The Afternoon Paper Boy Ch. 07

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There was one bathroom in the old house and the entire family took turns using it. There was no lock on the door. An ancient brass plate on both sides of the door was fitted for a skeleton type key – long gone – and the locking mechanism was frozen closed. Someone had installed a hook and eye so that, if latched, an occupant would not be disturbed during an activity – taking a bath, a shower, or using the commode. But at times the hook and eye left an open space of ½ and inch or so and one felt as if one was exposing oneself to everyone in the hall or waiting at the door. With a large family there was seemingly always someone waiting and dancing to get in.

The bathroom was about 6 feet wide. ON the right as one entered, was the tub. A shower unit was unstably screwed to the wall and a hose snaked from the unit to a rubber tub tap fitting. Going further in, next to the heating duct and the outside wall was the commode. Opposite the commode on the far left side of the bathroom was the pedestal sink and on top of the sink were the mirror and a light fixture with an outlet. If one was looking in the keyhole, one could see someone on the toilet, and get a full side or front view as he or she stood up from it. Or if someone was undressing for a shower or bath, or dressing after a shower or bath, a person at the keyhole could observe all that the bather wished to reveal. It was a marvelous bath.

Jimmy’s room was about five feet away, down a short hall and to the right of the bathroom. Jimmy knew all the features of the bathroom from long time observation. Jimmy had perfected the art of looking through the keyhole peeping – fitting his eye to the keyhole and peering through it – repeatedly viewing his sister and her friends. His system was flawless.

He would wait until he heard someone enter the bathroom, then he would position himself on his knees with his left eye on the keyhole and his face just fractions of an inch from the door. Then he would stare into the room. Or he would wait in his room until he heard the bathroom door hook and eye latch and then creep izmir escort bayan out and assume his practiced position. He sometimes would wait until he heard someone turn on the water and then quietly get into position. Once in position he put his eye to the keyhole observed the action in the room. He was rarely disappointed.

His sister was a few years older than Jimmy. Her petite body was a delight to view. She stood about five foot one and weighed 102 lbs or so. She had 34B breasts with large dark red aureoles and thick puffy nipples – the size of big primary pencils. She would often undress in the room before showering or bathing. She would towel off after and then wrap the towel so that it covered her breasts and her pussy and open the door, leaving the bathroom to enter the hall and walk to her room. Jimmy loved looking at her before and after the bath. While she was undressing or toweling he would tease himself erect, then unzip his pants, pull his penis out from his underpants and stroke its full length. Just before she would open the door or at the end of his observation, or just before he was ready to explode, he would hop back to his room, close his door, and stroke his penis while thinking of what he had seen until his body trembled with anticipation then jerked in spasms with release.

If she moved quickly and Jimmy could not get back to his room, he would quickly put his penis back into his pants and rush into the bathroom as she left it, saying, “Sis, I gotta go. Thanks.” Sometimes she would tarry, picking up her hair brush or her clothes and he would move uncomfortably, indicating that he had to go very badly. If she observed his tented pants covering his erect penis, she never said anything. She would get her things and leave without comment. Once the door was shut, in the steamy air of the bathroom Jimmy would drop his pants and stroke his penis until he came.

One time Cynthia picked up all her clothes save for underwear. Jimmy picked them off the floor and smelled them. They were fragrant. He then rubbed his penis with them and the escort izmir silky nylon added to his enjoyment. He was fully erect – and came over and over. He left the panties in the bathroom after he cleaned himself up.

Jimmy was in his bedroom when he heard the tub water running. He thought he was alone, but realized that Cynthia must have come home unannounced. He quickly and “oh so quietly” positioned himself at the keyhole and saw her standing next to the tub, dressed in a skirt and top. The water was running and Jimmy could see the in tub shower curtain had been pulled back.

He held his breath as Cynthia ran her hands slowly up and down her body. He was frozen as she cupped her breasts in her hands and moved both of her hands to the tops of her thighs. Her hands lingered there and she rubbed the fabric of her skirt. Cynthia moved her hands to her shoulders and rubbed each shoulder then slid them down her body again, lingering once more at the tops of her thighs. She crossed her hands on her shoulders and placing the palm of her against her shoulder, rubbed each should with her fingers. Then she slowly moved her hands down, cupping her breasts again, massaging them first cupping them with the palm of her then and then rubbing them with her thumbs.

Again she moved her hands, never losing contact with her body and placing them now on her ass. She rubbed her several times before moving her hands to her thighs. This time the fingers of her left hand began to stroke the center of her pussy. Her hand would position itself over the center of her pussy, with three fingers in position, and then slide the length while pressing down. She did this 10 times or more, each time pressing down harder when she reached her crotch. Jimmy held his position. With his eye too the keyhole, he unzipped his pants and took out his erect penis.

Cynthia then undid the buttons on her blouse, shook it off, and tossed it to the floor. She continued to touch herself. She cupped her breasts under her bra and lifted them up. She then hooked first her left thumb then her right thumb izmir escort under her bra. Cupping her breasts first, she moved her fingers across the top of her bra, grazing her nipples. She raised one hand to her head and straightened her hair. Then she took this hand and ran her fingers across the top of first her right then her left breast. She then took one finger down her cleavage.

She slid her straps off her shoulders, pulled the cups off her breasts and pulled her bra below her breasts. She then cupped her naked breasts in both hands. She pushed upward on her left breast and bending her head toward it, attempted to kiss her nipple. With her other hand she squeezed the nipple on her right breast. She stopped and rubbed her fingers over her breasts. Then she cupped them again. And ran her fingers over them, lingering for a while on each nipple, tugging at its pencil thickness.

The water was still running in the tub. Jimmy was very hard. Every time his sister touched herself, Jimmy stroked his penis. Precum had begun to form on the head. He was breathing hard.

Cynthia undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She wore no stockings. Jimmy could see her black pubic hair on either side of her panties. She began to fondle and stroke her thighs. She moved her hands up and down the inside and outside of her legs. On the inside at the top of each stroke she allowed her fingers to enter her panty openings. She slid three fingers down the center of her panties over and over again.

Jimmy could see that she was excited. Her nipples were erect. Her breathing was labored. He thought he could see the wetness in her panties. She hooked her fingers into the elastic at the top of her panties and lowered them to her knees, shook them down to the floor and kicked them away toward the door and (on the other side) Jimmy’s eye.

At this Jimmy fell back and lost his balance. “Someone’s in here,” Cynthia shouted. “It’s occupied!”

Jimmy made no attempt to place his penis back in his pants as he scurried to his room as quietly as he could. He quietly closed his door and sat on his bed. He put his hand to his mouth for additional moisture, stroked the length of his cock several times and shot cum over his t shirt and on to the wall behind his bed. He shuddered with pleasure afterward.

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