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It had been a mistake for Tessa to marry so early; she just wasn’t ready. Here she was in her kitchen only six-months after walking down the aisle planning to seduce the teenage son of her neighbour. Tess was twenty-one, two years older than the lad who she had teased terribly ever since they moved into the house after her marriage.

This morning he was coming to do a job for her and she had decided that today was the day she would offer herself on a plate to him. Tess liked sex – no, she craved sex and wouldn’t waste an opportunity; she was, as the local vernacular went, ‘a bit of a nympho’. She had shoulder length blonde hair, big breasts, which more often than not were always exposed due to her penchant for wearing low-cut tops, and a well-rounded arse — all this supported by a pair of sturdy legs featuring thighs other women would kill for.

How would any normal man be able to resist her, dressed in a very, very short tight stretchy skirt and a cotton top that had a V-shaped neckline that almost showed off her belly button? As Tess didn’t want to waste any time she had decided to go braless. Surely the dimmest of boys would get the message without her having to say, “Hey, do you want to fuck me?”

She had to tease first though because that’s what she liked to do, so she planned to be bending very low, pretending to be cleaning out a cupboard, knowing her skirt would be stretched up over her backside and her panties would by that time have been almost eaten by her arse crack. There was a potential snag to her plan; Phil the lad in question had said he might bring a pal to help him with the job. Tess, after consideration, had decided that could make it more interesting! Hearing the garden gate she adopted her chosen position kneeling beside the empty cupboard, cleaning fluid and rag in hand.

“Hi!” she said, when she heard someone enter, I’m just going to finish wiping this cupboard out.”

When she didn’t get an answer she smiled picturing the shocked face ogling her arse. Now for her piece d’ resistance, she leaned right into the cupboard and felt the tight skirt stretch and pull way up to her hips. The cooler air wafting between her legs made her feel very exposed and therefore, very turned on.

“Bet you’re getting an eyeful!” she quipped sexily, “But it’s okay.”

Using her efforts to wipe down the cupboard as an excuse she waggled her arse side to side making the gusset of her panties fold into her crack.

“Is looking at that making you get a hard on?” she asked. “You’d better lock the door chance anyone else comes. John’s at work — he won’t be back ’till tonight.”

For extra effect Tess widened her knees and pushed her bottom even higher into the air.

“I know how you’ve lusted over me for a long time, thinking what it would be like to have me.”

Tess still hadn’t heard a sound from behind her save for the wheeze of heavy breathing. A thought crossed her mind; maybe the person behind her wasn’t Phil! What if he was ill and he had sent his dad instead to explain his absence; or maybe his pal had come alone? In any case, behind her was a man, and one interested enough to stay and enjoy her little show. What a thrill it was to think she might be offering her arse up to a complete stranger — submissively inviting whoever it was to fuck her from behind!

Now Tess was breathing heavily and wriggled her arse, rotating her buttocks and thrusting slowly back and forth opening up both lower orifices.

“You can touch me if you want,” she sighed, “I want you to!”

The man behind stood staring at the almost naked posterior of the young housewife while he had listened very carefully to every word she had uttered. He cleared his throat and stepped forward, hands shaking, swallowing hard. It was wrong to take up this invitation but since he had walked in the house and caught sight of the round almost naked arse he had succumbed to inner lustful desire. It was a woman’s fine arse and he was being invited to touch — whatever that was meant to convey — his hands only — or could her rub his cock down her crack; did she want him to fuck her?

“It’s alright, I’ll never tell anyone if that’s what making you hesitate,” he heard the woman say, “No one else need ever know.”

The man unzipped his trousers and immediately she heard the sound Tess wriggled her bum, “Yeah!” she breathed.

He could go all the way — he knew that now! Almost ripping off his pants he knelt behind the woman and sought out her vagina with the tip of his cock. Tess helped by wriggling her arse and bending a little lower until he was in. He heard her agreeable moans and began to pump forward, slowly at first then faster as his lust increased. The man’s hands crept round to her breasts and felt her stiff nipples touch his fingers as her tits bounced. When he squeezed the red tip between his finger and thumb he thought momentarily he was being too enthusiastic and hurting her — then she cried out, “Harder!”

Sensing how she liked her sex the man brought one tuzla escort hand back to the front and grabbed her hair holding her head like he was riding a bucking bronco. “Oh yeah!” she screamed. Encouraged he left her tits alone and used his spare hand to slap her buttocks.

Whoever this man was, thought Tess, it surely wasn’t the sallow youth she had planned to shag. It didn’t matter for now, anyway as she supported her self by her forearms on the edge of the cupboard base, which she thought was surprisingly comfortable, it meant her head was actually inside preventing her from turning around. It added to her arousal — this stranger definitely knew how to fuck a woman! Again she cried out when she felt a finger press against her anus.

“Oh…you can put it in…if you want…further in!”

The sensation made Tess wriggle and moan as the man alternated between slapping her arse and fingering her anus while he pounded his cock into her cunt. A bottle on the kitchen worktop caught the man’s eye. He reached for it, slowing down slightly. It was what he thought it was, “Extra virgin Olive Oil” the label read. When Tess felt his greasy fingers push inside her anal hole she sank down submitting fully by pushing out her hips and moving her knees just a little wider still. An amazing thrill made every nerve tingle as she waited to feel the strangers’ penis fill her back passage.

The initial hurt was overcome and the man pushed home making Tess giggle almost as she repeated the words, Oh yeah!” many times. The man resumed his fucking and increased his pace gradually as he had done in her cunt. Again she wondered who the man was; for all she knew it could be the local catholic priest who sometimes called on his parishioners. Even that thought excited the lewd woman as she pictured the bespeckled old man knelt behind her with his cock in her arse.

“Oh father!” she yelled, then felt silly knowing she had made her thoughts vocal. The man seemed to have enjoyed the outburst very much as he grunted before ramming his cock into her, mumbling for the first time, “Little slut!” It was no more than a grunt and impossible for Tess to recognise the voice; though now she noticed the man went at her like a madman.

“Fuck! Yes!” Tess yelled out as her hair again was grabbed and her arse violated.

“Give me your hand — on my cunt!” she shouted.

She was near orgasm, and not far behind her the man was about to climax. Leaving her hair the man put both arms around her and Tess pushed her body up gripping him and forcing his hand over her cunt to rub her clit. She held on to his wrist and did the movements for him. The man’s other hand squeezed her nipples very hard making her shout obscenely telling him she wanted it harder.

“Fuck my arse hard you bastard!” she growled as she rubbed his hand over her vagina, “Hurt my tits!”

The man grunted and fucked her hard leaning forward to bite and suck her neck.

“Yes!” she yelled again, “More!”

With a cry like a banshee the woman reached her orgasm intensified by her feeling the man shoot his jism up her back hole. It was prolonged and the man held her tight for a minute or two until they both recovered their breath; then he relaxed and let her sink forward.

“I don’t know who you are, but you can fuck me anytime! That was the best shag I’ve ever had!”

The voice behind her spoke slowly but with shock and a scared hesitancy — it had a familiar tone.

“I thought…you knew…I thought you knew it was me?”

Tess pulled her body upright and turned to face the man who had just given her the best fuck she had ever had; that fact she had already admitted. She was looking into the face of her daddy!

It was a natural reaction, the shock made her cry and it was also natural that she should rest her head on her daddy’s shoulder and let him comfort and cuddle her. No words were spoken, as both parties were far too embarrassed to talk. Daddy kissed her softly on her head like daddies do. Only the sound of the phone made them break away and Tess stood to answer it. As she listened to the caller she tried to avoid looking at her father but out of the corner of her eye she noticed him on the floor, still with trousers off. His penis was now slack but still one that normally Tess would admire and desire. She also was aware how her daddy gazed up her short skirt looking at her wet well-fucked pussy — well fucked by him!

“I have someone calling to mend the fence,” she told the man, “He will be here shortly.”

“Ah, the caller you were really expecting!” said her dad pointedly.

Tess grimaced wryly and gave a confessional nod; no point in denying it, she reasoned.

“I’ll go now,” said her father putting on his clothes, “You’ll be wanted to clean up and make yourself ready.”

Tess detected a tinge of facetiousness in his tone but ignoring it took one last look of his cock before he put it away. When he closed the door Tess went to the bathroom to wash and refresh her self though she did it automatically tuzla escort bayan and subconsciously, her mind on other things. It had really been the best fuck she had enjoyed though — that she couldn’t deny. Putting on a clean skirt and top she drifted downstairs and took a stiff drink while she waited for Phil.

Now one of the things common to sex-addicts is the characteristic of being able to recover their libido very quickly. Tess wanted some stimulus to excite her while she analysed and replayed the last hour’s events. By the time Phil knocked on the door he had already been nominated. That carefully rehearsed plan seemed silly now; she certainly wasn’t going to try to repeat it. Tess felt unsure now when he introduced his pal Sol and was about to let them carry on with mending the fence.

“You’re eye looks bloodshot!” said Phil.

From crying of course but Tess wasn’t going to admit that, “Maybe I’ve got something in it, would you check for me?”

Phil stood very close, his face even closer, his mouth almost touching her cheek. It felt erotic, especially when her breasts touched his chest. Tess looked beyond him while he mumbled examining her left eye to notice his mate Sol obviously found it erotic too — a bulge seemed to be appearing in his tight jeans. Forever the nymphomaniac Tess sighed and let the palm of her hand stroke the front of Phil’s jeans. He froze at the unexpected event but was unable to prevent his cock reacting to the stimulus; Tess let her lips brush over his mouth and grew excited seeing the look on Sol’s face, not to mention his display of arousal in the front of his pants.

“What…?” stammered Phil?

“I’m going to pay you first!” teased the housewife, regaining her usual manner.

In the background she saw Sol becoming restless, “Do you want me to. err…leave you both to it and go and start with the fence?”

Tess kept rubbing Phil’s cock while she smiled at Sol, “I’m an equal opportunities employer,” she quipped, “Equal pay for both of you — if you want it?”

The more mature and streetwise boy sniggered and stepped up alongside of her, Tess reached out and felt his cock also looking into his eyes. The youth smirked and tested her resolve by roughly grabbing her breast and kneading her tits. Tess gave him a dirty grin then watched his eyes while she unzipped him and took hold of his dick.

He put his hand under her top to discover her lack of underwear, “Hmm. No bra!” he said, rolling her nipple between his fingers.

“No knickers either!” smirked Tess, “Check I’m not bluffing!”

Sol did and finally lost his cool when his hand made contact with her wet snatch. Phil became totally mesmerised when Sol slowly slid the woman’s skirt up her thighs proving the validity of the claim then nervously let his hand extend and touch her breast.

“We’ll forget about the fence for now,” she told them, “I have other tasks for you — lift my top and suck my tits — both of you!”

She felt really wicked and dirty and was determined to enjoy all manner of depraved pleasure with these two young men. With a boy on each nipple and a cock in each hand she pursed her lips and enjoyed the sensation. For a second she thought she caught a movement from the doorway but dismissed it. Sol went up her skirt and fingered her cunt making her moan and giggle, “Now you’re getting the idea!” she said.

In her head she tried to plan what to do next. She didn’t really feel like going down on the floor again.

“I want you take me upstairs,” she whispered to the boys, “Take me to bed — and fuck me!” Again she wondered whether she had imagined a movement from the side of her eye and when she stripped of and stood naked before the boys she wondered if her father was lurking somewhere here, either listening or maybe she would see him peep around the door. Tess felt her excitement grow and her lust treble. She smiled at the nervous Phil thinking his penis was a disappointment but ideal for fitting in her anus while Sol’s bigger one would pummel her cunt.

On the bed the youths played for more than an hour, fucking sucking and licking. Tess, in a semi-trance enjoyed the sex but dreamed of other things too.

“Can I come round and see you — we will have to talk sometime — people will notice there’s something wrong?”

The voice of Tessa’s father sounded agitated and apprehensive.

“I’m in all afternoon if you want to come to-day,” she said calmly and businesslike.

They had a short awkward conversation before hanging up.

When the receiver was down Tess sat and trembled, her insides turning somersaults. She reminded her self of how she had exposed, though quite unwittingly, her secret inner and insatiable hunger for sexual gratification to her own father. Daddy now knew what a wickedly unfaithful wife she was — a nymphomaniac. Her thoughts replayed the events of the day when she had offered her arse up invitingly; daddy, she recalled, though at first hesitant had enjoyed shafting his daughter and indeed had escort tuzla done it with great enthusiasm and delight.

Considering that both parties suffered mutual shock and embarrassment caused only by Tess revealing that she thought someone else was fucking her she wondered intriguingly what would have been the outcome if she had simply turned round and pretended, as daddy thought, that she had purposely offered up her body knowing it was he. Tess remembered how she tempted him by stating how she knew he had wanted her for a long time. Had he?

Tess had a small lunch before taking an invigorating shower, preparing for the arrival of her father.

“Let’s go into the living room,” she told her daddy, after pouring them both a coffee; too early, he said for something stronger.

Both sat in separate comfortable seats opposite each other, their body language and lack of eye contact betraying the feelings of uneasiness and guilt. Daddy blurted out the first comment relevant to the reason for his visit.

“Does John never suspect anything — about you and other men?”

It felt very odd having her father ask such a question but she answered him.

“No — at least I don’t think so.”

“Do you still have a sex life with each other?”

“Of course we do!” snapped Tess, “Our relationship is fine.”

“Well it isn’t really is it?” said her father beginning to resume his intended role. “Why then do you do it?”

As his daughter lifter her eyes and stared at him amazed by the sheer hypocrisy and arrogance of his question the man visibly cringed, conscious of the ridicule and contempt he was inviting to reign down on his head.

“Because I like it daddy!” hissed his daughter confronting the man’s attempt to gloss over certain facts. She didn’t want to join him in an in depth analysis of motives and morals.

The man chewed the side of his forefinger, thinking hard before revealing that he knew about the two youths.

“When I left here last week I saw two young guys come in; it was a while before they left. I think I saw movement upstairs — in the bedroom.”

Tess gazed calmly at her father, “You did daddy. You must have been watching for quite a while if you saw them arrive and stayed long enough to know I took them both upstairs.”

“My goodness!” exclaimed the man with a nervous laugh attempting to cover the fact he was getting all hot and bothered by his daughters’ blatant show of honesty and forthrightness. “Both of them! After…well…what we had just done? I think I’m barking up the wrong tree and presuming too much. Were they here to do a job upstairs?”

Tess had become very aware that her daddy was showing signs of arousal. Maybe the mental images of her in the bedroom with two young studs were exciting him. She started to feel quite funny – funny in a strange sort of way. The way her daddy now looked at her nipples, pushing against the tightness of her top made her realise how stiff they had become; a sure sign she too was becoming sexually aroused. She crossed her legs at the same time making sure she had the opportunity to hitch up her skirt without making it obvious but she knew that now daddy would be able to see the tops of her stockings.

“I was expecting one of them calling — but you know that daddy — to mend the fence. I went upstairs with them daddy — and took them into the bedroom — they did have a job to do yes — giving me what I need. Like I told you daddy, I like it — a lot.”

Tess, knowing her father was looking straight at her uncrossed her legs and let her knees spread. Her bunched up skirt let daddy see clearly the gusset of her panties above the inches of naked flesh that separated the dark band of her black stockings from the nylon of hosiery to the lacy cotton of her knickers.

“Did you sneak back into the house and watch?” she asked.

“No,” he answered, “Not really — I’ll admit I saw you in the kitchen though, through the window.” The man moved around looking uncomfortable, trying to avoid openly ogling his daughters crotch. “Would you be angry if I had have peeped?”

“No”. Tess spoke slowly and smirked, constantly adjusting her position by small amounts but enough to be provocative as she shifted her legs and opened her thighs. “I thought you were watching actually — it made it feel more exciting.”

She looked carefully for his reaction.

“My goodness!” he gasped in a whisper. “It’s just that…I thought…why do you want sex so much after…. well you know…not that I felt a failure for not satisfying you, you understand…but I thought you might have been overcome with guilt or upset…. you know!”

“Do I look upset now daddy?” she purred, letting her hands move to her inner thighs.

“No,” stammered the man. “Tell me honestly daddy — now you’ve had time to think about it; does what we did make you feel really bad — or does it make you feel thrilled, aroused?”

The young housewife rubbed her hand over the front of her panties still with eyes glued on her now excited but scared father.

“What we did last week was very wrong, wasn’t it daddy — very wicked and depraved. That’s how I like it daddy. I didn’t know it was you until later — I wish I had known.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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