Tender Love Hurts Ch. 05

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Chapter Five ::: Jade Gets Laid

One kiss led to another, and soon Jade and Erik were making passionate love beside the boulder there on the beach. The lust was extremely hot when coupled with the fact that they would soon be separated for an unknown length of time. “Jade,” Erik said in a hot murmur, kissing his way down her sexy body. He undid her bikini top and threw it aside, planting heated kisses upon her sensitive breasts. He nibbled and suckled upon her hardened nipples as he was pulling on the bottoms of her bikini in which he slid down her legs. Jade was struggling so hard to breathe as she was so excited. Her fingers twined into Erik’s hair, lightly tugging. Erik was getting so turned on by Jade’s little gasps and how she kept pulling on his hair so persuasively. He couldn’t wait to fuck her. But first he wanted to taste her … everywhere. He spread his kisses down to her stomach, then over her pubic bone, opening her legs wide for his hungry exploration. “Erik!” she exclaimed feeling his hot breath in such a sensitive place.

Erik began licking Jade gently at first, his tongue brushing along her seam and upward toward her stiff little clit. She was so wet and her juices clung to the pink muscle of his tongue. She was quite responsive as he was licking tiny circles around her clit, making it even more aroused. With each rotation of his tongue, she raised her hips upward, pushing her moist pussy against his face. Finally Erik had enough of this passion-play. He wanted to fuck Jade soooo damn bad.

He stood up, taking off his navy-blue swimming trucks and dropping them on the warm sand. He was completely naked and thrillingly aroused. His super-hard cock stood out from the jet-black hair between his thighs. Jade’s eyes grew huge when she saw how very large his cock was. Still she wanted him so bad; she did not care how much it might hurt. She was ready to lose her virginity to Erik Daniels tonight.

Jade sat up on the beach towel, reaching for Erik. She pulled him down on top of her. “Please, Erik. I want you SOOOO much. I’m yours … Make love to me now,” Jade heard herself begging.

Erik looked into Jade’s eyes as the dying sun hit the water of the nearby ocean, reflecting within her beautiful gaze. Gently his fingertips caressed her face. “I will always love you,” he whispered, his body becoming one with hers. He watched the pain move over Jade’s face as he tore thru her virginal barrier. He kissed away her tears as he began gently moving his body against hers. In a few moments, Jade was feeling the same intensity Gündoğmuş Escort of pleasure he was, her long legs wrapped tight around his body. Erik began fucking her faster and faster, hearing her moan and beg for more. Erik gave her everything she wanted, rubbing her clit as she cried out again and again. Eventually he spilled his seed deep into her hot, wet pussy. Then Erik and Jade lay there on the sand, fused as one being as the sun sank down over the placid water.

~ * ~

Alicia refused to give Nikolas Tarrick the time of day. She never wanted to see that sarcastic asshole again. Kyle Boyn dropped by her place that evening, asking her to go for a walk by the lake, and Alicia eagerly agreed.

While they walked together by the lake and the moonlight glowed off the dark water, Kyle asked Alicia if he could kiss her. “Sure,” she said, gazing into his luscious blue eyes.

Kyle drew Alicia into his arms, kissing her with a growing passion. Soon Alicia was swooning. She and Kyle had dated for three months and never before had he kissed her quite like this. Kyle had always been a perfect gentleman. Alicia found herself lost in the intensity of his kiss. Eventually Kyle drew away from Alicia’s wet mouth. “Alicia, I’ve really missed you,” Kyle said huskily, gazing into her dazzling emerald-green eyes.

“I missed you too, Kyle,” Alicia spoke, caressing his muscled arm.

“Alicia, I love you. You are the only girl I know who is so sweet, innocent, kind, and intelligent… all rolled up into one. I want you, sweetheart,” Kyle confessed. “I cannot wait any longer.”

Before Alicia could reply, Kyle’s mouth settled onto hers and seconds later they were both lost in intense passion. Alicia did not protest when Kyle took her over to a grassy area near the edge of the lake and sunk down on top of her, kissing her passionately. Soon they were both naked and rolling around on the grass. “Ohhh Kyle, make me yours,” Alicia begged, wrapping her legs around his waist after pulling him down on top of her.

“I can’t wait to be inside you,” Kyle groaned, guiding his heated tip to her moist pink center. A hissing sound escaped his lips as he thrust his way deep inside of her. A look of surprise was on his handsome face as he began to fuck her.

~ * ~

After fucking Chad and Bob, Brook went over to see Nik. Unfortunately, Nik was always in a foul mood. He used Brook just to appease his lust, then he told her to leave, calling her filthy and disgusting names. “Get out, you slut… Gündoğmuş Escort Bayan you are nothing but a no- good whore,” he had said. Tears rolled down Brook’s face, but this time they were real. Everyday Brook had become more and more angry at Nik. How could he treat her this way? She blamed everything on Alicia. If Alicia hadn’t have enticed Nik, he would be all Brook’s. She decided to think up an evil plan to keep Nik away from Alicia once and for all. On her walk thru the park back to her place, Brook was seething and conniving. “Alicia, you and Nik are sooo over,” she said with a wicked laugh.

~ * ~

Kyle lay there in a state of shock. He had thought Alicia was a sweet little virgin, but then he had found out that he wasn’t the first man to have had sex with her. He wanted to know who was the lucky guy who had taken Alicia’s virginity.

He looked down at her lying within his arms. Her beauty was breathtaking. She was curled up into the curve of his arm, fast asleep, her eyelashes making dark shadows against her sweet face. Kyle found himself consumed with love for her. He hoped that whomever the guy was… he had not hurt or forced Alicia. And he prayed silently that she wasn’t in love with the guy.

Alicia came awake, gazing up into Kyle’s face with a small smile. “Hi,” she whispered, remembering their heated sex from earlier.

“Alicia… who—- who was he?” Kyle blurted out.

Alicia hung her head, because she had really dreaded that question. “He’s no one really,” Alicia said, hanging her head with shame. “Kyle, I’m so sorry. It was such a mistake.”

Kyle caressed Alicia’s cheek, and then forced her to look into his eyes. “What happened, sweetheart? Please tell me,” he coaxed.

“He’s a lot older than me. I — I thought he cared about me… But he had sex with my twin sister, Brook. He said — said he was getting bored with me! Ohhhh how I hate him so much!” Alicia said as she softly began sobbing.

Kyle pulled Alicia close in his comforting, strong hug. Alicia sobbed on his shoulder, feeling so confused. Alicia knew she wanted Nik still, despite how she was denying it … and even more confusing was her need for Kyle… as well as a growing lust for her best friend Jade. “Everything will be okay, Alicia,” Kyle promised, holding her close. Alicia prayed Kyle was right. Her life was quite messed up right now.

~ * ~

Erik had been gone three and half weeks, and he still had not written or called Jade. Jade was beside herself from Escort Gündoğmuş missing him. “Has he forgotten me?” Jade thought silently, as tears threatened to overtake her once again. Never before had she been so sad in all her life. She had no idea why Erik hadn’t even tried to contact her. Didn’t he miss her at all? If she knew his address, she would write to him. But sadly, Jade did not even know his phone number at the Rehabilitation Center.

Before he had left, Erik had given Jade a bracelet to show how much he cared. He said he had intended to give it to her 2 years ago, but they had broken up. Jade’s heart turned over when she realized that he had saved it just for her. She now wore the bracelet with pride and honor in memory of everything she had shared with Erik. Erik Daniels was such a special guy. All the girls wanted him, but he was hers. On the bracelet was a heart-shaped charm with a sparkling ruby stone.

After their passionate encounter on the beach, all Jade could think about was Erik. After their lovemaking, Erik had held Jade close as she cried in his arms.

“Ohhh Erik, I miss you so much! Please write to me! I need you… I LOVE you!” Jade whispered into the darkness as she sobbed into her pillow for yet another night.

~ * ~

Finally Brook found the perfect revenge. She had found out that Alicia and Kyle were going to have sex together in his brother’s van at “Look-out Point.” “Look-out Point” was the place where all the teenagers went in their vehicles to make out. With this bit of information, Brook devised her wicked scheme.

Nik was watching “Wheel of Fortune” and munching on a bag of microwave popcorn. His feet were propped up on the coffee table and his mouth was stuffed with popcorn. He jumped when the phone rang, overturning the bag of popcorn sitting on his belly. “He… woa,” he said, his mouth so full he could hardly speak.

“Nik, is that you?” Brook wondered.

“Yeah. Whatcha want?” he sneered, realizing it was the slut who always wanted to get in his pants who was calling.

“Want to go up to “Look-out Point” and take it off?” Brook asked in a seductive voice.

“Fuck, no! In what? My teeny-tiny little truck?” Nik laughed, anger and annoyance in his tone.

“No, Lover Boy! A friend of mine is loaning me his van tonight. It’s dark blue with a white top, and it has the license plate number of LCF-117. You can’t miss it. I have some things I gotta do, so you can meet me out there at 9:30, okay?” Brook explained.

“But I have to get ready for my gig tomorrow night,” Nik protested.

“Ohhh come on…” Brook pleaded. “It’s gonna be a LOT of fun! We can play kinky games all night long. I’ll even let you fuck my ass….”

“Okay, slut! I’ll be there!” Nik agreed, slamming down the phone.

(Stay tuned for chapter six — Brooke Gets Revenge on Alicia)

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