Teaching Wade

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Lisa arched back, leaning into the rock hard muscles of his chest. His hands slid over her breasts, the dark chocolate of his skin such a contrast to her creamy white mounds. The palms of his hands were rough, rubbing against her nipples so crudely it should have hurt. Instead, it sent shivers of pleasure through her body.

“You like that?” he asked.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered.

“Hmm,” he sighed, pressing his hard cock against the small of her back. “I do, too.”

He skated a hand slowly up, caressing her collar bone, her shoulder, her neck. He cupped her chin in his hand and pulled her head backward. His tongue slipped across her jaw to the corner of her mouth. She moaned softly as he slid his tongue into her mouth. No kiss, no pressure, just the meaty taste of his tongue probing her mouth like she hoped his cock would soon do to her pussy.

Lisa turned in his arms, stroking the coarse curls on his chest where they made a sort of pattern across his pecs. She let the hair curl around her fingers as she pressed herself tighter against him, enjoying the feel of his pulsating cock against her lower belly. She let her hand fall slowly between them even as she lifted her face to the softly scented skin of his throat. She tasted salt, heat. She tasted everything she had imagined such a man would have to offer.

She wrapped her hand around his cock as she slid her tongue over his throat, repeating what he had done to her a moment ago. He groaned, the noise vibrating through the hollow at the base of his throat, right below his Adam’s apple. A sense of power rushed through her, making her pussy clench with excitement. He wanted her, she could feel it in the rigidness of his cock, in the moisture of his precum. It was a feeling that aroused her beyond physical need.

He buried his fingers in her hair, jerking her head back so that he could capture her lips. His need was evident in his lips, his tongue, as he probed her mouth with a ferocity that sent shivers through her body. She could barely keep up as he yanked her head around at an angle, giving himself even more access to the deep recesses of her mouth. But she did the best she could, returning his movements with soft, insistent movements of her own.

He grabbed her ass with his free hand, jerking her hard against him, trapping her hand where it was still wrapped around his cock. He moved his hips, once, twice, encouraging movement where it was nearly impossible. Hmm…she wished she were taller, that his cock was against her clit. Instead, she shifted slightly, pressed her pussy against the fine hair of his thigh.

“Oh, you’re so wet,” he groaned against her cheek as he broke their kiss to catch his breath. He forced a hand between their bodies, thrusting a finger as deep as he could inside of her. Lisa cried out and ground herself against him, suddenly needing release.

“Are you ready, baby?” he asked.


She couldn’t think. She couldn’t put together two coherent words. She wanted him, wanted him so desperately that she forget to be worried about his size. When he first undressed, when she first saw just how much he had to offer, she’d felt a shock of fear. But now…all she wanted was him inside of her.

He picked her up and carried her to the small dining room. As he dropped her onto a corner, moving effortlessly between her splayed legs, she could hear the front door opening. Again, she could not put together a coherent thought, could not equate that noise with a phone call she had made an hour before. All she could think about was this tall, beautiful, black man standing between her legs, running his hand slowly over the length of his massive cock.

“Now,” she whispered even as he pointed his cock head toward her pussy.

Even as she spotted her husband walking into the room.

She first saw him several months ago. There had been some legal problems at the accounting firm where she worked, so there had also been some changes in management.It was a Monday morning when he arrived, taking the VIP tour with the head of personnel. Lisa was in the break room, bracing herself for the day with one last cup of coffee.

“Look at that,” one of the secretaries said with a sigh. “Talk about brown sugar.”

Lisa looked up at her companions rather than the men walking through the cubicle jungle. “What does that mean, exactly?”

Another secretary leaned close, pushing Lisa’s shoulder with her own. “Look over there. That’s all the explanation you will ever need.”

It was his eyes she noticed first. They were dark, almost black, such an amazing contrast to the white sclera. And his lashes, they were so long Lisa could imagine how envious most women must be. His dark hair was cropped close to his head, a little longer on top, emphasizing the near perfect roundness of his skull. His skin was a deep chocolate brown, the color of coffee with just a touch of cream. Broad shoulders, well-defined muscles visible even under the layers of his suit. And Escort bayan his smile…Lisa had never seen such a boyish grin in her life. It was the kind of smile that made you want to smile back—and squeeze your thighs together to cool the sudden swelling of your clit.

Suddenly, Lisa understood what brown sugar meant.

A sudden blush burned Lisa’s cheeks as she realized he was looking at her and coming toward the break room.

“Oh, hell,” the secretary to Lisa’s right said. “Is my lipstick smeared?”

The first secretary, Tammy, reached up to pat her thick weave. “Not any worse than mine.”

There was no time to do more than smooth her hands over her thin skirt. He stopped just inside the doorway with Tom, the head of personnel. Tom gestured from left to right: “This is Michelle, Tammy, and Lisa.”

The man smiled, again that boyish grin doing something to Lisa she had never really experienced without a physical touch. His eyes moved around the room. Lisa thought they lingered on her, just for a second, but she told herself it was impossible. Why would such a beautiful man find her attractive? Wishful thinking, she thought.

“Ladies, this is Scott Hansen. He’s the new senior manager.”

“It’s wonderful to meet you,” Tammy said, standing up with an intentional flare of her hips. She held her hand out to him and he graciously took it, looking her in the eye as he did.

“Nice to meet you, too,” he said in a deep, baritone voice. “Are you an accountant?”

Tammy giggled softly. “No, I’m a secretary.”

Scott nodded as he seemed to take in everything about her in a quick glance.

“And you?” he asked, focusing on Michelle.

“Michelle is a part of the secretary pool and Lisa is one of the assistants.” Tom glanced at Lisa. “You aren’t currently assigned to anyone, are you, Lisa?”

Lisa shook her head. “I was working with the junior accountants, but they moved Christine over there.”

“Isn’t that lucky for me?” Scott asked, focusing on Lisa, again with that grin. “I happen to be in need of an assistant.”

“I’ll set up some interviews for you—”

“No,” Scott said, interrupting Tom. “If Lisa’s free, then I think we’ll try that out for a while.”

Lisa bit her lip, the heat in Scott’s gaze making her heart stutter just a little in her chest.

Tom looked from Lisa to Scott for a moment, a frown marring his already unattractive features. “Well,” he said. “If that’s what you want.”

Scott tipped his chin toward Lisa and Michelle before stepping out of the room. Tom followed, rushing to catch up like a puppy dog chasing his owner.

“Aren’t you the lucky one?” Michelle hissed into Lisa’s ear as she walked out of the room.

At home, Lisa made a rare steak dinner, wanting to celebrate her good news with her husband. But he was late getting home, much later than a high school English teacher should be. Meetings, he said when she finally broke down and called him.

In bed alone, Lisa curled up under the cool sheets and thought about the events of the day. A new position, a raise. But somehow, she kept coming back to that grin, that boyish grin that did things to her. Even now, Lisa could feel herself growing wet, could feel the sudden swelling of her clit. She wondered if he was married, if he had children. She wondered if his skin was that same, yummy color all over his body, if his ass was as round and hard as it looked through his slacks. She thought of his hand, of his long tapered fingers, and wondered how amazing they would feel inside her pussy.

Lisa ran her hands over her breasts, not surprised to find her nipples rock hard under her thin t-shirt. She couldn’t stop thinking about Scott’s eyes, his full lips. She ached all over with a sudden need as she pushed her hands down, further and further, until her own fingers sank inside her panties. The first touch on her clit nearly sent her over the edge. She had never been so turned on, never so ready before the first kiss, the first touch.

Her heart jumped when she heard the front door of their apartment open. Lisa climbed out of bed without thinking, nearly running as she rushed down the short hallway to their tiny combo living/dining room. Her husband, Wade, was locking the door as she moved up behind him. She ran her hand under the back of his polo shirt, pressing her body against him so that there was no mistaking what it was she wanted from him.

“I’m so tired, babe,” he groaned as he turned into her.

Lisa ignored his words, pressing her lips roughly against his. After a moment he opened to her, allowing her to shove her tongue past his teeth and into the depths of his mouth, tasting his stale breath. She didn’t care that his response was less than enthusiastic, didn’t care that his hands seemed to be pushing her away rather than pulling her closer. She was so aroused she didn’t care if he wanted her or not.

Lisa dropped to her knees, yanking on his zipper, and pulling his flaccid Bayan escort penis from his pants before he could react. She took it in her mouth, sucking with a relish she rarely showed. Oral sex was never something Lisa enjoyed, at least when it came to blow jobs. But tonight…she closed her eyes, imagined Scott’s long fingers on her body, and all her inhibitions disappeared.

Wade grew hard in her mouth. His hands wrapped around her head, his fingers pressing roughly into her hair. He guided her head back and forth, urging more of himself into her mouth, her throat. Lisa took as much as she could, groaning as she reached down and found her clit with her free hand.

“Shit, that’s hot,” Wade groaned. He pulled her to her feet, his hand still wrapped in her tangled hair. Wade kissed her, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth.

“What’s gotten into you?” he asked.

“I just want you.”

Wade took her hand and led the way to the bedroom, barely stopping to shed his clothes before pushing her onto the bed. He lifted her legs over his shoulders and plunged inside of her, quickly moving into the fast rhythm that was so familiar. Lisa arched her back, pressing herself as tightly against him as she could, desperate for relief. Unfortunately, she had done too good a job arousing him. After just a few, short minutes, he froze. He threw back his head and yelled, his voice suddenly hoarse as he pumped his cum inside of her.

“Shit, that was good,” he groaned as he rolled onto the mattress beside her.

“It was,” she whispered, hoping he didn’t hear the disappointment in her voice.

She waited until he was asleep before pressing her finger against her clit, finally giving herself some relief.

Lisa debated over which of the new suits she’d bought to wear the next morning. As she stood in front of the mirror in first one, then another, she wished Wade had not rushed off to work before she’d gotten out of the shower. He always seemed to be at work these days. She understood that the beginning of a new semester could be difficult, especially when it was only his third year teaching, but he had an assistant this year, so his load should have lessened. Instead, he was at work longer and always rushing off hours before the students were due in the morning.

As Lisa studied herself in the mirror, adjusting the tight waist of her new tan skirt, she wondered if Wade had lost interest in her. There was once a time when he would get an erection just seeing her waiting for him after a long day. Last night, if it hadn’t been for that frenzied blow job, she suspected he never would have gotten hard.

They had been together a long time. They started dating in high school even though they had known each other practically since they were both in diapers. It was a small town, the place where they both grew up. Everyone knew everyone. And when they started dating, it only seemed inevitable that they would marry one day.

Maybe that was part of the problem.

Lisa studied her own face in the mirror as the memory of Scott’s eyes on her yesterday crossed her mind. Had he found her attractive? She had always thought she was pretty, in a girl next door sort of way. Her eyes were blue, a clear, bright blue that popped whenever she wore dark colors. Her hair was red, but more of a strawberry red than orange. Her skin was pale, so typical of a ginger, but she did not have the host of freckles her poor sister had. Her skin was creamy, free of blemishes.

Lisa stepped back slightly, examining herself with what she hoped was a little detachment. She was a little heavier than she had been in high school, but not much, and she thought the extra pounds added to the softness of her curves. Her breasts were still perky, her nipples so long that sometimes they appeared erect even when they weren’t. She had always thought her breasts were her best feature. But her legs were pretty good too, long and slender. Didn’t guys like legs like hers?

Then why did she feel so undesirable?

Lisa sighed as she slipped out of her jacket and exchanged the stiff, white oxford-style blouse for a sexier pink silk blouse. So what if Wade didn’t get an erection at the sight of her anymore. At least she could feel sexy in her new clothes.

He didn’t know what he was missing.

Despite his boyish grin, Scott was very professional from the very first. He expected perfection and Lisa was determined to meet his standards. In fact, her fear of screwing something up kept her mind off of the way Scott’s mere presence had the power to make her knees grow weak. It wasn’t always easy, however, to keep her mind on the task at hand, especially when he would sit on the corner of his desk, his knees inches from hers, his fingers splayed on his thighs. Sometimes Lisa would grow so lost in the fantasy of feeling those fingers on her inner thighs, she would have to make him repeat whatever he had been saying to her.

That’s exactly what happened one night, Escort a little over a month after she began working for him.

Scott was dictating a letter to a client. It was late and his secretary had already gone home, but Scott needed the letter to go out first thing in the morning. He began the dictation. Lisa heard the ‘Dear Sir’ part and that was about it. Once again, he was perched on the edge of the desk, his legs spread wide, the muscles of his thigh bulging as he supported his weight on the balls of his feet. He leaned forward slightly, his hands splayed on his knees. He had taken off his jacket and tie, his shirt unbuttoned just enough to reveal a soft scattering of curls across his chest.

Lisa found herself staring at his chest, imagining what it would be like to kiss that soft, chocolate skin. There was an ache in her pussy as she imagined the feel of his hands on her naked body as she nibbled at his shoulders, his tiny nipples. Her nipples grew hard and she pressed her thighs tight together, the image so real she could almost feel his cool fingers on her face.

And then…

He was touching her. He had two fingers under her chin and was lifting her face.

“Are you okay, Lisa?”

A blush, hot as fire, spread from her scalp to the top of her breasts. “Sorry,” she mumbled, aware she should pull away from his touch, but somehow unable to do it.

He slid his thumb over the curve of her jaw, coming dangerously close to her mouth. “It’s late,” he said quietly, as quiet as such a deep voice could ever be. “I should let you go home.”

“It’s alright,” she said, embarrassed that she had been unable to keep the eagerness from her voice. “I don’t mind.”

He smiled and it was the ultimate undoing. Lisa couldn’t catch her breath. She could feel the moisture dripping from her pussy, the swelling of her clit pressing hard against the crotch of her thong panties. Her palm physically itched with need, with the want to touch him. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t moved, that she hadn’t made an attempt to touch him. The want was like the basic drive that makes a person seek sustenance. She needed him.

“Don’t you have a husband to go home to?” he asked.

They had discussed their personal lives briefly that first day. He wasn’t married, didn’t have a girlfriend, though he admitted to being on the market. Lisa couldn’t imagine that he had much trouble finding companionship. He seemed disappointed when Lisa told him about Wade. But he was respectful and never really mentioned it again. Until now.

“I suppose,” she said quietly. “If he were there. But I suspect he isn’t.”

“Works long hours, hmm?” He again traced the curve of her jaw with his thumb, his fingers still pressed against her upraised chin. “I thought you said he was a teacher.”

“He is.”

A funny look came into Scott’s eyes as he continued to study her face. “Stupid man,” she thought she heard him say as he slid his thumb over her bottom lip. His hand shook slightly.

Lisa dropped her head, making him cup her chin in his palm. It was a simple touch, an almost friendly touch, but it felt so erotic. Unable to keep her hands to herself a moment longer, she pressed her palms against his knees as he shifted closer to her. He ran his free hand over one of her hands, then up over her wrist, her arm. Again, a simple touch, one that could be interpreted any number of ways, but it made her pussy ache like nothing she had ever felt before.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, his lips so close to hers that she could feel the puff of his breath with each word. “You deserve so much better.”

“Do I?” she asked.

“Yes,” he groaned.

They were so close. If she moved just the slightest bit, if she shifted on her seat, moved her head just a hair in the right direction, their lips would have touched. And she wanted it. She wanted to feel his lips on hers, wanted to feel his hands on her bare skin, wanted to touch his cock and have him slide his fingers into her wet pussy. She wanted it so much that she could almost imagine it had already happened.

But then—

His phone rang. And with it, reality sank back in.

Lisa pulled away and stood, pulling her suit jacket tight against her throbbing nipples. “I should go,” she said before he said a word.

Lisa struggled to keep her mind on her work over the next few weeks. Scott kept her busy enough. She was always rushing to follow him into one meeting after another, making sure he had all the information he needed. It was a difficult job for him, fixing the mistakes and lingering problems of the previous managers.

Lisa could see the strain it was putting on him. A couple of times she walked into his office and found him rubbing his hands roughly over his face or resting his head against the cool glass of his window. He clearly was not as ruthless as some were calling him. Lisa had to practice extreme self-control to keep from touching him in these moments of vulnerability, to keep from rubbing his shoulders or caressing his face. And her self-control was often pushed to its limits when he would look at her during these moments and she could see the need in his eyes, that he wanted her touch as much as she wanted to give it.

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