Tantric Massage

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First story. Written in a single-setting so it’s shorter than it ought to be. But I had an experience tonight I just had to share.


I didn’t know what to expect as I knocked on the second-story apartment door.

Though I’ve had an active sex life in my twenty-eight years, I’d never ventured into the — shall we say — “commercialized” avenues. But one week into a three-month stay in Europe, and working twelve- to fourteen-hour days, I was finding it difficult to make the time to even hit the bars, let alone get to know the local ladies.

I turned to the Internet. The city in western Europe apparently has a thriving sex scene. Sex shows. Brothels. Escort services. I inquired about a particular escort, a tall twenty-something Scandinavian blonde named Sara with beautiful, perky tits. My imagination quickly ran rampant as I imagined her in my hotel room, but the combination of the 300-euro hourly rate and the nagging concern in the back of my mind about contracting a little souvenir on my trip kept me from sealing the deal.

I went to work that next morning and my foreign colleagues kept catching my eye. As we sat around the large table, my cock kept twitching as I gazed upon one particular woman. She was 5-8, not particularly skinny but by no means out of shape, with these beautifully shaped breasts that pressed against her blouse. As we studied our respective documents, she caught my glances on more than a few occasions. By the time I got back to my hotel tonight — yes, this happened tonight — I was hornier than I could remember. I google-searched for Sara, the escort, again. But another result caught my eye. “Tantric massage.” Before I knew it, I was walking down the dark alleys of this metropolis, navigating toward its address.

As I walked along, I started thinking: What might happen? My erotic fantasies were tempered by concerns over what else might happen. What if it’s a scam? What if there’s a huge pimp there who empties my wallet before he lets me leave? What if the massage therapist pick-pockets my unattended clothing and I’m left explaining to my employer how I lost my wallet, passport, and company credit card?

Mustering my courage as I arrived, I knocked on the door, and a comely Caucasian woman answered wearing a black negligee that fell just below the curve of her ass cheeks. “I’m Andrea,” she introduced. “Do you have a reservation?”

“Oh, um… I didn’t know…. I needed one.”

“One moment please…” she said as she walked away. Returning a few minutes later, she explained: “Ten minutes?”

“No problem,” I replied. She beckoned me in. I gazed around at the small lobby area of this apartment-style office. The first thing I noticed was the scent of exotic oils wafting through the air. Other than the nectar of a woman, I’d never found a scent to be so erotic before, but I immediately felt both at peace and sexually charged. Andrea led me into a room, and I couldn’t help but watch her beautiful ass swaying beneath her ataşehir escort negligee. She led me into a room down the hall on the right, and I walked into a large room — probably 20′ x 20′ — with a large futon cushion in the middle. She offered me a glass of water, and I asked (fibbing a little): “I only have 70 Euros to spend, will that cover a massage?” “Yes, yes,” Andrea promised. And then walked away.

I sat on a chair in the room, waiting anxiously, and my imagination began to drift. What would 70-euros buy? I didn’t even know whether, for sure, this would result in a hand job…. As my imagination ran wild though, the door opened and Andrea entered with a young, tiny Filipino woman. “This is Angelica,” Andrea introduced. I gazed at this beautiful young nubile. Her face was not a “10” — but very cute — and she had the sexiest petite little body. Tiny, but with some curves, especially on her nice ass. She was wearing an orange bra and thong, and my cock immediately started to harden, as I developed a bit more of an idea about what to expect.

“Take your clothes off, and lie there,” she instructed, after placing a disposable sheet-cover over the futon. As I lay down, naked, I gazed at her body … wondering if I was allowed to touch her modestly, even on the legs. “On your stomach,” she directed and then she reached around to unclasp her bra. Holy shit, I thought….

I looked back over my shoulder at her as the bra slid down her body. Her tits were small (maybe a small “B” cup) but she had the longest, most exquisite nipples I’d seen in a long, long time. Not so long as to be comical, but a good inch and a half poking out of her small, perky tits. She kneeled beside me and, after gathering some oil, her hands began to rub my back, my legs…..

After a few minutes, she tugged my legs apart and uttered, “Wider.” Her strokes began to pass along my inner thighs, growing ever closer to my scrotum. Before I knew it, she was stroking her hand between my ass cheeks and sliding down to my ball-sack, rubbing gently. She reached around under my body and for the first time closed her tiny hand and fingers around my rock-hard pole.

A bit about me. I’m average build, in decent shape but no gym rat. My cock is average in length (maybe 6″) but incredibly thick. I felt it pulse and throb as her fingers encircled me. Rubbing ever so gently, she then leaned over and began to rub her body along my own. I was looking off to the side (lying on my belly) and observed her in the mirror on the wall, watching her nipples stiffen further as they stroked and passed along my body. She straddled my ass and the small of my back, and I felt the heat of her pussy passing through the thin material of her thong… it felt amazing. I started to moan aloud, inadvertently, and I heard her coo in my ears.

At this point, the massage had already exceeded my expectations. I had been hopeful that she would give me a handjob to completion, but never expected nakedness. kadıköy escort bayan Yet, here this beautiful young Asian was writhing her tight body against my own…her nipples teasing my back. I wanted nothing more than to turn over …. Would she let me?

Before I knew it, the body-slide was over and she was back, innocently rubbing my feet, calves, hamstrings…

After a few minutes, her hands drifted to my hip and reached around to stroke my cock again. My body kept shifting, rolling over on my opposite side, praying she would just, for the love of God, roll me over onto my back so that I could gaze at her in something other than the mirror. But she continued to tease me, one hand teasing and grasping my shaft while the other slid between my ass cheeks, running the side of her hand along my asshole. I’d never been touched there before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I admit I was relieved that she didn’t attempt to penetrate my asshole, but the tingling sensation as she brushed the edge of her hands past me (in a blade) was…well, rather nice.

My mind drifted and I thought, Surely my 45 minutes are over any minute? This must be as good as it gets? Perhaps sensing my mood, Angelica leaned to my ear and breathily whispered, “Roll over, Mike….”

As I did, she kneeled between my spread legs and took my cock between her hand. The sensual site of her petite fingers around the base of my cock, her cute Asian face looking down at me, and her nipples protruding from those perfect tits, caused me to surge even harder. I wasn’t sure of the rules but decided to press my luck and slid my hand over to her thigh… waiting for a reaction. She was neutral, so I asked, Is this okay?

She looked at me with a knowing smile, reached down to take my hand — she’s going to remove it — and guided it up to her breast. My eyes rolled back as I felt her gorgeous breast… my fingers kneading and massaging her titflesh, then honing in on that perfect, dark pink nipple …. Hearing her moan as I wrapped my fingers around her.

I began to wonder to myself, Does she get off on this? Even a little?? Or is this merely a chore at this stage??

Once more, Angelica seemed to be inside my head….she looked at me with a smile, crawled up so that her knees straddled my hips, and she lowered her panty-clad pussy to the hard underside of my shaft, pinning it against my body. She started to slide her hips up and down along my shaft, and I felt the material of her thong growing wetter and wetter with each slide. This girl is unbelievable. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as she slid up and along my shaft, and for the first time of the night I suspected that I would orgasm here…

As I felt my balls start to churn, Angelica abruptly…. Lifted away from me. What the fuck? Is my time up? I wondered. She then swung her hips around into a sixty-nine position, placing her orange-thong-clad pussy within an inch of my face. Before I could even process escort maltepe what was happening, my fingers slid her thong aside, revealing her perfect pussy to me… and I pulled her to my face. Aiiiii, she cried out as my tongue met her pussy…. And the next thing I felt was her small mouth sliding down my shaft. Determined to give as good as I wanted to get, I began to lick her…gently at first, sliding along her crease. The exquisite smell of her arousal intoxicating me as my tongue reached the base of her pussy lips and extended…sliding inside the tightest hole I’d ever felt. She began to buck and ride my face and tongue, while her mouth totally encased my cock….and I felt her nose pressing against my balls. Oh my God….. My hips lifted off the futon cushion, pressing myself deeper into her throat. I withdrew my tongue from her pussy hole and moved up to her clit…. Pulling her into my face I began to lick her tiny clit. Small circles at first….then flicking my tongue back and forth…then sucking her clit between my lips as I flicked her ….

I mentioned earlier that I’ve had an “active sex life” in my 28 years. There was always one major gap. An Asian woman. My high school prom date was Korean. A medium-framed beauty with massive tits — for any girl, let alone an Asian — but I was 17 and too nervous to make a move. Yet here I was, 11 years later, with the tiniest Asian pussy on my face and my cock buried six inches into this girl’s mouth and throat….

I still had her thong in my hand and yanked …. Tearing it off her. She responded by spinning around, locking eyes with me, positioning her hips atop mine and then dropping her pussy onto my shaft. I’ve never felt anything like that sensation in my life. She was impossibly tight. Yet so wet that she slid around my shaft, every contour of her pussy gripping and hugging every inch of my shaft and cockhead. She locked eyes with me, lowered her body against mine and then began sliding her hips up and down my cock. Her lips went to my nipples and began to suck as she escalated her thrusting motion, fucking me in earnest now….

I peeked over at the clock and realized that 75 minutes had passed during our “45 minute” massage. The realization that she was fucking me “off the clock” only enhanced the sensation, and my cock began to throb and surge…. Her soaking wet pussy still felt so tight around me as she pulled her mouth of my chest and looked deep in my eyes … in a way that made this feel, well, so non-commercial. She started to moan with each thrust — is there a sexier sound in the world — and then I felt my balls start to churn….

With her tight, Asian pussy lips gripping my shaft so snugly, I began to explode… pulsing, throbbing, and then spraying shot after shot of white, hot cum into her…. The feeling inspired her own orgasm and I heard her cry out while I felt her pussy start to spasm on my shaft. Oh my God…. I thought as I felt my orgasm continuing never-ending…

As the last throes of her orgasm gave way, Angelina collapsed against my body…her nipples hard, her body firm, and pussy still snug around my slowly softening cock….

“Take me out for a drink, baby…?” she whispered in my ear.

We have a date tomorrow night.

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