The Ache of Rapture Ch. 02

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Early the next morning, Quinn was woken abruptly as Liam crawled onto the bed beside her. Dropping his weight down at her back, he wrapped an arm about her waist, and pulled her back against him.

A soft sound escaped his throat, and then he buried his face against her neck. Stretching sleepily against him, Quinn hummed softly before closing her eyes again.

“Stay home with me today,” he whispered urgently.

Her eyes popped open, and she leaned back so that she could peer into his earnest blue eyes. His brows were furrowed, and he seemed genuinely worried what her response might be.

“If I skip school, they will call mom and dad,” she reminded him.

His lips pressed together as he thought for a moment, and then his gaze met hers. “Tell them you’re sick, and you can’t go today. I want to spend the day with you.”

Quinn’s mouth lifted into a smirk. “Could that possibly be because you’re both grounded and suspended? Sounds like you’re trying to drag me into solitary confinement with you.”

Liam grinned as he looked into her smug face. “Yes I am,” he admitted with a laugh. “All day long, with you naked and writhing beneath me,” he told her thickly.

She could feel his fingers reflexively tighten where they held her. When he pressed his body into hers, she gasped.

“Stay with me,” he encouraged. “I don’t want you to go.”

Lifting his hand, he cupped the side of her face, and turned it so that he could reach her lips. When his mouth touched hers, he pressed it open wide, and slipped his tongue inside until it found hers. A low sound of pleasure rumbled from his rib cage.

Quinn rolled her body towards him, and lifted a hand to his bare chest. His skin was hot to the touch. The pads of her fingers grazed along the smooth contours of it making his breath expel through his nostrils heavily. Reaching up to take her hand in his, he pulled it low, and pressed her palm between his legs.

When she felt him thick and straining against his boxers she froze momentarily. The size of him was overwhelming, and for a moment she felt unsure how to proceed.

Breaking away from her mouth he slid his cheek against hers.”Touch me,” he encouraged.

Taking a deep breath, her palm began to move slowly as she rubbed it up and down the length of his shaft. A powerful shudder wracked his entire body, and he gripped the side of her head tightly as a low groan escaped him.

Quinn was in awe that such a simple touch could so greatly effect him. Her brother’s body had completely tensed, and he was now trembling where he was pressed against her.

When he lifted his head to take her mouth again, he did it urgently. His tongue plundered deep inside of her, and his breath came rapidly as he pushed his hips into her hand.

Incited by his reaction, she began roughly stroking him faster. Her action caused his mouth to slacken, and his eyes to squeeze shut tightly. His fingers quickly covered hers, and forced them to still.

“Stop,” he panted. “You’re going to make me cum if you keep doing that.”

Quinn frowned as she looked up at him. “Isn’t that the point?

Dragging in a shaky breath, Liam swallowed. “Yes, but I don’t want to yet. Slide your panties off for me,” he demanded.

She hesitated for only a moment before hastily obeying him. Sliding the material down her hips, she pushed it to her knees, and then down her legs. Once they were completely off, she placed them at her side before resuming her position next to him.

Gazing into his heated blue eyes, she fought for breath when she saw the intense desire there. He looked as if he were consumed with need.

Wrapping a strong arm about her waist, he pulled her on top of him as he rolled to his back. His large hand slipped into her dark hair, and then he pulled her down to him so that his lips could taste her. When they finally broke apart, Quinn felt flushed and needy in places she had never felt before.

Reaching down, Liam slid his palm over the roundness of her bottom. “Sit up,” he croaked. “I want to look at you.”

Placing her hands in the center of his chest, Quinn levered herself backward until she was on her knees. She was now straddling his waist. Liam grasped onto her thighs, and lunged upward instinctually.

A harsh breath escaped him as his blue eyes devoured her. His teeth bit down on his bottom lip, and for a moment he gazed into her large, jade eyes as his fingers ran up and down her legs.

“Nothing I ever imagined compares to this,” he uttered softly. “The way you feel makes me insane. I need to be inside of you.”

Quinn’s eyes lowered to the waistband of his boxers. Taking a deep breath, she lifted herself, and began pulling them down. When his swollen shaft was released from the material, it jutted upwards thick and hard, and Quinn gazed down at it in awe.

It looked massive to her innocent eyes. Reaching out, she wrapped her fingers around it, and slid her thumb along the length.The touch of her fingers against the heat of his skin made Liam groan as his back arched, ataşehir escort and his dark head pushed into her pillow.

“Fuck, baby girl,” he panted. Then his head lifted so he could look where her fingers were encircling him. When they reflexively squeezed around him, he looked into her eyes. “I love it when you touch me,” he gasped.

Quinn continued to explore him with her fingers, but after a moment Liam became restless, and reached for her waist. Lifting her up, he positioned her above his aching erection.

With need guiding his movements, he roughly held her in place as he angled his hips, and pressed the swollen head of his cock between her folds.

When it lodged against her entrance, he slowly and forcefully pulled her down until the engorged member began to penetrate her.

His jaw tensed, and he watched mesmerized as she sunk down upon him, and took the entire length of his shaft inside of her. He was completely buried, and with a sigh of satisfaction he closed his eyes.

The swift intrusion stretched her wide, and forced a soft cry from her throat. He was hot, and hard, and filled every part of her. The large, blunt head was pressing against a spot inside of her that felt like a wall, and when he began to rock beneath her, Quinn was lost.

“Does that feel good?” he asked gruffly.

Quinn’s mouth parted as sensations coursed through her. “Yes,” she gasped.

“You are so unbelievably tight,” he gritted out from between his teeth.

His fingers dug into her hips, and then he was lifting her up and down. The slick moisture between her legs made him glide into her tight canal with ease, and as he began to pick up momentum a low growl escaped him.

“Fuck me,” he pleaded. “I need you.”

He was pounding his hips between her thighs making Quinn expel a soft breath with each upward lunge. Leaning forward, she braced her palms on the top of his chest, and began moving on top of him.

Lifting her bottom off of his urgent cock, she slammed back down roughly making a guttural sound of pleasure leave his lips. Encouraged, she did it again, and soon she was eagerly ramming his length into her body as she furiously rode him.

His hands reached to grip her bottom tightly in his fingers as she took over, and his lips parted on a wordless plea. His brows furrowed as he made an effort to hold back, to control himself, but it was too much for him.

With a strangled cry, his shaft swelled deep inside of her, and he began spurting into her as he ejaculated. When he finally stopped twitching, he stilled her movements with his fingers, and looked up at her as he shuddered.

“Christ, you feel good,” he moaned. “Being inside of you turns me on too much.” Smiling sheepishly, he gazed up at her in apology.

Quinn bit her lip as she looked down at him. “I could feel it,” she told him.

Liam let out a sharp laugh before lifting his hips. “I would hope so,” he said in amusement.

Shaking her head, Quinn smirked. “Not that. I could feel you shooting it into me. I could feel it.”

Liam closed his eyes and groaned. When he opened them again his gaze was stunned. “Do you have any idea how hot it is to hear you say things like that?” he asked.

Reaching for her, he pulled her down to his chest, and kissed her mouth. Then tucking her head beneath his chin, he wrapped his powerful arms around her slight frame, and squeezed her tightly.

“If you try to leave this bed to go to school, I’m going to tie you to it,” he said matter of factly.

Lifting her head to peer up at him, Quinn let out a small laugh. She had no doubt that he meant what he said. It was the look of deviltry and intent that he wore that amused her. He was hoping that she would try.

“Can I at least get up to use the bathroom?” she wondered.

Liam grinned. Letting out a deep sigh, he released his hold on her. “I suppose,” he replied with mock suffering.

Sliding off of him, Quinn rolled off of the bed. She hadn’t even taken a step when Liam reached out to grab her wrist to pull her back towards him.

With another laugh, she looked at him quizzically until he reached up to push his fingers into her hair. Lifting his head he kissed her mouth softly. Once their lips parted, he looked into her green eyes for a moment before releasing her.

“Alright. Now you can go.”

Placing an arm beneath his head, he turned to watch her slender form walk naked across the room. When she reached the bathroom door, and slipped inside to close it, a deep sigh of contentment lifted his chest.

She was his now. Even if she hadn’t fully come to accept it yet. She belonged to him. Being able to touch her, to have her touch him in return of her own free will was rapturous. Even his fevered imaginings didn’t hold a candle to what the actuality was like.

He finally felt like he was being delivered from hell, and her body was a soothing balm to an aching wound that he had carried around for longer than he could remember.

He had wanted her for so long that kadıköy escort bayan he couldn’t recall a time when he hadn’t, and the knowledge that she now wanted him in return sent elation coursing through his body. Now that his deepest desire had been fulfilled, he felt like he wanted for nothing.

Slipping his boxers from his legs, Liam dropped them to the floor. Then reaching for the blanket, he pulled it up his body until it reached his waist.

When Quinn finally emerged from the bathroom, she stood in the doorway hesitantly for a moment making him smile. Lifting the edge of the blanket up, he beckoned her towards him with a tilt of his head.

She stepped across the room quickly, and slid beneath the covers until she was back beside him. Liam pulled her against him possessively, and lowered his mouth to lightly kiss the skin of her neck. It made a soft sound escape her. Parting his lips he began to suck gently as his tongue swirled in a circle.

Pressing her onto her back, his hot mouth made a trail from her collarbone down towards her breasts. When he reached them he opened his mouth wider, then swooped down to take her nipple, and half of her flesh between his lips. He proceeded to suck on it roughly, and Quinn cried out at the unexpectedness of the aggressive action.

There was a devious smile upon his face when he glanced up at her. “I want you again,” he informed her fervently.

His tongue lashed out at her nipple before he sucked it back into his mouth. When his teeth sunk into the sensitive skin to nip her, Quinn gasped, and arched beneath him.

Liam’s head tilted to give her other nipple equal attention. The moment his lips latched onto her, Quinn bit her lip, and whimpered. Her fingers lifted to slide into his dark hair, and when he continued to suck the soft peak energetically, her fingers reflexively tightened and pulled as she moaned.

“I want to take you roughly this time,” he breathed. “Is that alright?”

His blue eyes peered up at her heatedly while he waited for her to respond. There was something sinister to his expression, and Quinn knew in that moment that he was asking for her permission to dominate her. Taking in a shaky breath, she looked into his eyes before nodding.

“Bend your knees for me,” he said softly.

When she obeyed him, he slowly rose up until he was looming over her. His fingers lightly trailed down the outside of her thighs before he lifted her legs to press her knees towards her chest.

Once he had her bent into position, he inched forward, and gripped his shaft between his fingers so that he could rub the thick head along her slit.

He began teasing her in a very deliberate way, and his intent blue eyes watched her face as he moved. Rubbing the knob up and down her slippery gash, he slipped forward to penetrate her with the first few inches before sliding out of her once more to glide between her thighs.

He repeated the motion over and over until he she began to tremble, and cry out for him.

His blue eyes were intense as he looked down at her. “Do you want me?” he asked her silkily.

Quinn’s mind was clouded with need. Her eyes were closed tightly, and her teeth clamped down on her bottom lip. “Yes,” she gasped.

He began rubbing her faster. “Look at me,” he demanded.

Her jade eyes popped open, and her heart stilled within her when she met his piercing blue gaze.

“I want you to say it,” he whispered.

She couldn’t think. All she could do was feel as he continued to tease her with the head of his thick cock. When he slipped inside of her halfway, then abruptly pulled out, Quinn cried out in despair. “I want you!” she moaned in anguish. “Please, Liam!”

He was rubbing her creamy folds furiously now. “Say it again,” he ordered gruffly.

Quinn began to squirm beneath him as her head tossed from side to side. “Oh God,” she panted. “Please. I want you. I need it.”

His blue eyes darkened immeasurably. Pressing his cock tip to her eager opening, he gripped onto her thighs, and rammed into her with all of his strength. A powerful roar seethed out from between his clenched teeth, and it was nearly eclipsed by the intense sound of pleasure that left her throat.

The combined sounds were loud within the room, and Liam reached down to cover her mouth before he slammed into her again. His palm muffled the whimper that escaped her, and he paused to relish the sound before roughly thrusting into her even harder.

The entire bed moved with the force that he was using, and a soft groan escaped him as he systematically drove into her. She was amazingly wet, and the heat of her clutching around him was making him insane.

Removing his fingers from her face, he leaned down to bury his tongue inside of her mouth. When she reached up to hold his head to her, he began jack hammering inside of her.

“I fucking need you,” he panted. “No one else. Just you.”

She nodded mindlessly in understanding, and then his mouth was on hers once more. When he reached escort maltepe between them to rub furiously at the most sensitive part of her, Quinn quickly began to unravel.

Jerking shakily beneath him, her knees clamped down on his sides, and her fingers tightened in his hair as tremors began to shoot through her. She cried out again and again, but each sound was lost inside of his mouth.

She was still pulsating when Liam finally lunged forward, and came inside of her. Collapsing heavily on top of her, he buried his face against her neck.

They lay pressed to one another for a moment while trying to catch their breaths, and then Liam slipped to her side, and pulled her against him. Her head burrowed comfortably beneath his chin, and a soft sigh escaped her before she closed her eyes.

Liam’s mouth opened wide as a yawn escaped him. “You’re mine,” he reiterated softly. Pressing his lips to the top of her dark head, he squeezed her to him. “I’m never going to let you go.”


It was the sound of her father screaming that woke her. Liam’s large frame was pulled from the bed where he had been beside her, and he tumbled to the floor loudly as their father stood over him.

“What the hell did you do to my little girl, you sick fuck!?”

Quinn’s eyes opened with horror. Her gaze lifted to her father’s enraged face before she looked at her brother. Liam was still shaking the sleep from his mind, and he didn’t seem to understand what was happening.

He grasped a hold of the situation quickly when their father kicked out at him hard with one of his boots. Wincing, he scrambled to his feet, and took several steps back. His face hardened as he met his father’s livid face.

When the older man took a threatening step towards him, Liam met him head on, and shoved him roughly with one of his palms before lifting an angry hand to point at him in warning.

“Don’t fucking touch me,” he bit out coldly.

He had managed to shove their father several feet with that small push, and the older man paused hesitantly as he eyed his son’s much larger frame. Instead of lunging towards him again, his fists clenched at his sides, and his jaw tightened viciously. His eyes practically bugged out of his head as he pointed towards the door.

“I want you out of my house! Now!” he snarled.

Liam’s expression didn’t alter, but he glanced briefly in Quinn’s direction before turning to enter the bathroom to make his way into his own room. Their father was quick to follow him.

“Get out of my house!” he bellowed again.

Liam ignored the shrill demand as he stormed into his bedroom to get dressed. Swiping up his blue jeans from the floor, he hurriedly slipped them on, then closed them.

Picking up one of his button down shirts from the edge of the bed, he pushed his arms through it before turning to face his father. He was blocking the door, and Liam waited for him to step aside so that he could leave through it.

“How long have you been putting your filthy hands on your little sister?” he growled harshly.

Liam’s eyes narrowed in response. “Get out of the way,” he replied dangerously.

“Answer the question, you depraved son of a bitch. How long?”

Liam’s blue eyes became volatile. “I said, get the fuck out of the way!”

His father’s fist connected with the side of his jaw making his head turn. He didn’t think. He only reacted. Lunging forward, he swung back, and hit his father with such force that his smaller frame fell into the wall before collapsing to the floor. Stepping over his legs, he jerked the door open roughly before walking through it.

Stepping down the hall, he descended the staircase hurriedly, and stooped to pick up his shoes before opening the front door. His mother tried to stop him as he was leaving.

“I heard yelling. What is going on?”

Instead of responding, Liam walked through the door and slammed it closed behind him. Heading towards his car, he got inside of it.

With one last lingering look at the house, he started the ignition, and pulled away from the curb with his heart in his throat.


“I’m calling the police, Miriam!”

“You will do no such thing,” Quinn’s mother replied in aggravation. Turning away from her husband who was pacing the kitchen floor in agitation, her wide blue eyes centered on her daughter’s downcast face.

“How did this happen?” she wondered softly.

Quinn couldn’t bring herself to look at her mother. Her slender shoulders lifted in a weak shrug as her only response.

Unsure how to proceed, her mother hesitated. “How long has this been going on?”

“Not long,” Quinn choked out.

Her mother lifted a hand to her forehead as she tried to process the situation further. “Were you safe?” she asked next.

With a quick shake of her head, Quinn winced when she heard her mother’s sharp intake of breath. “You’ll have to see the doctor today. I’ll call to get you in this afternoon. This cannot wait.”

Quinn nodded solemnly. She still couldn’t bring herself to look at her mother. She was too ashamed.

Her father was still walking back and forth across the linoleum floor muttering to himself when suddenly he exploded. “Why the hell didn’t you say something? Why didn’t you come to us the moment he started touching you?”

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