Teija Takes Me

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Shout out to the Aussies who said “it couldn’t happen here” then watched our elections go ‘tits up’, as we like to say!


We were sitting on the back veranda of the house, facing the garden. It was just the two of us, at a pause in the conversations. In the darkness not far away, someone had put fresh wood in the brazier and the flames were leaping into the night sky. We could feel the warmth from where we were sitting. Even with the fire, the warmth, and alcohol, the mood was low.

Teija sat beside me, shaking her head. “How could we lose? How could we lose so badly?” She shuddered with anger, despair, the cold, or all three.

There had been a general election. The conservatives have been in power for six years, Six years of fighting over leadership, destructive incompetence, even corruption. Now surely, it was time for the progressives to take over, restore order and actually face the challenges of the future.

The progressives had lost resoundingly. A mixture of dirty tricks by the government, vicious attacks by conservative media and people’s fear of the future had ruined them. This party was meant to be a victory party. It wasn’t even a wake.

“It’s the end of the Great Barrier Reef. The inland rivers. Penalty rates. Affordable housing. Renewable energy. Hell, we may not even get electric cars.”

I smiled to myself. Teija, pronounced Taya, was an old friend, with a big heart and a strong conscience. A year out from school, she had gone from “concerned” to “full-scale eco warrior”. Her city friends were that, even more than her. Since I came off a farm, they were very suspicious of me. But Teija, credit to her, always defended me.

The fact is, farmers are actually greenies, though they’ll never admit it. It’s obvious really, they have to have healthy soil and good water, they have to be sustainable or they go broke (even faster than they do anyway). They have to conserve the land, so that makes them kind of conservationists. They’re actually in opposition to the conservative political parties. Their party, the Country Party, was now called the Nationals and always supported The big miners or agribusiness over the family farmers these days.

Anyhow, this party was made up of Teija’s green/progressive friends and she had made a point of inviting me. Shame it was so miserable.

I poured some more champagne into our plastic cups. It was called ‘Saint Louis’ and I thought it would be funny to drink champagne named after a French king on this election night. It was a bad idea and terrible champagne.

Teija shuddered again. Hunched against the cold, she grabbed my hand. Her hand was quite cold to touch and instinctively I took it in both of mine to warm it up. She leant against me, for warmth and maybe for comfort. With a start I realised she was weeping softly. I wasn’t sure, but it seemed right to put my arm around her shoulders. I could feel her unsteady breathing

This was new territory. We had grown up together, shared baths as little kids, chucked cowpats at each other, romped in haysheds, helped each other with cuts and grazes… but never felt (or wanted) to get closer. Except for one time, about two years ago…

Opposite our farm there was an old, empty farmhouse. It was fairly close to the road, while we were set back a short way. The land had been sold off and there was just the house, a few sheds and mature trees in a “home paddock”. Around the start of primary school, Teija’s family moved in. Things changed.

There was lots of activity. Odd deliveries came by post and in trucks (often we would get them because none of the drivers even knew the other house). Funny music played, which I later found out was a cello. And this girl with long, white-blonde hair, a bit older than me and younger than my sister, played out the front, all the time.

We rode our bikes down and watched from behind some trees. When we got a bit bolder we rode down to our gate. Immediately she called us over and brought us into the game as if we’d been doing it for years. It was so natural, we just joined in. And that’s how it stayed.

My sister was pretty knockabout but Teija was next level. If she fell out of a tree or off her bike and scratched herself she would ignore it. If it was bad enough she would flatly deny she was hurt. She wasn’t reckless, she just didn’t let anything stop her.

The other thing was her speech. She spoke perfect, almost posh English with us, but the first time her mum called her we just stopped & stared. Her voice went up and down, a bit like someone was telling you a tune – “doo dee daw de doo de daw” and Teija answered with her own tune – “daww, diddidy daw”.

we later learnt it was Swedish. If you want an idea of how it sounded, think of the Swedish chef on The Muppets. Ataşehir Escort It’s surprisingly accurate.

As we grew up, we kept playing together. Teija stayed very determined. We got to our teens and became awkward: we grew hair in odd places on our bodies and had crazy thoughts. Teija’s voice deepened and her teeth started to stick out. She smiled less, but when she did her face still lit up. When there was just the three of us she relaxed, we all laughed as she made up her cheeky stories, just like in the old times.

Then, two years ago, late one afternoon, we were at our house, getting ready for a party. Teija was changing in my sister’s bedroom. I walked past the open door, thinking about nothing much, when I noticed her. She had obviously just pulled a t-shirt up and over her head. Her eyes were closed and she was shaking her hair as she brought her arms down in a graceful arc. With no bra on I could see her perfect pair of boobs as they settled on her chest. They had small brown nipples and a gently curving crease under each one. They seemed to perfectly match her slim frame and thin arms. I could imagine carefully cupping each one in my hand. It was a view I’ll never forget.

My dick was rock hard in a second. I stole away, hoping she hadn’t seen me. I went straight to the bathroom and jerked off a huge load – at sixteen my dick seemed ready 24/7 and didn’t disappoint.

Afterwards I felt slightly guilty. I didn’t want to spoil the fantastic friendship the three of us had. I knew it had changed, that it wasn’t as easy as it used to be and “growing up” was part of it. I told myself not to think about it when I had my sexual fantasies – which also seemed to be 24/7. I was nearly successful. I thought about all sorts of girls and women when I jerked off, but I managed to leave Teija out most of the time.

Now here she was snuggling up to me. On the night of a terrible election.

She had responded to my arm by snuggling in closer, her face against my chest. Then she looked up at me. I looked down at her. I knew what was going to happen.

We kissed. Gently, carefully. She tasted of wine, but sweeter.

She paused. “I’ve wanted to do that a long, long time.” she whispered.

“Well, let’s do it again.” I heard myself saying.

She sat up more and kissed me more forcefully, exploring with her tongue. I felt a rush of pleasurable tingles to funny corners of my body. Then I realised her hand was in my lap, possibly feeling for my dick. I was startled.


She gave me a naughty smile. “Oh, I know what’s there! I’ve seen it before!” It was hard and pretty easy to find now. She traced its length with her fingers.

“Seen it before? Mine??”

“I’ve wanted to do this too. I’ve wanted it for a long time, now I need it.”

“Tay, what the hell do you mean?” But I knew.

She didn’t answer, but stood up and dragged me to my feet. She led me into the house.

Past the kitchen and down the hall, nothing looked familiar to me any more, but Teija seemed to know where she was going. We found ourselves in a bedroom, I guessed a boy’s, going by the straightforward decoration and minimal effort at tidying up. Teija led me in and closed the door. She sat me on the edge of the bed and stared at me. I couldn’t work out what she was thinking. I couldn’t even work out what I was thinking.

Still staring at me, she unzipped her puffer jacket. The party noises, the talking mixed with the TV election coverage, seemed to disappear and all I heard was the rustle of her jacket falling. She peeled off a thin, close-fitting jumper, which lifted her breasts up and down again. I got another jolt of memory of that afternoon.

Then she sat in my lap.

I was totally stunned. Hell, I was attracted to her, with her fierce ways and that toothy smile and the thick blonde hair, now worn in kind of fuzzy, almost-dreadlocky strands, but this was far outside what I was expecting. Or was it?

Teija looked concerned for a second. I’m sure my face was priceless and she would have wondered. She might have been worrying she was too heavy. Considering her slimness and my solid build from all the farmwork and the sport I played, the thought made me smile. I even put my hands on her hips. They were as slim as her shoulders.

She settled on one of my legs. I could feel her pelvic bones – and her warmth through two layers of jeans. She rocked gently

Then, in one movement, she took the edges of her top and easily pulled the whole thing up and over her head. It was another echo of the action I’d seen years ago, with the sight of her pale skin added. She unclipped her bra and smoothly shook it off her shoulders. Once more I was looking (much, much more closely this time) at her perfect little round Anadolu Yakası Escort boobs.

Their curve and the crease underneath were exactly as I remembered them; this close I could see the fine hairs covering them. I took in the tiny wrinkles in her areoles and the round buttons of her nipples. I couldn’t stop staring.

“Touch.” Teija said softly.

I was already touching her hips, so I ran my hands up her sides and around to her boobs. She gasped as my hands stroked her skin and sucked in another breath when I put a hand on each nipple.

I stroked gently, rolling the nipples in my fingers, feeling them harden. I noticed the sweet smell of her skin. I hefted each breast and marvelled at how well they filled my hand, small as they were.

Teija looked down on me with a faint smile. She began rocking on my leg. After a brief time I noticed her hand had gone down inside her pants. I could just make out her fingers playing in there, as she set up a regular rocking, accompanied by little grunts.

So we sat on the end of the bed, I kissed and played with her perfect breasts while she played with herself. We set up a rhythm of her stroking and holding her breath, me squeezing and kneading the soft flesh. In its way, it was perfect.

It happened quite unexpectedly. Teija was getting gradually more forceful, she was gripping my shoulder and pushing hard on my leg. I had a brief thought of, where is this going, ‘coz I’ll need to- when suddenly she froze, hand clutching my neck, her abdomen sucked in as she curled over. The hand down her front rubbed madly, then stopped…

“Uhhhhhhhh!” She let out a long-held breath. She sat tall and proud on me, those beautiful breasts pointing outwards, then she slumped forward, hugging me and resting her head on me. Her skin was warm and slightly clammy, with tiny shivers rising and falling in her.

I was in a crazy whirl of emotions. This was in fact the first orgasm not my own, that I’d ever witnessed. The fact I had partly caused it, to one of my best friends ever, just heightened everything. I hugged Teija closely and buried my face in her hair. I listened to her breathing as it gradually slowed – with my arms crossed at her back I could also feel her ribs moving under my fingers. I felt every little movement of her slim body. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

Presently she looked up. “Mmm, yes, very good!” she said with a smile. She kissed me deeply. “Thank you! But now I need you inside me.” She kissed me again and started to get off my leg.

Now I was in trouble. “Err, Tay, umm, I haven’t, y’know…”

She took my face in her hands and kissed my nose. “Silly boy, I know! It’s alright.”

It’s alright? And, you know?? What? How? I was confused, but Teija had already taken her shoes off and was undoing her jeans.

Again, all I could do was stare as she wriggled out of her jeans, exposing her long, thin legs. She wore simple black briefs underneath. She paused and stared at me again, then slowly slid them down. I was seeing a pussy for the first time.

Well, I had seen lots already, in every position, thanks to my friend the Internet. I had jerked off to a huge range of beauties of many shapes and sizes, but now a real one, with real lips and a real scent was in front of me, almost at eye level.

It must have been obvious, I was a virgin. Of course I had wanted to do something about this for years, but school, isolation on a farm, possibly mucking around with Teija so much had meant… not much to report. Now my best friend was about to be my first time.

Teija’s pussy still had its natural hairs, which were just a darker shade than the hair on her head. I wasn’t surprised she hadn’t followed the trend of shaving and I loved her the more for it. I could see generous pussy lips in the hairs, and protruding out was a thin fleshy line of something between the lips. The inner lips, I guessed. Her scent was striking, pulling my attention to her. She was so thin, I was the one concerned if I might be too heavy for her.

She got down to business, pulling off my boots and undoing my jeans. Hurriedly I stripped off my shirt and t-shirt, stood up and got rid of the pants and undies. There was my dick, a bit softer now, in my thick pubic hairs. Teija stared at it almost with hunger in her eyes. She pushed me so i was sitting back on the bed. She knelt down in front of me and spread my legs.

My dick was only half-aroused through all this (I was too overcome with everything, I think), but Teija’s soft fingers on my shaft brought it hard and upright, and suddenly close to orgasm. She kissed the top of my dick, Then she must have seen the anxiety on my face.

“Just relax and enjoy. Whatever happens will be good.” she soothed. Kartal Escort I felt a little better, but surprised she knew so much about taking care of virgins.

I didn’t have much time to wonder. She sat on my lap, put her arms around me and kissed me deeply. A tenderness towards her surged through me, focusing me away from my uncertainties. She looked at me, absently this time as she put her hands down between her legs. I felt her fingertips on my rod, warm wet folds of skin, then a soft, wet gripping, sliding in… Teija literally settled onto my dick, an easy smile on her face, almost laughing at my expression.

I admit I was completely startled. I was in a jumble of feelings, my dick moving inside Teija as she rocked and rolled her hips on me, the warmth and weight of a real woman on my lap, my feelings for my best friend as she came down hard on my shaft, making those beautiful breasts jiggle. Her eyes were closed and it seemed to me she was concentrating on the feeling of me inside her.

Me inside her.

This was sex. This was making love. It wasn’t anything like the videos I watched on the Internet. It swallowed me up, it took over every sense. My feet felt the floor as Teija rocked on my thighs. My hands felt her rolling hips, or went up to fondle her breasts. My shoulders felt her nails digging into the skin.

Something poured out of me. A connection to her, a desire to arouse and give her pleasure, a love.

Again, it happened fairly unexpectedly. Teija was making a wonderful wet mess of my lap, concentrating shut-eyed on our thrusting or giving me lazy smiles, when I felt that familiar hardening rush building up. She must have felt or seen something in me because she sped up her actions. Suddenly I was tensed rigid, semen pouring out of me deep into her. She stopped and sat there, with the faraway look again.

I shuddered once or twice more, feeling the energy leave me. I couldn’t shift, struggled to breathe. Teija settled herself on me and I felt her weight on my hips. I looked up into her now calm face and felt the closeness even stronger. She gave me a little kiss on my damp forehead.

“Hmm, that felt like a lot! It will be quite messy when I get up!” She smiled at me.

“Oh Tay, I don’t want you to move, ever. I know I can’t.”

“Well, we’re going to be missed soon. And I know a lot of you boys have a thing about getting wet and sticky, but many of us girls are not nearly so keen. So…”

She slid backwards on my lap and my dick made the faintest flopping sound as it fell out of her. She sat a moment, then rolled her hips back to show me her hairy pussy, slick with fluids. With a naughty smile on her face, she reached down and pushed a few fingers into her vagina. It was incredibly arousing – except I couldn’t react to anything by then.

She brought her fingers out, laden with her cum and mine, and smeared it on my skin, wiping off the last bits in my chest hairs. Then she easily swung off me and simply got dressed.

I struggled to follow. I had funny, pleasurable twinges and aches and really, I just wanted to sit there reliving what had just happened. Teija threw my underpants in my face.

“Get dressed and we’ll work out when we’re doing this next – that was too good to have it just once!” She gave me the naughty smile again. “I can’t believe it’s taken me two years to fuck you…”

“Two years?? What’re you taking about, Tay?”

“That day you walked past the bedroom. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about! I was feeling crazy. I wanted you to touch me so badly, yet you barely stopped as you went past.”

“You had your eyes closed. How did you- “

Teija laughed. “You are a silly boy, Of course I Knew you were there! You walk like your father and it’s easy to hear you coming, both of you. I hadn’t set it up, but it seemed like such a good chance…” Her voice dropped slightly. “I thought a lot about that moment.”

“So did I.”

“You walked past. That was hard. Weren’t you interested? Am I not attractive? Am I too thin? Boobs too small and teeth too big? What should I- wait, what did you say?”

“‘So did I.’ Think about it. A lot.”

Teija’s uncertain look started to turn into that smile that lit up her face.

“I thought about your perfect boobs and that beautiful, skinny body. Oh yeah, I kept that thought. A lot. But I thought, fuck, she’s such a good friend, do NOT stuff it up by making a move on her!”

“You thought… well, I am a silly girl! I should have spoken, yes? I was never afraid to speak about anything… except my attractiveness. Then I was mute.” She laughed again.

“Just think, if you had stopped back then, if I had been braver. We could have been having sex for two years!”

I must have looked shocked, because she came over and kissed me deeply. In a way that said, we’ll do this again. I felt that surge of my love for her again.

“For two years. But at least I’ve had sex with your sister in that time.”


I must have looked shocked, but this time she laughed.

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