Texting Ann

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I have always found my sister Ann very attractive, she is only two years older, so growing up we had common friends and often hung out together.

I remember it was the night of my 21st birthday, a group of us went out, Ann being one of them. It seemed that night she would often “accidentally” brush against me, whether it was her breast brushing against my arm, or her ass as she tried to get by me while we were in the crowded bars. At the time I never suspected it was anything but accidental, but as time went the touching continued for the both of us, and I always wondered, was it accidental on her end?

Fast forward to 2021, we are both in our 30’s, I’m divorced, Ann is married with 2 boys. I was watching reruns of that show Impractical Jokers, there is one episode where one of the guys has to tell a stranger that he sent a dick pic to his sister on accident and she sent a nude photo back, it was actually kind of a funny skit, but also again made me wonder…..what if?

This idea of “accidentally” sending my sister a dick pic stuck with me. One evening I had a few beers and was feeling good and I was watching a little porn and masturbating and was imagining my sister. I decided I was going to do it, my cock was rock hard and I took a pic.

I sent the pic with the message “Thinking about you” to save myself of any complete and total embarrassment I followed up with a message that said “OMG, that wasn’t meant for you.”

As time ticked by I was anxiously awaiting some type if reply, my mind racing playing several different scenarios of how this could play out. Finally after 20 minutes or so I received her reply.

Ann: Well I was shocked to say the least, opening a message from you and seeing that

Me: I’m so sorry, I’m so embarrassed

Ann: I understand but honestly, you have nothing to be embarrassed about 😉

Me: Easy for you to say, you didn’t send a nude pic to your brother

Ann: True, but if I had one that looked like that, I’d be sending it to everyone….lol!

Me: OMG Ann….delete that, stop looking

Of course I didn’t want her to delete the pic, just trying to act like it was an accident.

Ann: Never, I’m keeping this for me….you know, if I need to black mail you or something….lol

We continued texting for a bit before saying good night. I ended telling her not to go to bed while looking at the pic, she just said “that’s exactly what I intend to do.”

I put my phone down and went to bed. I woke up the next morning laying in bed wondering why I did what I did. I picked up my phone and had a few messages from Ann, the first one said “I started to feel bad about your embarrassment so I thought I’d level the playing field.” Then there were 2 attachments, one was a pic of her in a bra and panties, the 2nd pic was of her nude, standing in front of a full length mirror. She was turned sideways, from the waist down I was able to see her profile. The curve of her hip and the way her ass bumped out was better than my imagination pictured her. She had her upper half turned towards the mirror so I was able to see her breasts, they looked perfect, I’m guessing a B cup with very erect nipples. My cock immediately began to get hard and I started stoking to her pictures.

Me: Wow!!! thank you for the pics what a way to wake up

Ann: I thought it was fair…you know, save you some embarrassment

Me: Feel free to save me from embarrassment anytime you’d like! 😉

Ann: So you liked the pics I sent, did you?

Me: Ummmm yes!!!! This is my current situation after looking at them

I sent her another pic of my cock with my hand wrapped around it to show her I was masturbating.

Ann: OMG, Its beautiful!!!

Ann: I couldn’t stop looking last night….I was so turned on, that’s why I sent you my pics

Me: Really??? It turned you on? You really liked looking at my cock?

Ann: Yes! Very much so…..since we are being honest, I came looking at it last night. Knowing your hand is wrapped around Burdur Escort it right now has me wet again and I’m playing with myself. I can’t believe I’m telling you this.

Me: Mmmmmm thanks for sharing! I am stroking right now thinking of you. I want you to cum for me Ann!

Ann: I’m going to cum, I’m very close! Will you cum with me?

Me: Yes….I’m close too…..rub your clit for me….think of my cock inside you.

Ann: You’re so bad…..I shouldn’t be cumming thinking about my brother.

Me: But you are going to, you know you want my cock

Ann OMG….I do! I can’t lie! Im close….

Me: Good, cum for me Ann, make your pussy cum for your brother’s cock

Ann: I’m gonna cum….cum with me….. fuck me with that cock….cum with me Robert

Me: Oh fuck….. I’m cummming!!!!!

I came so fucking hard, I don’t think I have ever came so much during masturbation.

Ann: I’m cumming!! oh fuck….. fuck me! Holy shit Robert…..

Ann: OMG, that was amazing….so wrong but so amazing!

Me: Don’t say it was wrong….it was amazing… I’ve never cum like that from masturbation

I sent Ann another pic, it was a pic of my cock and stomach covered in my cum.

Me: See what you did?

Ann: Wow…..that’s hot….even though it’s my brothers, I love knowing I did that for you.

Ann: And you did this to me!

Ann sent a pic of her pussy, her lips are parted, I could clearly see how wet she was, I could also see she is shaved or waxed completely smooth, her little clit still hard and poking out.

Me: Ann, that is fucking beautiful, I want to clean you up, I think its only fair!

Ann: Mmmm I bet you do! Probably means you want me to clean your belly?

Me: Well its only fair….right? lol

Ann: Haha, yeah right. Hey, Jack and the boys are hunting this weekend and are out of town come over for dinner tonight so we can talk about this. No, isn’t an option, see you at 5pm.

I showed up at Ann’s right around 5pm, I knocked and walked in as I normally would. She was walking towards the door as I entered, she just said “glad you could make it, not that I gave you a choice.” We both laughed and I handed her one of the 2 bottles of wine I brought. She just looked and said “I get it… you’re as nervous as me.”

I just laughed and said “pretty much, I’m going to open this one first.” I opened the bottle and poured us each a glass, handed one to her and said “thanks for the invite, cheers.” We clinked glasses and each took a sip.

Ann stated “dinner, for the lack of a better term will be ready soon. I just made a few appetizers and a charcuterie board, I’m not sure I’m up to eating, my stomach has been in knots all day.” As she said this she was placing the charcuterie board on the island. We ate from the board as we sipped our wine.

“So, should we just start talking about last night and this morning?” I said.

“Yeah, I think we should, that’s why I wanted you here, the truth is…..”

I stopped her and said “the truth is I sent you that first pic on purpose. I lied about it being an accident.”

She just said “I kind of assumed, I’d think you’d double and triple check who you are sending such a photo before hitting send.” She continued “I meant what I said about not being embarrassed, it’s a beautiful pic.”

I could feel my face flush as I drank more wine….more than a sip. “I’m glad you liked it so much, yours were incredible as well.”

“Um yeah, what did you expect?” She said with a twinge of sarcasm.

I poured each of us another glass, my nerves began to subside as we were finally talking about it. “So, why did you want to send your sister a picture like that?” Her eyes looked toward cock as she said it.

I took a huge breath and said “well for starters I always found you attractive. I’m not sure if you remember, but the night of my 21st birthday, all the ‘accidental’ touching and brushing against me, all the times we “accidentally” touched each Burdur Escort Bayan other since….well honestly, I always wondered how accidental it really was? I know for me, it wasn’t so accidental.”

Ann started “I’ll admit it wasn’t all accidental for me either. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious back then…..and I still am. Especially after seeing that pic and even more so after this morning.”

As Ann was saying this she was moving closer, she was standing right in front of me, my arm wrapped around her, she leaned in and we kissed. I felt her soft lips against mine, this was no brother/sister peck, her lips stayed against mine and I started kissing her back. We both made several small light kisses, slow and gentle. I pulled her closer, my hand was now on her ass. Our kisses became more firm, lips parting slightly until I took her bottom lip between mine and pulled gently, when I let go, both our mouths opened more and our tongues found each other’s.

By now both my hands were on her ass pulling her closer as we kissed. My cock was rock hard and I was pressing it against her, I wanted her to know what she is doing to me.

She stepped back and rubbed her hand along my cock “I want this….are you sure about this Robert?”

I nodded and said “I am very sure.” She lead me over to the couch and before sitting down she knelt in front of me. Ann undid my belt and jeans, she pulled them down and pushed me back to sit down, she finished pulling my pants off and positioned between my legs. She grabbed my cock and began stroking looking in my eyes for approval, I nodded. she leaned in and licked my cock from the base to the head, then she covered the head with her mouth and began working up and down my shaft.

I watched in amazement as my sister was sucking my cock, all those fantasies coming to life. i watched as she worked her mouth up and down my shaft, looking up at me every once in a while, I loved looking in her eyes. Between her amazing ability to suck cock and the fact it’s my sister had me ready to cum fairly quick. My breathing increased and I was moaning louder, Ann went deeper, I felt my cock enter her throat, she’d then pull back so just the head was in her mouth then dive back down taking all of me. i started thrusting my hips to meet her mouth, within a few more seconds I said I was about to cum, she buried my cock in her throat and I shot my first jet of cum down her throat. She pulled back leaving my head in her mouth and she sucked my cock as I unleashed more cum into her mouth, coating her tongue, she then swallowed every drop.

Ann curled up next to me on the couch as I recovered, she said “I’ve been wanting to do that for years, you’re delicious.”

“Really? Years?”

“Yes years! Its been a while since I really thought about it, but as soon as I saw your pic, all those memories came rushing back.” Then she said “pour us more wine and meet me in the bedroom.”

I poured 2 more glasses and went to her room., she was in the bathroom and said she’d be right out. I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for her.

A few minutes had passed and Ann walked out of the bathroom in just her bra and panties. I stood up and handed her a glass and we both sipped our wine. I took her glass and set them on the on the dresser. i took her hand a spun her around. She had a great body any 30 something year old would be proud of. I pulled her close and wrapped my arms around her, feeling her nearly naked body pressed against me, I kissed her on the mouth, her tongue immediately found mine, I could still taste my cum on her lips and tongue.

We kept kissing and I began to undress her, I removed her bra and cupped each breast, pinching and rolling her already hard nipples. I leaned down taking one then the other between my lips, sucking licking as her hand moved to the back of my head, holding me there. “That’s it little brother, suck my nipples.” Hearing her call me little brother really got me going. I sucked harder, flicking Escort Burdur my tongue across each nipple, her moaning and words kept me eager to keep pleasing her.

My hands moved down over her ass, squeezing her cheeks, pulling her closer. Then I moved them inside her panties, feeling her bare cheeks against my bare hands, again squeezing her ass firmly, pulling her close then pulling her cheeks apart letting my fingers tease along the crack of her ass.

I dropped to my knees, kissing down her flat belly, pulling her panties over her ass, off her hips and down her legs. I could easily smell her scent, I inhaled deeply, letting her know I was smelling her sex. Instinctively I stuck out my tongue and licked along her outer lips, tasting my sister for the first time. Ann sighed deeply and moaned as she felt my tongue touch her, and audible “ohhhhh fuck” escaped her lips.

I stood up and guided Ann over to her bed and laid her down, I immediately crawled between her legs, she spread them wide for me, allowing me all the room I needed. I kissed and licked each inner thigh, sucking, gently kissing, moving closer towards her pussy. Her lips were glistening, her scent was intoxicating. I licked along her lips, licking up every drop of her wetness, she was delicious! With each lick I added a little more pressure eventually separating her outer lips and slipping my tongue inside her.

For the next several minutes I continued devouring my sisters pussy. licking her from her asshole to her clit. The first time I licked her ass she shuttered then moaned loudly “you’re a naughty brother Robert.” Her hands went to my head pulling me tighter, humping her pelvis against my lips and tongue. I ate her to two consecutive orgasms before she pulled me up, kissing me hard, tasting herself off my lips and tongue. “I need you to fuck me now little brother.”

Ann reached down, grabbed my cock and guided me towards her pussy. When the head of my cock touched her lips she ran my cock along the length of her pussy, covering my head with her juice, she then lined my cock up against her pussy and she said “push your cock inside me little brother.”

Every time she says “little brother” it drives me insane. I push my cock inside my sister, feeling her pussy wrap around my cock. I’m not huge or anything, about 6.5/7″ inches, but I have been told I’m thick by more than one woman but again, I don’t think I’m much more than average.

As I slide inside Ann for the first time I go slow, feeling every inch of her pussy opening for my cock. I slowly begin to tuck my sister, long slow strokes…..I’m feeling her, she is feeling every inch of me. I look in Ann’s eyes “do you like feeling your little brothers cock inside you?”

Her eyes lit up when I said that to her, she bites her bottom lip then says “yes little brother, fuck your sister….. do you like the way your sisters pussy feels?”

At first I do not say anything, I just pound my cock into her, drawing back so just the head is inside her, then slam into her again, after 2 or 3 times I say “your pussy is amazing big sister.”

After a few more minutes I tell Ann I’m about to cum, she wraps her legs around me and tells me “I want you to cum inside me.”

I ask “are you sure?” As I continue fucking her.

“Yes, I want your cum inside me, I’ve wanted it for far too long I need to have you cum inside me.” Ann continues you to beg me to cum inside her. she repeatedly says “cum inside me….cum inside your sister, give me your seed…..mark me as yours, little brother.”

This talk pushes me over the edge, I bury my cock deep inside my sister, I start to pump my cum deep inside her….I feel her body tense, then begin to convulse as her orgasm washes over her.

After I fill Ann with my cum I collapse on top of her, our bodies sweaty, breathing deeply…..kissing her, telling her how amazing that was, I stay buried inside her until my cock softens and I lay next to her, kissing, touching each other.

We lay there for the next several minutes coning down off our highs. Both of us telling each other how long we have wanted that.

We spent the night together making up for some of the lost time. We both agreed it was an amazing experience and one we both want to continue past this night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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