Tarzan’s Release

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“Hey Dad, what are you going to this party Friday Night dressed as?” Sheila asked her father.

“Well, I hadn’t given it much thought, how about a bitter divorced man, who hasn’t had sex in a while and is pretty wealthy,” he chuckled.

“We both know you already have a lot of costumes for that but I think you can do much better than that for a costume old man.”

Steve looked at his daughter and smiled, she had stuck with him through the divorce with her mother, and she had testified against her mom when it came time to proceed. She admitted to hiding her bruises that her mother had inflicted upon her and her father and all the drunken nights she had stumbled in with another man who would then fuck her into a stupor on the couch and then leaving before anyone in the house arose. Or so they had figured.

That had been three years ago when Sheila had been 18 now at 21 she was enrolled in the local college and doing well, participating in softball for her school and doing very well in all her academic areas. Steve was quite proud of her for all her achievements and that she hadn’t turned her back on him but also thought it strange she never went out much and partied, that she had chosen to spend most nights with him.

A few days later Sheila was talking to her friend Angie on the phone and revealed her plan to the girl. “Yes, Angie,” she said in a low voice so that her father wouldn’t hear her in the other room, “I’m telling daddy that I am going to meet him at this party as a princess and then when he gets there and see’s that I am nowhere around I will pop up in that leather cat woman suit I bought the other day and fuck him silly.”

“But that’s incest Sheila,” Angie responded.

“Daddy doesn’t ever have to know it was me, gaziantep escort bayan and besides, he’s still sexy as hell and for three long years unless I have missed something he hasn’t gotten laid because he’s been too busy caring for me.”

“Sheila honey, how would you like it if after your part way through I intrude and help you both out,” Angie asked.

“Oh girl you know I’d love it and we both know daddy would love it we’ve seen him ogling you when you’re over here in that little piece of dental floss you call a bikini, and with the costume you have maybe he wouldn’t ever know it was you either unless you revealed it to him.”

“Well Sheila, I gotta run, I think I might find a little mask to cover part of my face that night as well just as a precaution and then I will meet you tomorrow for lunch to work out the details of your evil little plan.”

Finally the evening for the party arrived and Steve looked himself over in the mirror. At a little over six feet and right around 250 pounds he wasn’t in bad shape yet. He and his ex-wife had Sheila when they were both sixteen and as he neared forty years of age he had started to worry that he wasn’t attractive anymore but his daughter and her friends were always complimenting him and keeping him feeling just good enough to keep working out and trying to look good in case some woman snagged his interest again. What he was dying for now though, right at this moment tonight was to find a good, hot fuckbuddy. Someone that wouldn’t want a commitment just a sex partner when the need arose. Sheila had made him realize it was time to get back out there and get himself into the real world and hopefully some pussy.

Steve had decided on a Tarzan costume, knowing that it gaziantep escort ilanları would show of some of his still muscular chest and also the loincloth that covered his bottom half would leave little to the imagination and give him easy access if he should find a willing participant to engage in some animalistic sex.

Pulling up to the party Steve felt a little weird, his friends had this party every year but this year his daughter had declined to go with him saying she had a few last minute errands to run and that she would catch up with him there.

After making small talk and wondering around for a few hours Steve had decided to give up looking for his daughter figuring she had run into some friends that were having a party elsewhere or that she had gotten delayed somehow, the girl was a little flaky after all.

Sheila watched across the room as her father went up to the bar again, claiming another drink, if she had kept count correctly this was his sixth drink tonight and he would be feeling a bit inebriated at this point and susceptible to a little perky young thing hitting on him. She slowly sauntered over to the bar and right behind him and purred in his ear.

“Meow, Tarzan,” she said in a girly voice as she ran her nails up the back of his leg and to his ass, where she lifted the loincloth and teased her father’s ass.

Steve nearly choked on his drink, here he was getting hit on by the girl in the cat woman outfit and he couldn’t even find the nerve to turn around and make a good retort.

“That’s ok Tarzan,” Sheila teased, “I know your vocabulary as an ape-man is limited and I will make this easy for you,” saying this she reached underneath his top piece of gaziantep escort numaraları outfit and between his legs to cup his balls and cock from behind, “well big man, why don’t you come back and meet me in the back bedroom so you can skin a cat.”

Steve started to turn around but as he did her hand disappeared and the only thing he saw of his temptress was her leather clad back and ass as she worked her way through the crowd to the back bedroom that was downstairs. He took one last swallow of his drink and then followed her weaving through the crowd and opening the bedroom door.

The lights were off and as he reached inside a hand came over his and pulled him inside the room as the door swung closed and a warm body was pressed up against his. She put one hand over his mouth and as she slid against him, she moved her hand and replaced it with her mouth, her tongue, tiny and pink darting against his lips until he slowly started to open his mouth and return her kiss.

Sheila was already soaked and hot inside her little outfit and she knew that Angie was sitting across the room in the dark loving every minute of this. She slowly reached down and unzipped the crotch to her suit and then led her father’s hand to her dripping wet pussy. “See big ape-man, this pussy is already wet for you.”

Deciding to play her game if she was going to give him pussy, Steve replied, “Tarzan, like pussy, Tarzan like to stick big meat inside pussy and pound hard.”

Sheila nearly fell over as she fought her laughter, she hadn’t expected that of her father and had expected him to only mumble or keep quiet the whole time. It made her even more wet to think that she was about to get fucked and fucked hard by her father. But first she wanted to taste him.

Sheila quickly dropped to her knees and tugged her father’s loincloth down to his ankles and as she looked at his hard cock for the first time she wondered why it had taken her this long to get to teasing and working out a plan to fuck him. As their night continued she asked her father if he would mind dressing up like santa this year at Christmas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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