The Aesthetics of Dirty Pictures

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Revision of 2012 February 10

Published by Alyx Crowley at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Alyx Crowley

Adult Content: This story contains explicit sexual content that is not suitable for those under 18 years of age, and may be considered offensive by some readers of all ages.

License Notes: Thank you for downloading this free ebook; I hope you enjoy it. Although the book is free, it remains the copyrighted property of the author, and may not be reproduced, copied, or distributed for commercial or non-commercial purposes..

Credit where due: Sincere thanks to LaRascasse for editing, and to Tami Flynn for reading, and re-reading.

This is a work of Fiction.

She rolled onto her side, pressing her back against him. His arm was in the way, but she could still feel the warmth of his body. She squirmed back into him a little and turned the page of the paperback. She looked at the words, trying to remember where to start reading again. Her eyes drifted closed. She needed to take off her reading glasses but she was so… drifty…



Click click.

The muscles of his forearm twitched against her back.


Her eyes opened.


She looked over her shoulder.


She sighed and opened the book back up. Upper left corner of the left hand page… Oops. It still didn’t make sense. She turned back a page and re-read. She must have been nearly out when she read this…



She rolled onto her back and read a few pages. The problem was, the…


…made it hard to concentrate.

She looked at him. He had that stupid half-smile on his face. It was an endearing expression, but…

“What are you doing?”

He was engrossed, and didn’t notice she had stopped reading until she spoke again. “You have an erection,” she said.

“Huh?” he said, looking at her and blinking.

She looked over her half-moon reading glasses at him. “An erection. Stiffy. Hard on. Swollen…” She closed her book on her finger and reached her hand down to where the light blanket covered him to the waist, “Member,” she concluded. “Why?”

“Um… your mere presence?”

“Really. I’ve been here all evening. Nothing else?”

He looked at the screen in front of him, then back at her. “Looking at stimulating photographs?” he said, the muscles in his face contorting a little, trying to suppress that irritating, mischievous little grin.

“You mean like dirty pictures.” She put both hands on her book and went back to reading. She finished the page and turned it.

“Depends on what you consider dirty,” he finally answered. “Some of them are quite provocative.”

She didn’t even look at him. “So any picture of a naked, skinny girl is provocative?”

There was no answer for a while; her attention went back into the book. She turned another page.

“No. Some are just boring. To me at least. Some are… not. Not boring.”

“What? Oh. Your pictures.” She glanced at him. “Why not videos?”


“Well, I guess the still photos just capture the moment better. It would be over as soon as you saw it on a video.”

“Whatever. Just don’t think you’re getting any from me while you’re drooling over a bunch of other girls.”

“You were asleep anyhow.”

She read. He clicked, and twitched.

“Besides, movement catches your attention. With the videos, I mean. You’re like a cat that way.”

“What, you’re afraid I’ll pounce on you?” She looked at him for a moment, then reached down, making a claw of her hand. Yes, he was still erect. Very erect, in fact. She rubbed him absently through the blanket. “Those pictures all look the same to me. How do you decide which ones are going to produce this kind of response?” She squeezed him slightly, holding for a moment and feeling his pulse.

“I don’t decide. Its not a conscious process.”

“I think you’re deciding with your co-processor.” She gave him another slight squeeze through the blanket.

“OK, I decide with the little head then. Some just do it for me.”

“Not so little now,” she said, a smile touching her lips. “What makes a picture ‘do it for you’?”

He looked at the screen. “Some kind of detail stands out on some of them, some… I don’t know, some are just hot. Does that bother you?”

She ignored the question. Let him think that it did in fact bother her. “They’re identical. Interchangeable. Same picture, different face, over and over. No art to them. And the hardcore ones are worse. They always seem to end with the guy jerking off on the girl’s face or maybe popping on her tits. Its just stupid.” She paused. “Come on my face doesn’t ‘do it for me'” She took her hand away and turned back to her book.

He went back to looking at the screen, and clicked through three more pictures. “That doesn’t actually turn me on that much either. I’d rather have them come in a condom than all over a girl’s face.”

She looked at him, without putting the book down. “Do they have those?”

“Uh… maltepe escort Yeah. Or creampies.”

“Which is?”

“The guy comes inside the girl, she lets it run out. Usually with a close-up.”

She blinked. “I guess that would be hotter than the stupid facials…”

“Which, the condom or the cream pie?”

She didn’t answer.

“If it bothers you, I’ll stop,” he said. “I can read about canning peaches or fixing chainsaws or something.”

“It doesn’t bother me.” He continued to watch her face as she looked back at her book. Her eyes weren’t moving like she was reading. After a few moments she set it aside. “All right. I give up. Show me some.”

“Show you?”

“Yeah, convince me I shouldn’t be upset by you looking at this stuff.”

He looked at her and after a moment, smiled. “OK. Sure…”

“But you have to tell me what you like about them.”

He looked at her and licked his lips, eyes narrowing. He tensed a little. “I don’t know. Its kind of baring my soul to you. Telling you what I like.”

She smiled, tilting her head back and parting her lips. “But if you tell me what you like… then I’ll know more about what you like.” Her smile became wicked. Her hand brushed across his erection. “And forget the condoms. I don’t care about seeing a bag of jizz.”

“Noted. No points for bags of jizz. Ummmn. Let me start with something… tamer.” He pulled up a picture, and tilted the screen so she could see it.

“She’s pretty.” She sounded annoyed.

“Well, yeah, I do generally prefer pretty girls. That’s one of the things I like about you. He watched her reaction as she looked at the picture.

“So what do you like about this one, besides she’s pretty and young and thin? She’s still kind of covered up.”

“Well… I like the stockings.”

She studied the picture. “Tell me… about that.”

“They’re sort of like clothes that aren’t really clothes. They cover her legs, but really only accentuate them. The don’t cover the more… interesting parts. I like the line up the back…”

“You like the line on the stockings, or you like the little string thong?”

“Well, I like both. The combination has an artistic symmetry to it. See how the lines on the stockings flare out into a triangle at the heel? It looks just like the thong flaring out into the triangular patch… in front.”

She studied the picture, her lips parted slightly. He felt her touch leave him and glanced down. Her hand was now hovering over her body, fingertips trailing along where the blanket draped between her thighs.

“I like the way she’s bent over away from you, but you can still see her face, looking back at you. I like her hair trailing down, and you can see the underside of her tits below the crop shirt.”

“I bet you like the backs of her knees, too,” she said.

He looked back at the picture. “Yeah… but why do you think that?”

“Well, the line in her stockings goes over the back of her knees before it flares out over her heel… but goes over the backs of her knees first. The string of the thong goes over right over her…” She touched the picture, “ass… before it flares out over her pussy. Which looks like it is completely shaved, even through the fabric.”

“So if you know that much about how much I like, why do you have to ask?”

“Tell me something else you like about this one.”

He looked at the picture again. “She has herself… tilted. Her pelvis is tilted forward. It makes her pussy more obvious, and spreads her cheeks out. I like the way it makes her ass look. She looks like you could just pop that string and start fucking her.”

“I don’t usually fuck girls,” she said.

“Well, like I could anyway.”

“You do and I’ll tie your nuts in a knot,” she said. He noticed that her hand had disappeared beneath the covers only after he felt her thigh rub against his, as she bent one knee and spread her legs a little.

“So show me some more. Something… raunchier. Something that makes you get hard.”

He looked at her eyes; she closed them deliberately, trembled, then opened them again and licked her lips.

He stared at her face for a moment longer. “Let me see…” He flipped past a few more pictures, then stopped at one of a different woman, with short dark hair and bright blue eyes. The model lay on her back with her ankles and knees pressed together, knees pulled up near her face and held there with one arm, eyes staring straight at the camera. She wore bright blue stiletto heels that matched her translucent bra, and nothing but skin between the bra and the shoes.

“You just like that one ’cause she’s got her finger in her ass,” she said.

“Hey, you brought up the subject. But yes,I do like that. Quite a bit in fact. But I like the wet, slick looking pussy, and the short trimmed bush. And the look in her eyes… It’s like she’s saying she’s ready for you to fuck her pussy, but not her ass. Its busy entertaining her finger. Maybe later.”

“Its too warm under this blanket,” she said, and pulled the blanket pendik escort down to her thighs. She put her hand into her thong panties and pressed her legs together. “So you like a woman to keep her legs pressed together like this?”


She spread her legs wide, one across his thighs. He could see her finger tracing circles inside the thin panties. “I thought you preferred her to spread, more like this?”

“Yeah, well, it depends on the angle, the point of view.”

“How so?” she asked, the motion inside her panties increasing.

“Well, if you’re looking at her from the front, spreading everything out is definitely the best.”

She spread her legs a little further, brushing her knee across his rigid dick. “More like this?”

“Yeah, so her pussy lips open up, and you can how wet she is.” He could now see that her wrist was now making quick, in-and-out movements in between circling. “Are you finger fucking yourself?”

“Why, isn’t that on the list of things you like to see?”

“Well, yeah, but you never do that…”

“It was an accident. I was so wet my finger just slipped into my pussy on its own.” The in-and-out motion increased. “Tell me about when you like to see her legs pressed together.”

“When I’m looking from behind, and she’s bent over at the waist, or like this with her legs pulled up. It looks like she’s trying to hide her pussy, but you can still see it well enough to tell its wet. It works even better when the knees are together and the ankles spread. Opens up the thighs and ass cheeks.”

“It looks like she’s so wet her juices are dripping over her ass. Show me more.” He flipped through a few more pictures. “How about something with some dick involved. And take your hand off that tool of yours if you’re going to make yourself come before I can get a taste of it.”

He hadn’t realized where his hand had been. “Oh, I see. You get to play with yourself but I have to behave…”

“I could go back to reading my book…”

“Never mind, let me see what I can find for you.” He pulled up another picture. “So I guess this one I like because of the position. Somehow we never do this…”

A blonde with shoulder-length hair was on her knees, with her chest and shoulders on a blanket on a tile floor, her face half buried in a pillow. Her eyes were closed and a corner of the pillow was clenched in her teeth. Peppermint striped string panties were stretched tight between her knees, her legs spread as much as the fabric would allow. Her calves were angled out even further. She had a slight tan, but no hint of a tan line and not a single strand of hair visible below her eyebrows. A pale, muscular man was on knees behind her. The head of his dick was just splitting the lips of her pussy. Her lips were swollen and very wet.

“And you like this one because of the tall, skinny blonde?”

“Well, she’s pretty, again, but the key is the position. The great thing about this position, from the guy’s viewpoint, is the view of her ass. Guys are very visual. Its almost impossible to look at her pussy and fuck it at the same time, but when she’s like this, you can be buried in her pussy, and still look down at that asshole and imagine how great it would be to slam your dick in there. And I like the way she’s using both hands to spread her cheeks open, inviting him to look.”

“She’s got that tilt in her pelvis too,” she said.

“Yeah, I noticed that.”

She pulled her thin camisole up, exposing one breast and half the other. “But if she’s like that, you can’t really see her tits very well.” She licked a finger and began circling her exposed nipple with it. She played with it for a few moments before saying, “You’re supposed to be showing me pictures, you know, not staring at me.”

“Well, I like the fingers in the mouth thing. And the tits.”

“Oh, you like this sort of thing?” she said, taking her hand out of her panties. All four fingers were already shiny and wet. She licked each one, then put two, then three, then put all four into her mouth; then put her hand back into her panties.

“Yeah, that sort of thing.”

“Get back to doing your job,” she said.

He flipped through a few more pictures; a solo redhead on her back with a long, sliver vibrator, tip resting on her clit – she asked if he liked to watch a girl masturbate, and he affirmed that he did. A pale brunette taking the huge dick of a muscular black man halfway into her mouth while another was buried in her pussy.

She continued the work inside her panties, and started squeezing her entire breast in between playing with the nipple. “I guess some of them aren’t that boring.” She paused. “I’m soaking wet, but I haven’t come yet.” she said, looking into his eyes. He started to reach between her legs and she slapped at him. “Not yet. First show me something dirty.”

“You mean that one’s not dirty enough?”

“Come on. Show me what you like even better than that one…” She arched her back a little.


“Oh, I see. You want me to tell you… kaynarca escort Well, show me what put that little smile on your face and made your dick get so hard.”

He smiled, but didn’t say anything.

“Show me something with a pretty girl taking it up the ass.”

“You want it dirty, dirty?”

“Yeah, show me some dirty ass-fucking. If I like it maybe I’ll let you do it to me.”

“I thought you had to be really hot before you would even think about letting me near your ass?”

“Practically melting. But when I am, it makes me come so much harder. I’m starting to think a lot. And starting to melt.”

He turned his attention back to the screen, searched for a moment, and pulled up another picture. “This is one of my favorite poses. The girl is pretty hot. Kind of the reverse of the pussy fucking one…” The picture showed a brunette with long dark curls; she wore a dark green corset pushing up large, soft tits. Her nipples were erect and wrinkled. She lay on her back in a chair, one leg over the shoulder of a tall, thin guy with long, straight blond hair. His dick was thin, and half buried in her ass. Her other leg was splayed to the side, not to block the view. She spread her pussy lips with the long fingers of both hands. “Its kind of posed, but I like it anyway.”

“So this way you get to look at her pussy, open and inviting, while fucking her in the ass?”

“Yeah… hot.”

Her hand was moving inside her panties again. “Is that your favorite?” she said, a little breathlessly. “Position, I mean…”

“Well, I do like that pose…”

” But I bet you like it even better with the girl on her belly, completely helpless…” He looked at her face. “Preferably over a pillow or with something under her hips to prop her ass up in the air.”

He pulled up another picture.

“Yeah, like that,” she said.

“I like the way she’s spreading her cheeks here, and her pussy is open and wet. And the panties not even down to mid-thigh, creasing her skin, about to break from her legs spreading. She was in such a hurry to get fucked that she couldn’t get her panties all the way off. And the guy’s dick looks huge in her ass. I like the way balls just brush the back of her pussy lips.”

“She’s not as skinny as some of the others…” Her breathing was noticeably faster.

“Yeah, makes her ass look rounder.”

“She’s built kind of like me.”

“Yeah, I think she’s built about right, not fat, but not so skinny that she doesn’t have some curve to her ass.”

“I bet you’d like to see me in that position, wouldn’t you?”

He flipped to the next picture. “And this is almost the same pose, but now it looks like she’s climaxing.”

“You just love it when a girl comes when you’re in her ass, don’t you?”

“Yes I do. And this one ends like this…” He pulled up another picture, of the same couple. The girl in the picture still spread her cheeks with her hands, and it looked like the guy had just pulled his dick out of her, though he was still obviously very hard. Milky fluid trailed from the head and was trickling out of her ass, which was still slightly open. The juice was running into her pussy, which also gaped. She smiled back over her shoulder.”

“So that’s a cream pie?”

“That’s what they call it.”

“So you like to see some guy’s semen dripping out of a woman’s asshole?”

“Well, preferably my own semen, but yeah.”

“You like the way it runs down into her pussy?”

“Yeah. Makes it even wetter. I like the way her pussy is open for it to run into.”

“I bet she’s gaping open like that because he pounded her pussy before she let him ass-fuck her. She’s a dirty little cunt. You like watching a dirty little cunt come?”

“Of course!”

“You like to watch her face, or her ass and pussy?”

“Well, depends, but right now ass and pussy.”

“Am I a dirty enough cunt for you?”

“Is that a trick question?”

“Nnnng… No cream pie, but if you want a live show, you better go look,” she said as her breathing quickened more.

He put the screen on her chest, squeezing the breast that was still covered through the thin fabric of her camisole as he swiveled around on his hips and positioned himself to look at what she was doing. Somehow she had the little blue print thong down around her ankles. She drew her knees up and spread her legs, flexing one ankle and causing the thong to shoot off into the corner of the room.

She had trimmed her auburn pubic hair down to just a little more than a stubble, in the shape of a triangle. She was shaven clean around that, with smooth lips, now puffy and soaking wet. Legs still up in the air, she reached behind her and lifted her ass cheek, fingertips catching her pussy lips on that side and pulling them open. The fingers of her other hand swirled around the hood of her clit. Her pussy gaped open. Her ass was a tight pinpoint. She let her legs relax, spreading them wide and resting one across his hip. She was glistening and wet from the swollen bump above her lips all the way back to the cleft behind her ass.

She ran her fingers down her lips, hesitated, then ran them over her ass and back up to her clit. The second time down, two fingers trailed into her pussy. “Those pictures all focused on the girl… I don’t even want to screw a girl, I don’t know why I’m reacting like this…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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