Temporary Maid

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George walked out of his office and down the hall, heading for the kitchen for a snack. At least that was his intention. What he actually did was walk out of his office and stand still, admiring a pair of long shapely legs, topped by a deliciously rounded little bottom clad in a pair of lacy knickers. He assumed that the legs and bottom probably had the rest of a female torso to go with them, but he didn’t mind admiring what he could see for a while.

Whoever it was, she appeared to be trying to fish something out from behind the side-table and, bending even further, Miss X stretched one leg straight out behind her. Quite a fascinating view, in George’s opinion, but not one which he should be caught contemplating. He cleared his throat.

The gently waving leg and wobbling bottom froze, there was the sound of a muffled squawk, and Miss X popped up into view, blushing madly.

“Good morning,” said George. “I’m George. And you are?”

“I’m Rosemary, sir,” she said quickly.

Rosemary, decided George, was a nice name for a very nice looking young woman. She was dressed in what was probably supposed to be a maid’s uniform, but he’d never actually seen a maid wearing one quite that short. It seemed to him that she had bought it one size too small and then proceeded to grow some more.

“Hullo, Rosemary,” murmured George. “May I ask who Rosemary actually is and what’s she doing here, apart from giving my poor heart a sudden workout?”

Rosemary’s blush was working overtime.

“I’m your maid, sir,” she informed him.

George shook his head.

“No,” he said sadly. “I assure you, if you were my maid, I’d remember it. Even with Alzheimer’s, I’d remember it. My maid is Mrs. Batten. She’s what I categorise as triple F. You’re not.”

“Triple F, sir?” asked the puzzled Rosemary.

“Fat, fifty and ferocious,” replied George. “May I have some more information about yourself.”

Trying not to giggle, Rosemary explained. Mrs. Batten had a broken ankle. She, Rosemary, was her niece, and had been chosen to fill in for her for a few weeks while she recovered. She knew everything she had to do. Her aunt had taught her all the little tricks of the trade, and she had her aunt’s notebook, which specified her duties at each of the houses that she had to visit.

George nodded. “Give Mrs. Batten my condolences, won’t you. I’ll get out of your road and let you work. Ah, one last thing. Did Mrs. Batten supply you with that uniform?”

“No, sir,” said Rosemary with another blush. “She just said that I’d have to have one. This was the only one I could find. It’s alright, isn’t it?”

“It’s fine, I assure you,” said George, smiling, and he went on his way.

For the rest of the morning, it seemed to George that every time he turned around he saw Rosemary, long legs on display. There was Rosemary reaching up, with her skirt creeping up. There was Rosemary bending over, with her skirt lifting at the back. Rosemary and legs, every time he looked around. He was almost relieved when she let for her next appointment.

Friday she was back. George stopped and asked how her aunt was, forwarded his best wishes, and left her to do her work. Once again, it seemed to George that Rosemary was everywhere. He assumed that when Mrs. Batten came around, she also wandered all over the house doing her work, but she certainly never drew the eye the way Rosemary did. More likely one’s eyes just refused to see Mrs. Batten, rather than being drawn to a neat little figure like Rosemary’s.

On Tuesday, George was feeling rather irritable, and he silently cursed when Rosemary came floating past. She was one distraction he really did not need. Alternatively, she was one distraction he shouldn’t let himself indulge in. He must be turning into a dirty old man, was his considered opinion.

Leaving his office to get some morning tea, George found himself repeating the scenario when he first saw Rosemary. Once again she was bent over the little side-table, either trying to fish something out from behind it or trying to dust behind it without moving it.

Either way, the view was the same. One long leg on the ground, one waving gently in the air, a petite bottom gently bobbing as she moved. anadolu yakası escort It seemed to George that if Rosemary had to wear a uniform that short, maybe she ought to wear somewhat more in the way of panties. The ones she currently wore were just temptation in silk.

“You’re forty,” a little voice whispered in his ear. “She’s twenty, tops. Half your age.”

“That means you can teach her things,” another little voice said. “Go for it. She can always say no.”

Walking quietly up behind Rosemary, George dropped a hand onto her bottom and caressed it. There was a startled cry, and Rosemary shot upright finding, to her consternation, that this did not cause George to lose his grip.

“What are you doing?” she protested. “Take your hand off me.”

“Not yet,” said George. “I’ve decided that there’s something extra I want you to do. Of course, I’ll pay you a nice bonus that won’t go on the books.”

“If you mean what I think you mean, the answer is no,” replied Rosemary, trying to wriggle away from the hand that was still fondling her bottom.

“I probably mean what you think,” said George cheerfully, “and the answer will be yes.” His hand had now slipped inside her panties, caressing her naked flesh.

“The way I look at it, it’s only a matter of time before I catch you alone, pull your panties off and have my wicked way, as they say in the romance novels. Think how much simpler it will be if you just yield gracefully and earn some untaxed pocket-money at the same time.”

“Not going to happen,” said Rosemary hotly. “I’m not that sort of girl.”

“Are you trying to tell me you’re still a virgin?” asked George. “If you are, with a figure like yours, it’s probably illegal.”

Rosemary glared at him. “I didn’t say I was a virgin. I meant I don’t take money for having sex.”

“That’s fine by me. I don’t pay for it. We’ll have sex because I want you and you’re too kind hearted to refuse me. The bonus you get will have nothing to do with the sex.”

“Will you please take your hand off my bottom?” snapped Rosemary. “And I have no intention of having sex with you.”

“But I have every intention of having sex with you. Preferably after I’ve stripped this silly little costume off you and you’re standing naked in front of me. I see you shave.”

Rosemary gave an outraged squeak as George obeyed her request to move his hand off her bottom. Unfortunately, moving it around to her mons was not what she’d meant.

“I’m serious, sir,” Rosemary stated firmly. “I’m not having sex with you. Now please let me go.”

“I’m serious, too, Rosemary,” George stated just as firmly. Reaching for the hand that was trying to drag his out of her panties, he pressed it against his groin, letting her feel his erection.

“As you can feel, I’m already prepared for our little encounter. It’s going to happen. The only real questions are when and will you cooperate or wriggle like a fish when I spear you?”

“The answer is it won’t happen. If you don’t take your hand out of my panties, I’ll scream. And as soon as you do I’m leaving this house and not returning.”

“And how will you explain to your aunt about losing her job?”

Rosemary stared at George in shock. “That’s not fair,” she protested.

George wriggled his fingers against Rosemary’s mound, drawing another frustrated squeak.

“You’re right, it’s not. Now why don’t we move into the office so I can start undressing you?”

“Will you listen to me? I said no.”

“I heard you. Repeatedly. I don’t care. Now if you don’t want me pulling your panties off right here in the hallway, I strongly suggest we finish this discussion in the office.”

Not removing his hands from inside Rosemary’s panties, George moved back to his office, drawing a reluctant Rosemary with him. Once in the office, George kicked the door close and surprised Rosemary by finally removing his hand.

“Are you a virgin?” George asked, looking straight at Rosemary and daring her to lie.

Rosemary glared at him, but shook her head.

“And do you enjoy sex?”

Rosemary glared even harder, then shrugged. “Sometimes,” she mumbled.

“You atalar escort do realise that I’m serious about having sex with you?”

“Threatening rape tends to give one that impression.”

“As long as you know that I’m serious about this. Now I’m going to pull down your panties. Hold your dress up out the way.”

“Not going to happen,” snapped Rosemary. “You’re dreaming.”

George smiled and waited, looking at her.

Rosemary glared back, waiting, feeling the pressure of his gaze. Finally she shrugged.

“Fine. If you want to take a look, take a damned look.”

She hitched her skirt up, and watched as George slipped her panties down, gulping when instead of just lowering them he took them right down, encouraging her to step out of them.

George stepped back a little, admiring the trim figure on display.

“Lovely, quite lovely,” he told Rosemary. “You are beautifully shaped, all curves and softness.”

He transferred his gaze back to Rosemary’s face.

“You might as well undo your skirt and let it drop,” he told her. It’s not really hiding anything, now is it?”

Resignedly, Rosemary followed his instruction, unhooking and unzipping, letting the skirt drop to the floor and stepping out of it.

She stood there for a few moments, practically feeling George’s eyes tracing her curves. It was almost as though his hands were on her, feeling her legs and pussy.

“Now, if you’re satisfied, can I get dressed again?”

“Don’t be silly, Rosemary,” George chided her. “You know damn well when you lifted your dress at my request you were agreeing to everything I wanted. Do you want to take off your blouse and bra, or would you like me to do it?”

Rosemary looked at George, slightly shocked. Had she really agreed to do what he wanted just by lifting up her dress so he could pull her panties down? She had a horrible suspicion that he was right. She could feel heat down there, and her tummy was squirming slightly.

George watched while Rosemary seemed to struggle with her own feelings. Seeing she wasn’t doing anything, he started to undo the buttons on her blouse, while Rosemary just stood there, watching him do it. The blouse dropped away, leaving Rosemary clad only in her bra.

“You finish it off, sweetheart,” said George, and watched as Rosemary reached behind herself to unclip and shake the bra loose.

Rosemary stood there, watching George look at her.

“What am I doing?” she wondered. “I said no, loud and clear, so why I am standing here naked, letting this man look at me. And why am I feeling excited by this? I should be screaming and running.”

Despite her misgivings, Rosemary didn’t move. George on the other hand, was having difficulty believing that the young woman he’d been fantasising about was actually standing in front of him, nude. He sighed, and his hands reached up to gently cup Rosemary’s breasts.

Rosemary started, shocked to find her breasts resting in George’s hands while his thumbs brushed across her nipples. Then she gasped, as George leant forward, his mouth following his hands and paying homage to her beauty.

Shuddering slightly, Rosemary stood there, watching George caress her breasts, feeling heat welling up from deep within her. She watched as he suckled, teasing her nipples, and she could feel his hands sliding down her flanks, seeking other delights.

George ran his hands over Rosemary’s bottom, then moved forward to capture her mound, squeezing and caressing. His hand moved slowly over her, sometimes barely touching, sometimes roughly handling, always sending little signals of pleasure through the nerves eagerly waiting for his touch.

He heard Rosemary gasp as he dragged his fingernails lightly along the length of her slit, the scratching feeling persuading her lips to unfurl and encourage entry between them. A single probing finger went deep, testing the heat and dampness within.

Straightening, George lifted Rosemary and sat her on his desk. Moving her knees apart he stood between them, softly rubbing her lips.

Watching and waiting, Rosemary found her anticipation increasing. He was really going to do it. He was ataşehir escort going to enter her, use her, take his pleasure from her body. The sense of being subservient to him, helpless to stop him, was exciting her. He was going to command and she could do nought but follow.

Belt became undone, catch and zip opened and George’s trousers dropped away. An instant later and underpants were a thing of the past. His erection was the present and Rosemary stared at it, finding herself moving restlessly as she waited for it to approach her. Suddenly she was wanting it, rather than nervously anticipating it.

George moved closer, his erection touching lightly against Rosemary. He stood there, just letting his cock press gently against her tummy, while his hands returned to caressing her breasts. Feeling Rosemary moving restlessly against him, George laughed.

“If you want it, you had better do something about it,” he murmured. “I’m quite happy to leave it the way it is for a while.”

Rosemary glared at him. He was the one who was insisting they do this, and now that she was ready he was reluctant? She stirred again, trying to press herself against his cock.

“If you feel you must, by all means organise things the way you want them,” came the teasing comment.

Rosemary softly cursed him. He knew exactly what he was doing to her, damn him. Reaching down, she captured him in one hand, giving an angry little tug to show she was annoyed. Then she was too busy easing him into position to worry about what George was thinking. One hand was spreading her lips while the other was steering his cock into position, guiding the head between her fingers, past her lips and inside. Then she relaxed and waited.

George grinned at Rosemary, holding still for a moment longer. Then as frustration started to show on her face, he pushed forward. Vigorously.

Rosemary squealed softly. She’d anticipated a slow inwards movement, something designed to cause her more frustration. This sudden surge inwards was as unexpected as it was welcome. Her legs rose to hook around George, holding him in her.

For a long moment they stayed like that, George standing, Rosemary seated, enjoying a timeless moment. Finally George moved, pressing harder against Rosemary and then relaxing. Rosemary sighed with relief, eager to respond to George’s dictates.

Now that he had started work in earnest, George drove home forcefully and repeatedly. All the little irritations he had been feeling ebbed away, lost in his delight at the feel of Rosemary’s supple young body responding to him. He hadn’t fully realised how much he’d wanted her until now, when he was buried deep in her, demanding and receiving a response from her.

Rosemary accepted George’s efforts eagerly. She may have been a trifle reluctant but, now that she was committed she was going to enjoy herself. Working her legs she helped George drive deeply in to her willing body.

“Breasts” she muttered to George.

Glancing at Rosemary’s breasts, gently bobbing in time to his eager ravishing of her body, George bent his head and took one in his mouth, biting lightly while teasing the nipple with his tongue. He heard Rosemary groan, and proceeded to capture her other breasts with his hand.

It wasn’t long before Rosemary was undergoing a multi-point ravishment, George captured her mouth with his, assaulted both breast with his hands, and relentlessly pounded his cock into her.

Rosemary writhed under his administrations, her tongue tangle with George’s, her breasts rubbing themselves against his exploring hands and her legs holding him within her, ensuring that his cock gave her its intimate attentions.

They stayed locked together for a timeless interval, both of them lost in escalating sensory overload.

Rosemary writhed, twisting against George as he hammered into her, feeling the flood rising within her, ready to carry her away. She screamed as she was caught up and taken away, her voice muffled by George, his mouth swallowing her cry.

Gorge relaxed, gasping and spent, looking at Rosemary, sitting naked on his desk, her legs still loosely holding him, his cock still within her. She was looking back at him, looking as stunned as he felt.

“That was something different,” he said, gasping. “How long will your aunt be away.”

“Weeks,” said Rosemary panting. “I’ll make sure she doesn’t come back to work before she ready.”

“Good idea,” murmured George. “You can tell her that I’m really pleased with the service you provide and that there is no need for her to rush back.”

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