Taming the Tease Ch 6_(1)

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Chapter 6

Bella was in quite a predicament. The buxom beauty, barely 18 years old, was lying face down on a red satin covered mattress. Her round ass pointed straight in to the air, with a black studded plug inserted deep into her anus. Police grade handcuffs were tightly placed on her wrist and feet. A dog leash tethered her neck to the steel bed frame to ensure that she was completely in the grips of her master. A silk black blind fold took away her most important sense, leaving her completely helpless.

A red ball gag was firmly placed in her mouth. Bella felt a sudden tug on her leash, leaving her struggling for breath.

Bella moaned in pain, muffled by the gag. Her luscious ass, once ivory white, was reddened by repeated whips from her master, matching parts of her thighs, calves and feet.

Enough was enough. Officer Jack Tanner could not resist this teenager’s tight pussy any longer. He put his thick, throbbing penis into Bella. She shuddered; the long, painful foreplay had left her dripping wet in anticipation of this moment.

She was moaning now from pleasure, not pain, as Jack thrust hard. He flipped a switch on the electronic butt plug, causing it to vibrate and stimulate Bella even further. Bella could not tell what was what. Her rectum vibrated intensely, and Jack continued to assault her vagina.

Jack grabbed Bella’s leash and a fistful of hair and forcefully pulled her head up, arching her back. Bella moaned intensely in pain. This arch in her back made her D cup breasts pop out. Jack reached around and pinched her nipple hard.

Bella couldn’t take it anymore, the delirious mix of pain and pleasure was so disorienting, she didn’t even know where she was any more. She just knew that she wanted it to continue.

Jack got off on inflicting pain on this stunning teen. This stimulus, in combination with Bella’s tight pussy was causing him to build to orgasm. As he grew closer, he tightened his grip on Bella’s leash and breast, causing her to scream through her gag.

Bella beat him to orgasm, squirting vigorously on the mattress below her, leaving a puddle of cum.
Jack continued his assault on Bella’s now limp body; finally he blew his load deep in her vagina.

He gave her one more rough smack on her luscious ass cheek before letting her drop to the mattress. Without a word, he left to have a cigarette on the balcony.

Bella lied in bed, her brain still in a mist. Struggling for breath and feeling a burning pain on her ass and legs and head.
She reflected on the latest of her perverse sexual episodes with the elderly officer Jack. She had met him the previous week. He pretty much raped her that night, but admittedly she did enjoy it. Since then, she has been meeting him almost daily. The sex becoming increasingly less about sex and more about the officer living out his fantasies of control and pain through bondage.

Not to say that Bella didn’t enjoy it. Contrary to what she wanted to believe, she knew that she was more than a willing participant. She had always been the one to enjoy the control she had over men due to her stunning looks, she never thought she would enjoy being so powerless.

Also, on the bright side, Jack did rough up Ron a bit and got him off her case for the time being.

Jack came back inside. He had no affection for Bella. He was a cold man. He only saw her as a piece of meat with whom he could fulfil his dark fantasies of control. It just so happened to help that she was the sexiest piece of meat he laid his eyes on. He grunted.

“You look so sexy tied up like that, I should just leave you here while I go to work.”

“Yeah right you old fucker, I’d scream so loud the neighbors would come running”-Bella replied sharply

“Keep up that potty mouth girl, and I’ll throw you into a cell with a dozen real rapists”

“Fuck you” Bella replied spiritedly- although she could not deny a tinge in her groin at the thought.

Jack gave her another sharp smack on her ass, and then hastily undid her restraints. He started getting dressed, as did Bella. He dropped her home in his squad car.

Bella hopped out and walked to her door. Jack watched her juicy ass sway back and forth with each stride. He didn’t need to tell her when to come back to his house like Ron used to, he knew that slut would come back all on her own.

Tears rolled down Bella’s big green eyes as she reached her door. She did not understand what was going on with her. Although she always enjoyed these perverse sexual acts at the time, she was filled with guilt and self-resentment after the fact.

She wondered what the fuck was wrong with her, how could she actually be enjoying this? Does she have an addiction? Does she need help?

These are questions she would always ask herself after the fact. She would always eventually rationalize that she was just exploring her sexuality, and that she could stop anytime she wanted. This is what she wanted to believe.

Luckily, Bella’s parents had left for Serbia to attend family matters, so Bella was free to enter and leave the house as she pleased.

On the bright side, one aspect of her life that she was very happy with was her job. She had become better at seducing customers with each passing shift. She was now the star attraction that Jon was hoping she would be. This job was not only extremely lucrative for the 18 year old, but she was developing close friendships with the other girls.

They were all beautiful, and had the same interests. Bella found that there was no jealousy or cattiness between the girls, only support and love. A few of them had planned a night out tonight to do what they always do- dress to the nines, get free drinks, and tease boys.

Bella was excited. Her mind off her recent misadventures, she hurried up to her room and showered before picking out her outfit. Her wardrobe has been taken to new levels through gifts from her customers at work who were more than pleased with her service. She excitedly picked out a number which would suit her needs for the night.

It was a classic little black dress with a bit of a twist. It was completely backless. It tied around her neck and had a plunging neck line which covered the bottom half of her breasts. She tied the knot tight, pulling her DD cup breasts upwards and outwards as they were supported by the thin elastic material. The dress again parted, exposing her flat stomach around her pierced navel before the fabric came together again. The dress then went on to cover her front and back, ending just below her ass cheeks. The elastic material of the dress was again masterful as it lifted her butt upwards and outwards, making it seem irresistible. She opted against a bra, as her dress was doing wonders of presenting her prized globes. She was tempted to forego panties as well, but figured it was too risky given her short dress. She put on a matching silk black thong which simply sunk into her soft ass cheeks.
The real beauty of the dress was that it left her back completely exposed all the way from her shoulders to the dimples on her lower back. This accentuated her thin frame and sleek waist; making her incredible bust and juicy ass all the more perfect.

She applied a light layer of foundation and some eyeliner. She was never one to overdo the make up as she was so naturally beautiful- but she figured some eyeliner to exaggerate her big green eyes couldn’t hurt. She applied a mix of foundation and bronzer to her cleavage area, as this accentuated it and actually made her breasts look even bigger.

She topped off her outfit with 5-inch black stiletto heels. This increased the tone of her naturally sleek legs, and exaggerated the curvature of her ass, making it even more inviting to groping hands.

Bella looked at herself with a sense of approval in the mirror as she heard a car honk outside.
She hurried outside, she was surprised to see a limo! It turns out Jon had heard about their night out and decided to send them to the party in style in return for their great job at work.

Bella rushed inside the limo. She smiled, hugged and greeted her friends, Leanna and Alexandra. Both of them looked stunning.

Leanna was a stunning 19 year old Italian hazel eyed girl with long silky brown hair with highlighted blond ends. She stood about 5’8”. She was sporting a sexy white shoulderless full sleeve dress. The irony of the dress was that the material was solid in covering her arms up to her wrists, as well as the top half of her C cup breasts, just below her nipples. However, it became a fishnet material in the front and back, leaving the underside of her breasts, her toned stomach, and prized ass exposed. The dress clung tight to her body, and ended inches below Avcılar Escort her ass cheeks. Leanna’s soft round ass and long toned legs were her best features. Her legs seemed to go on forever. All of the customers with ass, leg and feet fetishes would spend countless amount of money on this sexy vixen. She made sure to accentuate her legs and ass by wearing tall white stiletto shoes.

Alexandra was a gorgeous blue eyed, strawberry blonde 19 year old all-American girl. 5’6”, she was endowed with E-cup breasts, with a natural thin frame, and a small but toned ass. She highlighted her prized twins by wearing nothing but an off white push up bra with thin straps. Her breasts looked outstanding, using make up as well to accentuate her cleavage. She wore a white gold necklace with a cross dangling tantalizingly deep in her cleavage. Below, she wore a tight orange skirt which wrapped around above her belly button, extending to a few inches below her ass. She wore simple white flats which matched her bra.

The girls complimented each other on their outfits. Bella loved these girls. Being the youngest of the workers, they developed a close blond which blossomed into a true friendship. The base of their friendship was that they never judged each other. They were all beautiful teenage women that loved flaunting their assets. They would be the first to admit that they were attention whores, and that their number one hobby was to dick tease.

They viewed it as innocent. They worked hard to keep their bodies looking as sexy as they did; they felt that their bodies should be appreciated. Be this manifested as glazed stares, unasked for thrusts on the dance floor, or aggressive gropes- the girls viewed these all as strokes to their egos.

Their goal on these nights was to dance up a storm, get as many free drinks as possible and have fun.

The limo opened its doors, it was half past midnight. The girls had popped bottles of champagne before entering the hot night club. People were lines up past the corner of the street. The bouncers took one look at the three stunning girls, led by Bella, and ushered them in.

“Why the fuck are you letting those sluts in”

“Fucking Whores!”

A number a drunken shrieks were heard from 2 angry drunk girls waiting in line. The males with them in line didn’t join in on the chants; they simply ogled these sexy angels before reaching in their pockets in attempts to pay off the bouncers. They felt like they had to get in now.

Bella, Leanna and Alexandra simply smiled at the comments, as they knew the girls were simply jealous of how stunning they looked. The more insecure the girl, the louder they yell.

They flashed a smile to the bouncers, making them weak in the knees. They didn’t even check the girls’ ID’s, as they were all underage. A club manager quickly met them led them to a table, and actually ushered the girl in charge of bottle service to bring them a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka.

He smiled at them “We appreciate you as customers; we hope to have you visit as this establishment as frequently as possible. A table and a bottle will always be on the house for you and any other friends you decide to bring.” He winked at the girls. He knew how good it was for business to have girls this sexy visit his club.

The pretty but plain blonde service girl quickly brought them the vodka, with chase and glasses. She didn’t have the normal cheer she did when delivering to males’ tables, and walked away in a hurry. She wasn’t used to having females prettier than her being in the club.

“What a bitch” Bella laughed “She’s pretty though, maybe we can introduce her to Jon”

“Hell no” Leanna chimed “She doesn’t have the ass for it” She said as she slapped her own ass, making it jiggle mesmerizingly. Bella laughed

“Right Alex?” Leanna asked. The girls looked over. Two guys in their early 20’s were chatting their busty blonde friend up already while they were pouring drinks.

Bella inspected the guys hitting on her friend. Two jacked up losers who thought they were hot shit. One wearing a backwards cap and the other with hipster glasses. Maybe this was why Bella was attracted to older men, she thought as she watched these over confident punks hit on her friend. Guys like this legitimately think they can get a girl of this level, they aren’t as grateful for their bodies as older men are.

After luring them in with her scantily clad boobs, Alexandra sent the two boys off. She turned and smiled

“So those guys are going to open up a tab at the bar for us to use for the night.” She laughed

“OMG how did you get them to do that?” Leanna exclaimed

“I told them that if they do that, then the three of us might give them a dance or two tonight.”

“Ew that is so pathetic” Bella cringed, she couldn’t imagine Jack, or even Ron for that matter bending so easily. “That being said, let’s take them up on it” She laughed.

The girls went to bar and downed two shots of tequila each on the newly opened tab, and made their way back to the table. Bella’s ass was squeezed and pinched multiple times as she made her way to the bar and back. She didn’t care. Like the rest of the girls, she invited the attention.

After taking a few shots of the Grey Goose, the girls were feeling more than tipsy. They decided the time was right and they made their way to the dance floor with the half full bottle of vodka in their hands. This would normally be prohibited, but the girls knew the bouncers wouldn’t say anything to them.
The red sea parted as most men stopped dancing and gazed at the three vixens making their way to the center of the dance floor.

Several women stormed off angry at their boyfriends in an attempt to avert their gaze- it didn’t work. The sad truth for the rest of the women at the club was that they were largely invisible in the eyes of most men in that club. There was only one show to watch.

The three girls were used to this dynamic. They were too drunk to care about the emotions of the invisible girls in that club. They just wanted to dance. All of them were very skilled at dancing, having had formal training and lots of practice at work. They bent their bodies in rhythm to each passing beat as seductive R and B music played. Men got boners just looking at the women; each thinking of strategies to take one of these vixens home.

They took swigs of the Vodka, getting more lost in the moment. They were the epicenter of the club. They could feel the attention of every hot blooded male on them, and this was causing them all to get wetter.

The dancefloor around the girls was now largely composed of men, a circle started to form around the three girls and enclose in on them. Each man trying to aloofly pretend to be dancing with his guy friends- fooling no body.

The girls could sense the body heat as more bodies packed the dance floor and enclosed in on them. The girls moved closer together, and started dancing seductively with each other.

Leanna started kissing Bella’s neck, Alex was grinding her ass on Leanna’s leg. Bella was softly stroking Alexandra’s sexy midriff, making her way up to her breasts. None of the girls were sexually attracted to girls, they just knew that this is what guys wanted to see.

They heard echo’s of soft oo’s and ahh’s in the crowd around them. Some men were still feigning that they weren’t noticing the girls- trying to play some pathetic attempt at ‘playing hard to get’. Many had given up the act and were leering directly.
Bella noticed that Alex was dripping in sweat. She looked up for a moment; she and Leanna were as well. The air was so humid with this many bodies on the dancefloor around them.

In an attempt to quell the heat, Bella took a large shot of the ice cold vodka. It helped momentarily. The other girls followed suit.

Then Bella felt it. She felt an arm reach around her slim waist, the hand rested on the part of her mid-section that her dress left exposed. She welcomed the touch, it felt right. A part of her wondered what took so long.

She continued to dance exotically, and soon felt a pelvis grind up against her protruding ass. She pushed her ass against the pelvis and felt a cock pressing back. She smiled.

Bella accepting this gesture seemed to resonate throughout the club. It seemed to encourage bravery.

Soon Leanna felt similar arms around her waist, pulling her in tight. A man moaned as her luscious Italian ass pressed against his hard cock. She gyrated her ass like the professional dick tease that she was.

Aleaxandra’s assailant was more aggressive, groping both of her massive breasts with each hand through her bra, and pulling her in. Alex smiled and accepted this Escort Bayan manhandling of her prized boobs.

Bella took a moment to look around the club. The dance floor was now all men. Many of the women had left. Some were at the bar looking onward with scowls. Two of these faces were recognized as the girls that called Bella and her friends sluts as they walked into the club. Bella couldn’t help but smile- thinking mischievously how brilliant it would be if one of the girls’ partners was the guy she was grinding with.

Bella felt another hand move up her stomach and rest on her left breast. It was a brown colored hand with lots of hair, definitely not the man she was grinding with. She let it stay. The hand was encouraged, and started squeezing her breast, covered only by the thin material of the satin dress. Bella loved this; she drank the rest of the vodka- wanting to lower her inhibitions as much as possible.

As big of a cock tease as she was; the inner whore in her wanted to fuck every guy in this club. Her loins were burning. She felt another hand grab her thigh and rub the inner thigh. She looked to the side, it was one of the douchebags that opened up the tab for the- she didn’t care.

Leanna realized the alcohol was done, and sent the man she was grinding with to get the group drinks. Two nerdy Asian men quickly took his place. They sandwiched her between them. Leanna started instinctually making out with one while he reached around and lifted her dress up. He started to grope her bare ass cheeks- an erection clearly visible. His friend was freely groping her round tits through her fishnet dress; he started to stimulate her nipples- driving her into a frenzy.

Alex was making out with two men. One was a skinny white man and the other a fatter Indian man. Both were groping her breasts through her bra. A third had his hands around her ass, and was working to slide her skirt off.

Leanna’s previous man returned with drinks. Men shoved the drinks to the girls’ faces who drank them without a second thought.

Bella moved rhythmically against the hard cock pressed against her ass before hearing an ‘oh shit’ behind her. The man slumped away.

She now turned and faced the small hairy Indian man whose arm had been groping her breast. She didn’t care about appearances at this point. She took his hands and placed them on her ass. He smiled in disbelief and started squeezing as he pulled her in. Bella kissed him passionately, completely lost in a mix of her sexual energy, the alcohol and the music.

Another man sandwiched behind her and aggressively started groping her breasts, squeezing hard. She continued to kiss the Indian man. He was clearly inexperienced, but she was turned on by how much she could feel that he wanted her. She knew she could finish him quick. She actually pulled him in and started rubbing her pelvis against his. She felt a surprisingly big cock against her moist groin. She continued to grind when she felt him moan and his cock gyrate. He looked embarrassed as he slumped away like the other man did.

Bella was in a frenzy now. She turned to face the man behind her. A bigger white man, but ugly facial features and oily skin. She didn’t care as she brought him in and kissed him passionately. He was aggressive. He lifted her skirt up and started groping her bare ass. A man took place behind her and placed his big hands underneath her dress on her bare breasts and squeezed.

Bella could feel her juices seep through her panties.
Some men around the outside of the circle were looking at the soft core porn scene develop in front of them and were wondering if the bouncers were going to do anything. The bouncers, being men themselves, were busy looking on hoping they could get a piece of the action!
The girls were being separated from each other by the mob of men.

Leanna was still with the Asian men, with a white man joining in. Her dress was peeled to above her belly button. The white man had slid her panties to the side and was on his knees licking her clitoris. One of the Asian men made a half attempt to cover the man’s actions by shielding him from the rest of the dance floor. They weren’t fooling anyone. Leanna, being as intoxicated as she was, moaned as she continued to gyrate her pelvis in to the man’s lapping tongue. She continued to make out with the two men. They peeled pulled the top of her dress up as this allowed them to freely grope her round breasts through the fishnet material.

Alexandra was now in the opposite corner of the dance floor. Her orange skirt had been long removed. The white man with her was fingering her relentlessly. Her Indian friend undid her bra while making out with her and thrown it into the crowd to a roaring applause. Alex’s massive breasts were free. She couldn’t be more happy in this intoxicated state. She loved the attention her breasts drew from men. She arched her back out sticking them out proudly. Both men with her quickly pulled her in and started licking her delectable boobs. Alex moaned loudly.

This was in plain view of the bouncers. They decided enough was enough. Three of the large bouncers moved in and pushed the men aside. Instead of escorting Alexandra out of the club however, they simply started to grope her boobs themselves! Alex loved tall muscular men, and was on the verge of orgasm by simply having these jocks around. The two other poor boys that were pushed aside simply looked on dejected.

The man behind Bella had slid her dress down her shoulder. It helplessly fell to her waist, leaving her top half completely exposed. Another roar was heard through the crowd. Her panties were slid off by the man in front of her as he started to lick her clitoris and put his tongue into her vagina. His finger reached around started circling her ass hole. She moaned loudly, she was dripping wet. She pulled both men up and started making out with both. She stepped out of her dress and underwear completely, leaving it on the wet ground beneath her.

She was now completely naked in this club aside from her stiletto heels. As she was making out with both men, she felt a third face delve between her juicy ass cheeks. A wet tongue started licking her asshole. This had always been an erogenous zone for her. She moaned uncontrollably at all of this stimulation. She had an intense orgasm.
She decided that she needed to fuck. She needed dick. She groped the two guys that she was with. To her disappointment they both seemed to have small skinny cocks. She pushed them aside, the man that had his face in her ass was slinking away, and maybe he came?

She scanned the club quickly. Three more guys moved in one the naked 18 year old but she saw what she wanted. She saw the two girls at the bar that yelled at her on her way into the club, an Indian and white girl. They were screaming at two boys- they were the Indian and White boys that she made cum earlier. The completely naked Bella pushed the men around her aside and made her way to the bar, walking past a series of gropes and spanks. A mob of men seemed to follow her as she made her way to the bar.

The Asian men with Leanna had peeled her dress off completely, leaving her in her white panties and stilettos. Her breasts were being freely groped as she made out with the two men. The white man kneeled behind her and untied her thong and discarded it. He proceeded to bury his face in her ample ass cheeks; biting at the soft white skin, and licking around her inner thighs and ass hole.

Leanna wanted anal sex. The man behind her had a skilled tongue and she wanted to give him first crack. She picked him up and led him to her booth. She whispered in his ear and kneeled down. A group of men, including the Asian fellows followed her.

She undid his zipper to reveal a thin 5 inch cock- perfect for her tight ass hole. She spit on it and sucked it for a few seconds before bending over the table and presenting her beautiful ass to the man. He split her luscious ass cheeks open and gently slid his penis into it. Leanna moaned in pleasure- she was too drunk for it to hurt. The man gently thrusted in and out. To Leanna’s surprise- one of the Asian men undid his zipper and smacked her face with his 4 inch cock. He yelled something in Mandarin. He seemed angry, maybe he wanted first go at her ass.

Leanna was too horny to be offended- She instinctively started sucking his cock like a pro while the man behind her started to go faster and insert the full length of his dick in her ass.

Meanwhile the other Asian man took one of Leanna’s feet and started gently sucking her big toe. Leanna was used to foot fetish clients, and always kept her feet pedicured. She loved the feeling of men licking her istanbul Escort feet.

She moaned uncontrollably as she sucked dick.

Alexandra was taken by the bouncers into the back room. They quickly took their clothes off to reveal big dicks, ranging from 8-10 inches. Alex was so excited, the bouncers took control, as they were in just as much of a frenzy as the slut in front of them was. One lifted the light girl up, lied down on the couch and impaled her on his cock. She moaned loudly.

Her big breasts bouncing uncontrollably in the air. Another bouncer forced her mouth onto his cock. She started deep throating It, almost gagging in the process.

The third bouncer told her to freeze. He then split her ass cheeks and attempted to ram his big thick dick into Alexandra’s ass hole.

Alex screamed in pain! She was not a fan of anal like Leanna was. The bouncer didn’t care.

“Fuck I should’ve used lube boys” he laughed “her ass hole is so tight I think I’m stuck half way”

Bella walked straight to the two arguing couples. The girls noticed that the boys stopped paying attention to them as they looked up at the sexy naked 18 year old in front of them- glistening in sweat.

“Ew you fucking slut get the fuck out of here!!” the Indian girl screamed

Bella simply smiled. She took the two boys hands and walked them away from the girls
She heard crying and cursing in the background. She knew this was a bitchy thing to do, but those girls were bitches, and she was horny. Something about the fact that these boys are willing to cheat on their girlfriends, in front of them just to have sex with her was driving her crazy.

The boys didn’t put up too much resistance as Bella walked them into the girl’s bathroom and locked the door behind them.

The Indian boy forgot about his girlfriend quickly, as he started groping Bella’s ass and making out with her once more. The white boy started motor boating her tits and started fingering her aggressively.

The boys dropped their pants. Bella started sucking the smaller of the two dicks, and instructed the Indian boy to start fucking her from behind. He was pulsating hard and had a surprisingly big dick. Bella moaned hard as he entered her from behind.
“Fuck me harder” She moaned softly

He did. He was inexperienced. Bella thought that his bitch of a girlfriend probably didn’t let him fuck her enough. But he had a good sized dick.

She realized that the white boy might come soon. She changed positions to that she was riding the Indian boy and she instructed the white boy to fuck her ass hole.

He did without hesitation. His small cock was very stimulating in her ass. This combination was driving her wild.

Leanna loved the anal pounding she was receiving. The Asian boy he was sucking had came and left a ‘money shot’ on her nose and over her right eye. She didn’t care. She loved the smell of cum on her. She immediately started to suck the other Asian’s cock. This one was significantly bigger. She was having fun deep throating.

She moaned hard as she felt the white boy’s dick gyrating in her rectum. She felt his cum explode. As soon as he took his limp dick out, Leanna was craving more cock up her ass.

She felt big rough hands grab hold of her juicy thighs. They then groped her ass cheeks. The man split her ass opened and seemed to moan at the sight of her ass hole.

She was too busy sucking the big dick in front of her to turn back and look. Then she felt it.

She felt a huge cock make its way into her ass hole. It was so tight, it actually caused pain. The pleasure for Leanna was worth the pain though.

“Deeper please” She begged.

The cock just seemed to keep going and going, she couldn’t believe it. She had never felt this stimulated anally before.
Just then the Asian boy took his penis out of her mouth and deposited another facial shot- landing in the front of her hair, forehead and nose. She just wished these Asians gave her a chance to swallow!

Now Leanna was fully focused on the cock still making its way deeper into her ass. Her moan could be heard throughout the club. She looked back and smiled. It was one of the bouncers that was with Alexandra- He was so tall, well built and most importantly had what seemed like a footlong cock!

He moaned

“Its in baby”

Leanna closed her sphincter around it. She took a moment to appreciate its fullness.

“Please thrust daddy” She moaned

The bouncer started to fuck her slowly in and out. The pleasure was mindblowing. This was more stimulating to her then anything she experienced all night.
As his dick got wet with secretions and precum, he started to thrust harder. The club rattled with moaning.

Leanna’s body started to gyrate and she started squirting over the club table. She had never squirted before. She had never felt something like this before. As the bouncer kept thrusting she was having orgasm after orgasm, screaming like a mad woman.

Finally she screamed as she felt his cock spasm. He buried it as deep as he could into her ass and shot a big load.

He slipped his cock out. Leanna turned to face him. She instinctually gave him a deep passionate kiss and put her phone number into his cell phone.

Alex was having a lot more fun now that her ass hole was left alone- all be it still burning from the stretch of half of that bouncer’s big cock. How could any ass accommodate that big dick!

She was now getting fucked hard on all fours while her face was in the lap of a bouncer sitting on the table. The bouncers had came once already and decided to switch up positions. Alex already had cum all over her tits, face and hair.

The bouncer fucking her from behind started moaning as he came once again in her pussy.

The other bouncer flipped the light girl onto her back on the carpet floor. He got on top of her and put her glorious tits around his cock and started thrusting. Alex licked the top of his cock whenever she had the chance.

He moaned hard as he deposited a large load on Alex’s breasts. She put the hard cock in her mouth to suck the remaining cum out of it. She loved the taste of cum.

She got up and limped back out to the club. It was now empty- as the sun was rising. They had a long night! She laughed as she saw a naked Leanna- covered in cum herself. There was a shower in the backroom.

The bouncers let Leanna and Alexandra shower off- on the exception that they shower together and that the bouncers get to film it. The girls gladly accepted, welcoming the opportunity to show off one more time for these studs.

Bella’s body gyrated from the stimulus of having her ass and pussy fucked at once. She could feel each dick putting pressure in each cavity and rubbing against each other.

She was moaning uncontrollably.

The moans drove the boys crazy. First her asshole was filled and then her vagina. Just like her friends she loved the taste of cum. She got on all fours and licks their dicks dry, swallowing as much cum as she could.

Staying buck naked- she lead the boys outside. The club was empty. Leanna and Alexandra were prancing around naked, with their towels wrapped around their head. Not ashamed in the least to be naked in front of these strangers.

Bella looked at the boy, expecting to part ways- but she noticed that they were both very dejected- She came to the realization that their girlfriends left. She felt terrible. Now that she wasn’t drunk or horny she realized how she completely ruined their relationships over something petty.
There was only one way she could make it up to them.

“Look boys, I know there is nothing I can do to bring those girls back.. But I can bring you much hotter girls.” As she walked towards Alexandra and Leanna. “

Her friends just laughed, not knowing the situation completely but knowing they needed to help their friend out. They looked out of the club, as the limo arrived.

“Come on guys, we’ll show you an unforgettable time”

The girls wrapped the towels around their bodies briefly before getting into the limo. They quickly discarded the towels exposing their completely naked bodies once again.

The boys got into the limo, ogling the beauties that walked before them.

Bella looked over to her friends and voiced “I’m sorry” with puppy dog eyes

Leanna and Alexandra just laughed as they crawled over to the boys, pulled their trousers down and started doing what they do best.


-Ideas for next story would be great. Can include any characters or new characters. I have some time now and can put the next one up in a couple weeks.

For those that like pictures to accompany a story. Check out this album I made to see how I picture Bella when I write my stories. If you prefer to use your imagination, then don’t click the link!


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