Tammy’s Sophomore Year Ch. 02

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I am showering as quickly as I can, trying to not cut myself as I shave my legs. I rinse the soap from my skin, and run water into my hand to rinse my slippery, sore pussy. I think I may be bruised. I smile to myself and try not to get distracted by my fingers rubbing my labia. Focus! I finish rinsing and dry off, wrapping the towel around me and squeezing out my hair. I grab my little basket of shower supplies, stop at the sink to brush my teeth, and then almost run to my room to get dressed.

I am already late for my first class of the year, and I’m hoping I can get there in time to grab a syllabus and keep my place in the class. In some of these big, high-demand classes, poor attendance is the fastest way to get dropped. I open my closet and grab the first thing my hand touches, a short, grass-green skater skirt, and toss it on the bed, then I find a sweet little button up shirt my mom bought me, white with tiny blue flowers and green leaves, but it will not be buttoned all the way up. This means today is the baby blue bra and matching bikini panties! I love being able to choose cute, sexy clothes after 19 years of plain, modest hand-me-downs. Even in a rush, I take a moment to admire my hot body in sexy underwear, the bra molding and lifting my already large chest into two beautiful globes of flesh, and my tanned, muscular ass peeking out of the bottom of the smooth panties. I finish dressing and run a brush through my hair, grab my bag and practically jog to the lecture hall. I get there just as the mob of students are rushing out of the doors. I slip in and hope to catch the instructor. Working my way to the front of the large room, I find a young man stacking papers on the table there.

“I am so sorry!” I am nearly panting. “I had some trouble this morning, and I have missed the whole class. Can you spare just a moment to tell me what I missed, Professor…” I look at my schedule in my hand, searching for the name of the instructor.

“Cleaves. His name is Dr. Cleaves, but I am Tom, his TA. You didn’t miss much. We just went over the syllabus, per University policy, and I took attendance. What is your name?”

“Tammy Bauer. Thank you so much!”

Tom has skin the color of chocolate and his eyes are just a shade lighter, so when he looks at me, his gaze is slightly predatory, like a wolf’s. He is muscular in a kind of sinewy way, substantial without being bulky. His black hair is very short and I realize that while I have been looking him over, he has been doing the same to me. We are the only two people left in the room and I briefly picture myself on my back on the table in front of him with his face buried in my pussy. I jump Escort bayan as he clears his throat. I blush and mumble another thanks and try to gracefully leave the room.

I have a free hour now, so I get some breakfast at the student union and head to the bookstore to get my books. On the way back to my room, I notice people are looking at me. Really looking. My whole life, the eyes of people I encountered casually would just slip right off and never notice me. Now, I am getting admiring glances, and eyes linger long enough for me to make eye contact and smile – and get brief smiles in return. Is it the clothes and the hot body, or the confidence? Am I confident? I am happy. I feel my own potential, and a thrill runs through me that has nothing to do with sex. I am going to rock my life, but first, I have to actually make it to my next class on time.

My stomach is growling and I hear a knock on my door. I open it to find Kat in the hallway in front of Nate’s open door.

“We are going down for dinner. Wanna come?” a slow, sly smile grow on her face, and I hear what she said in a new way.

“I will certainly go down with you. I definitely want to come.” I feel a bit bold, and grin shamelessly at her, and she cracks up laughing.

“I know I am going to like spending time with you. You look so sweet and innocent, but I think you are a little bit naughty.”

“Oh, she is very naughty!” Nate steps into the hall, grabs my ass and pulls me toward him and kisses me hard. I have no idea why, but I giggle.

“Damn it, Nate! Already! You didn’t even give me a chance!” Kat looks indignant and shocked, but not entirely displeased.

“Hey, who could resist the charms of this gorgeous girl? Besides, we aren’t exclusive or anything, so it isn’t like you are out of the game or anything.”

“I am standing right here. And I’m hungry. Can we go down to dinner now?” I extricate myself from Nate and start toward the stairs.

“She can go down anywhere she wants, if you ask me,” Kat whispers to Nate.

“I heard that!” I am starting to wonder what it would be like to be with another girl, and I am pretty sure I will not have to wait too long to find out.

I am really sure now, because as we are eating, Kat watches me as she puts the food in her mouth, and she makes it seem sexual somehow, even though she is technically just eating. She is doing something with her tongue and lips. I can’t explain it, but I keep staring. It is suddenly absurd, and I start to laugh. Nate looks at me, then at Kat.

“Oh, is she doing that sexy eating thing? She gave me the biggest boner last spring, so I was Bayan escort stuck sitting at the table for ten minutes reciting ion charges to myself just so I could stand up and leave the dining hall. But when we got upstairs, she got fucked so hard we broke her desk, so I can sympathize.”

“You two were a thing?”

“Friends with benefits. Really big benefits. Don’t you agree?” Kat looks at me with wide eyes.

“Huge! Oh my god, I thought I was going to be split in two!” I am suddenly aware that we are in public and I need to shut up. “I’m done. Can we go upstairs?” I really need to to get one – or both – of these people naked.

We all stand up and put our trays away and go upstairs. Nate opens his door first and yanks me inside before I can get mine unlocked. I am suddenly being kissed, fondled, and undressed all at once. Nate is kissing me like he hadn’t just fucked me this morning, and reaching behind me to unzip my skirt. Kat is nibbling on my neck, sending goosebumps down my spine and directly into my rapidly swelling labia. My bra is already unhooked, and her hands are holding my tits, gently massaging and lightly brushing my hard nipples inside the lace cups. I moan and grab a handful of hair on the back of Nate’s head with my left hand and unbutton his jeans with my right. I feel his fingers in my panties, exploring, looking for a way in.
I release my grip on Nate and spin around.

I don’t know what to do. I stop, looking down at Kat’s gorgeous brown eyes, thick black lashes, the black freckles on her cheeks, her tongue licking her dark pink, shiny lips. I’ve never kissed a girl. Is it different? I want to. I need to. I bend and close my eyes and gently our lips touch, and then it is just a kiss. She smells like the strawberries she was just eating, and then softer, floral scents as I inhale deeply. She pulls away to pull her dress over her head. She isn’t wearing a bra and her breasts are perfect — firm, smooth and brown and I really need them in my mouth. She backs up and grabs my hand and we go to the bed. I look over my shoulder to see Nate, dick in hand, completely naked, sitting on his desk chair with a big grin on his face.

Kat and I finish taking off our clothes, and I can smell her. She smells like me only different. I suck on her nipples and run my fingers over the smooth curve of her side. She is panting slightly and letting me explore her body, touching my hair and face and making encouraging sounds. I nervously slide down her body. What will her pussy look like? What do I do with it? She opens her legs, and I see a neat triangle of tightly curled, short hair. I touch it, Escort and feel the springy softness. I inhale her scent, familiar yet new and different. She opens her legs more and I see her lips are puffy and wet and the inside of her slit is a hot, excited pink. I run my finger up and down the slit and marvel at the fact that I made her this wet. I know exactly what to do now, and I lower my face and lick the length of her pussy, flicking gently on the hard clitoris. Hmmm. This is so tasty, salty, sweet, sexy. I want to spend a day with my face right here, licking and sucking and touching. I fuck her hole with my tongue, and lick circles around the tip of her clit. She is moaning and wriggling under me. Suddenly, I wish I had a cock so I could fuck her, so I do the next best thing and put a couple of fingers inside her slowly, and start slowly pushing them in as far as they will go and out and back in again, all while continuing to lick up and down that clit like it is a tiny dick. She is actually squealing and I am pretty proud of myself. For a beginner, I seem to be getting a good response!

I feel some fingers exploring my own dripping pussy and remember Nate is still in the room. I don’t want to turn away from my task, so I lift my ass up in a clear indication that he is welcome to continue however he likes. The fingers are gone, and then my face is pushed into Kat’s crotch as Nate plunges his whole, huge, fat cock into my hole in one deep thrust. I gasp for air and grip him so tightly with my pussy walls that I am trembling. He slowly pulls out, then slams in hard. I realize I am going to need my hands to hold onto Kat’s legs so I don’t break my nose on her pubic bone, so I pull my sopping fingers out of her and lick them clean while looking at her face. Her eyes grow wide, then she looks over me at Nate and grins.

“She is AMAZING! Can we keep her?” I get the joke and let out a little bark, then go back to my licking and sucking. So yummy.

The added stimulation of watching Nate fuck me sends Kat over the edge and she comes on my face, and she gets so wet I think I might drown. Nate is picking up his pace, and I feel his balls slapping into my clit every time he pounds into me. My breathing is ragged, and I am holding onto Kat’s legs for support and pressing my face into her thigh. She reaches down and grabs a handful of hair and tugs, pulling my face up to look at hers. She looks into me with those piercing brown eyes and whispers, “Come.”

And I do. I come so hard I am quaking and pushing back into each of Nate’s thrusts as hard as I can, and I can feel waves of pressure squeezing my stretched pussy around his hard cock. Then he grunts and lifts my hips up to meet his and holds me there while he comes deep into me.

When he releases me, I crawl up Kat’s body, press my breasts into hers, and kiss her, letting her lick her juices from my face.

It is going to be an amazing year.

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