Teacher’s Pet

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Everybody in my family is a bit swifter than the average bear. My father is an English professor, my mother is a pediatrician. My older sister graduated from college at 19 and became a teacher, which brings us to my problem.

She’s MY teacher!

Sally is about the cutest, hottest ex-cheerleader in the teaching biz. Last year, when she was still in college, she was the Homecoming Queen. I mean, for a school with 35,000 students and more girls than boys, that is really saying something.

Well, she got her degree and her teaching credential and immediately got a job teaching English at her old school, which is now my school. I’ve just turned 18 and she is now 20, so there isn’t that much difference between our ages, but I’m still in high school and she’s my teacher. It could be embarrassing if I let it, but I just laughed when anybody brought it up.

The principal asked me if I would have a problem with Sally being my teacher and I told him it would be a problem only if she flunked me. He was relieved to let me stay in her class because it eliminated some paperwork for him.

I had been lusting after my sister for who knows how long? As far back as I could remember, I had been trying to see up her skirt or down her blouse or through her bikini or whatever else she covered her fantastic body up with.

Some people think you shouldn’t fuck your sister. Hell, I would have fucked her non-stop for the last bunch of Sundays if she would have ever let me get close enough to sniff her good stuff. As far as I’m concerned, incest taboos are for people who don’t understand genetics and recessive genes.

Sally’s body is one of those tight little packages that just seems to burst with sexuality. Her long, honey blonde hair is usually in a pony tail, unless she is dressing mature for her teaching job, then she puts it in a bun and wears a long wool skirt, to try to look older than twenty. As soon as she gets home, she’s immediately in sweats or shorts or anything loose and casual. I keep hoping to catch her changing sometime, but so far it hasn’t happened.

Not only am I nearly as old as Sally, but there is one kid in class who is older than she is. He got held back some and could just drop out, but his mother got him to promise on her deathbed that he would stick it out and go on to college. He’s as dumb as a board, but he’s big and any college will give him all the help he needs to make it to the pros, while dragging their football hopes with him.

When I say big, I mean this guy is like Man Mountain Magoo. The big English book we use just sort of disappears in his hand. He sits all the way at the back of the room so he can stretch out his long legs. In fact, that’s not all he stretches out. Sometimes, I look back under my arm and it looks like he has a towel rolled up under his pants leg. The guy must be hung like a mule!

My sweet little innocent sister must have noticed the same thing, because sometimes her voice would squeak and she would look like she was sweating. It was a long time before I connected these symptoms with the timing of Big Jim’s displays of affection for her, because that’s what they were, I realized. Jim was in awe of her.

I pitied the poor son-of-a-bitch who would attempt any sort of harm to my sister if Jim was in the vicinity or heard about it. For her part, she welcomed his attention in a sisterly manner, but then the business with his trouser snake started.

Without too much difficulty, I maneuvered my chair so that I could watch them both almost simultaneously. Sally would get passionate about some Elizabethan sonnet or some such and Jim would get carried away with her. Only, she was carried away on some higher spiritual plane and Jim only had one plane. If it feels good, fuck it!

When Sally would wax passionate, Jim would get a tremendous boner that would sneak down his pants leg, threatening to burst the seams on his worn out jeans. Sally’s eyes would lock on his condition and she would begin talking faster and faster, as if she could make it go back down if she finished before he got his gun.

I also noticed that she seemed to be squirming in her seat, and one hand was all I ever saw at any given time. I couldn’t actually tell if she had the other one in her crotch, but the conditions didn’t preclude the possibility.

There was only one thing to do. I stayed after class one day and removed the modesty panel in the front of her desk that hid her legs from the view of all of us horny guys trying desperately to sneak a peek at a little bit of lace. From my desk, her entire chair seat was visible.

Waiting has never been my strong suit, but somehow the next class period finally rolled around. None of the girls in the class appeared to notice the absence of the modesty panel, but some of the guys perked right up. They might not have been aware of the scenario I assumed had been going on, but they could still enjoy the prospect of catching a glimpse bursa escort of Sally’s legs–maybe all the way to the top.

Before long, there were no girls at all sitting on the line down the center of the room, with a view through the modesty panel. All those desks had been taken by guys wanting a glimpse of the good stuff. The tension in the room rose and so did the temperature, with all those hot, horny guys sweating so expectantly.

The first half of the class passed uneventfully. Sally stood for nearly all of it, and when she sat, it was with a very modest slide into the chair, her long skirt wrapped way down her legs. I fancied I could hear a rumble of discontent coming from all the clearly disappointed voyeurs-in-waiting.

During the second half of the period, Sally got into one of Shakespeare’s more bawdy selections and began to heat up. She loosened her blouse at the throat and took a drink of water before beginning to read out loud to us.

Never before had I heard her put so much feeling and passion into Shakespeare. His words came alive, as did the true meaning of his words. Funny how I had never realized what a horny old fart he was. Once she put it to us this way, we understood exactly what he was saying and boy was it hot!

Even Jim seemed to pick up on it, although he may have simply been grooving on Sally’s body language.

She must have sensed all the sexual vibes emanating from the voyeurs’ club, although she should have been somewhat accustomed to it by now. For whatever reason, she seemed to hit a higher note that day than any other so far.

For a long time, she was too excited to sit, but she kept bending further and further forward, as if she were trying to get her belly to rub against her clit, or something, to relieve the distress she appeared to be in.

I snuck a glance back at Jim and my jaw dropped. It looked as if he had two legs down one side, and one of them swelled with his heartbeat. Then I saw his hand begin to rub it, slowly and tenderly, in time to the cadence of Sally’s voice.

Sally couldn’t take any more and almost flung herself down in her chair. Her skirt caught on her heel or whatever, and pulled up completely around her waist, exposing her legs all the way to heaven. Her panty-covered pussy was winking at 20 of the horniest guys on the face of the earth, through the panel of her saturated panties.

In my wildest fantasies, I had never, ever, ever hoped for anything as extreme as this. My dick joined every other one in the room in leaping to instant Code Red (but I have a feeling mine was closer to purple than red, if the pain in my plum was any indication). Regardless of the color, there was no way I could keep my hands out of my lap. If I had, we would not have achieved 100% participation, which we accomplished with ease.

Every guy in class had his hand in his lap and his eyes glued to the teacher’s crotch.

Teacher’s eyes were glued to Big Jim’s “Big Jim”, and appeared to be completely oblivious to the incredulous stares of the beneficiaries of my work on her desk. Thinking that anything she did under her desk was shielded from our prying eyes, Sally surreptitiously stole a finger slowly down her belly to her seat of passion.

The girls in the class probably interpreted her sigh of passion as her response to the passage she was reading to us. After all, it was pretty racy and Sally was reading it with raw emotion.

The boys could see why she was sighing. Her middle finger was buried in her juicy cunt, behind the sloppy mess of her lace panties, and was busily stroking herself to a climax, which she appeared to be trying to time so that she and Big Jim could come together, so to speak. Little did she know that we were about to set a record Guinness could have used for marketing purposes.

TWENTY MEN AND A WOMAN ACHIEVE SIMULTANEOUS ORGASM. I could just see the headline now. Ok, so most of us weren’t exactly men, but what the hell.

Oh well, if I were about to have greatness thrust upon me, why not relax and enjoy it?

We might have missed it slightly, or failed to time ourselves exactly simultaneously, but we were so engrossed in Sally’s voice and the movement of her fingers in her swampy pussy, that our normal tendency to shoot our load within seconds of getting hard was delayed a bit.

The ringing of the bell did it! I guess it was the jangle of an unexpected alarm that added just the right touch of adrenaline to kick us all off. My pants leg was dripping cum and so were the legs of everybody I could see. Sally was leaning back in her chair, looking exhausted while continuing to idly toy with her cunt. The girls in the class filed out of the room, mumbling congratulations to Sally for the amazingly interesting insight into Shakespeare, but she seemed to not be able to hear them. She simply smiled toward the back of the room, where Jim sat.

Right then and there is where the $250 big ones I had spent bursa escort bayan for my James Bond/Dick Tracy-type Casio wrist camera/watch paid off in spades. I almost forgot I was wearing it. It was really a better watch than a camera, but it did indeed take color pictures of anything it was pointed at, and could store 75 or so of them.

I don’t know how many I took of Sally’s wet cunt and fingers before focusing on my co-ejaculators around the room. Oddly enough, hardly any boy had moved from his seat. By unspoken agreement and post-ejaculatory fatigue, we were still in our chairs several minutes after all the girls had left the room. If it hadn’t been the last class of the day, the room would have already been filled with the incoming class,

Sally’s vision must have narrowed down to a pencil beam, She was grinning from ear to ear, as were we all, but she did not seem to be capable of seeing us. Her entire filed of view was occupied by Big Jim and the monster still raging in his jeans.

Slowly, very slowly, the incredible level of excitement dissipated like morning fog. Sally eventually shook her head as if she had suddenly realized that she would have no explanation for anyone asking her what was going on.

The guys began to slide awkwardly out of their seats and crab toward the door, trying vainly to hide their remaining degree of erection and their soggy pants legs behind their books.

“Great class, Ms. Long!”, a couple of them managed to croak as they filed past her to the door.

“You really brought Shakespeare to life for me, Ms. Long. I really got off on it.”, another one got his strength and wit back sufficiently to throw at her.

I went up to her desk and whispered, “Gosh, Sis. I’m going to remember this class for a very long time. You are one hot teacher.” I put a lot of feeling into the “hot”, causing Sally to look at me quizzically. I didn’t usually call her “Sis” in class, but since I was whispering, she didn’t make an issue of it. “Can I hitch a ride home with you?”

“What’s the matter with your bike?”

“Oh, nothing. There’s something I want to discuss with you on the way home. Ok?”

“Sure. No problem. Just give me a few minutes to go to the bathroom and get freshened up. I’ll be with you in about five minutes.” She looked wistfully one more time at Jim, still sitting in a pool of cum, and finally appeared to notice all the other guys sitting around.

“What are all of you boys still doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere?”

“Uh, yeah. We, uh, we had a little business to discuss, Ms. Long. We’re thinking about forming a Shakespeare club.”

“Oh, that’s nice. Would you like for me to be your sponsor? I’m so happy you are taking an interest in “The Bard”.

“The who?”

“Never mind. Just let me know when you’re having your next meeting and I’ll be sure to come.”

“So will we, Ms. Long”, they chorused, although they probably had another kind of cum in mind.

I waited for Sally by her car, to have something to hide my sticky crotch behind.

“Hey, Bro. What’s up? What did you want to discuss with me? Get in, sit down, hold on and shut up, as they say. Hey, why are your pants all wet? What’s all that stuff?”

We were zooming through the neighborhood in her little Audi TT convertible when I told her.

“It’s exactly what it looks like, Sis. Every guy in class came when you did, including me. That’s why all of us are sitting in a pool of cum.”

“What? Whatever are you talking about? What do you mean, ‘when I came’? Came where?”

“I didn’t say you came anywhere. I said we got our rocks at the same time you got yours.”

Her face turned seven shades of purple when she realized what I must have meant, but she seemed determined to bluff her way out of it.

I won’t go into all the details of her righteous indignation, exasperation and embarrassment to have her own brother accuse her of something so perverted and filthy that she was uncomfortable to even discuss it–especially with her younger brother.

“Ok, Sally. Have it your way. You can let me out here. I’ll walk back and get my bike. I have some pictures to print out, anyway. In fact, you may be interested in them. In fact, you may want to buy them from me.”

It began to dawn on her. I told you at the start that she was pretty savvy. “Just when did you take these pictures you’re going to print?”

“Why, Sally, dear. Just a few minutes ago, as you sat behind your desk with your finger in your wet pussy, right in front of twenty horny guys who all came in their pants, watching you fingerfuck yourself.”

“But you didn’t have a camera in class.”

Guess she didn’t realize what she had just admitted to. I held up my wrist and showed her the clearly marked label that said “wrist camera”, and showed her the lens.

“But you can’t see under my desk…” Her voice trailed off as she grasped the implications. It would do me no escort bursa good to lie about it. The truth would be too easy to check.

“You removed my modesty panel, didn’t you?”

“Afraid so.”

“Why you little bastard! I’ll cut your balls off and ram them down your throat.”

“Sis, the only throat my balls are going down is yours.”

“What makes you think so?”

“Because I downloaded the pictures from my wrist cam to a floppy while I waited for you and gave the floppy to Bill Withers to keep for me.”

“Oh. Blackmail, huh?”

“Blackmail sounds like such a dirty word, so it must be the right one. Yeah, Sis. I’m blackmailing you for a piece of that gorgeous ass you’ve been waving in my face all my life.”

“Is that all you want?”

“All? Does giving me a piece of your ass strike you as so little I might have had a chance to get a little of it without blackmailing you?”

“All you had to do was ask, little brother. I would have fucked your balls off any time you wanted me.” Her hand reached across the short space between our seats and squeezed my rod through my jeans.

“Hey! Don’t waste a good squeeze on blue jeans.” I whipped my zipper down and extracted a fair sized chunk of meat for her squeezing pleasure.

“Oh, Wyden! You’re so impulsive. Here, I’ll give you a little squeeze, then let’s go back and get that floppy disk from Bill. You won’t be needing it any more.”

I told you she was smart up front, but I mentioned that none of us are dummies, which is exactly what I would have been if I had fallen for her act. It wouldn’t take too long to learn how sincere the offer of free pussy from my sister was going to be when she thought the threat of discovery was gone. I could wait.

I left my dick out and allowed her to squeeze it all the way back to the school, and zipped up only to go looking for Billy. He was right where I had asked him to wait.

“There he is, Sis!”

“Oh, good. Run tell him you want it back. Ok?”

“Sure, Sis. We’re going to have a lot of fun together, huh?”

“We sure are, Wyden. I can hardly wait to feel your big, fat prick stretching my tight little pussy so wide it hurts me.”

She would have been smarter to not lay it on so thick. It was going to be very interesting to see how long the sweetness and light lasted when she regained the upper hand.

“Here it is, Sis.”

“Good. Give it to me. Thanks.”

Old “Sweetness and Light” died a painful death within milliseconds. Sally threw that poor floppy down like it was contaminated with Bubonic Plague and stamped it to smithereens under her heels. There wasn’t a straight surface left anywhere on the casing. That floppy would never go anywhere near the insides of a disk drive again.

“There, you little prick! There! Let’s see you pull that blackmail shit on somebody a little slower than you in the future. I’ll have your ass for this little trick. You’re flunking my class and I’m putting you on detention for the rest of the year. How dare you try to blackmail me for sex?”

She went on and on. I watched her lips move, but I was really watching her tits rise and fall as she stamped around and jumped up and down on that floppy disk. Man! she was one hot sister. I thought she might never calm down, but she finally quieted enough for me to get in a word.


“What? What the fuck do you want?”

“Does this mean that a blow job is out of the question?”

I’ve heard of people spluttering before, but this was my first personal, up close experience with a splutterer. She actually frothed at the mouth, she was so pissed at my gaul that she was making bubbles. I loved it!



“See that little white label on that beat up floppy you just destroyed?”

“Yes! What of it?”

I picked it up and held it in front of her eyes.

“Oh, my God”, she moaned. “Oh, my God. Please, no. Please don’t let it be.”

“It’s true”, I assured her calmly. “I’ll be expecting you in my room tonight, about 11:00. Wear something sexy so I can watch you strip. Bring a few toys. I can’t keep it up all night and we will need something to keep your pussy stretched while I recover for another round. Plan on spending the night. I love the idea of waking up to a nice blow job. Doesn’t that sound nice to you?”

My big sister gave me a withering look and strode off toward her car, her shoulders slumped in defeat.

I picked up the floppy and grinned to myself. Telling Billy to write “Copy # 137” on it had been the best idea I ever had in my whole life.

I was pretty sure that there was a lot of hot nookie in Billy’s future, too.

(Dear reader, If you have enjoyed my story and feel like letting me know, or just want to bitch about it, please e-mail me directly. My mail from Literotica has been blocked by some non-fans, since May. If you have sent comments to me with no response, I want you to know that I appreciate and answer all e-mails I receive that contain serious comment. Over one million of you have read my stories this year, so you must like them. One or two of you may have sent a comment. Please send it again. I care what you think. Thank you.)

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