The 30 Fucks of April – Day 06

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Hey Journal, April 6, 2022. Wednesday, hump day! Whoop let’s get it. I went to the condo early to do some cleaning. The typical stuff I did as Yolanda. Then I headed out to buy groceries. I stopped by David’s workplace and we had lunch not too far from where he worked.

“So, doll face, what do you have planned for tonight?” he asked.

“I’m trying to decide between the twins,” I said as I showed him their photo.

“Wow, nice. That looks like fun.”

“Or, this guy,” I showed him the picture of my former supervisor Aiden. I couldn’t believe that he had submitted. The picture of his cock had me curious. It was a six-inch fatty. Sort of like David’s cock. Just enough cock to fill you up, perfect for missionary and slow grinding.

“Well, you’ve been having a lot of fun getting doubled. Maybe try Mr. Office guy. That way, if he doesn’t do it for you, Michael and I can stop by and bring it home.”

I chuckled, “You can do that anyway.”

He smiled.

After lunch with David, I went to my car and sent two messages. I booked Aiden for that night and the twins for Thursday. I headed back to the condo to put away my things.

The evening had arrived. The day seemed so perfect. Beautiful white clouds floated in the air against the magnificent blue sky. The sun shined and so this my face as I left the condo. I saw Filipe standing outside. He had just gotten home from work.

I spoke, “hello Filipe.”

“Hi,” Yolanda he replied standing in his baby blue scrubs. He worked at the hospital.

“Did your friend leave?” he asked.

“Oh, friend. Yeah. She has her own place now.”

It was a brief moment of awkward silence, “I would love to take you out some time if that’s okay?”

Inside I was screaming yes, but calmly I replied, “Sure that would be great. Friday?”

“Yes. Awesome.” He replied smiling. I watched as he went into his place. Then I headed over to the set to prepare for Aiden. Mr. Office guy.

Aiden arrived wearing jeans and a nice fitted shirt. Didim Escort We immediately got him undressed. Storm photographed him as I asked him questions. “You have a girlfriend?”

He sort of laughed, “Yeah, I do. She knows I submitted to your series. I swear after watching the first I had to see if I could get in. you remind me of a person I worked with.”

I giggled inside, “Was she pretty?”

He nodded vigorously, “oh yeah. Pretty skin like yours, her hair was black, long, wavy, she had amazing tits.”


I joined him for a few pictures. I took a few with his cock in my mouth with my looking up into his eyes. He was so ready. An eager beaver. As soon as I lay on the bed, he climbed on top and pushed his fatty into my pussy, and fired rapidly. I almost laughed.

I grabbed his hips, “Slow down baby, like that, just like that.”

His cock pressed against my walls. He felt marvelous once I got him under control.

He leaned in and kissed my mouth. He had a nice use of the tongue. “Is this better?” he asked

“Um-hmm,” I replied as I grabbed his ass, throwing my hips upward feeling all of his fatty inside of me. His chest pressed against my huge tits. He began sucking my nipples so seductively. I was on the verge of cumming so fucking hard. He loved my moans. The louder I moaned the more excited he became.

He moved a little faster after I squeezed him and trembled. “Wow, so fucking amazing,” he uttered.

“You want me to ride that fat cock?” I asked.

He pulled out of me and lay happily waiting as I tossed my leg over and got into position. I motioned for Storm to join us. She smiled and placed her camera down. The others were still capturing footage.

His face lit up when he saw Storm get naked, “No fucking way, both of you?”

I leaned over and kissed his mouth, “It’s your lucky day.”

Storm sat on his face. I reached for her kissing her pretty full lips. I had my hand on her breasts, used my tongue to trace Didim Escort Bayan her areola, and licked her pointed nipples one after the other. I reached for her clit and wiggled. I loved how her mouth puckered as Aiden licked her pussy. “You want to ride this cock?” I asked her.

She nodded. I moved aside. She took a set, “Fuck, so good.” she commented stroking her pussy on his fatty.

Aiden was happy we enjoyed his fatty. I sat on his face and rocked my hips. It was her turn to suck my tits. She loved them. They were full, bouncy, and more than a mouth full.

Suddenly, I had the urge to kiss her sweet spot. I leaned over until my mouth was flushed with her pleasure spot. As she rode Aiden’s cock. I licked her clit. Wiggled my tongue on it, and hummed on it. She pulled my hair as she climaxed. I looked up into her eyes. Our mouths touched.

Aiden’s thrusts increased. I heard him panting like crazy. Grunting. I moved off his lips. He pulled Storm into him. Holding her ass tightly as he rammed faster. I slapped her ass, “That’s it, babe, ride that cock.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” exclaimed Aiden. Storm dismounted and we kneeled before him. He stroked his cock until cum shot out. It sprayed on us. We kissed each other tasting his cum on our lips. He reached for our chins and gave us both a kiss, “That was insane.”

I nodded. It was. All those years I worked under him wondering if he could fuck and turned out he wasn’t bad at all. He stayed for a little while and left.

Even though I was a little tired. I was glad when Michael and David dropped by around 11:00 pm. They had taken Friday morning off. Storm had already left shortly after Aiden. I had my guys to myself.

Our night began with sweet kisses. They took turns licking my pussy while the other sucked on my tits. David had his fingers inside, stroking rapidly. I could barely speak, “shit, shit, ugh,” I said as I squirted. It was all over his hand and my inner thighs. “Oh my god, fuck, come here Escort Didim babe,” I pulled him into me. He felt good between my legs. I wrapped my arms around him, “yes, yes, David fuck me like that.”

His lips met mine and we kissed wildly, the next orgasm came quicker. My leg shook. Michael had lubed up his thick long cock and pushed into David’s ass as he pleasured me. I saw David’s face turn red as Michael penetrated his ass. I held his face kissing his mouth until he started cooing, “yes, yes, yes,” I said to him reassuringly. Our hearts raced.

We were all moaning at different intervals. Mine was slow and soft, David’s were short and choppy. Michael’s moans were a mixture of grunts and deep groans.

David’s eyes rolled. Sweat rolled off of him and dripped onto me.

Soon we switched positions. Michael lay down. I straddled his face as I watched David rode his cock. Our lips touched. I leaned over kissing his chest. I stroked his cock with my hand. I leaned over and sucked it as he rode Michael for dear life. The room was filled with our passionate groans.

Once David had enough. I over and rode Michael looking down into his brown eyes. I leaned over stretching out my legs. He was deep inside. My g-spot was hit. I felt the wetness pour from me. His balls dripped with my nectar. David was in front. He filled my mouth with his cock. He stroked rapidly bringing himself closer. I felt it when it happened all at once.

David in my mouth, Michael in my pussy. My head was held tight. My ass was held tight as they filled me with their warm cum. Cum oozed from my mouth. David kissed my lips, “Good girl.”

I was a hot sweaty mess. Michael pulled me into him still stroking his cock inside of me. “Are we still going?” I asked.

“You tell me,” he responded. My pussy was still throbbing on his cock. Even though he came inside of me he was still hard. “You want another orgasm; I can feel you.”

He knew my body. He studied me. They both did, he stroked my pussy for another thirty seconds until my pussy pulsated on his softening cock. It was enough to give me another orgasm. I rolled off his cock and cuddled next to him, “So fucking good. I can get used to being fucked like this,” I joked.

David cuddled behind me and we all fell asleep.

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