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I pushed myself away from the desktop and stretched my arms. I’d reached my favorite part of the day. I always made it a little challenge to see how much free time I could leave myself after all my work was done. Glancing at the time displayed at the lower right hand corner of the screen, I was pleasantly surprised. Usually I finished with about a half hour to spare before Claire got home. Of course, working from home, this was the only true cut off point I had. Technically I was finished whenever I decided.

Everything was wrapped up a full hour before my wife was due home from her job. The video call with the new clients had gone way better than I could have hoped. The company reps easily adapted to the software they’d bought from us, and it took minimal effort to show them the ropes. This freed up so much time for me to work on the bugs of another program, which I’d made great progress on.

I stood from my computer chair and stretched to my full height. It felt like I hadn’t moved all day. That was ridiculous. I’d gone downstairs to the kitchen about a dozen times. Working from home certainly had its perks. I silently hoped it wouldn’t turn me into a vegetable. The thought made me glance toward the blinds at the window. They were shut like always, reducing the glare in the room. I walked over and opened them.

The brilliant afternoon sun spilled into the room. I lifted the blinds fully to have a look. Looking out into the gorgeous day from the second story, I could not only see across my own back yard below, but into the other yards near mine. Harvey’s pool in the yard behind mine was visible over the short fence that separated our properties. The guy had often joked that we should just take the fence down so that it’d make our cookouts easier. Staring at the crystal clear water of his pool, the sentiment was starting to look more appealing.

I had some time to myself. I considered going outside, or going for a short run. Exercise sounded like work, and I knew I’d find something to tinker with or fix out in the yard. Staring up at the clear blue skies above the rooftops around my house, I suddenly got an idea.

Crossing the room, I began digging through the closet in the corner. Piling a stack of computer parts and recording equipment to the side, I found what I was looking for. I carefully set the large black bag on the floor in my office and set to work. It had been months, but I soon remembered which pieces went where.

It only took about fifteen minutes or so before I had the telescope built and mounted on its tripod in front of the window. There were about a dozen different eyepieces or lenses that I glanced over one by one in my hand, remembering which had been the most useful in the past.

Glancing out into the neighborhood, I decided to give the telescope a little test run. I wanted everything to be set for later when it got dark. Surely the skies would remain clear. I didn’t want to waste time getting things set. Loosening this knob and turning that one, I was able to guide the body of the telescope downward.

Peering through the finder scope, I guided my eye across the blurred colors below. I swapped eyepieces until I was able to focus in on the fence in my back yard. A bluejay was sitting on the top of the fence. I hurried to adjust my knobs until I could bring it into a more detailed view. Sadly it flew away just as I got the tedious settings right.

For a while I entertained myself trying to see how far away I could view something in detail. A flower across the road in front of Pam and Harvey’s place. A distant license plate down the road. It wasn’t the fanciest equipment, but I was still amazed at what I could see.

Removing my eye for a second, I spotted a woman jogging down the road on the street beyond my neighbors behind my house. I pondered for a second, knowing my telescope would be useless on a moving target like that beauty. When the woman stopped running, I went into action. She was detaching her phone from an elastic strap of some kind on her arm. I used the time to zero in on her.

With no regard to who might spot me at my perch, I focused in on the young woman. Though somewhat shaky, the image was very clear. She soundlessly adjusted her earphones and swiped through the screen in her hand. I watched her chest heave beneath her tight sports bra. Part of her midsection was bare. I could see how her skin glistened with sweat. The fact that I could see her in such detail while she was oblivious to my watching eyes gave me a tiny thrill that wriggled through me. It was slightly uncomfortable, but scratched some hidden itch deep down.

Just like that she was running again. I wished it didn’t take so long to get set. Maybe I needed binoculars, I thought, scoffing at myself. I glanced toward Pam and Harvey’s house just behind mine. A dirty thought began to coil inside my head. My eyes darted about, but I saw no one around at any other neighboring houses.

Why not? Pam was quite an attractive lady for her age. I knew kırşehir escort bayan that she was normally at work at that hour, but it wasn’t out of the ordinary for her to take a day off or come home early from time to time. From my vantage point, I couldn’t see my neighbor’s driveway to see if there were cars parked there.

Before I could talk myself out of it, I was tilting the telescope toward Pam and Harvey’s house. It was highly unlikely I’d see anything anyway. And even if I did spot her? Pam would probably just be passing by a window carrying out some mundane chore. The thought of watching her still enticed that dark little thrill inside me.

With the finder scope, I scanned windows at the back of my neighbors’ home. I saw no signs of life. I could just tell there were a few lights on inside, but that meant nothing. I panned downward toward the patio, and the covered porch that also served as a balcony on the second story of their house. I wished that I could have seen Pam lying out on one of those long beach chairs. I made a mental note to remember my telescope for the days that happened. I’d peeked from the window before, but not like this.

My sights ascended as I guided the scope toward the balcony and the set of double doors that I knew led to Pam and Harvey’s master bedroom.

They were open.

I froze when I saw the open threshold. For a second I removed my eye from the glass to peer across at the neighboring house to be sure of what I was seeing. Without a doubt, the double doors were both wide open. Had they been open before? No. They couldn’t have. I’d have noticed.

I worked to focus my lens on the open doorway. Even through the afternoon sunlight, I could make out the furniture in the room. I saw a tall dresser against the wall. There was the foot of Pam and Harvey’s sprawling bed. I’d seen all this before at a glance. I’d been in the house many times after all. But knowing I could now peek into my neighbors’ private quarters like this was exciting on some dark level.

I could see the door leading to the bathroom. Yes. Just to the side of the dresser beyond the bed was another door. At first I thought maybe it was the door to the hall, but I could see the room was illuminated within. That bright white glow was unmistakable.

Frustrated that wasn’t quite able to get everything in frame in exquisite detail, I fumbled for another eyepiece and installed it. Readjusting, I carefully drew the scene into clarity before me. I was amazed at how much I could actually see inside the bedroom.

My pulse was beginning to race. I became increasingly aware that I just might see her in that room. The bathroom light was on. Sure they could have left the balcony doors open. That actually made sense for either Pam or Harvey, they were so carefree like that. All of my focus was on that bathroom door. Someone was home. Someone was in there. I might be able to see them. I stood hardly breathing, trying to steady my view into the eyepiece. It seemed like forever passed. Still I watched.

My patience paid off. The bathroom door opened. White light that filled the threshold shone brightly then was switched off. A body moved into the bedroom.

Harvey. The older man left the bathroom and walked over toward the dresser.

Harvey was completely naked.

For an instant I felt the need to pull away. But I didn’t. Something kept my eye fixed on the image in the lenses. I was in my office. I was inside my house. No one was watching me. No one could see me. Not even in that moment could I explain it to myself. I was able to watch this guy without anyone noticing. And because I could… I did.

Maybe it was the shocking sight of Harvey’s nude form right before my widened eye. The guy was old enough to be my father, and he looked to be in better shape than I’d ever been. He was busy with something at the dresser and was facing away from me. This gave me several moments to trace the hard curves of his broad shoulders down the slopes of his back. Though I could see the the slightest evidence of time and gravity attempting to pull his skin down, the man was so toned that it drew his tan skin tight.

I’d not stared at many naked men before, but Harvey had to have the most bulbous ass I’d ever seen on a guy. Though his hips were square, I could see how much his thick ass cheeks bulged from his body. A solid dark line carved its way down and split at his hairy thighs.

Gawking at that region on this man made me shudder. And why? Was I repulsed? Or wasn’t I? It felt even more intense than spying on the jogger moments earlier. Why? The feeling I had… I was not supposed to be looking. That feeling doubled now. It seemed so much more forbidden.

Harvey turned around and took a few steps toward the door, toward me. I saw his familiar face, framed by his neatly trimmed beard. In an instant my gaze had darted down his body and back up again. Harvey’s broad chest was covered by a mat of dark hair. The way his body escort kırşehir hair accented every curving line of the older man’s body was incredible. Darkened lines blurred into one another across his upper body, his hard stomach and… downward…

A deep nest of black hair wasn’t enough to hide it. With each wandering step Harvey took, his dangling cock would wobble. Something twisted up inside me. It was like I knew… his was better? Not that it was any bigger, but Harvey’s dick seemed to hang freely. It didn’t hide or shrivel. A set of bushy balls drooped right behind the thing. The man’s flesh seemed so raw and swollen with power.

I blinked and pulled away. I couldn’t get it out of my head. What was I doing? Was I really staring at Harvey? How would I ever speak to him again or have dinner with him? Even as the worries collided in my head, I was still seeing it.

My eye lowered to the telescope again.

There was Harvey. I drank in his form bit by bit. His tan skin, his body hair, the rugged lines that would draw across his body as he moved, it was all to much to take in. Much of the time my eye was pulled down by the gravity of the man’s crotch. I couldn’t stop staring at the appendage hanging between his thighs. I could practically see its girth. My hands developed a sort of phantom sense, knowing just how it would feel to touch it…

Blinking several times, I became aware that Harvey was dabbing something around his neck. Cologne, probably. I watched him set the bottle down somewhere that I couldn’t see. He reached for something else before vigorously rubbing his hands together.


The sound fell out of my mouth when I saw what he was doing. As casually as one could, Harvey was rubbing some sort of lotion down his chest and across the ripples of hard flesh at his stomach. Those hands worked in circles, kneading his flesh and spreading the lotion further down.

I knew it was happening but my eye widened even more in front of the eyepiece. Harvey’s two big hands slid down between his legs. He cupped his balls and slid them about in his fingers. I watched breathless as his flaccid cock flopped upward before being sucked down into the man’s tight fist.

I felt something stirring in my shorts. I had to feel it with my hand to be sure. My own dick was beginning to grow one heartbeat at a time, and my pulse was pounding away. Absently I rubbed it through my shorts while I watched Harvey. I was distantly aware that while Harvey lotioned his cock, I was following along. I couldn’t help it. I was in a trance. The older man was tugging his entire shaft through his hands now. His big balls bounced with each step he took toward the double doors.

He was walking. My eye darted up and I froze.

Harvey was staring right at me.

For several seconds I couldn’t breathe. Harvey had stepped into the double doors at the balcony, all but lit by the waning afternoon sunlight. His hands still roiled at his waist. But the man was staring right ahead. It was like we were making eye contact.

We were. I could see his eyes. A grin began to form on his face.

I stood up and stepped back. My hand fell away from my shorts. I could still feel my dick straining against my underwear. I stared out the window in silence. I prayed Harvey hadn’t seen me. Surely he hadn’t. He couldn’t. If so, how long had it been? How long had I been staring before I noticed he’d seen me? I glanced at the telescope. I couldn’t see his expression clearly from here. It still looked as though he were staring at my window. Maybe not. Did I dare look?

From where I stood, I could still see him. The horrifying realization that he could still see me splashed over me like ice water. I fumbled to close the blinds. Backing away from the window, I tried to get a grip. I tried to tell myself he hadn’t noticed. What the hell was I thinking? Of course he could see me. It was broad daylight. God the way he walked forward… toward me… He saw me. He knew.

My phone buzzed loudly from my desk and a sharp chime filled the air. My heartbeat fell back into place after skipping several beats. A text message. It was probably my boss, Jordan. Or maybe Claire. With a cautious glance at the window, I moved toward the desk. It felt like I was still being watched. How ironic. But the blinds were down again. I was alone.

Picking up my phone, I glanced at the screen and froze.


See you tonight.

“Todd? You still upstairs?”

I snapped upright at the voice. Claire. She was home. I hadn’t even heard her come in. The phone had nearly dropped from my hand.

“Uh, y-yeah!” I called toward the hallway.

“When you get a chance, could you come help me with something?” My wife yelled back.

Even though I could hear that Claire was clearly downstairs, my eyes darted from the hallway to my window as if I expected her to suddenly appear at the door. I took a cautious peek through the blinds at the balcony across the kırşehir escort way. I let out a shuddering breath of relief. Harvey wasn’t there at his bedroom doors anymore.

I took a minute to let my breathing normalize. My body felt like it was stuck between worlds. My head still couldn’t piece it together. That text message. What did that mean? What exactly was he planning? I imagined peering through the telescope in the darkness…

I couldn’t keep Claire waiting. Her voice had been a sobering sound. I didn’t want her to come up to the office. If she opened the blinds… if Harvey stepped back out onto the balcony… ugh. How awkward. Making double sure that my shorts weren’t sticking out in front, I made my way into the hall and down the stairs.

Claire was in the kitchen. Normally, I would have greeted her with a kiss. Something about that felt… wrong, somehow, after what I’d seen. Why?

My wife glanced away from the open refrigerator and gave me a smile.

“Hey, sorry,” Claire said. “Still working?”

I shook my head. “Ah, no actually. Got done pretty early. I was, uh, setting up the telescope. Supposed to be really clear tonight.”

It wasn’t a lie. And I didn’t want to have to answer the question later.

Claire scrunched up her face. “Do you think it could wait until tomorrow?”

I shrugged trying to act normal.

“Sure,” I replied. “You thinking about takeout tonight or something?”

Claire shook her head. “Pam invited us to dinner tonight.”

It hit me like a punch in the chest.

“They’re making some kind of shrimp kebabs,” she went on, “and I want to bring something but I can’t figure out what. But I would feel bad eating their food and not at least making anything.”

“O-oh… next door?” I stammered.

“Yeah, I thought I texted you but I forgot,” Claire went on. She was scanning the contents of the fridge in thought. “I ran into Pam at lunch today. She offered and I told her we would. I hope that’s okay.”

“Yeah, that sounds great,” I said swallowing hard. “Plenty of other nights to see stuff.”

I stopped talking before I started stuttering. This seemed like any other visit. We ate dinner with Harvey and Pam all the time. We’d become pretty good friends despite our age difference. Any other night I’d have been thrilled.

But I’d just been caught by Harvey watching him lotion his body… his cock.

“Any ideas?” Claire asked, looking at me.

I chased the images away and tried to act like any other time.

“Uh, well, if I know Pam she’s going to scold you for bringing something anyway,” I told her.

Claire smiled and shook her head.

“I know,” she said. “Maybe it’s for the better. I can’t think of anything. She’ll probably just talk my head off most of the time while Harvey shows you how to work the meat.”


It was the longest shower I’d taken. Claire was changing clothes. I’d decided to clean up, but all I could do was let the water wash over me while I stared at the wall. What was I going to say? What if Harvey brought it up? In front of everyone? I knew my brain was just trying to eat me alive. It was so incredibly strange standing there in the shower without even touching myself, but watching my dick nod and grow. I attempted to bury it away, but I knew exactly why. And I couldn’t shake it.

Claire and I had walked over through the back yard just as the sun was setting. To my utter surprise, Harvey didn’t even so much as look at me funny. Nor did Pam seem to act like anything was amiss. The four of us chatted like old friends. Claire and Pam discussed details about an upcoming vacation our neighbors were taking. Meanwhile, I stood stiff and unsure beside the grill listening to Harvey talk about cuisines from different places he’d traveled to.

I found it difficult to offer much in our conversation. It was so odd. After what I had seen, I was expecting… something. Yet Harvey simply busied himself at the grill and chatted up a storm. I tried not to look at him. Of course I failed. I caught myself eyeing the neckline of his t-shirt. I could see his tight leathery skin there, and just a hint of his chest hair. My mind put together the rest of the images. I batted the thoughts away before Harvey caught me staring.

Still, Harvey gave no hint that he’d seen me spying on him earlier that day.

I began to think that maybe I hadn’t been spotted at the window after all. Harvey seemed oblivious. Several times the ladies had gone inside our neighbors’ house and left Harvey and I alone. Each time I braced for the older man to broach the subject of what I’d seen at my telescope. He never did.

I remembered his text message. See you tonight. Of course it made sense that he knew about the dinner. He had been showering and getting ready. It was all fitting into place. Maybe I really was being paranoid.

None of it explained the grin though.

We ate our meal outside on the patio near the swimming pool. As the night wore on, I grew more relaxed. If nothing had been said by that point, I probably had little to worry about. Of course the couple of wine bottles that Harvey had fetched made things easier. I lounged with my arm around Claire on the patio sofa feeling warm and pleasantly dizzy. The casual banter went on for some time until my wife rose from her seat.

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