Teasing Texts, Such a Turn On

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When can I see you? I need to see you. We need to find somewhere we can be alone. There’s so many things I dream about doing with you!

Like what? he said, with a cheeky look that she couldn’t see, yet she could clearly imagine the corners of his lips draw wide into a grin that would be reflected in his dark eyes, she knew his face so well.

Do you really want me to tell you? Now? While you’re at work? she asked, knowing that it was another boundary that once crossed could not be undone, she also worried that the depth of her desire expressed in words might shock or even scare him. Mostly though she hoped her words would arouse him and that it would be hard for him to conceal any physical reaction her words might entice, she wanted to make him hard, harder than he’d ever been, to feel the depths of her desire.

Yes, I’m sure, he said, although the longer than normal pause before he replied made her wonder if he really was ready to hear what she had been fantasising about.

They’d had a few conversations since they found each other again, about sex, what kinds of things they had experimented with over the years and he seemed a little shocked and slightly embarrassed to engage at times with some of her disclosures. She wondered if he was finding it hard to be completely open with her, was he holding back? Was he feeling guilty about their blossoming emotional connection…maybe. Was he wary of her, a little scared of where this could go… probably, but so was she.

They had spent some of the best days together, when they were much younger. Days that held a special place in both their hearts of impulsive sex whenever they felt the need to be close to each other, which was quite often when they were teenagers exploring their love; late night urgent kitchen exploits while parents slept upstairs, slightly uncomfortable car sex in the smallest of mini’s, memories of orange light bathed naked bodies fully entwined, sat in his lap for hours in a slow, soul encompassing love making session that still caused a tightening in her cunt if she took her mind back there. They had experienced the kind of real love she thought was easy to come by in her youthful naivety and presumed was normal for everyone at the time, she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Still he was here again now waiting for her to start writing her reply, not really sure what to expect from this woman he still found a little dangerous and unpredictable at times, yet he had no control over how she was making him feel with just her words. They’d been texting constantly, night and day for weeks now, thousands and thousands of messages hidden Kazan Escort from the rest of the world. He was impressed with her honesty and openness at times, even though he sometimes felt a burn in his cheeks when she described some memories of him in intimate detail. She enjoyed getting this reaction from him, it made her want to push the boundaries further.

I’d like to get you alone, she began, so I can touch you and kiss you and show you everything I’ve been dreaming about doing to you.

I know a house that’s going to be empty soon he said tentatively. We could meet there? Her mind froze for a second, all her fantasies could become reality and that was equally thrilling and terrifying at the same time, especially as the empty house he spoke of was his parents house where they’d spent most of their youthful days fucking almost 30 years ago.

Really she said, when?

Well first I want to know what your plan is? he said with that grin again across his whole gorgeous face. See if it’s worth the effort!

‘Ok, ok’ she played along, the teasing, flirting and expressions of love and desire between them was one of the most thrilling and enjoyable things she had ever experienced, so she was happy to share the innermost workings of her filthy mind with him at any opportunity. She started texting…

We’ll you’ll be there waiting for me, as soon as I step into the hallway you’ll press me against the wall without saying a word and kiss me. Just a soft, breathless, hesitant kiss at first, feeling your way, tasting each other. You’ll catch me with my eyes open trying to absorb every intimate aspect of you and you’ll say something like ‘this I remember, you watching me kiss you!’ Our kisses will become more urgent and we’ll both start to feel the tension and pleasure building all though our bodies.

I’ll use my tongue to trace across your mouth and gently bite your lip, inducing a firmer grip of your hands around my waist pulling me in closer to you. I’ll pull back to study you for a moment, take in the look of desire in your dark eyes, before kissing your neck while searching with my hand to find your hard cock and feel it straining to be released under my fingers. Just that light touch through your jeans would remind us of days when touching each other through our clothes in public places was not uncommon! You would turn me around to face the wall, holding my hands up above my head with your hands linked in mine. You’ll kiss my cheek and neck before releasing one of my hands as you move to cradle my breast and squeeze my erect nipple through the thin Keçiören Escort fabric of my dress. Then you move your hand down between my breasts and place your hand between my thighs. You’d gently start to circle your fingers over the exact spot you remember so well. I’d be starting to lose my mind already by this point! Shall I go on?

She hit send to text him the first instalment, she needed some encouragement to continue, she was also getting a tight aching feeling inside her cunt and a wet pussy from just writing this down for him to read. She placed her left hand between her thighs with the knuckle of her thumb pressed against her clit and rocked slightly back and forth as she waited for his response. God she was so turned on already, just imagine what it would be like for real, she thought.

‘Please go on’ was his reply, I’m enjoying it.

I’d ask you if we could go to the kitchen, you’d willingly comply, taking me by the hand and leading me through the house with so many memories of us. I’d ask for some water with some ice, you’d watch me as I drank, our eyes connected in anticipation. I’d keep an ice cube in my mouth and walk over to you as you leaned back against the counter. Again we’d kiss with the slightly sweet but cold sensation of the ice as I’d run it over my tongue and yours. I’d start to unbutton your jeans as we continued to kiss and release your hard throbbing cock. I’d kneel down before you and start to use my cold tongue to lick your balls, kiss your shaft, lick and taste the tip before taking all of you in my mouth. Your moans of pleasure would make me quiver and throb in places I’d hope you would soon be exploring. I’d start to move back and forward taking the whole length of you, balls deep down my throat, while using my finger to trace a path from your arse to your balls, cupping and gently squeezing your balls as I continued to suck you.

Are you enjoying this?? Because I am enjoying writing it a little too much and it’s getting hard to type with just one hand, my other hands getting quite busy!

She hit send and took the brief pause as an opportunity to sink her fingers inside her now very wet pussy and touch herself with urgency and harder pressure, she needed to cum to release this now almost overwhelming tension, but before she could continue his response distracted her..

Are you really touching yourself? My cock is standing to attention and I can’t leave the reception desk now! Please continue.

Can you touch yourself under the desk? she said.

No, i can’t! There’s people here around me. But I may Kızılay Escort have to go to the bathroom shortly and relive the pressure.

She felt exhilarated knowing he was getting turned on at the thought of her touching herself while thinking of him. She slid her fingers inside her dripping wet cunt and used her thumb to massage her clit at the same time, the familiar building of pleasure, the pulsating feeling of expectation throughout her body, involuntary movement of her hips rising off the bed, searching for more, one hand moved over her breast and started to pull and squeeze her hard nipple sending a further shockwave straight to her pussy. STOP! Don’t cum yet, she somehow managed to stop and refocus on getting him to a similar spot before she allowed herself to explode.

Ok, she said. Let’s continue, but I want every detail when you wank yourself off once I’m done! Where were we… oh yes balls deep down my throat in your old kitchen.

I sense from your moans and shallow breath that you’re getting close so I slow it right down, just using my tongue, keeping you on the verge for a while longer. Knowing you’ll find the will to stop me before it’s too late.

You pull away from me and pull me up into your arms. Briefly tasting the saltiness on my lips. You move us around and motion for me to sit on the worktop. I eagerly comply removing my clothing as I sit open legged before you. You look deep into my eyes as you move your fingers inside me, you can’t believe how wet I am, how tight I feel, how strongly I’m convulsing, how loudly I’m moaning and shaking and begging you to give it to me. You need to feel me too, your cock fits perfectly just like it always did, we start to move together in unison, it feels fucking amazing, no thoughts enter our heads, our bodies vessels for pleasure only, building excitement whilst satisfying a need to be this close to you for so long.

As she typed the last line and simultaneously stepped up the speed of her fingers fucking herself he knew she’s reached the point of no return. She just managed to type…Darren I’m coming….

She slipped into pure ecstasy, better than any drug, her throbbing convulsing orgasm so strong and powerful she almost lost consciousness.

He was done with sitting at his desk, he needed some relief from this, had she really just made herself come while talking to him, it had turned him on so much. He walked into a toilet cubicle and immediately released his cock.

You still there he said? I’m going to cum for you in about 30 seconds after how much you’ve turned me on. He grasped his cock and started to move his hand vigorously, this was no time for messing around. As predicted he came so hard as his mind and body exploded in thoughts of her.

Maybe we shouldn’t discuss things like this when I’m at work he said! You’ll just have to wait till we can put all your thoughts into practice, for real next time, and I can’t fucking wait!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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