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Membership to the Kenneth Bent Hampton Hills Lawn Tennis Club is a much sought after prize for anyone who’s anyone in the villages that surround it. Set in an idyllic area of Wiltshire between Bush Eaton and Bishops Caining it attracted a select group of Big City go-getters and their sycophantic followers.

Sadie Wood is a tall athletic brunette in her late thirties. As a teenager she was touted as a potential great in the tennis world, a champion in the making. But life took a different direction and life as a successful divorce lawyer took precedence.

In the plush wood panelled cafeteria of the clubhouse she sits playing with her long, silky, brown hair and laughing along at the

sexy, handsome and suave prick in front of her.

To her left sits a beautiful, petit blonde. The dying embers of a golden summer tan are still present and contrasting starkly behind her pale blonde locks. A little rouge in her cheeks as she timidly chuckles at the mans stupid jokes.

Portia Hunt may only be 23 but has already been married for nearly two years. She is under the guidance of Sadie at a firm solicitors in Bath; Hunt, Down and Crush divorce lawyers. She hopes to make it as Human Rights lawyer one day but feels she maybe stuck in this business, especially as her husband’s father runs the firm.

Jason Stenhouse-O’Moore, 41, is holding court. Centre of attention. Just how it’s always been. Fair Isle merino wool jumper tied loosely around his neck and shoulders. Thrusting his ample groin forward as if it was trying to escape his Ami Paris chinos (which in truth it was). His corse jokes about weak men and poor people (anyone earning less than 100k pa) seem to be working on the ‘Totty’ before him. He turns his attention back to the younger of the two.

“So…. you joined us this summer and so are the newest member of our little tennis club. Mrs Portia Hunt, welcome!” Jason flashes a set of bright white teeth and winks at the young lady. “It is, of course custom, a right of passage if you will, for me to compose a little Limerick for any Newbie.”

Sadie interjected. “Beware Darling, this could turn rather vulgar.”

Jason took a sip of coffee and looked thoughtfully into the middle distance.

Running his fingers through his short brown hair, he begins.

“There was a young player named Hunt,”. As he began, a naughty smirk stretched across his lips. “Who performed a sensational stunt,”.

He leaned forward onto the table and looked Portia in the eyes. “She stunned the umpire, shouting READY-AIM-FIRE!” His eyes sparkled as he prepared himself for the final line.

Portia giggled and squirmed, Sadie leaned in and grabbed her hand.

“Shooting tennis balls out of her c… Colin!”

At that moment Colin Hunt, chinless wonder, ‘coldsplurt’ (as opposed to ‘hotshot’) lawyer and most unbelievably of all, Portia’s husband, entered the room.

“Guys!” He declared with his plummy-goofy voice. “I saw your cars on the car park. What are you doing here?”

Jason’s heart fell. This wasn’t part of his wicked plan. This pathetic specimen in front of him was supposed to be at the golf club all day.

“Darling, I thought you were shopping today.” His awkward frame settling into a chair beside her.

Portia tensed up slightly. Although she wasn’t aware of the true reasoning behind Sadie bringing her to the club, she still felt guilty that she wasn’t where she’d told Colin she would be.

” Er, well.. yes, erm Sadie..” Portia stumbled and blustered before Sadie jumped to her aid.

“My fault, mine entirely.” she said. “Had, er, had a few things to finish here.” She stammered. “With Jason.” Sadie flashed a desperate glance towards Jason.

Jason and Sadie had been planning this for weeks. They both desired Portia. How could such a beautiful, sweet girl put up with this ‘Upper Class Twit of the Year’. They planned to seduce her and give her what she needed. Jason walked over to Colin and put his arm around his shoulders.

“Admin, old chap, end of season accounts…. boring stuff and nonsense, you know how it is.” This wasn’t a total lie from Jason and he had told his wife the same thing yesterday, so he was sticking with the story.

“Oh, I see.” said a bewildered Colin. “But why did you nag Sweet Po to go shopping?” He says turning to Sadie. The phrase ‘Sweet Po’ always made Portia wince.

“Well,” Sadie starts to feel the cogs turning in her head. As a senior in a law firm she should be able to think on the spot, especially when up against a halfwit. “As I already stated,” maybe reign it in a bit. “As I said, I remembered I had things to do here.”

“But you asked me to bring my kit” Portia’s innocence threatened the horny duos plan.

“Well, obviously!… ” Sadie didn’t know what she was going to say next.

Jason jumped in “Obviously, it’s a great chance to work on your service, Portia. It’s all that’s keeping you down the county rankings.”

“They have a good point, Darling!” Colin throws a lifeline to the pair. “I keep telling you how good you could be.”

“Oh, well, gosh, yes I guess you’re right.” Portia says.

“So, Artvin Escort Colin, old boy, we don’t need to keep you do we. Busy day at the Golf club isn’t it? Bobby Summers will be waiting for you.” Jason starts edging Colin towards the door. “We’ll keep an eye on your Good Lady, don’t worry about that.”

“Well, I suppose..” The weak-willed Colin gave in easily. “If Sadie ‘Ace’ Wood can’t help then who can, ha-ha!”

“Ha-ha. Exactly!” Jason all but shoves Colin out of the door.

“And you, beating that Murray chap, of course.” Colin wasn’t going to go easily.

“Yes, yes… Bye Colin” Jason would usually elaborate on the story, embellishing every moment. The truth is that he thrashed a 14 year old Jamie Murray 6-0 in a 2nd round of an amateur national championship. Jamie was the youngest in the competition by over 3 years.

“Twat!” Jason muttered under his breath as he gave a wave and a smile to make sure Colin definitely went.

When he returned to the women, Portia had picked up her bag and was on her way to the changing rooms.

Jason watched her with pure lust, he wanted her, and not just for now. Her cerise blouse clung to her shapely upper body, her perfect bottom covered, just, by a charcoal-grey mini. The sheen from her nude tights or (fingers crossed) stockings stirred his huge cock into life.

“She’ll be yours soon!” Sadie’s voice brought him back from his thoughts.

Something in Sadie died when Jason told her about how he felt about Portia. She’d been sleeping with or, if she was being honest, being shagged by Jason for a couple of years now. It was fantastic, forceful, ferocious fucking! But he was still an arsehole!

“Well, I’ll let you get her worked up.” he replied. “You’re sure she wants you? Aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes…” Sadie sounded a little uncertain. “I think I could have had her at the Christmas party last year, if it wasn’t for that pin-pricked husband of hers.” she soon sounded a little more confident.

“Let’s do some work, that ‘pin-pricked husband’ will have Ken check up on us.” Jason knew that they still would have a few hours to play with even with the delay of doing the accounts.

Portia was almost stripped, she rolled her second stocking off and, after stretching it back out, rolled it up and put it in her bag.

She sat on the wooden bench of the changing room for a few moments, just thinking.

Thinking of the future. Could she make it as a Human Rights lawyer? She felt confident that she had what it took. She’d need to take further courses maybe more years at University.

University. She thought of her past. Two years at University had whizzed by. Fun, fun, fun.

However, Portia was never going to get herself a reputation. She turned down a lot of advances. It took over a year before she succumbed to male attention. A very handsome man she’d met on a night out.

After a few dates, the charming Gavin, finally managed to seduce Portia and took her to his bed.

Portia experienced sexual pleasure for the first time in her life with Gavin. First time with a man, that is.

Before that she experienced something else, a thrill like nothing else. Certainly nothing before and (even with Gavin) nothing since.

Her mind drifted to the present. A loveless marriage. Loveless from her direction at least. But to end it could end her career and her hopes and dreams.

Her parents had encouraged the relationship. Secure future, a big house to raise a family, “That’s what’s important!” they told her.

Colin wants CHILDREN. SOON! He is 20 years her senior.

How did she get here?

Portia puts on a pair of ice-white sports socks and then stands and steps into a pair of very tight, white shorts.

Her mind takes her back. Back to Sacha, an Eastern-European girl. Romanian? Portia feels a bit ignorant for a moment. She should remember really.

Sacha was Portia’s roommate for the first year of her studies and they became Close. Very close! Flirting jokingly to begin with it soon became apparent that there was something more to it.

Eventually, one night, sitting in their pyjamas on Portias bed, drinking brandy, the dark haired olive skinned beauty lent in for a kiss. Portia was shocked to begin with and pulled back, but only for a second. THE tingle that ran through her body made her move in for more.

Slowly they undressed one another, caressing and kissing each others necks, breasts and stomachs.

After a while, Sacha motioned for Portia to lay down. Sacha snuggled in next to her and, continuing to kiss Portia, slipped her hand down into her pants….

Her tenderness of touch….

Her soft lips…

That kiss!

Portia snapped herself out of it and removed her hand from her shorts. It was time to focus on her tennis.

In a small office room of the old club house building, Jason is punching numbers into a computer keyboard. The glow from the screen lights up a puzzled face that’s struggling to focus on the job in hand.

Struggling mainly because of the soft, warm lips and mouth covering the top half of his cock and the Artvin Escort Bayan cold hands covering the lower half and playing with his balls.

“I REALLY need your help Sayds!” Jason sounded agitated.

Sadie lifts her head and slides awkwardly back to peer over the desk. “I thought I was helping honey.” Sadie stuck her lower lip out in a mock pout.

“Look, you can do that anytime, you know that.” Jason attempts to tuck himself back in but being fully erect and in a seated position makes it impossible.

“Numbers aren’t my thing. I break men’s balls for a living. I have clever secretarys and understudys to do the costs.” Sadie whined.

“I just want you to read them out so I can get on with the number crunching.” Jason reasoned. “Plus, you need to go and get Portia ‘warmed up'”

“She’ll be warmed up.” said Sadie. “She’s in the Indoor court anyway.”

“You know what I mean.” Jason was getting irritable.

The Indoor court was under a year old. A huge investment for what was a small exclusive club, but with people like Jason calling the shots, big and brash was always going to win out.

Portia had a couple of bags of balls with her as she stood at one end of the court. He first few serves had been rusty, including a few into the net.

Her marriage and life with Colin was playing on her mind during those first few shots. Disappointment, hopelessness and guilt! That was life with Colin. The first two are obvious when you’re married to such a pathetic man.

Portia tossed a ball into the air, and, with great power……. sliced it spinning more upwards than forwards. Disappointing.

She stooped down and grabbed another.






“Why should I feel guilty?” she thought to herself.

“Because you’re stringing him along!?” Came the voice of her conscience.

She was! He wanted children. But that was unlikely. She assumed he had weak sperm as everything else about him was weak. But just in case he didn’t and everything was working fine, she was….

Portia could barely admit it to herself….

She picked up another ball and bounced it a couple of times. Throwing it up and bringing her racket over her head, this time….

….on ‘The Pill’!


Perfect contact with the centre of the racket sent the ball at great speed along the length of the court hitting the ground close to the line. Nobody would have got to that.

Sadie entered the empty changing room and set her bag down on the bench. Portia’s perfume still lingered amidst the other scents.

Sadie was very attracted to Portia, but then Portia was exquisite. A true natural beauty. Everyone is attracted to her.

Sadie has never described herself as a lesbian, she didn’t even think of herself as was bi-sexual. She just loved sex!

“That’s it.” She thought to herself. “I just love to be touched, male or female. Why define it, I don’t care.”

She undressed and thought about her husband and children.

She worried about hurting her children, but not about Michael. It was his having an affair in the first place that caused the problem.

She didn’t love Jason. How could she when he was such a bastard.

But, maybe, she could change him. She’d seen another side to him a couple of times. A good man lay within.

But, he wants Portia…..

“I have to stop that.” she thought.

When she was dressed and ready for action she headed in to coach Portia.

“Darling!…..” Jason is on the phone trying to appease his wife. “Tomorrow. I promise…. We’ll go out. Let the kids have a runabout. Wear them out. Or drop them at your folks and we’ll go somewhere fancy.” He’s always on edge talking to his wife. Does she know that he sleeps around. Can he sense hurt in her? Or is it guilt on his part?

Portia still has things on her mind as she gathered up all her served tennis balls. Once at the other end of the court she prepared herself to go again.

Her sex life was the concern this time.

In 2 years of marriage they had never seen one another naked. He was like someone from the Victorian era. They rarely kissed, the occasional passionless peck on the cheek but that was all.

She tossed a ball up into the air….


….. and hit it feebly into the net.

In the early part of their marriage Portia really tried to make the effort. Romantic meals, weekends away and sexy lingerie. She organised everything but Colin took it all for granted. He talked shop, or even worse, golf during the dinners. The weekend breaks were spent in antique shops or visiting the local church. The sexy lingerie stayed in the suitcase, “I’m bushed, Darling.” He would say as he climbed into bed.

Her next couple of attempts were a little better but nothing compared to how she’d struck the last few from the other end.

Colin’s weedy little dick became her next gripe.

Another poor service…

Gavin’s cock! That was better. Not much bigger, but it stayed hard.

Portia picked up another ball..


Gavin’s physique!


A Escort Artvin much cleaner strike, but not the power from before.

The next ball…

Gavin’s passion!


A powerful strike hurtles the ball well past the line.

“Oh well, a fault, but it felt good.”

Sadie stood in the doorway watching Portia. There was no escaping it, Portia was hot!

“She’s so focused she doesn’t know I’m here, bless her.”

Portia was almost finished. “Just a few more, then I’ll have a shower.”

Picking up one of the remaining balls and someone else popped into her head…. Sacha!

Thoughts of their time together, those final few months of that first year. It was mostly loving kisses and tender touches. Sacha was far from her home and family and some nights she just wanted to be held and Portia was more than happy to show her some kindness.

Lost in this thought, Portia stood bouncing a ball repeatedly.

“Something on your mind, lovely?” Sadie asked as she appeared at her side.

A startled Portia bounced the ball onto her foot and sent it spinning off into the net.

“You made me jump!” She said clutching her chest.

“Sorry darling! That last serve you did was fantastic!” Sadie enthused. “I had come in to coach you but maybe you don’t need it.”

“I don’t know, I’m not quite there yet. But…”

Portia trailed off.

“There is something on your mind, isn’t there?” Sadie deduced.

Portia let out a sigh before dropping her racket and throwing her arms around Sadie, started weeping. She buried her head in Sadie’s bosom. Sadie responded with a hug. Portia seemed so delicate in her arms

“There, there darling. Tell Sayds what the matter is.” The domineering brunette had a good idea what the problem was and believed that she would be the one to help solve it.

Through the tears Portia was able to convey to Sadie everything that she’d been thinking about and how it affected her service (although she didn’t mention Sacha). Sadie slowly released her hold and the pair parted.

“I think you’re well aware of how everyone feels about your husband.” Sadie responded with sympathy. “I should have stopped you from marrying him.”

“It’s my own fault Sadie. I knew I could never love him.” Portia began to compose herself.

“I know sweetheart. A beautiful girl like you needs to be loved and cherished.” Sadie brought her hand up to Portias cheek and lightly brushed her soft skin. Portia turned her head slightly as if to kiss her fingertips but checked herself and dipped her head.

Portia backed away slightly, so Sadie lightly grabbed her hand.By looking into her eyes and holding her gaze for a few seconds, Sadie hoped to build a little tension. She opened up her body hoping Portia would read the signs.

Portia was conflicted. She was undoubtedly attracted to Sadie and she still wonders what may have happened at the Christmas party if Colin hadn’t interrupted. But she is married and felt she had too much to lose if she had an affair. If that was where this was heading.

Portia needed to get away from Sadie and clear her head. She pulled away and stooped to pick up her racket.

“I need to clear these balls up.” she said and tried to pick a couple up in one hand.

“Leave it, I’ll do that. You can go and get a shower.” Sadie bent her knees to begin gathering the balls up. As she did so, she watched as Portia walked away from her towards the dressing room. Hips swaying and pert buttocks stretching at the material of her shorts, the young blonde was a real turn on from any angle to anyone, male or female.

Jason was starting to get flustered. His maths skills weren’t the best. In truth he wasn’t much good at anything. He’d schmoozed his way through life and his career. He sets up meetings between his company and representatives of other companies. He travels to Europe and sometimes Asia to attend functions and sleep with beautiful women. He has no idea what he does for the company he works for, or what the company does anyway. One day he will be found out!

Portia felt soothed and relaxed in the shower. She’d improved her game and excorcised a few demons. Soapy suds ran over her smooth skin. As her hands massaged shower gel into her 30D breasts she couldn’t resist giving her nipples a pinch. She’d hoped to suppress her urges and desires.

“I need to get dried off and dressed before Sadie comes in. Otherwise….” Portia thought to herself.

Sadie had herself, grabbed a racket and decided to hit a few serves.

“Still got it girl!” Sadie praised herself.

Portia quickly dried herself off and put her bra and pants on. She rolled up a stocking and gently inserted her toes. Pulling it up over a shapely foot and ankle she rolled it up her leg, twisting it into position and smoothing it out. Lifting her thigh slightly she unrolled the lacey top and jostled it into position. “Oh for someone to appreciate my sexiness!” she thought.

Picking up the other stocking, Portia performed the same ceremony but with more of a flourish. She extended her leg and pointed her toes towards the opposite wall, emersing herself in the texture of the soft silky fabric. She ran her fingertips over her knees. It tickled a little. Finally she pulled the stocking tops up as far as she could. As she did so stuck her leg at a 45 degree angle, flexing her size 4 foot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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