Teacher’s Descent into Ecstasy Ch. 05

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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It was the start of a new school year!

Ms. Carnale strode into the office of the newly hired Vice Principal for Motivation and Morale. Leaning back in the swivel chair behind the desk, Mr. Manhorse looked up.

“I see you’ve made yourself to home,” she greeted him. “Any idea where Principal Fritz is? I have to discuss some curriculum issues with her.”

“I’m pretty sure she has her hands full just at the moment,” he grinned at her. He was slumped in his chair and showed no sign of moving.

“When I persuaded Superintendent Chalmers to approve you for this position I really thought that you would do a little more than just lounge around, you know, Mr. Manhorse!” Her voice betrayed her irritation.

“I’m doing a lot more than lounging around,” he responded. “At this very moment I’m increasing the morale of our staff! Just listen, I’m sure you’ll understand!” He put his finger to his lips to silence her response.

As she stood in the silence of the office Ms. Carnale became aware of a series of soft, liquid sounds coming from some where nearby. Slowly she identified the noise as coming from under Mr. Manhorse’s desk!?”Um, alright, I see. When do you imagine I might be able to talk with Principal Fritz?”

“I imagine Principal Tits will be available in about thirty minutes, Ms. Carnale. I’ll let her know that you want to speak with her.” He grinned at her before emitting a soft groan.

“Thanks. And don’t forget, there are other staff members who need Motivation and Morale services, Mr. Manhorse!” She bounced her oversized chest at him cutely before turning for the door.

“You got it, Chesty!” His attention was elsewhere.

It was more like forty five minutes later that she was summoned to the Principal’s office.

Principal Fritz was sitting behind her desk when Ms. Carnale entered the office. She looked up with a serene smile on her face. She looked extremely relaxed!

“I’m sorry if I kept you waiting, Ms. Carnale. Some times I need more than one or two Morale Improvement Sessions due to the stresses of my position, I mean job.”

“Yes, Ma’am. I know what you mean.” How, she wondered, did Mr. Manhorse keep up with the demand on him and his, um, time? He had attended to Ms. Carnale this morning before class. He had had at least three other sessions with various staff and Senior students and then THREE times with Principal Tits this afternoon? That meant he had emptied his balls seven times in one day! And he would probably fuck some lucky lady later today. To say nothing of what he might do in his off time tonight! What a stud! she marveled.

After a brief discussion with Principal Fitz, Ms. Carnale headed back to Mr. Manhorse’s office. Having him on staff with a private office made it much easier to avail herself of his services. And she really needed his services! She had easily talked the Superintendent into creating the new position before he resigned and left town. Not many men could say no when they were shoulders deep in her epic cleavage! Not when she was writhing on their rock hard dick and urging them to suck and fondle her immense 38 Double L tits!

Just the memory brought her nipples to attention as she opened the door to Mr. Manhorse’s office.

“Mr. Manhorse,” she began before stopping to take in the scene before her.

Mr. Manhorse was leaning against the front of his desk with a blonde to either side of him. Not just two blondes, she noted. TWIN blondes. Gorgeous, busty, young, twin blondes!

They were standing very close to him, brushing their impressive boobs against his waist while his hand was behind each of them. ‘Undoubtedly copping a feel’ she thought.

“Oh, good, you’re here,” he said. “I’ve been telling the girls about our staff. And your name came up! I’d like to introduce you to the Focker sisters! They are transferring here for their Senior year.

This is Honey, and this is Bunny. Did I get that right, girls?”

“No, silly,” said the one on his right. “I’m Bunny and she’s Honey!” She turned to Ms. Carnale. “No one ever gets it right!” She didn’t sound too upset. And she was still resting her hand on his chest while pressing her large breasts against Mr. Manhorse.

“Yeah,” chimed in the girl to his left. “Bunny and I are always being mistaken. But we don’t mind really. It’s neat having an identical twin!”

“Almost identical,” chipped in Bunny. “Almost identical”

“Oh, don’t start!” complained Honey. “It’s only an inch and I bet I pass you soon, anyway!”

“Not likely, ‘Little’ sister.” This was obviously an argument that they had been through often in the past. To Ms. Carnale’s eye they were the same height. Just over five foot tall in their heels, she thought.

They glared at each other for a moment and then they both started to giggle.

Ms. Carnale took the moment to study the two sisters. In matching outfits they were impossible to tell apart. No moles, no scars, no identifying attributes beşevler escort to make one stand apart from the other. They were both very pretty, with blonde hair, pug noses and dimples that flashed when the giggled.

They were wearing soft looking sweaters that clung to their bodacious curves. Dark hose ended in matching pumps with heels that raised them several inches. Each was also wearing an extremely tight skirt which exposed the top of their hose. If they were to stand up straight, Ms. Carnale was sure that their fingers would fall below the hem of their skirts. The twins were sexy as hell! And their large, round boobs, still mashed against Mr. Manhorse, were the topper! Not quite as large as Ms. Carnale’s huge tits, they were still very large for such young women.

“Okay, girls, look, I’m sorry but I have an appointment and I can’t afford to be late. Ms. Carnale, could you finish the orientation for the girls?” He grinned at her.

“I suppose, what am I to do?” she asked.

“Oh, you know.” No, she didn’t, she thought. “Just show them the ropes. I’m sure that you’ll do a great job! See you later girls!” He was out the door before anyone could respond.

“Um, well, uh, Honey, Bunny I’m sorry that Mr. Manhorse had to dash off like that,” she looked at the girls.

“Oh,” smiled the one on her left, Bunny? “It’s okay. If there is one thing Honey and I like as much as a man with a really big dick, it’s a woman with really, really big tits!” She was staring at Ms. Carnale with a hungry look in her eyes.” It’s been a while since we haven’t been the biggest tits in the room. Hasn’t it, Honey?”

Honey was standing very close to Ms. Carnale now. Bunny slid to her other side. With out thinking about it she put her arms around each twin. They snuggled closer to her.

“Gosh, you’re,” started Bunny.

“Spectacular!” finished Honey from her right.

“What a set of tits!” one of them enthused.

Ms. Carnale’s head was spinning trying to keep them straight in her mind.

“Um, thanks, I guess,” she gasped as she felt a hand land on the tip of each tit. These girls seemed to do things together, she thought.

With out a word the girls began to fondle and caress her massive breasts. A hand cupped her butt. Another drifted across her upper thigh to brush over her pussy.

“What, I mean… ” She stumbled to a halt. It felt so good.

“Let’s see just what we have to play with.” said Honey from her right.

Both girls set to work unbuttoning her blouse. In a moment it fell to the ground.

“Girls, really, you shouldn’t do this,” Ms. C protested weakly.

“Don’t worry you’re pretty little head. We’ll take really good care of you.” Bunny sounded very sure of herself.

“Very good care!” echoed Honey.

“OH, look at this! exclaimed Bunny. “It’s a 38-LL bra! Wow that’s really big!”

Both girls exclaimed over the tag on the bra that they had removed from Ms. Carnale. She stood uncertainly in front of them. Shyly she cupped her enormous tit against her chest.

“That makes you fifty-one inches around, right? Wow! Bunny and I are only 44 inches! We wear 30-Triple L cup bras”

“You do!” interjected Bunny. “I measure forty-FIVE inches! I’m an inch larger, you know!”

“Yeah? Well, you have saggy boobies, Bunny! I’m perky, you’re saggy!”

“I am not!” In a flash Bunny had discarded her sweater and impressively large bra. “These are NOT saggy. You are just jealous that my tits are bigger than yours.”

Bunny’s tits sat firmly on her chest. The heavy bottom swells of her tits were halfway to her belly button. Darker aureolas showcased stiff nipples that were erect with excitement and the air conditioning in the room.

“Saggy!” claimed Honey as she too undressed.

“What do you think, Ms. Carnale?” she demanded as she turned to face the teacher.

“Um.” She was facing two magnificent pairs of boobs. Two of the sexiest bodies that she had ever seen. It was true that Bunny’s hung a little lower than Honey’s forty-four inchers. But only a little. Not even a whole inch she thought! Not even five fee tall, both girls had slim hips and slender waists. ‘Twenty-one inch waists?’ she wondered. ‘It looks like I could circle either waist with both hands!’

“Golly, you two have wonderfully gigantic tits. So firm and perky! I’m jealous of both of you! My tits droop so much more than either of yours!”

“Well, of course,” Bunny told her. “You are so MUCH larger than either of us! I hope I can be as large and firm as you are when I’m your age!” The eighteen year old was gazing appreciatively at Ms. Carnale’s body.

‘I’m only a few years older than these two vixens’ thought Ms. Carnale before she felt lips and tongue on both her nipples.

“Oh, that’s nice!” She pulled both girls harder against her tits, mashing herself against their faces as they worked. “I like having my titties played with!”

“Suck ’em, suck ’em!” she demanded. Both girls obeyed and in concert lifted her boobs with both hands so they could cebeci escort run their mouths and tongue over her breasts. The trails of saliva they left behind cooled in the room’s air and caused her nipples to become even more erect.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, like that, you top-heavy tramps! Play with my big, heavy hooters!”

The twins pulled back and allowed her tits to bounce on her rib cage when they dropped them. They grinned at each other and without exchanging a word dragged Ms. Carnale’s skirt to the floor.

Cooing in appreciation they admired the garter belt and matching panties before Honey stripped the panties off. As soon as she had room she slapped her hand to Ms. Carnale’s neatly trimmed bush and dipped two and then three fingers into her seeping cunt.

Shuttling her hand in and out she soon had a nice flow of excitement coating her hand.

She lifted her hand to her mouth and licked it clean while smirking at Ms. Carnale.

“Tasty!” she proclaimed. “I can’t wait!”

“But its my turn first, right, Sis?” Bunny demanded.

“Okay, but save some for me. I’m horny as a banshee!”

“Don’t worry, Ms. Carnale is enough woman for both of us, aren’t you?” She was smiling as she approached.

Ms. Carnale did a double take. From somewhere Bunny had produced a strap-on dildo! Bouncing a foot in front of her hairless cunt, the head of the dildo looked to be the size of a small apple! The shaft was thick and featured simulated veins that wrapped around the whole thickness like ivy. It was the most imposing dildo that Ms. Carnale had ever seen.

The contrast between Bunny’s petite but massively busty body and the huge imitation male organ was arousing!

“Oh, fuck!” she gasped as she realized what was about to happen. She had never been with a woman before. Let along two! To say nothing of ever having been with twin, hyper-hootered hellions determined to fuck her and suck her and…

“Oh, FUCK!” she repeated. She could feel her cunt starting to drip in excitement.

“Lean back on that couch,” directed Bunny as she swayed up to Ms. Carnale. “I’m going to give you the going over that you deserve. I love girls with big tits like you! I like to watch their big titties bounce and wiggle while I’m feeding them this horse cock dildo!” Her voice was heavy with arousal, her breath panting with excitement. “And you have the biggest titties I’ve ever seen. I’m so going to love this!”

‘Me, too,’ realized Ms. Carnale as she draped herself on the sofa. She propped her head up between the back and arm of the couch so she could see everything over the huge swells of her 38-JJ tits. Fifty-one inches of breastwork was a lot of bosom to peer over. And she wanted to see it all!

Bunny leaned over and softly kissed Ms. Carnale. In moments they were making out, lips locked, tongues dueling. The kiss went on and on.

With a gasp Bunny drew back.

“You are SUCH a hot bitch!” she exclaimed while playing with Ms. Carnale’s big tits and swelling nipples.

She pulled back and jiggled the dildo head in Ms. Carnale’s gash.

“OH, FUCK,” moaned Ms. Carnale. “FUCK! This is going to be so good! Do me, little girl! Fucking do me!” She was watching Bunny’s boobs as they swayed and bounced above her stomach.

Without saying a word Bunny put her weight against the dildo and tried to shove it into her willing victim. It took some few moments before she sensed that she was making progress. Relaxing and then pressing again she flexed her hips, trying to drive deeper and deeper into Ms. Carnale.

“Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God!” Ms. Carnale chanted as she tried to adjust her hips to be better able to take the big dildo deeper.

“Good, isn’t it, Teacher? Thick and long and hard! You love it, don’t you Ms. Carnale? You love getting fucked by a big hard dick!”

“Fuck yes, fuck, fuck! Harder! Make me take it! Make me take it DEEP!” she cried. She was clutching at Bunny’s hips pulling her, trying to make her go deeper.

Smiling down at the aroused, horny woman Bunny licked her lips and tried to speed up the tempo. She could barely see Ms. Carnale’s face between her bouncing tits as she worked. Faster and faster. Harder and harder.

“Tell me, bitch, is my dick as big and hard as Mr. Manhorse?” she demanded. “Does it feel as good? As thick? As long?”

“It feels great, it feels so good!” responded the sweating teacher as she watched more and more of the giant dildo sink into her pussy.

“Is it as big? Is is as hard? We didn’t get to find out about Mr. Manhorse. We’ve heard that he’s huge and can go all day and all night! Is is true?”

“Fuck yes! It’s true.”

“Is he as big and hard as MY dick?” she demanded again.

“No, you bitch. He’s BIGGER! He’s harder! He’s thicker. He can out fuck anyone! He could take you and your busty tramp sister and leave you worn out and then fuck me senseless, too! I love it when he comes all over my humongous tits!”

“Oh, you fucking SLUT!” Bunny yelled. “I’m going to make you cum, I’m going to make you kolej escort cum!”

“Oh, yes, you are! I’m almost there!”

“Here, suck on my tits,” Honey said as she slid her tits across Ms. Carnale’s face. “I have to have some fun too, you know.”?With out thought, Ms. Carnale put her lips to the nearest nipple and sucked and tongued it, getting it to rise and expand. Harder and harder the nipple grew until it was roughly pulled from her mouth and it’s twin was pushed into her face.

“Suck this one, too!” demanded Honey as she held herself above Ms. Carnale. Her hands were wandering over the giant tits of the woman her sister was fucking. Heather knew that Bunny was going to give Ms. Carnale the best fuck she could manage. Bunny loved to fuck women with her pet python. And Ms. Carnale claiming that Mr. Manhorse was bigger, thicker, longer and harder was just going to make Bunny try harder!

Ms. Carnale could feel her body shaking, being slammed again and again by Bunny as she drove her massive dildo into her pulsing pussy as hard as she could. Bunny was sweating heavily with the effort, Drops of sweat dripped off her tits onto Ms. Carnale while she worked.

“You’re making me cum, bitch,” cried Ms. Carnale as she neared the finish line. Her tits were shaking like mad, dancing across her chest while she was sucking on Heather’s big boob and her pussy was trying to clamp down on the massive dick that was coursing thru her cunt.

‘Yes, I’m cumming!” she screamed. She threw her arms around Bunny and pulled her down to kiss her while screaming into her mouth.

Again and again she convulsed in pleasure. It was almost as good as when Mr. Manhorse pounded her senseless! Almost as good.

Finally, exhausted, Bunny slowly extracted herself from Ms. Carnale’s embrace. Slowly she pulled back, drawing the dildo out and flopped back on the couch next to Ms. Carnale. Bunny had had some experiences with other busty women but Ms. Carnale was something else, she admitted. She was worn out!

“Now, it’s my turn,” claimed her twin sister, Heather as she began to slide between Ms. Carnale’s thighs.

“You’re going to eat me out, aren’t you,” asked Ms. Carnale.

“Damn right! You’re juicy and wet and I’m starving for it,” was the response. “Now let me at it!”

“Alright, but let me sit on your face. I want to take care of this,” Ms. Carnale responded while reaching out to grab Bunny’s dildo which she was still wearing while trying to catch her breath.

“Lie down here, Honey,” she directed. “I’m going to sit on your face!”

Suiting actions to word she crawled off the sofa, positioned her crotch over Honey’s face and lowered herself so that Honey could reach her dripping snatch with her tongue.

As she did so she was pulling Bunny’s hips to the edge of the sofa.

Smiling up at the exhausted young woman she grasped the base of her dildo.

“I love the taste of myself on a hard cock,” she declaimed. “And this one isn’t going soft any time soon, is it?” She giggled.

Below her, Heather was licking and lapping lightly at the fragrant, wet pussy that had so recently been plowed buy her sister with her favorite toy. As much as she enjoyed sex with a man, there was something she adored about cleaning up a pussy drenched in juice and she loved to suck up all the fluids that she found. If the pussy had taken a big load of cum, that was the best. But Ms. Carnale had produced bucket loads of juice for her to lap up and she was determined to get it all.

Bunny watched as Ms. Carnale slowly licked up and down the shaft of her dildo. When she reached the summit, Ms Carnale stopped to smile at the young woman.

“I love to suck cock,” she admitted. “I’ve never been with a woman before, so this is new fun for me. Pretend that this is really your cock. Does it turn you on to see me adore your huge dick? Do you like to feel my lips and tongue and mouth as I worship your big hard penis?” Her eyes glittered with excitement as she spoke.

She dropped her eyes to admire the shaft in question. She looked back into Bunny’s eyes and smiled the nastiest, sexiest smile Bunny had ever seen as she lowered her lips to the tip of the dildo.

Bunny thought that she could, indeed, feel the soft caress of Ms. Carnale’s oral talents. She was deep into the fantasy!

“Ummmm, I love dick,” she heard her fellatrix moan as she watched Ms. Carnale start to slide the dildo into her mouth. As she watched she saw the first few inches get absorbed. Bunny had, from time to time, practiced with her oversized toy. She never got past the half way point. It was too thick, too long for her to handle.

Ms. Carnale reached that point and slid right on by without pause. She pulled back but only to adjust her angle and then she proceeded to drop down again until she was only a few inches from the bottom! One more time she drew back until she was resting the dildo’s head on her lower lip.

“This time for sure,” she whispered to her onlooker. “I can take it all, just watch.”

While being eaten out by Honey she demonstrated to Bunny her mastery of oral skills. Slowly she pushed herself down. Without pause she took the entire massive shaft into her mouth and throat. She smiled up in triumph at the amazed young woman watching her conquer her toy dick. There was nothing left to be seen. It was all gone! Ms. Carnale had taken all that she had to offer and done it easily!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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