The Adventures of Chris and Liz

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Chapter 1: The Wardrobe

It was bedtime and Liz had finished brushing her hair. Ready for bed she let Chris into the bathroom to take her place by the sink. Liz stepped back into the walk in wardrobe and started undressing.

Chris noticed his wife’s beautiful body appearing from under her clothes, so stopped what he was doing and moved towards Liz.

He grabbed her naked body and wrapped his arms around her, pushing her against the hanging clothes. Pressing his mouth on hers they began to kiss feverishly, Chris’s tongue fighting against hers while his hands moved over Liz’s lower back and pert bottom.

Chris moved his kissing down to Liz’s neck while bringing his hand up to cup her breast. Liz’s breathing deepened as she moaned gently in Chris’s ear.

Wanting more, Chris whispered into Liz’s ear telling her to get on her knees.

Facing Chris’s trousered crotch, Liz tore at the belt of Chris’s jeans, slipping it from the buckle in one swift move. Chris’s cock pressed against the zip waiting to be released.

Liz brought her pendik escort hands towards her face, pulling the zipper and releasing Chris’s cock into her mouth.

As Chris’s jeans slipped to the floor Liz grabbed Chris’s ass and started pulling his cock deeper into her mouth as she rocked backwards and forwards on his solid member.

Chris’s breath shortened with the sensation of Liz’s warm mouth and tongue working themselves over his cock.

Placing his hands behind Liz’s head, Chris began to gently fuck Liz’s mouth. Liz moved her eyes to meet Chris’s and he stared back as he watched his dick slide in and out of Liz’s mouth. Liz’s eyes locked to Chris’s with a piercing look of love and enjoyment.

Chris withdrew and knelt down beside Liz, kissing her deeply, the saliva dripping down their chins.

Knowing Liz’s pussy would be as wet as her mouth, Chris eased Liz backwards, her head resting on the shoes at the back of the wardrobe. He kissed down her neck to her chest working his tongue over each nipple, sucking on their hard maltepe escort status.

Liz pulled Chris back up to meet her lips and lifted her legs around his back, Chris’s hard cock rubbing against the wet opening of Liz’s pussy.

Without loosening the embrace, Chris moved his pelvis back allowing his penis to slide firmly into Liz’s pussy, the mix of saliva and juices removing all friction.

Now inside her, Chris pushed up on his arms staring down at Liz’s tight body and began fucking her with long, deep motions. Liz responded by raising her legs and holding on to the back of her thighs to maximise Chris’s penetration inside her.

Maintaining the rhythm Chris continued to slide in and out of Liz, her wetness dripping down between her legs. Chris moved his left hand over to Liz’s face, caressing her cheek before moving over her neck. Applying gentle pressure, Liz arched her head backwards as Chris’s grip on her neck tightened. The sensation of being under Chris’s control while he continued to slam her pussy, was electrifying. kartal escort The heat between them was rising and sweat was beginning to bead over both their bodies.

Wanting to take her turn, Liz took Chris firmly and rolled him onto his back, and swiftly took position sitting on his dick. Putting her hands on Chris’s shoulders, Liz ground her pussy over and over Chris’s crotch while his dick pressed inside her. Liz leaning forward, her lips an inch from his, teasing him to want a kiss. Liz’s breasts rubbed over Chris’s chest, her nipples drawing imaginary lines against his as she continued to take control of her building orgasm.

Chris’s body was beginning to tingle, the sweat oiling their bodies as Liz bore down harder. Liz’s fingernails dug into his shoulders and neck as she began to scream, losing any inhibition as raw sexual desire became sound.

Liz cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm took hold. See his wife’s pleasure pushed Chris to the limit and his cock pulsed inside her. As Liz peaked, Chris cried out as he let out his orgasm filling her with his cum.

Worn out, Liz dropped her body on Chris’s, resting her head on his shoulder, keeping him inside her as the mix of fluids ran between their legs.

Exhausted Liz hugged Chris tightly and whispered; “I love you…”

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