The Anal Queen

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Non Nude

This was written as part of a request and also because I really wanted to write a story in the Anal category. Obviously this is complete fantasy as no woman would ever do this..

or would they?! Be warned though the very end of this story is a bit out there and not to everyone’s taste…literally!!!

Today had taken quite a bit of planning. I had arranged for the club to open up on a afternoon especially for me. Fortunately I was a regular visitor to the sex club and combined with my sluttiest blowjob for the owner, he organised today’s little adventure.

I loved visiting this little sex club in the next city to where I lived. Every other weekend I would go to live out some of my wildest fantasies and kinks, always pushing myself further with every visit. It was a world away from my regular life and something no one would ever suspect little old me indulging in.

You see by day, week in week out, Monday to Friday I was a regular, cute, 27 year old woman quietly working her way up into middle management at a financial firm. I wore sensible heels to work, knee length skirt, always a nice top that never revealed any cleavage. My make up I keep minimal and subtle. I was quietly spoken, always exchanged pleasantries and very rarely swore. Guys at work did flirt occasionally with me but it was something that I always smiled politely at and laughed off.

The odd times I had bumped into anyone from work at weekends when shopping etc I was also dressed in jeans, hoody and trainers. Well that is most weekends….as if they had seen me every other night at the sex club they would have been shocked. As gone was the subtle make up replaced by false eyelashes and heavy lipstick. Gone was the sensible heels replaced by ridiculously high heels or thigh boots that wouldn’t look out of place on a stripper. Knee length skirts were swapped for the shortest skirts I could buy and fit into and that was only on the nights I even bothered to wear one! The average daywear was forgotten about and replaced with a selection of pvc, leather, latex and lacy items. A total change to what anyone would expect of me.

And then there was the change in myself personality wise. I was no longer the quiet, well spoken, cute trainee manager. I was a slutty pervert living out dirty fantasies. I’d also developed a bit of a reputation over the last year of visiting. It had become well known amongst the members that I liked group sex and multiple play partners on nights. Then the second reputation was for my love of anal and my ability to take many different shapes and sizes of cock and toys in my peachy arse. I had been christened the anal queen and far from being embarrassed by it I welcomed it and revelled in it.

My love of anal started when I was 19 and exploring on my own. I found I loved the sensation of playing with the opening of my bumhole which then progressed to inserting a lubed finger in there. Over time I explored more from two fingers up to sex toys. After a few months I bought my first butt plug to help in opening up my tight bum. Just the feeling of pushing the plug into my bum was enough to get me going and turn me on immensely. After a couple of months exploring on my own I had built up to being able to insert and fuck myself with a variety of my sex toys. There was nothing more I would love than inserting a sex toy in both holes and then rubbing my clit to a furious wet orgasm.

From then I was desperate to know what it was like to be fucked in the arse with a real cock and eventually a lad I was seeing agreed to fuck me in the arse one night. After some heavy foreplay I took the lube out and lubed my arse and his cock. With a bit of difficulty and fumbling he finally managed to get the head of his cock inside my tight bumhole doggy style. It hurt in the same way as when I pushed any type of toy or butt plug in my hole in that I still enjoyed it. I had taken bigger toys in my backdoor but everything had always been with me in control. Now having a cock actually fuck me in there was a different ball game and I loved it straight away. The motion of someone pushing past that outer ring and then fucking deep inside my arse was something I was about to become addicted to. Unfortunately for this lad the tightness and excitement of fucking my arse meant he shot his load very quickly but even the feeling of cum in my arse was a new found turn on.

From then anal fucking became a regular thing for me. I could never orgasm directly from it obviously but usually I furiously rubbed my clit at the same time as my arse was being ploughed from behind. I soon started experimenting with different positions, especially loving being on my back holding my legs wide apart and enjoying the look on someone’s face as they fucked my tight arse.

As the years progressed and boyfriends and fuck buddies came and went I kept taking my love for anal higher and higher. I now regularly practiced yoga and pelvic exercises to keep my anal muscles strong and still in place aksaray escort as I was taking more cock and toys than ever. I quickly ticked off being fucked in the arse by a girl wearing a strap on (I obviously returned the favour!), there was also a few sessions with double ended dildoes with both women and men! I soon ticked off double penetration one holiday with two men I had met on a drunken night out that ended with one in my pussy and one in my arse. The yoga classes helped with the flexibility for that one!

I even went almost a year with no anal just to see if I could get over my obsession. That ended one drunken night with a bloke fucking me with no proper lube in an alley way and leaving me in agony but dripping an anal creampie all the way home. At which point when I got home I ploughed my pussy and arse with dildoes to a raging intense orgasm.

As time went on I acquired more kinks including a love of group sex, cum play and being a bit of an exhibitionist who liked to shock alittle! This is where the visits to swinger and bsdm sex clubs started and my notoriety of loving anal and liking to indulge in various kinks and being watched.

As much as I indulged my fantasies every other weekend at the club I still had some to fulfill that were seemingly beyond the realms of a regular Saturday night at the club. I wanted to do something that was very dirty and pushed my boundaries. That’s where getting to know the owner had come in handy. A chat with him about letting me use the club one afternoon and him organising some men for me to entertain led to the blowjob to seal the deal.

So here I was on a Thursday afternoon the only person in the female changing room. My jeans and hoody lay on the floor and I’m stood naked in front of the mirror putting the finishing touches to my make up. No longer the regular Thursday afternoon sensible make up, that has been replaced by long black false eyelashes, lots of heavy dark make up, pale foundation and finally the bright red lipstick. With my hair tied up into a pony tail I looked into the mirror impressed at my attempt at a slutty make up look.

I went into my bag and took out my brand new butt plug. I had been waiting a couple of weeks since delivery to try this one out and had decided to wait until today. This was a large metallic silver butt plug but with a small tail about 10 inches long fixed to the end of it. I squatted down and pulled out the smaller butt plug that I had inserted in my ass earlier in the morning. Grabbing a bit of lube I smeared a little bit of it on the new butt plug and proceeded to work it into my open ass. I smiled as I felt how cold it was against my opening and held my breath and relaxed as I worked it fully into my tight arse. Once I stood and look at the mirror and saw how impressive the small tail looked hanging down out of my arse.

Finally I dug out my expensive shiny black pleaser heels. These were so ridiculous and impractical but I loved them and were perfect for achieving my slutty look for a group of men I had never met before. And that was it for my outfit! I was now ready to stride out into the empty play space wearing nothing but my make up, heels and a butt plug in my arse.

I trotted out on my ridiculously high pleaser heels into the main room of the club. My first thought wasn’t how many men were stood there waiting for me but how plain and somewhat boring the club looked in daytime! I looked across to corner where the action was going to take place and smiled a little nervously at the men waiting for me. Seeing a group of them, seven had turned up, made my pussy tingle and horny. Conscious not to slip on the floor I trotted over carefully trying to look as confident as possible and introduced myself.

Perching myself on the end of the padded seat I told the guys what the deal was and what rules I had. I wanted them to fuck my arse and that was where I wanted them all to cum. I was quite happy to suck any cock to help them get hard and ready and told them that every so often I may say that one can fuck my pussy to give my arse a little break. I told them that I was a total anal whore with plenty of experience so non of them need to hold back after the first couple of cocks. I pointed out that anyone being too rough or not following the rules would be dealt with by the club owner who had now joined me with a clear plastic empty bowl and my small bag of lube and other bits.

With that I turned around and showed then my arse with my pony tail butt plug and gave it a little wiggle.

“Come on guys let’s get on with the show!” I exclaimed. “Which one of you wants to pull this out of my bum!?!”

A middle aged man stepped forward and ran his hand over my bum cheeks.

“You can give it a spank!” I said cheekily pursing my lips at him.

He gave my bum cheek a quick spank then the next one a harder one. I moaned out in delight and giggled. Despite being nervous my pussy was so wet and I was aksaray escort bayan incredibly turned on. Next I felt his hand pull gently on the tail and then begin to slowly work the butt plug out of my bum. Suddenly I felt fresh cool air around my bum hole as the butt plug slipped out. I turned around and took the plug off the man and slowly and very deliberately swirled my tongue around it and sucked it into my mouth giving it a good clean.

“What a dirty bitch.” I heard one of them say.

“This is tame boy, you should see how dirty I really am.” I said with a smile.

“Come on you first” I said pointing to one of the men who had already stripped and was tugging on his medium sized cock.

I handed him a tub of lube after dipping my fingers in it first. As he started to lube his cock I lubed up my arse and jammed two fingers in and out of my arse.

“Let’s get this show on the road!” I exclaimed as I got into a comfortable position bent over on the padded seat.

The first man grabbed hold of my arse cheeks and pulled them apart. I relaxed and breathed out as I felt his hard cock at the entrance to my tight hole. He pushed against it and I moaned as I felt his head push through the ring in my arse. This was the part that made me quiver all over, the moment a hard cock pushed in past my tight ring. I pushed back a little as we both worked his cock into me a bit deeper with every movement. After a couple of minutes he was almost fully inside me and started to fuck my arse slowly. I moaned out in delight everytime he pushed into my tight little hole. Even though I’d had a butt plug inside of me since the morning and I was well lubed up this first cock still felt so tight the deeper it went inside of me.

He started building up the pace of the fucking of my arse and I pushed back more to encourage him. It felt so good the mixture of pain and pleasure and the excitement that there was more to come. I heard him breathing heavily behind me as he grabbed my hips harder. I sensed he wasn’t going to be long until he would start to cum in my arse.

Suddenly he grunted, pushed in as far as he could and held on to me tighter as he started to cum. I moaned out loudly as I felt his hot cum shoot deep in my anal passage, hopefully first load of the afternoon. His cock twitched inside me as his long awaited orgasm exploded in me. I was in heaven feeling this hot hard cock cum in my tight ass. I love it when a man cums in my pussy but there is just something else about when a cock shoots in load in my arse. It just feels different, it feels more intense, it feels dirtier, it makes me shudder deeply with pleasure.

He pulled out quickly making me gasp and I turned around smiling at the men.

“Mmm quick who wants to go next whilst I’m still full of cum.”

The next man soon took the first mans place and shoved his cock straight up my arse making me shout out in delight. This cock was the smallest of the group but his fucking of my arse hard and fast was still making me moan. As I took him in my arse another cock appeared at my face. I sucked this one into my mouth enjoying the taste now taking a cock from both ends.

Despite his lack of size this second guy really knew what he was doing and he pounded away hard and fast in my arse which was well lubricated with lube and the first load of cum. With a grunt he suddenly shot his very big load in my arse and pulled out quickly leaving me gasping for my breath a little.

I could feel the cum starting to seep out of my arse so I grabbed the clear plastic bowl and put it between my legs just as a very eager and quite big number three stepped up behind me. I quickly grabbed the nearby bottle of poppers and took a deep sniff ready for his cock. Just as the poppers hit he entered me making me scream in a mix of delight and pleasurable pain. This guy was very excitable and eager to fuck my arse and obviously took my previous statement of not holding back seriously as he straight away ploughed my arse stretching it and going deeper than the other two had.

But this is what I craved and what I loved about anal. To be just stretched open by a cock and have it shoved deep inside me hard and fast. The pain of it turned me on and I reached underneath myself and started to rub my clit furiously. I was screaming with the mix of pain and pleasure and being fucked like this was getting me close to cumming. As the man held onto my hips tightly I rubbed my clit harder and shuddered as my orgasm ripped through me for the first time today. The man fucking my arse just continued to hold on to me tightly and slam into my arse using me like I craved to be useful.

I had just managed to come down from my orgasm and was gripping the furniture tightly when the bloke deep in my arse gripped me even tighter and with a roar shot his load deep inside of my bowels.

He slipped his cock out of me after empty his balls in me so I took the opportunity to grab a quick escort aksaray swig of water from a bottle whilst squatting over the plastic bowl.

After I dripped some of the cum from my arse into the bowl I decided that for number 4 I would change position. It would give my knees a little rest and also show off my skills a little bit more. I motioned for number 4 to come forward and told him to lay on the floor. I smiled at him as he held his rock hard cock up in the air as he laid down. I’d already had this one in my mouth as number two had fucked me so knew already that his cock was a nice firm solid one.

I swung my legs either side of him and told him to grab hold of my bum cheeks and hold them apart. I took hold of his cock and began to squat down on him. His head entered my now very open arse with much more ease than the first three. I slowly eased myself up and down on his cock until it was fully in my arse. I then slowly worked myself up and down his cock slowly until I was riding it hard and fast in my now well lubricated arse.

I felt a hand on my head and suddenly a cock slapped across my mouth and looked to see number 3 was offering me his cock. I looked at it to see it was still covered in a mix of cum and lube and the odd dirty speck from deep in my arse. I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock in roughly so I could taste the sweet mix off his cock. Now the session was really getting go and dirty and I was in heaven.

My riding of cock number 4 in my tight hole became harder and faster until suddenly I felt the body underneath me jerk and his cock spasm inside me shooting another load of hot cum in my now well used arse. I eased my riding of him down until he finished cumming and held his cock in my arse plugging me.

“Quick the bowl.” I gasped quickly.

I grabbed hold of the bowl quickly and lifted myself off cock number 4 and let more cum drip out of my arse into the bowl. I wanted more cum in the bowl though and squeezed and contracted my muscles and obscenely cum farted a load more cum into the bowl.

“What a dirty fucking bitch.” I heard someone laugh.

“I’m not done yet I want more.” I said now in lust filled craze for more cock and cum.

Number 5 stepped forward and this was the only black man of the group and he had the second biggest cock of the group. It was definitely the longest of all seven cocks but I had noticed one of the two remaining men had one that although just a little bit shorter was even thicker than this monster that was now pointing obscenely at me.

I stood up and bent over opening my legs alittle wider. Holding on to the side of the nearby seats for support on my stripper heels I took a sniff of my poppers and braced myself for cock number 5.

“Come on take me hard and fast.” I told him confidently.

He eased his cock in gently and then started to force it in harder and faster and deeper. I almost regretted telling him to take me hard and fast as he started to really pummel my arse but I kept telling myself I was the Anal Queen and was putting on a show to prove it.

He might have been totally fucking my arse hard and fast but when he reached his orgasm he knew exactly what to do. Instead of shooting deep in my arse he pulled back so only the head of his cock was in my arse as his massive load of cum shot into me. I moaned in desire and pleasure at this and once he pulled out I immediately squatted over the bowl to let it drip out.

I had hardly finished dripping the cum in the bowl when number 6 stepped forward, the man with the thickest cock.

“How do you want me?” I said coyly to him.

“Bent over on all fours and that arse up in the air.” He replied whilst obscenely wanking his thick cock.

I knew this one was going to hurt a little and stretch me despite already having taken five cocks in my arse. I quickly grabbed the lube and smeared some in and around my hole before getting back on all fours on a mat laid down before me. I stuck my arse up in the air for him as he began to rub the head of his cock around my wide open ring.

“Come on big boy fuck me, fuck me hard I can take it.” I told him as I started to rub my clit again.

He pushed in and I groaned. He couldn’t quite get it in first time so pulled back and pushed again this time forcing himself in. I screamed into the mat taking my hand off my clit to steady myself. He pushed again and I screamed but I still pushed back to meet his thrust in encouragement. Eventually after a few gradual thrusts he worked his massive cock deep within my arse until his large balls were resting against me.

“You ready for this?” I heard him pant.

“Oh god yes just fuck me.” I begged.

He grabbed hold of my hips and pulled his cock back and slammed back in. I screamed in agony as his cock stretched and hurt me but at the same time my thighs trembled and my pussy dripped in excitement. I desperately wanted to rub my clit but his thick cock was pummeling my arse that hard all I could do was just hold in to the mat and take it.

I was being used like the dirty anal queen I wanted to be and was being taken like never before. This guy really wasn’t letting up and I was so pleased he was number 6 at getting a go due to his size and relentless fucking of me.

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