Thanks for the Dance

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A work of fiction, dedicated to the girl who thanked me just for dancing with her. I doubt she knew what was on my mind.

Nobody wanted to dance with her, but she hardly seemed to notice. She stood near the bar, nodding her head in time with the music, and smiling as she watched her friend dance. Her friend was a petite brunette with a tiger tattoo, and practically had to fight the guys off in order to stop for a drink or to exchange a few words with the girl I was watching. I usually go for petite brunettes myself, but something about the girl standing alone caught my eye. It wasn’t her looks, though her face was pleasant, her skin was smooth, and her hairstyle suited her well. There’s no denying she was a big girl, and that’s probably why all the guys were staying away. But that smile was infectious. I walked over, pretended to notice her for the first time, and asked her to dance.

When she took my hand I realized for the first time how tall she was: as we started to dance my eyes were about level with her chin. This made it almost impossible not to gaze at her cleavage – the word “ample” comes to mind, but doesn’t do it justice. A pair of soft, creamy white pillows seemed to invite me to lay my head down and rest a while. I looked up guiltily, away from the red lace fringe of her dress that beckoned like an unexplored horizon, found her eyes -clear green- and decided she hadn’t noticed me staring. I gave her an encouraging smile, as she was clearly a beginner, led her through some easy dance steps, and watched as the smile returned to her face. A few minutes later she was swinging her hips as if she’d been born in the Caribbean, her lips were parted as her breathing increased, and she was still smiling. I smiled right back. I was making up my mind to really give her something to smile about.

This isn’t a movie, and I don’t have to stretch things out to any particular length, so I can skip the part about having a few drinks to get our courage up, or maybe I asked her for her number and called her later, or maybe she needed a ride home, or maybe there güvenilir bahis was some twist of fate where she had to leave suddenly but I managed to find her again weeks later. Let’s just hit the fast-forward button. I was at the door of her apartment, having invited myself over on some flimsy excuse. She showed me in a little nervously.

She was wearing that red dress, with the lace in the front, and a light jacket, unbuttoned. She took my coat and offered me a drink. I asked for water, and as she turned to the kitchen I watched her hips under the dress. She was a little wider than I’m used to, but her proportions weren’t bad at all. Her manners were nervous and a little shy, but her walk was strong, almost athletic. I wondered what her legs would look like. I caught myself thinking these things and realized I was still unsure I wanted to go through with this. But as she handed me a glass of water she smiled, and my infatuation with her caught me again. Green eyes, soft lips, great chest, and standing there waiting for me to make a move… logic, emotion, and libido finally joined forces. I stepped toward to accept the water, and took an extra step forward to lean in for our first kiss.

I had to stand on tiptoe, so the kiss was tentative at first – just softly brushing lips. Then I moved my free hand (the one that wasn’t holding the water) to her shoulder, so I was able to keep my balance and move in close enough to part my lips a little, drawing her lower lip in for a teasing nibble and then tracing the inside of her lip with my tongue. She moaned with desire at that, and suddenly her arms were wrapped around me and her tongue was filling my mouth. I managed somehow to put the water down and practically climbed onto her, one hand holding her head steady as our tongues fiercely exchanged places, the other hand repaying her bear hug by grabbing wildly at her ass. I’d never felt such an enormous chest pressed against me, or so much flesh on a girl’s rear, but I wasn’t thinking about that. All I knew was that I was driving this girl wild, and it was a huge türkçe bahis turn-on. My skin felt electric, and I swear when I touched the bare skin on her chest I felt a spark. I wanted all our clothes off, and quickly.

My left hand kept grabbing at her ass, and bunching her dress up at the same time until I could slip my hand underneath the fabric. Every time I grabbed a handful of flesh she moaned more loudly and attacked my mouth more vigorously. My right hand was carressing her chest now, teasing along the edge of the fabric and also rubbing her nipples through the dress. Her bear hug had now become more of an exploration of my back and shoulders, but she was still holding me close, nearly lifting me off the ground. It was almost scary how little physical control I had, but I wasn’t about to complain: she was the horniest girl I’d met in months. I was grinding my now-rigid cock against her, and she was grinding right back. We would have been quite a sight, leaning against the refigerator with her dress now hitched up to her waist, me shirtless (she must have lifted it off, it happened so fast I don’t recall), dry-humping like a couple of teenagers. Maybe not your typical couple, since I’m an average-to-skinny guy and she was taller than me and, well, not skinny. But I wish I had a video of that encounter in the kitchen: I would challenge anybody to watch it and not get turned on. Hands were going everywhere, neither of us could catch our breath, and our crescendo of moans could have sold as a porno with a blank screen.

Her dress came off as we moved to the bedroom. My pants wound up on the floor by her bed, and my underwear followed. Now as we knelt on the bed facing each other I was stark naked, my cock pointing urgently toward this girl – whose name I didn’t know – who was now wearing only a black bra and panties. She grinned naughtily, took my cock in her hand, and bent down to kiss it. After our feverish dry-humping, her moist lips felt like heaven. I closed my eyes.

Her warm mouth swallowed my cock, and I saw stars. I must have collapsed on the bed, güvenilir bahis siteleri because I remember grabbing handfuls of blankets and shaking my head back and forth. I usually don’t find blowjobs nearly as stimulating as actual coitus, but this girl had a gift. My cock felt harder and harder, warmer and warmer, like it was ready to burst. I couldn’t catch my breath.

For a second the sensations stopped, and I took a deep breath. Then I opened my eyes just in time to see this girl lowering her pussy onto my cock. She was so wet it took only an instant, and she started bouncing on me so hard I thought she’d break my pelvis. I reached up to grab her by the shoulders and hung on for dear life while she clawed at my back and screamed with lust. I was coming before I knew it – I didn’t even have a chance to warn her – spurting deep inside her with her enormous breasts crushed against my chest. She didn’t slow down at all; I’m not certain she even noticed. Amazingly, my dick was still rock hard as I continued to receive the fucking of a lifetime. With plenty of extra lubrication, she was now taking even longer, harder strokes. I leaned back a little to enjoy the ride, and watched her face as she bit her lip, opened her mouth to pant, rolled her eyes, or grimaced in concentration. Her hair was damp with sweat and her skin was flushed and steaming – I was witnessing total sexual abandon.

This sight renewed my lust and I began rocking my hips to match her thrusts. She responded vocally. In fact, her exact words were “fuck me fuck me fuck me.” So I did: I rolled her over and climbed on top, pulled her knees up, and drove my cock into her like I was drilling for gold. She writhed and arched her back, and the more wildly she thrashed the more frantically I pounded into her. Finally, just as I was struggling to prevent myself from coming for the second time, she gave a scream that would have woken the pharaohs, and collapsed in total exhaustion. I relaxed and made one last thrust, collapsing on top of her as my sperm gushed out and filled her.

After a minute or two we revived enough to exchange shit-eating grins and a long kiss. “I could get used to that,” she said. “What are you doing tomorrow night?”

That was our first time. It wasn’t until later that I discovered her kinky side.

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