Teresa’s Surprise Ch. 01

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The trip was long, but hey, it was a daylight trip and the text messages from her made the day seem shorter. The only trouble is, after cell phone texting with Teresa for the whole day I am frustrated and extremely horny. I was looking forward to getting to my motel room to relieve the frustration so I could sleep. It’s hard to rest well with a hard on begging for attention. So, yet another session of self gratification was all I had to look forward to. “I wish she were here” I thought to myself, but then I REALLY wouldn’t get any rest!

The clerk at the front desk was acting just a bit strange when she handed me the room key. She winked saying, “I saved your favorite room for you!”

Weird, a room is a room in this motel when I’m staying on business. As long as it wasn’t a smoking room I really didn’t care. This room did have a good shower head and two queen size beds. I like that so much better than a king size bed; I feel lost in those, the bed goes on forever and is a constant reminder of how lonely this job can be.

The room feels cold. “Damn, can’t they even turn the heat on in these rooms when they know people will be here?” I step into the bathroom and toss my shaving kit onto the counter. “Don’t even turn on the lights, so you won’t be tempted to stay up” I think to myself as I sit on the end of the bed and begin to unlace my boots. As I pull my shirt over my head the familiar chirp of my cell phone says Teresa has sent another text message.

“Hey lover, gebze escort watcha doing?” it says.

I chuckle, “I wish you were here.” I say out loud to myself.

“Dick, I am here… right here.” I hear her silky, sexy voice coming from the darkness of the room. Shocked out of my senses, I reach for the lamp.

The words jump out of me “No, I must be dreaming! There is no way you are here in Spokane!”

“Yes, I broke every rule and I am here, waiting for you to get in tonight,” you say as you rise from the chair and approach the bed. I stand in total shock as you come up to me and take my face in your hands and lay a soft kiss on my lips. Slowly, softly it sinks in. This is real. Teresa is really here in my arms. I slowly slide my hands down your back to your ass and pull you toward my hardening manhood.

Has it really been 20 years since the last time we were together? “I’ve waited so long to fuck you, Baby, I hope you can handle what I have to give you!” I tease in a whisper.

“Bring it on. I am so wet and ready to be fucked.” is your response.

You pull me toward you and I immediately start to pull your clothing off. I need to feel your soft skin against me. When you are down to your black bra and matching thong I step back. “I can’t believe you are here! I can’t believe I am finally going to fuck this sexy woman.” You push me back onto the bed and I am mesmerized by the sight before me göztepe escort as you peel off your bra and straddle me. Your beautiful and full breasts are right before my eyes and I hungrily suck the nipple into my mouth and nurse for all I am worth, not wanting to miss one sensation now that I finally have you. I feel you grind your pussy against my rock hard cock.

Entering my mind, pushing aside all the other thoughts and sensations, “Rule

, Teresa Always Cums First!” I murmur. “and if you don’t stop it isn’t going to happen that way.”

You interrupt with “We are following MY rule

, Dick NEVER is told NO!” Then you go on and on about how the woman and body I have wanted for so long is right here and how I am going to get all the love making that I have missed, and wanted, and told you about for years.

So to turn the tables on how I will never be told no, I say, “OK, I get whatever I want and I want you to cum, now!”

You finally surrender, with a knowing smile, slide your thong to your heels, and step out of it. I sit and watch in wonder as the woman I have fantasized about for years lies down under my watchful gaze. I am at a loss where to start so I begin at your ankle and slide my tongue up your leg. Slowly I work to the inside of your thighs; a nibble here, a kiss there, caressing and licking all around the spot your body language tells me you want me to be. Finally, even I can’t stand the haramidere escort wait and I dive for your clit. I have wanted to taste you again and I just can’t seem to get enough. I must have your juice on my lips, so I slide three fingers into you and franticly fuck you with my hand while sucking on your clit. I am almost immediately rewarded with a flood of nectar that comes with that soft, sexy sigh and what seems like the tensing of every muscle in your body.


-Teresa ALWAYS cums first! I smile up into your drooping eyes and you say, “Come kiss me, let me taste you before we fuck.”

I slide on top of you and crush your lips with my own, forcing my tongue into your mouth. Hungrily, you suck at me as I shove my engorged cock into you to the hilt and pound away at you with years of pent up urgency. Your hips grind back, matching my passion, until you stop and whisper “Let me up. I want you to take me from behind!”

It has been so long since we have been here, but you remember my favorite position, or was this yours too?

“Fuck me harder, lover. I need you so deep in my cunt!” you beg.

Passion overrules thought as I grab your hips and drive into you like a jackhammer, feeling my cum building in my balls. It seems to crawl upwards, from my toes and out of my body, spraying your insides with what seems like gallons as my body is wracked with spasms, one after another. The feeling is so incredible, shooting my cum into you after dreaming about this for years.

You finally lay forward onto the bed and I fall, spent onto your back. “Oh Baby,” comes breathlessly from me.

You chime in with “I am so sorry I didn’t greet you appropriately. How was your day? Would you like something to eat?”

I chuckle “My day just got incredibly better!” I close my eyes, I am truly in Paradise!

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