Teasing Ch. 03

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To those of you who have read the first chapter, I thank you for you comments and your votes. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to continue the story of Erika and Brian, but here it is the third chapter. My opportunities for writing are rare, so I ask for patience on the continuation of Erika’s tale. If any of you have ideas for these two, I am always open to suggestions.


When we arrived, I was surprised, yet again, that we were going first class all the way. Brian had somehow been able to charter a private jet for the trip. Once we settled into our seats, the captain announced that our travel time would be about four hours. Thanks to Brian, my mind stayed occupied the whole time.

About an hour into the flight, Brian’s playful antics and jokes had dwindled as he became serious. Never knowing him to be nervous, or if he ever was he never appeared to be. It was almost comical to watch his nervousness build as he frantically searched one pocket after another, trying to find something that he must have misplaced.

Out of concern I asked, “What’s wrong? What did you lose?” Gazing at him with love and amusement fore I was usually the one to lose something.

Whatever it was, he found it soon enough, letting out a sigh of relief. He turned in his seat to face me, with whatever he had been looking for hidden in the palm of his hand. Taking another deep breath, I was guessing, to gather his courage and maybe to rein in his nerves. Brian’s actions were making my own nerves go haywire. Suddenly, I did not quite know what to do with my hands. Giving up on trying to think of something to do with them, I just decided to lace my fingers together; placing them in my lap and squeezing tight to keep them from shaking. I could tell that Brian was worried; he had a tendency to scratch his chin whenever this was so, but for the life of me, I did not know why. That is until he stared to speak.

“Erika, there’s no real easy way to say this, so I’ll just come right out and say it. But, you have to promise me that you’ll keep an open mind.” This time he waited for my nod before he took a couple of deep breaths and continued. “We… are not… really brother and sister.”

The jumble of emotions that swirled around inside me because of those words was too hard to name as just simple confusion. If given the time to look back on that moment, I still do not think that I could even come close to naming a single one. Having the need to give voice to even a small measure of my feelings, I had to ask, “What do you mean that we are not really brother and sister? We do have the same parents, Lame Brain.”

He apparently knew me better that I thought for he reached over the arm of his seat, pulling onto his lap a black leather briefcase that Brian must have stashed there, out of sight. He must have known that I would need proof, because he opened the briefcase and started pulling out various papers. Like newspaper clippings about a plane crash from years before. Legal documents that I could not have made heads or tails of at the time even if I tried. In addition, there was correspondence from Children and Family Services to Mr. Brian Lander Sr. and Mrs. Jessica Lander, and back again. Finally, he placed in my hands a birth certificate with my name on it and the names of a Mike Jennings and a Sarah Carter.

I looked at all those papers, those documents, and was stunned. I did not know what to say. All I could do was look at Brian, pleading, no begging, with my eyes for an explanation. I knew then that I did not want to hear it, but at the same time, knowing that whatever it was, good or bad, I had to know. I wanted and needed the truth.

He started slow, “The people that you know as your mother and father were actually the best friends and business partners of your birth parents.” He said this while pointing to the birth certificate. “You can see their names were Mike and Sarah Jennings, and before you ask. Yes, they were married. Mom told me that I was even at their wedding, as the ring barer, I think.

“Anyway, when you were about five months old your parents brought you over to our house. From what I discovered, they had to go to New York because of a family emergency. Mom and Dad offered to care for you; I think it was because of your age that Mike and Sarah had decided not to take you along.

“From what Mom and Dad have told me, and the time I took to read through all of this,” indicating the pile papers in my lap, “your parents got to JFK Airport just fine. Mom said that they were suppose to be there for two week, but had finished early. She told them to take the extra time to enjoy the sites, but they would not listen, telling her that they wanted to get home to you. Mom kept urging them to stay until the end of the two week, telling your mother that you were doing just fine. However, Sarah would not even listen, saying that their flight was boarding and she had to go, and that they would bursa escort call again when their plane landed. “

Brian reached over, pulled news clippings from the bottom, and after quickly scanning them, he handed me one that contained a public copy of the crash report. “The F.A.A. said the 46 minutes into the flight there was a short in the electrical system of the starboard wing, caused by faulty wiring. The sparks from the short ignited the plane’s fuel that caused an explosion large enough to break the wing from the body of the plane. The cockpit crew did everything they could to bring the rest of the plane down safely, even though they were fighting a losing battle. When the plane when down, it tumbled end over end, leaving no survivors.”

Tears were rolling, unchecked, down my cheeks while I went through the jumble of papers on my lap. The various news clippings about the initial crash, the investigation, and the memorial services for the victims all confirmed what Brian had told me. Setting those aside, I attempted to read the legal documents and correspondence, but was unable to read any of it through my tears.

Brian gathered me in his arms, not caring that everything fell to the floor or crushed between us. Rocking me back and fourth like his mother always did for me whenever I got overly emotional. “I am sorry that you had to find out like this. But, when looking at you future, there was no other choice.” He held me closer when I tried to pull away. “Dad told me that it wasn’t until a week or two later, when him and Mom were going through your parents’ things, that they found you father’s will.

“I personally have not seen it, but according to Dad, and also Mom, it states that everything, their house, cars, property, their half of the business, all assets were to be left to you in trust till your twenty-first birthday. My father and your parent’s own attorney, Uncle Frank, were named as your trustees. Moreover, neither one would ever want to see anything that is rightfully yours to be taken from you. There was some brief involvement by Children and Family Services, who wanted to put you into a foster home until everything was sorted out. Personally, I think they wanted to get their hands on your inheritance.

“Thanks to Uncle Frank’s fast talking, along with Mom and Dad, the whole issue of foster care was avoided. Thanks also to your father’s will, which also named my parent’s as your legal guardians. Dad said that he was not happy with just being your guardian, so he looked into adopting you. I think your father must have thought of that, because Mom and Dad both wanted a little girl, fore in his will he stated that, in so many words, it was not possible. Your last name was allowed to be changed, but under the terms of your father’s will, you were not to be adopted or you would lose everything. So, Mom and Dad had your last name legally changed to Lander and raised you as their own.”

Staring at the scattered papers without really seeing them, refusing to look at Brian for fear the thin hold I had on my emotions would snap. In a strained voice, I asked, “But why… Why I was not told about this is the question? Why is it that Mama and Papa did not tell me this themselves? Why did they keep this from me?”

“I pose the very same questions to them myself, more or less. The only answers I could get from either of them were that they thought it best not to tell you at the time. Dad said that he wanted you to feel as though you were truly part of a family and not just an outsider. Apparently, Mom tried telling you several times over the years, but when it came right down to it, she just could not make herself do it. Maybe, in her mind, she thought that if she had told you, she might have lost you as a daughter.” He slipped a finger under my chin and gently forced me to look him in the eyes. “Please believe me when I tell you that everything Mom, Dad and Uncle Frank did for you back then it was because of the love they had for Mike and Sarah Jennings.”

Suddenly, memories from my childhood rushed in on me. Memories of this woman, whom I only knew as my mother, always treating me a little better than the way my friends were treated by their own mothers. Memories of the man, whom I loved as a father, when he gave me cookies behind Mom’s back or took me to buy my first pair of high-heeled shoes. More memories rushed in from all different directions so fast that I had to sit back, but Brian would not let go. Trying to put everything he had just told me in order with my memories, I could see the subtle signs and hints that made me see the truth of what he was saying.

I had to find out if I was the only one kept in the dark about all this, “When did you find out about all this? Or, did you know the entire time?”

Brian relaxed enough for me to pull back, and see a shocked expression on his handsome face, “Don’t you think that if I had known all this time I would have told you years ago? I only found out about bursa escort bayan this the summer before last, just after your sixteenth birthday. Mom had called me into Dad’s office where he had been waiting. At first, I thought I had fucked up big time somehow, but then after I was sitting down, at Mom’s urging, they starting telling me the truth and showed me all of this. When I asked them why they were telling me first, and not you, Dad plainly stated that he had been watching us over the years. He said that they both could tell that I have loved you more than just a sister for a long time.”

Looking at him, my heart racing a wild tattoo, trying to figure out what he was trying to tell me… Then it hit me, right between the eyes. This unbelievablely sexy man, whose strong arms were around me, who I believed to be my brother when he really was not? Realizing that he was the same man, who as a boy, wouldn’t stop his teasing and tormenting until I either fought back with violence or retaliated in kind. Seeing him, and myself, in a new light as feelings of joy, wonder, and pure elation bubbled up inside. Not giving Brian any warning, I threw my arms around his shoulders, and gave him a hot, passionate kiss that caused us to slam him back in his seat. I almost could not believe that he all but admitted that he was in love with me. Me. The same girl who, in a fit of jealous rage when I was 14, had put five pounds of mashed up bananas in his shoes before he left his senior prom. Just because I thought, he was in love with his date and not me. I guess I was wrong about him the whole time.

Brian quickly began to respond with a passion that doubled my own. Our tongues wrestled as our mouths open for one another. My body tingled as I felt his hands slide along the clothed skin of my back to my sides where he ran his fingertips up and down, from my underarms to my waist. The massage he was giving my sides made goose bumps raise up all over my body. Without breaking our hot steamy kiss, I pushed the briefcase off his lap onto the floor of the plane, and swung one of my legs over his thighs so that I was straddling him. His hands left my sides, bringing a whimper from deep inside me. Opening my legs wider, I pushed my hip closer to rub my panty and shorts covered pussy on the growing bulge at the front of his trousers.

I pulled my mouth away from his, working my way slowly along his clean-shaven jaw line, swirling my tongue along the smooth skin, over to his ear. My tongue swirled all around his ear until finally I reached his earlobe. Feeling a bit naughty, and wanting to be nasty, well at least as nasty as an inexperienced virgin can get, I flicked the lobe back and fourth with the tip of my tongue. Brian moaned in my own ear as his hands finally cupped my sensitive breasts and started to kneed them toward my hardening nipples that he pinched and rubbed between his thumb and middle finger, tapping my hyper-sensitive nipple tips with his index finger a few time before moving back to the base of my breasts to start again.

The work his hands were doing on my breasts had made my pussy grow wet as I rubbed it faster on his hardening cock. The only thing that I wanted right then was to know what his cock was going to feel like deep inside me. Still sucking and licking on his ear, my arms dropped from his shoulders so that I could start undoing his belt then work on opening his trousers. Needing another taste of his mouth, I let go of his ear and plunged my tongue into his mouth while I pulled on his stubborn belt that refused to come undone.

After fighting with his belt for a few minutes, I broke the kiss and leaned back on his thighs. My breathing was heavy and ragged when I looked at him and said, with a smile, “You’re just going to have to undo you own belt, because my hands are shaking just too much.”

He gave me a small laugh as he smiled at me. Oh, my God! He looked even hotter than before with his lips swollen from our kisses. Putting his large hands on either side of my small waist, he lifted me off his lap as though I weighed nothing at all, and set me down on the seat next to him. Embarrassed at my own behavior and feeling rejected at the same time. Wanting to apologize, I looked up at him, but the words stuck in throat when I saw what he was doing. Brian was no longer in his seat, but rather standing in front of me. Wondering why as I watched him not only undo his belt, but also unzipping the fly of his trousers and undoing the button.

Looking at his face, I saw that his smile was still there but it had changed somehow into something else that, at the time, I was not able to define. “What are you doing Brian?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

In way of answer, he dropped his trousers to the floor and I could see that he had nothing on underneath. My eyes grew wide when I saw his cock. It was just as tanned as the rest of him, because his nude sunbathing, hard and so long that it must have been at least ten inches. Brian escort bursa just stood there, probably waiting to see what I would do. I do not know what came over me at that point, but I reached up and wrapped my slender fingers around his manhood, they did not even touch on the other side. This meant that his cock was a large three inches in diameter.

My friends had told me that they would rub their hands up and down their boyfriends’ cocks to get them hard and make them orgasm. I made up my mind to do the same thing to Brian. Therefore, I slowly moved my hand up and down the full length of his shaft, from the head to the base causing a moan to come from the man I love. Hearing him, I thought I had hurt him and tried to remove my hand, but he stopped me by placing his over mine and directing me to continue.

“Hmmmmmmm, oh, Erika, that feels good.”

His words gave me the courage to try something else my friends had told me. Opening my mouth, I stuck out my tongue and began to lick his cock up and down. I swirled his cock head inside my mouth that brought deeper moans from Brian. I do not know what had come over me at that point, but I just wanted to make him fell good. Therefore, I opened my mouth wider that even I had thought possible before, I pushed my head down along the length of his cock. Now, Jen, my best friend, had told me that she enjoyed to deep throat her boyfriend as often as she could. She had also told me how she was able to do this.

Therefore, again I went by what she had told me to do. I relaxed the muscles of my throat as much as I could and pushed my mouth down the full entire length of Brian’s delicious cock, all the way down to the base. I could tell that Brian really liked this, because once I had pulled my mouth slowly back up his length he grabbed my head with his hands on either side and started to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. Not knowing what else to do, I reached up with both hands to caress his balls for him. This must have really sent him over the edge, because he could only fuck my mouth a few more time before he pushed all the way in and shot load after load of cum down my throat, filling my stomach with hot sperm. His hands had gone limp allowing me to pull my mouth off his now semi-hard cock, tasting his cum as his shaft left my mouth. Moreover, from what I could taste, saying this without any doubt, I love the taste of his spunk.

Not bothering to pull his trousers back up, Brian collapsed onto the seat next to me. His breathing was raspy and heavy when he pulled me to snuggle into his side. “Where did you learn how to do that?” Lifting my chin to look at him, “Please tell me that you haven’t done that to anyone else.”

I could tell that if I told him I had done that to somebody else it would hurt him, so I decided to be truthful, “I’ve never done that to anybody else.” I could feel heat rising to my cheeks. “Jen told me how. She said that she loves doing for her boyfriend and I just thought that you would like it to.” Looking at him and hoping that he really did like it.

He pulled me closer to him for another passionate kiss. Unfortunately, this one was too short. “Let me put it this way.” Grabbing my left hand in his, I watched as he slipped a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring onto my ring finger then lifted my hand to his lips. “I can’t wait till our wedding night, when I can make you mine for the rest of our lives.”

Never in any of my wildest dreams had I ever thought that Brian would ask me to marry him. Granted, it was because I thought we were brother and sister, which turned out to be a wonderful lie. For my own peace of mind, there was something I had to know first. “Mom and Dad told you two years ago, right? Why didn’t you tell me the truth then?”

“That is a very simple answer.” He said as he bent over to grab his pants. “First off, I had a lot of thinking to do. I had to figure out what I wanted for my future. If I wanted you to be a part of it and if so what would that part be? Once I figured out that I wanted you to be a major part of my future, I also realized that I did not want you to be just my sister. I do not think that I could have lived like that. Seeing you all the time and not being able to tell you how I really feel, that I love you more than my own life. I would have died inside. Therefore, I made up my mind to tell you the truth about your past, but I had to wait for the right time. Because I also had to wait until you turned eighteen so that I could also ask you to be my wife. I know that you became an adult three weeks ago, but there was a lot of things that I had to finish with before I could tell you.”

Looking at him skeptically, “What things?”

“Ah, you’re curious I see. But, before I answer that one, you still have an answer to give me.” Standing up so that he could pull up his pants, having them in place along with his belt, he came over to stand in front of me. I sucked in a breath when I saw that he was getting down on one knee right there on the plane. He took my left hand in his, and said, “Erika, will you so me the honor of becoming my bride? I promise that I will love you in everyway you deserve for the rest of our lives. Please, will you marry me?”

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