” I said with a confident grin. She smiled and craned her head back to look up at the camera with a sexually charged pout.

“Fuck yeah…So sexy…Kneel on the bed like you’re straddling me.” I spoke. Alanah complied with a nod, getting onto the bed and spreading her legs wide apart, wide enough that the dress pings up over her ass, revealing a tiny pink thong. She pressed her palms onto the bed and bent over slightly, allowing her hair to drop down and rest on the bed. She looked up into the camera as I took a few more photos.

Within every picture I could see the arousal on her face. Every other photo seemed to focus on me, or the fat bulge running down my leg. “Ok. How about this one babe?” Back on her knees, with her legs still spread wide she cupped her boobs and gave them a squeeze, sending a kiss face my way with her pink thong on full display. My breath was caught when I saw the dampness over the front of her underwear…Not that I was surprised. It just always got me to that higher state of horny for her. She sensed it, as the heavy pulse under my sweat pants was impossible to ignore.

“Ok, say bye bye to the slut dress bro. Next one.”

“Wait, we might need to do it again…I got my cock in the bottom of the frame.” Alanah giggled and stood, softly dragging her fingers over the fat, swelled up bulge softly as she hummed sexily.

“Leave it in… I want everyone knowing that I’ve been claimed.” She winked and pushed me backward onto the chair. “Eyes shut mister.”

Darkness again, the same sounds of my sister stripping off her clothes were picked up, and the soft thud of her heels thumping on the carpet floor. Roughly a minute passed when I felt her hand place softly on my chest. “Open up Daddy.”

She now wore a gym outfit. Only this time it was a pastel pink with white piping over the bra and waist of the leggings that ran all the way up past her belly button. Across the piping was a simple, suggestive word with one word starred out:


She pouted, and giggled as she saw my reaction, turning and running her fingers up the curve of her ass, relishing in how good she looked. “Holy shit sis…” was all I could muster, as the thick looking lycra clung to her like a second layer of skin. They sunk into the crack of her ass, cupping each large cheek which gave a viewer little to no imagination to get the idea of what you looked like naked.

“Stop gawking. It’s turning me on even more…” She turned her back to me, tossing her ass length hair forward over her shoulder to expose that perfect booty of hers. she threw one leg back that made it look even larger, as the soft flesh compressed elvankent escort bayan itself upward. I moaned as I took quick photos, keeping her booty in constant focus. She moved like lightning, now she faced forward, squatting on her bare toes and with her yoga perfected flexibility she spread her legs as wide as she could. Her entire thickness was put on full display, holding her long hair up with a balled-up fist she nibbled on one glossy fingernail and allowed me to take pictures.


She could not contain her smile. With ease she rose back to her feet without any hands and she held her wide hips in her hands. “Keep that camera rolling Daddy. Looks like you just can’t take much more of me posing and modelling…To be honest. Neither can I.” She winked and nodded to her pink, girly phone that hung limply in my hand as I marvelled at her beauty.

“What…?” She said, as I did not move.

“You’re just really beautiful.” I replied, without thinking. She blushed, and snorted cutely as she bashfully looked away for just a moment.

“Gosh you’re such a dork. But thank you bro. I’ll make sure to pay you back that compliment. Now. Camera. On.” Her words became firmer, and I felt obliged to follow them. I turned the video camera on, as she started her private show.

She started by giving an alluring smile, then, to tease anyone watching, she slowly, and sensually, dragged her hands up her pink lycra thighs, then giving a slight tease of her crotch before moving up to the high waist of her leggings. Tantalisingly she stroked the word SL*T and tugged at the waist to show more of her perfect thickness. A moan escaped my lips which the camera picked up perfectly, which in turn made Alanah grin and give her hips graceful sways. From left to right they went, each time her pressed together thighs jiggling with her movements.

Her hips started to shift and move wildly, and soon her arms extended up over her head as she thrusted around and around, every time turning her body around until her back faced me and the camera. Turning her head over her shoulder she ran her hands up her fat behind, moaning heavily as her fingernails sank into her skin-tight leggings. She struck her ass with her palm. Not as hard as Claire, but hard enough for her to erotically breath harder as her ass rippled from the sharp strike.

Her ass rocked and shook with her hips, and the muscle of her back showed with a tight definition. I knew my sister, showing off her erotic dance moves was most likely making her cunt leak like a waterfall, because she knew it was turning me on more than anything.

Another spank rippled her booty, and she turned back around and suddenly changed her position. Now she was on all fours, looking hungrily at me; her silky hair slipped from her back and down her sides whilst she slowly made her way toward me with her butt swaying and her tits hanging on full display. My breath shook, and my legs opened up widely for her to crawl between them.

“Can I suck your dick Daddy?” she asked with her mascaraed eyelashes batting cutely. She didn’t wait for an answer, making for the bulge she pressed her cheek onto it and slowly, and firmly dragged her face up and down it while staring at me and the camera with those perfect pretty eyes. Her tongue slithered out after a few hard rubs, moving it up and down my length to give me an extra rush of pleasure. I almost dropped the phone, to focus on her fully, but it was what my princess wanted, to be filmed taking part in such lewd acts which she was known for. It seemed being watched an admired by people had started to become a fetish for her; and it was all thanks to Chad.

Moments later as I pondered on her kink, I felt the rush of air suddenly hit my monster cock, then a cold, small hand grasp the base of my shaft. The phone recorded her pulling her arm down my sweats, and flexing her arm as she pulled again and again to get my cock free from its prison. It was of course so large it needed a few pulls to get it out, but she was determined to make whatever porn film we were making tantalising and erotic for whoever watched it; if anyone was going to watch it.

She let out a submissive gasp as she pulled it free, staring up at its girth and magnificent length whilst she made one last dig under my sweats to pull out my swelled-up ball sack. She visibly licked her lips and grinned up at me. “Gosh its sooooo big…Gets me every time.” she mewed. It throbbed and I moaned hard, making my veins that ran all over my long shaft to pulse and writhe with excitement. My hot dick was greeted by her hands, softly and slowly she ran her fingers around it, marvelling at it like it was a holy obelisk made for worship.

The phone and I picked up a tiny bead of saliva that formed on the edge of her pouty lips, which was swiftly scooped up by her tongue and lightly painted over the underside of my shaft as Alanah licked my hot, leathery cock. We both moaned, mine a more euphoric one, hers far more eager with a hoarse giggle from her gut. “Let’s just peeeeel this back…” Holding my shaft with both hands she tugged down and her eyes met the bulbous head of my meat monolith that uncovered as my foreskin peeled back and folded under my bitch breaking head.

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