The Adventures of John Law Ch. 12

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John the Bodyguard and Cop ©

I retired from the Army in 1991. When I was stationed in San Francisco, I was sent to San Diego to investigate a negligent homicide case at the Army Reserve Center. I thought San Diego was beautiful and the weather was great, so I decided to retire there. After kicking around for two weeks, wondering what I wanted to do, I took a job at an upscale high-rise condo working security. Every condo cost over a million dollars, and I found the residents to be very friendly; not snooty at all. I liked the job, but I only worked there for three weeks before something better popped up.

Melissa Price was 39 and was married to Anthony Price, one of the wealthiest men in the country. They owned a 32-acre estate in the wealthiest area of San Diego. A good friend of mine was currently employed by a famous actress/singer in the same neighborhood, and when he was asked if he could recommend a bodyguard/estate security agent for Mr. & Mrs. Price, he called me. When I told him I would be interested, he arranged an interview.

When I arrived at their home, I rang the doorbell and was greeted by a huge German Shepherd with very big teeth, barking at me and signaling he wanted to tear me apart. Luckily, he was accompanied by Ms. Price who gave him a command, and he stopped barking but continued to bare his teeth. She opened the door and invited me into the den where her husband was waiting on the sofa. I shook his hand and he told me to have a seat.

Ms. Price sat across from me and the dog laid down on the floor between us. She was wearing sandals, loose shorts, and a sleeveless green blouse that was doing a poor job of restraining her very nice 38 C cup breasts. She was very attractive with medium length brown hair and green eyes. The shorts revealed very toned and tanned legs.

Mr. Price was 41, medium height and weight, and appeared a bit geeky. He had my resume and asked me about some of my previous assignments. He then asked some hypotheticals about security. I pointed out several problems I had observed with his security while driving up his driveway. I then told him what I would suggest to improve his estate security.

He explained that he dealt in international finance and frequently travelled between his offices in Beverly Hills, New York, London, and Dubai. He said he normally travelled alone so he was concerned about his wife’s security while he was gone. After my fairly quick interview, he asked his wife if she had any questions for me, and when she said she didn’t, he asked when I could start. I was surprised that he offered the job so quickly, but he just chuckled and pointed to my feet. I hadn’t even noticed that his German Shepherd had moved to right in front of my feet and was sleeping soundly.

He said, “My dog rarely trusts strangers, so if he is comfortable with you, so am I.”

I told him I could start in a week and we shook hands. Before I stood up, I reached down and scratched the dog behind the ear. When I stood up to follow Ms. Price to the door, the dog followed behind us, apparently no longer looking at me as a potential threat, or his next meal. When Ms. Price opened the door, she took my hand and said it was a pleasure to meet me. I noticed she held my hand longer than necessary.

The next week, I arrived early on Monday morning. When I rang the bell, Ms. Price came to the door dressed in jeans and a pullover top. The dog started barking when I rang the bell, but when he saw me, he didn’t bark or bare his teeth anymore, but instead wagged his tail and licked my hand. We went inside to the kitchen and Ms. Price asked if I would like a cup of coffee. I gladly accepted and we went to the kitchen table to sit down. She explained that Mr. Price had already left that morning on a seven-day trip.

She first told me to call her Mel, then she asked if I would mind answering the phone anytime it rang to screen her calls. She said she would give me a list of people to whom she was always available. Otherwise, I was to take a message. She showed me to a spare bedroom just off the kitchen and explained I would be staying there anytime her husband was out of town. She said I was to feed and water the dog and take him for a walk around the property, morning, noon, and late afternoon. She said she would go with me to walk the property right after we finished our coffee. She then showed me the rest of the house.

We went outside and as we started walking, she explained the history of the property and the fact it was a working Orange grove. She said at harvest time there would be several people there to pick the oranges, crate them, and take them to market. She said anytime I wanted to pick an orange for myself, I should feel free. As we walked, I had the dog on a leash. He seemed to know the route, so I let him take the lead. I wanted to see if he was trained, so I called him to heel, sit, down, and stay. When he immediately obeyed all the commands, I walked to him, scratched his head, and told him “Good Boy!”

Mel said, “Looks like you know your way around dogs.”

I explained rokettube that I had at one time supervised ten dog handlers, and I grew to love German Shepherds. She told me his name was Bailey. We walked completely around the fence line and then returned to the house. When we got back, she asked me about my ideas for increasing security. I told her I wanted the gate closed at all times. There was an intercom to announce visitors, but I wanted a combination intercom/camera. I would also order a sign that said, “Warning. Gate and Driveway Alarmed. Armed Response.” That would at least deter most intruders.

I then told her I noticed when we left the house, she didn’t lock the door. I told her I wanted the doors locked at all times and the alarm set when she left the house. She agreed to all my suggestions. I then got a list of all employees, including Maid, Pool Boy, Gardener, etc., along with their work schedules. For the rest of her day, she messed around the house, mostly in the office, and I got settled in my new room. It wasn’t spacious, but it would do.

Later that afternoon, she asked me if I liked Italian food. When I said I did, she said she was going to make Chicken Parmigiana with Spaghetti for dinner. I discovered she was an excellent cook. She explained we would be eating together whenever her husband was gone. After dinner, I helped her clean the kitchen and put the dishes in the dishwasher. She said she was going to have a glass of wine and watch some TV in the living room, and she asked me to join her.

Over the next few days, we had several interesting discussions. We talked about politics, travel, terrorism, and whatever popped up. I think she was surprised I was conversant in a number of areas and could carry on an intelligent conversation.

One night she asked me why I had chosen my current profession. She said, “It seems that you could do almost anything you put your mind to. Why this?”

I told her I had been doing protection work for a number of years and I enjoyed it. I also believed I was good at it, and it paid well.

She said, “I know you think I’m a rich bitch, but I haven’t always been this way. I grew up in a very good home and we were never worried about making a mortgage payment, or putting food on the table, but we certainly weren’t rich. I married into wealth. Since that time, I have always tried to remain grounded and not let the money go to my head. But I have seen the way some of my friends treat their staff. They can be snooty, stuck up, and real bitches. I don’t see how you can put up with that.”

I told her I had been lucky with my employers and never had a problem with any of them. “Remember, I’m an employee, but I’m not obligated to anyone for work. If I don’t like my employer, I can always quit.”

I felt that I could speak frankly with her so I said, “What you need to understand is, while you are my employer, I will do everything in my power to keep you safe. I am willing to risk harm to myself before I would let any harm come to you. But if I feel that you can’t trust me, or if I feel you are not treating me with respect, I will quit. Don’t get me wrong, I know my place in life. I know I am not in your league and I don’t expect you to treat me as an equal, I just expect to be treated like any human deserves to be treated. I spent 24 years in the Army, so I know how to follow orders, and I will do whatever you tell me to.”

She was silent for a minute and I thought I might have said something I shouldn’t have, but I continued, “Something else you should know. I am very discrete. I’m not only concerned with protection, I’m also concerned with your privacy. Anything I see or hear while I am here will stay with me. I never have and I never will discuss anything private about you or any other person I work for. I hope you will eventually feel you can trust me.”

I had been working there for several months and I normally found myself at home alone with Mel. Her husband was gone at least three weeks out of the month. I got along with her and I got along with her dog really well. Besides my three daily walks, I would take him out during the day to play with him. Mel had a tennis court and a swimming pool, so I would watch her knock some tennis balls around while wearing a tiny short tennis skirt, and I noticed she had great legs. She would also swim or just lay by the pool about once a week. The first time I saw her, she was wearing a one-piece suit, but she had recently started wearing a bikini. She not only had great legs, she had great breasts, too. Despite looking, I never made a move on her. I was always the perfect gentleman. I liked my job and I didn’t want to lose it because I couldn’t control my dick.

One night after dinner, we were having a glass of wine when she looked at me and asked, “John, can I ask you a question?”

“Yes, mam, you can ask me anything.”

She hesitated for a minute and then asked, “Do you think I’m attractive?”

I was thinking, where the hell did that come from? I said, “Mel, I think you know the answer to that. You are very asyalı porno attractive. I’m sure you have seen how men look at you when you go out to dinner or to one of your charity events.”

In a very low voice, she said, “You never look at me like that.”

“Mel, believe me I have looked. I told you I think you are very attractive, but you’re also my boss. I would never do anything to jeopardize our working relationship. I hope you know that.”

“What if I want you to?”

Shit! There goes my job. I’m making good money and now I’m going to have to quit. I took a deep breath and answered carefully. “I would assume this is coming as a result of you being lonely. I know your husband is gone a lot, so it’s natural for you to feel lonely and neglected. But if we were ever to cross that line, you would probably regret it. I’m sure you would feel guilty, then you would fire me. Or even worse, you would tell your husband, he would fire me and make sure I never got another job. As much as I would like to, I just can’t risk losing my job. I hope you understand.”

“John, remember when you told me you were discrete, and you would never share any information about my private life?” When I said I remembered, she continued, “We only bought this house about a year ago. Before that, we lived in Beverly Hills. You’re right, I get lonely and I feel neglected. I’m still fairly young, and I do have needs. When we lived in Beverly Hills, I had an affair with one of Tony’s friends. It lasted for a while. I didn’t regret it and I didn’t feel guilty. I really enjoyed having a man treat me like a real woman again. Tony never found out, at least I never told him. We broke it off when he took a job in his Toronto office. When you came here for an interview, I got a warm feeling between my legs. I have been hoping you would try to seduce me ever since. On the one hand, I appreciate your professionalism, keeping your personal and business life separated. On the other hand, it has been driving me crazy. I want you, john. Will you make love to me?”

“Mel, I’ve had dreams of doing that, but if we’re going to do this, we need to set down some rules. First, we cannot act any differently with each other when other people are around. No unnecessary touching, smiling, or joking around when anyone is present, including your husband and the housekeeper. Next, we should use my bed. I know it’s smaller and not as comfortable as yours, but the housekeeper changes your sheets. When I make love to a woman, it tends to get messy. Lots of fluids. I don’t want her to find anything unusual on your sheets. I will change my own sheets. Third, no one, and I mean no one can find out about this. Not even your closest friend. I have already told you I can be discrete. You O.K. with that?”

“Lots of fluids?”

“You’ll see. Now, if you really want to do this, you will have to make the first move. I don’t want you to think I expect sex whenever I want it, or that I’m trying to take advantage of you. I sleep in the nude, so all you have to do is come to my room. I’ll be ready.”

That night she came in my darkened room and whispered, “John?” I was awake, so I threw my sheet off and held my hand out. She took it and sat on the edge of the bed. She was wearing a short, very sheer negligee. I pulled her to me, and she put her head on my shoulder. I asked if I could kiss her and she answered, with a shaky voice, “Yes. Please kiss me. Do whatever you want.” I leaned over and kissed her lips, softly at first and then I pressed my tongue between her lips, pressing against her teeth. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue in my mouth. We kissed passionately for a couple of minutes. Her mouth was hungry, exploring, wanting more. I lifted her negligee up and she held her arms up to allow me to take it off. Once her breasts were exposed, I cupped one in my hand, lifted it, and planted my mouth over it. As I started sucking and licking her hard nipple, she started moaning softly. I was caressing her other breast with my hand, flicking her nipple with my thumb. When I pinched it, she stiffened and let out a little cry. I whispered to her, “If you are ever uncomfortable with what I’m doing, or you want me to stop, just tell me and I will stop. I never want to do anything you don’t want me to do.”

She said, “No, Please, don’t stop. That feels so good.”

I was having a hard time concentrating because the scent of her perfume, combined with the aroma coming from between her legs, was heavenly. I moved down until I was between her legs. I placed my hands behind her thighs and moved my face to her pussy. She let a soft moan of pleasure escape her lips as I explored her opening with my tongue. When I started to thrust my tongue in and out, she placed her hand on the back of my head and sighed. I had the feeling she hadn’t had her pussy licked in a long time.

As I licked and then sucked on her clit, she began to buck her hips against my face. I felt her juices begin to flow and she moaned, “Oh, John.” I knew she was experiencing a small orgasm, but azeri porno that was her only reaction, moaning, “Oh, John”. I guess she wasn’t a screamer. As long as she was experiencing pleasure, it didn’t matter to me what her reaction was. I continued licking up and down, tongue fucking her, and sucking on her clit until she had another orgasm.

I moved up next to her and started nibbling and kissing her neck. This actually seemed to get her more excited than when I was licking her snatch. I moved my face over until I could kiss her again. She immediately opened her mouth and allowed me to stick my tongue in. She seemed to really like being kissed as she moaned and placed her hands on my back, pulling me closer. After a bit more kissing, I decided to get down to business. I got between her legs and I could feel her moving her thighs apart. As I guided my dick into her now wet, warm pussy, she wrapped one leg around my ass and started gently pulling me closer. I took that to mean she wanted more, so I plunged in deeper and started stroking, not too slow, but at a moderate speed in and out. I could feel her wetness coating my cock and leaking onto my pubic hairs. She was making little grunting sounds, so I whispered, “Are you O.K.?”

“Oh, John. I needed this so much.”

I continued stroking but decided to speed up a little and push in deeper. When I did, she exploded into a thunderous orgasm. Again, she didn’t scream, just moaned loudly, “Yes! Oh yes!”

When I felt my own climax building, I said, “Mel, I’m gonna cum. Is that O.K.?”

“Yes! Please. Let me feel it.”

With a few more deep strokes, I let loose and filled her up with my hot jizz. I rolled off her and held her close as I kissed her again. She kissed me back with a hot, passionate kiss, and then fell back beside me. I know that women can feel emotional after sex, especially if they have just cheated on their husband, so after a while I asked, “Are you O.K.?”

She looked into my eyes for a minute before smiling and answering, “More than O.K. I can’t tell you how much I wanted that … needed that. If you are wondering if I feel guilty, I don’t. In fact, I’m hoping we can do this again…I mean, if you want to.”

“Mel, I told you, anytime you want to, you just have to come to me. I will always welcome you to my bed.”

“You are a very sweet man, John. You know, my husband thinks you are a dangerous man. He told me that he would hate to see you get mad. He seems to think you could kill someone at the drop of a hat. And, I’m sure, from what I know of your background, that you can defend yourself, but you have a sweet side, too. I didn’t know what to expect when I came in here tonight. I was afraid you might be rough with me, but I was willing to take that chance. But you are a gentle, caring lover. Oh, and I see what you mean by lots of fluids. I couldn’t imagine what you were talking about, because that usually doesn’t happen to me. I haven’t had a climax in a very long time.”

“So, you mentioned doing it again. Do you want to do it again now?”

She got this shocked look or her face, with her mouth open and her eyes wide. Then she grinned and asked, “You mean you can get ready again that soon?”

“What can I say? You’re a very passionate woman. You bring out the best in me.”

We had another long slow lovemaking session that night, and almost every night her husband was out of town. As time passed, she became more relaxed, a little wilder, and she became more vocal. It didn’t take long at all for her to start screaming, “Fuck me!”

I assumed that her husband never found out, or even suspected that I was fucking his wife. I was usually off when he was at home, but I was there a few times and he was always friendly.

After almost two years there, I started to get a little restless. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the job and it paid really well, not to mention I was fucking an amazing woman, but I wanted to see what other opportunities were out there. I gave them a two week notice and it really shocked them. Mr. Price even offered to substantially increase my pay. I told him it wasn’t the pay, and it wasn’t them. I just wanted to move out of state to pursue other opportunities. I wasn’t prepared for Mel’s reaction. I thought she would be really mad at me, but she wasn’t. She was very disappointed and sad. She came to my room several times and we made love for hours. She actually cried one night, but it’s not like we were in love with each other. I think she had grown really fond of the sex and would miss it.

* * * * *

I was contacted by a friend of mine who worked in the entertainment industry. He asked me if I could help him out with a scheduling problem. He was supposed to escort a popular female singer from her home in New York City to a concert in Egypt. The day after the concert, she was going to tour the Pyramids. He had already committed to another assignment but said he would find a suitable replacement, so he called me. I could care less about the singer, although she was beautiful and sexy, but I really wanted to go to Egypt and tour the pyramids. I flew to New York, met the singer, and really liked her. She had a great smile, beautiful eyes, and I got a slight hint she might be agreeable to a roll in the hay during our trip. Nothing was said, I just got that vibe.

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