The 7-Day Challenge Pt. 04

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Wednesday 1st, 5:00am

I started off the day with Katie as my breakfast. After waking up and relieving our bladders we showered, then went back in the bedroom. I bent her over the edge of the bed and went to work on her asshole and pussy with my tongue. I really gave it my all; teasing, kissing, licking, probing, making her squeal with delight, even bringing her off a couple of times. After 15 minutes she was begging me to fuck her, so I enthusiastically plowed into her pussy. As I fucked her initially I put one finger in her well-soaked little rosebud, then two, and finally three.

“Ohhhh, I’m so filled up! Don’t stop,” she begged me. It sounded like she’d been stretched enough and was ready for me to take her anal cherry. I slowly pulled out, making sure I was good and coated with her juices. I took a tube of lubricant from the nightstand and added a little more, then positioned my cock head at her wet rosebud.

“OK, baby. I’m going to go in slowly. Try to push, like you’re trying to poop. It will help you take me in.” She reached back with both hands and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

“Take me James. I’m yours.” She gave a slight yelp as I gently slipped my knob in the first inch.

“Are you OK, baby?” I asked, concerned about her comfort.

“”Yes, James,” she gasped, her breathing jagged. “A little more, please.” I could feel her sphincter giving way as I slipped in further. “Keep going, just slowly, OK?” I had to admire her, she had her heart set on me in her ass!

“We’ll go at your pace, my angel,” I replied. I reached around and gently massaged her nipples. I felt her begin to relax a bit so I slipped in further, and she began to breathe a little more easily.

“This isn’t so bad,” she said. I very slightly pulled out, then went back in again, this time all the way. I could feel my balls slap the wetness between her legs. Oh, this was heavenly!

“Ooooooh!” she gasped. My cock was getting impatient, and my strokes became longer. And a little faster. “Gahhhh!” Her vocalizations became purely gutteral. It was as if her ass being fucked shut down her rational thought and only allowed the animal within to emerge. Her fingers of one hand crept down to her pussy, and through the thin membrane which separated her vagina from her rectum I could feel them working her vagina and clit, stimulating herself and from the involuntary contact she was taking me along with her!

I felt my climax building. “Darling, I’m going to…”

“Yes, James! I belong to you, let me have it!” Unable to stop myself now, I gave a groan and my balls emptied into my sweet angel’s ass.

Balls now empty, I pulled out my softening member and lay down next to her, covering her face and neck with kisses and massaging her tits with my hands. She shivered with delight, and I pulled the sheet over her in case she was chilly.

We kissed again, and she whispered, “James, that was wonderful. You’re so gentle and sweet, such a wonderful lover.”

I propped up my head with my arm and looked into her beautful eyes. I had just eaten her ass, fucked her pussy and her asshole, and still she looked as innocent as a child. My heart overflowed with love for her. “It’s as much you as me, my love,” I answered truthfully. We lay together for another 30 minutes or so, each in their own dreamy thoughts, then my cell phone alarm went off.

I got up and got dressed, leaned over and kissed her goodbye for the day. She wrapped her arms aroind my neck for a deeper kiss, then whispered, “I like waking up with you. I want to do it every day.”

I breathed in the musky post-coital scent of her and felt that familiar stirring in my loins. I wanted to say “Me, too,” and tell her the contest was over right then and there, tell her how much I loved her and how much I wanted her to be my wife. It would have been premature if not outright hypocritical, however, since there was another woman out there who was waiting for me to eat her pussy as promised.

Wednesday 1st, 8:00am

The Country Pedaler’s showroom is neat and clean, with nice big windows that fill the showroom with light. We keep enough stock on display to make it look nice, but don’t make the mistake a lot of bike shops do by over-filling it. Once you go through the door to the back room you have to pass through the storeroom to get to my shop area. Roger’s desk is on the border between the storeroom and my shop area, so we can both have easy access to the computer on his desk. I’m a bit of a clean freak, so my little shop area is always in order, every tool in place. The storeroom, however, is Roger’s domain and, just like his desk, is a cluttered mess.

For some reason I felt really energized, so I tore into the storeroom to clean it up. I guess fucking my fiancée’s beautiful ass was energizing.

DreamKleen, where Katie works, is right next door to the Country Pedaler; that’s how we met. It actually shares the building, which my boss Roger owns. Since Roger is a human pack rat, we have boxes and boxes of old and gaziantep escort broken parts stacked floor-to-ceiling against the storeroom’s wall which is the common wall that divides the building. These boxes are what I began clearing out first. As I took down each box I kept my eye out for any parts I might be able to use, but there was not much there. Mostly it was dusty and rusted junk which I put in the dumpster outside.

Removing the stacks also removed a barrier to sound; I could now hear sounds on the DreamKleen side much more clearly. It also revealed a hodgepodge of faded memorabilia – old posters and ads pinned to the wall, a calico. Bumper stickers, bike race posters from the 70s, psychedelic-style posters announcing concerts by defunct rock-n-roll bands, trail maps from assorted ski resorts in the area; if they had been in good shape they could have sold for big bucks.

About three-quarters up the wall near the corner there was a poster of a two ducks copulating in the air with the caption “Fly United”. One corner had torn away while I was moving the boxes, and the remainder had flopped over to reveal an air vent. It looked like a shared heating vent between the two sides of the building.

Placing a plastic crate under it I stood to see where it went. To my surprise, the vent’s other side was in the bathroom of DreamKleen! Looking through the slats, I had a great view of the mirror on the opposite wall so everything in the room was visible to me.

Just then I heard the door open and Katie’s boss, Maria Duarte came in. Maria was in her late 50’s, but with her mocha skin and long dark hair, she could still be considered still attractive. Locking the door, she stood in front of the toilet and pushed her stretch pants and panties pants down to her ankles, revealing an enormous black bush of hair as she sat on the toilet to relieve herself. I almost laughed out loud, thinking that if she wanted to shave her pussy she’d need a machete.

I heard her urine hitting the water, then she he wiped her pussy and pulled her pants back up. After flushing the toilet she washed her hands and left. I stepped off the crate, but then I heard the door open again so I stood up to look one more time. It was Katie! I forgot she was working 10am – 4pm today.

She stood in front of the toilet and dropped her jeans and panties, but didn’t empty her bladder. Instead, she reached into her purse and pulled out a dildo! My jaw hung open as I watched her take it into her mouth. After she’d moistened it a bit she worked it between her sweet pussy lips, and started moving it in and out. I was stunned. My little innocent fiancée was getting herself off during work hours!

Listening closely, not daring to make a sound, I could hear her quietly murmuring as she fucked herself with the plastic cock. “Ooooh, James, what are you doing? Is that a ring? Why yes, darling, of course I’ll marry you! My body and soul are yours, take me!” My little innocent darling was fantasizing about me proposing! I would have gone into out bathroom and jerked off myself, if I hadn’t been trying to let my balls recover.

My cock was hardening as her breathing became more rapid and erratic, and I could tell she was almost ready to climax when her cellphone rang. She slid the fake cock out of her pussy and answered.

“Hello? Oh, hi, Jennifer.” She paused, listening. “Yes, I got the outfit you dropped off, it fits perfectly. He’s going to love it. Thank you so much. You’re so good to me!” Another pause. “Don’t worry, I’m going to get it to him shortly. I have to get back to work.” One more pause. “Bye sweetie! I love you!”

I stepped off the crate, my mind spinning. This was really getting weird. What the fuck was my sister up to? Refocusing, I got back to cleaning up the storeroom.

Wednesday 1st, 11:00am

Roger came in late. Usually he was in by 10:00am, which is when the shop opened. I decided to give him a hard time. “You sleep in today, boss, or what?”

“Had a big date with Renee last night. Really drained me, I won’t lie to you James. I’m not a young man like you anymore, I can’t fuck all night and work all day.”

You don’t know the half of it, I thought to myself. “Well, maybe you can clock out early this afternoon and call up Momma to get you some more afternoon movie tickets,” I kidded him.

Roger looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. “Now it’s you getting old,” he said, chuckling. “It was your sister gave me those tickets, not your mom.”

For the second time that morning, my sister surprised me. Before I could ask Roger more about Jen, he walked through the door to the storeroom and exclaimed, “Hey, wow! Look what you did! This is great!” Then the front door opened and a couple of customers came in, and we both got busy taking care of business. For some reason we were extra busy, and didn’t even have time for lunch. I had to concentrate on the bicycle business all day.

Wednesday 1st, 5:00pm

I locked the front door and breathed gaziantep escort sitesi a sigh of relief. “Wow, what a day. Must be the nice weather,” I said to Roger. “You going out with Renee again?”

“Nope,” he said. “I need another 24 hours to recover.” Then he pulled an envelope out of his pocket and handed it to me. “Whoops, almost forgot,” he said. “I was asked to deliver this to you. See you tomorrow!” Saying that, he headed to the parking lot, got in his pickup and drove away.

It was a standard letter envelope, with my name on the front. I opened it. Inside was a small slip of paper with a message. “Meet me at the Grand Marquis Hotel Lounge at 5:30pm. Bring the van, I don’t plan on being in any shape to drive home. If all goes well, I won’t be in shape for walking, either. Love, Katie.”

It was still early, so I hadn’t decided whose place I would go to first tonight. Since I had stayed at Katie’s all night I’d been planning to go to Toni’s first. Then I read the rest of the note.

“PS – Don’t be late. Since we’re not engaged yet, if I get a better offer I may actually consider it.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. Things had been so intense between us, I couldn’t believe Katie would really look at another man. She was my angel, my love. Then again, she was right. Toni had blocked our engagement, so we were still free agents, so to speak.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that while Toni would always be my mother, as of right now Katie was just my girlfriend, and until we got engaged things were basically up for grabs Adding to my anxiety was the memory of how she greeted me at the door yesterday. She had a dead serious look on her face when she said, “…James, you’re my man. I’d lie, cheat, and steal, anything for you. When I say anything, I mean anything!” Did that include sleeping with other men? I couldn’t take that chance.

I got in the delivery van and drove home to shower and shave, putting on a fresh shirt and khakis. I then drove the 10 minutes to the Grand Marquis Hotel. Lo and behold, parked in amongst the other cars was a late model Mercedes with the “D WANE” plates. I shook my head. Hey, it was a free country. As long as that dipshit stayed out of my way, I’d stay out of his.

I walked into the lounge. The décor hadn’t been changed in decades and had certainly seen better days. It was dimly lit, the mood completed by some rehashed cheesy 1970’s tune coming through the overhead speakers.

The bartender was Renee Barnes, my boss Roger’s sort-of-girlfriend. They dated off and on, so I’d see her at the shop every now and then.

Although she was north of 50 years old, despite her natural wrinkles she still had a pretty face, a tall drink of water at slightly less than 6 feet. Her hair was salt-and-pepper, pulled back in a long ponytail. And her ass looked really good in tight jeans, which she always wore. No wonder Roger was worn out after his date. “Heya, handsome,” she greeted me as she polished a glass, “How you doing? What can I get for you?”

“Doing great, thanks Renee,” I replied. “Give me a Buckhorn in the bottle, please. Tonight I’m looking for the most beautiful girl in the place.” She handed me the bottle, and I took a sip.

“Well, that would be me, but I’m taken.” She laughed at her own joke. “Seriously, you’re in luck. The good news is she’s here. The bad news is a bunch of guys got in line before you. They’ve been buying her drinks all night trying to get her to play ball, but so far all she’s done is taken their drinks and smiled.” Renee jerked her head towards the end of the bar, where several guys were standing. One of them stepped away looking frustrated, and there was Katie.

My eyes just about popped out of my head, like a wolf in the cartoons when a pretty girl walks by. I couldn’t believe what I saw. She was wearing a pair of gold spandex pants that looked like they were painted on; they were complemented by a red sequined spandex halter-top that left her abdomen exposed, and cut low enough to give a tantalizing peek of her deep cleavage. Draped over her shoulders was a black leather motorcycle jacket, zippers on all the pockets.

As if this wasn’t enough to give any normal man cardiac arrhythmia, her shoes were 7-inch heeled red patent open-toed ‘fuck-me’ pumps. The final touch was toenails painted fire-engine red, with matching lipstick and fingernail polish. A pimp could have gotten top dollar for her.

Jealousy and lust pulsed through me at the same time. My angel was dressed like the town whore, and I nearly shot my load in my pants. She looked up and saw me.

With a devilish smile she pushed her way out of the pack of potential suitors and staggered towards me. “Here he is, boys,” she said, her speech slightly slurred. “I told you he’d be here. He’s a real man, keeps me going all night long. Don’tcha baby?” She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard. It was weird kissing her in 7″ platforms, her face was so much closer gaziantep escort tanıtımları to mine.

I swallowed hard, and found my voice. “Katie, I have to say you’re so gorgeous it’s hard to look at you. It’s like staring into the sun; I might go blind from it.”

In case there could be any doubt in the hopeful guys standing around her, she loudly proclaimed “Ooooh, don’t he talk pretty? Call it a night, players, you just got outplayed.” Their aspirations dashed, the other guys suddenly slipped away. The game was over and they’d had their asses kicked. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Come on, stud, I got a surprise for ya.”

Taking me by the hand, she led me out to the parking lot to the back of the shop van. “Unlock it,” she commanded. I did, and opened the back door. Still holding my hand, she climbed in and pulled me in after her. I closed the door, and as I turned back her hands were at my belt buckle and zipper, pulling my pants down around my ankles. My cock stood at attention, ready for action.

Amidst the tool cases there were several large pads we used to keep the bikes cushioned during delivery. She grabbed a couple of those, threw them down and lay on top of them. “Undress me, stud,” she cooed. I did, although getting her out of skin-tight spandex was not an easy task. I persevered nonetheless, and she now lay there naked with her legs spread.

“Come on, baby, fuck me,” she begged. “Every time you’re delivering a bike in this van, I want you to remember me here, ready to be fucked.” She moved her legs so they were splayed high over her head and giggled. “Every time you pump up a tire, I want you to think about pumping me.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I jumped on my drunken little slut-angel, plunged my cock in her pussy and pounded away. The tools and parts in the bins rattled, and I hoped people walking by in the parking lot would respect the old tradition of ‘If this van’s a rocking, don’t come a knocking’.

Katie must have already been primed from playing with her dildo, as she had a couple of orgasms while I was pumping away. I finally emptied my balls into her and we lay there, exhausted, kissing and cuddling.

“Wow,” I commented as our breathing returned to normal. “You’re too good to be true, Katie. You were a walking wet dream tonight.”

She giggled. “Did you like the outfit?”

“I would have had to be a dead man not to,” I chuckled in response. “Where did you get that getup? I love it! The only thing I didn’t love was how much attention those guys were paying to you.”

She smiled and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. “Your sister loaned me most of it. She is just the best. You silly, I wasn’t really interested in other guys, you know. It was all for you. I wanted my future husband to know how sexy his little bride can be.”

I gave her another kiss, this one deeper and a little more passionate. “News flash, I already knew that. I have to warn you, I have a bit of a jealous streak.” I hugged her possessively. “I don’t want anyone else to even think they can have you.”

She leaned down and took my cock in her hand. “That’s the effect I was going for,” she said, smiling, and took my softness in her mouth. Suddenly it wasn’t soft any more; as her tongue went to work it was clear she had been practicing with that dildo. After a few minutes, she had my nuts sucked dry. I wondered how it could get any better than this.

Before I took her home I went back in the lounge to get Katie a bottle of water. As I was leaving, I happened to glance in the restaurant. Duane was sitting at a table, talking to a woman whose back was to me. The light was dim, but I could make out her hair, same color as Toni’s. I looked again.

The woman was wearing a blue blouse that I recognized as one of Toni’s favorites. Also, to top it off he woman wore a garish sliver bracelet with a huge chunk of turquoise. I had given Toni a bracelet identical to it when I attended a bike race last year in Arizona.

My jealous streak lit up, and I hurried to take my still slightly-drunk sweetheart home; I got her undressed and tucked her in, kissing her goodnight. “Stay'” she whispered, holding out her arms to me. It was incredibly tempting, but I had to go check on my property – Toni’s body.

“Two night in a row? I don’t want to spoil you yet,” I teased, and walked out of the bedroom. I quietly closed the door, then started walking quickly, gathering speed as I made my way out the front door, and was at a full run by the time I reached the van.

Wednesday 1st, 11:10pm

Coming in quietly through the garage again, I picked up my aluminum bat. I hadn’t seen his car, but if Duane was here he was going to go home bruised.

There was no sound, but there was a light on in Toni’s bedroom. I waited outside the door listening for a minute, my heart quickening. I was in a mood either to kick some ass or fuck some, whichever opportunity came first. I twisted the handle every so slowly to undo the latch, and then hit the door with my shoulder. It flew open.

Toni was in bed, covered up with the sheet over her tits, a book in her hands. She had on her reading glasses, and she was peering at me over the top of them. It was a very sexy look. “Well, well, you’re early. I thought you’d pull a no-show on me like you did last night.” She sounded vexed at me.

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