The Arrangement Ch. 01

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Author’s note: I was in a quandary about the appropriate category for this story so I enlisted the help of some friends, all of whom are very familiar with the Literotica site. Two of the groups favored LW because of the way the story unfolds in the beginning. The remainder were more focused on the principle sex scenes and opted for EC. I went with the majority opinion. Hope I didn’t mislead anyone.


“Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the seat belt sign in preparation for landing. Please return all seat backs and tray tables to the fully upright position and turn off any electronic devices you have been using during the flight. On behalf of the crew of Flight 409, please enjoy your stay in the Roanoke area. It has been a pleasure serving you this evening and we ask that you consider Northeast International for your future travel needs.”

I grinned to myself in anticipation. It wasn’t often that I could complete a business trip early. I’d been gone several days on this one and the family checkbook balance would reflect the success of the trip. Getting home early was a bonus. I purposely had not told my wife of my early return, intending to surprise her when I appeared on our doorstep.

As the pilot started his final approach to the Roanoke airport, the leggy blonde flight attendant with the sexy voice who had been in charge of the first class cabin moved quickly up the isle searching for seat back and tray table violations. Finding none, she took her place in the jump seat at the front of the plane and strapped herself in. I could see part way up her dress. She reminded me of my wife, Kelly. I continued to steal glances up the lady’s skirt as I thought about the reception that was surely awaiting my arrival at home.

Kelly is more beautiful today than she was when I met her over twenty years ago. She has remained fresh, vibrant and sexy throughout. I always come home to her with a justifiable feeling of anticipation, knowing that I will be greeted with genuine and passionate enthusiasm.

The flight attendant crossed her legs, probably unconscious of the view she was providing to any interested occupant of the first class cabin. I glanced around. Everyone else seemed preoccupied with the approach. And with good reason. It was mid-fall in western Virginia and the leaves were at the peak of their autumn color. Passengers in the window seats were mesmerized by the view below them as the sinking sun set the foliage ablaze. Those in the middle seats were craning their necks to see out. I had an aisle seat. The scenery ahead of me was far more intriguing.

The inside of the woman’s right thigh, well above the knee, was now revealed. What I could see from my seat looked damned good. My imagination filled in what I couldn’t see and then allowed me further liberties. Soon I could picture the woman lying naked under me. I mentally parted her thighs and pushed my cock slowly and deeply inside her.

The double thump of a less than perfect landing jolted me back into the real world. I welcomed the break. A tortuous erection needed to be dealt with before I could get off the plane. The magazine in my lap was cover enough for now but it wouldn’t serve very well once we arrived at the gate. First class passengers deplane before the others and few of them do it with a magazine or laptop clutched to their crotches. Fortunately, our plane was held up on the taxi strip so it was several minutes before we could disembark. Time enough for my problem to correct itself.

I departed the plane with the moving throng and headed for the taxi stand.


“Need a ride?” asked a husky female voice behind me as I waited for a taxi to appear. Although I was sure the question was not directed at me, I turned anyway and was astonished to see the blonde flight attendant standing a short distance away. She was looking directly at me and there was no one else within fifty feet of us. Before I could respond she laughed softly. She had a low, throaty laugh that matched her voice.

“I have you at a disadvantage. You don’t recognize me. I couldn’t place you either until right at the end of the flight. I’m Carol Somers. We’re neighbors.”

I could feel the blood rush to my face in embarrassment. Not twenty minutes ago I had been mentally screwing this woman and now I find out she’s a neighbor. Although I had tried to be discreet, I wondered if she had noticed me staring up her dress.

“I…I’m sorry…,” I stammered, “I don’t …”

She laughed again, easy and self-assured. “I understand. People I’ve known for years have trouble recognizing me in a flight attendant’s uniform. I normally wear jeans or sweats at home and my hair is always down. This is my professional look. Even if you’ve seen me around the neighborhood, you’d never make the connection. My husband and I bought the cedar-sided contemporary a few houses down from you about a month ago. I’ve seen you jogging a time or two. I believe you live in that house off the cul-de-sac güvenilir bahis that no one can see from the road. I peeked once. You have a beautiful home and all those woods for privacy.”

“Oh, I remember you now,” I lied. Nice recovery. I sure as hell would have remembered someone like her if I’d seen her. Between Carol and Kelly, they had to be two of the most beautiful women in Virginia.

“My name is Scott Barnes. I’ve seen you in the neighborhood once or twice,” I lied again. “Look, I’d really appreciate the ride if it’s no trouble for you. I’m arriving a day early from a business trip so my wife is not expecting me. I was going to grab a cab and surprise her. The ride would be a lot more convenient.”

“No trouble at all. Besides I would enjoy the company. My car is in the staff parking lot across the street. It’ll take me a couple of minutes. I’m driving a red Camry.”

The matter settled, she turned on her heel and strode off, wheeled luggage in tow. I stared after her, still in a mild state of shock.

A few minutes later the sedan braked to a halt in front of me and Carol popped the trunk. Dropping my carry-on and laptop inside, I eased into the passenger seat and we were on our way. Soon afterward, we were on US Route 220, southbound for the little town of Boone’s Mill.

“Let’s get to know each other a little,” said Carol. “I’ll go first. I was born in Alabama. I spent four years at Auburn getting a nearly worthless degree in communications. You don’t see many help- wanted ads for communicators so I decided to become a flight attendant. I’ve been doing this for fifteen years now, all of it with Northeast. Brad, that’s my husband, is an engineer for DataTech in Clearbrook. He was transferred there from Rochester several months ago. I just recently picked up the Roanoke-Dallas route with the airline. I normally fly Monday, stay over in Dallas Monday night, and fly back Tuesday. I’m home on Wednesday, fly out again on Thursday and come back home on Friday. One of the attendants on Wednesday’s flight was ill. I filled in and thought I would have to layover until Friday but a scheduling snafu opened a slot on this morning’s flight so I grabbed it. Didn’t even have time to let Brad know I would be in a day early, but he’ll be pleasantly surprised when I show up.

I watched her as she talked, filling in details for five minutes or so. She was truly stunning. My guess was natural blonde, although Kelly pokes fun at my guess rate – wrong about eighty percent of the time. She had a square jaw, high cheekbones, small nose, and wide mouth with full lips. Her breasts were high and perfectly proportioned. Long shapely legs were partially revealed by the skirt riding just above her knees.

“I’m originally from Texas,” I began. “I went to the University of Texas and managed to get a degree in industrial engineering. That’s where I met my wife, Kelly. I worked for an engineering firm for twelve years and then decided to go it alone as a consultant. We moved to Boone’s Mill eight years ago because we love this part of Virginia. Kelly also works at DataTech. She’s the personnel manager there. Like you, I travel a lot, usually a couple of weeks each month. My two largest clients are in Dallas but this is my first trip there in nearly a month, which probably explains why I haven’t seen you on a flight before.”

We continued to chat for the remainder of the brief ride. Easy, relaxed conversation. Before I knew it we were entering Boone’s Mill, only a couple of miles from home.

“I’ll get off at your place.” I said as she turned onto our street. “It’s only a short distance home and I’ll enjoy the walk.”

“I’d be happy to deliver you to your front door.”

“Don’t bother. Look I’m really glad we ran into each other. And not just because of the ride either, although it is very much appreciated. I enjoyed the company. We should get together some time soon. I’m sure Kelly and Brad already know each other. Personnel types know everybody and DataTech isn’t all that large.”

“They might. Brad hasn’t mentioned Kelly but he doesn’t talk about work very much. Anyway, getting together sounds like a great idea.” She said as she whipped her car into her driveway with one hand, stabbing at the remote door opener with the other. Seconds later, the car rolled to a halt inside the two-car garage.

We chatted briefly as I retrieved my baggage and promised to get everyone together soon. Thanking her again, I started up the road toward home, Carol’s garage door rumbling shut behind me in the deepening twilight.


Our house is only a couple of hundred yards away and the night was perfect for a walk. It was the kind of evening only Virginia can produce in early fall. The air was brisk and sharp. A hint of wood smoke hung in the air from a fireplace nearby. A dying sunset provided just enough light to see the road and the entrance to our driveway ahead.

As I entered the driveway I could just make out a light or two through türkçe bahis the woods. Most of the foliage remained on the trees and the house was still almost totally obscured. I thought of Kelly somewhere in the house ahead and quickened my pace.

Just for the fun of it, I decided to sneak up and give her a little scare. She would briefly get angry with me for startling her but it would be worth it.

Kelly’s ancient Isuzu Trooper was parked in the drive. We both loved the little SUV. It had no center console and the seats could be fully reclined; perfect for having sex in out-of-the-way places which we did from time to time. We had several secluded parking spots around Boone’s Mill and had fucked like teenagers in all of them.

I stashed my bag and laptop behind the Trooper and moved up closer to the house, trying to decide the best place for me to pounce. I could see no movement although I could hear the stereo in our master bedroom playing softly. That was as good a place as any to begin my search.

After advancing slowly toward the deck that stretched across the entire back of the house, I paused at the foot of a short flight of stairs leading up onto the deck and removed my loafers. Cautiously climbing the steps, I kept to the edges to avoid squeaks.

Inching along the wall past the living room, I arrived at the sliding glass door which connects the master bedroom to the deck. From the light pouring outside, I knew the curtains were open. They nearly always are. The house is so secluded that our privacy is assured.

Holding my breath, I cautiously peered into the room.

The scene before me didn’t quite register at first but suddenly I felt ill at ease. Kelly was standing naked before her full-length mirror turning her body this way and that as she put an earring in each ear. Earrings?

When she completed that task she cupped a hand under each breast. Rising up on her toes, she turned to examine her body in profile. Apparently satisfied with what she saw, she crossed the room to the walk-in closet and emerged moments later with a pair of black high heels in one hand and a slinky flower-print dress draped over her arm.

I know that dress well. It beautifully accentuates the curves of her body, displays her lovely legs and has a row of buttons from throat to hemline, which makes her body easily accessible. She had bought it because it was a sure-fire turn on. She wears it for the same reason.

Pausing momentarily in front of the mirror, Kelly ran the fingers of her other hand down between her legs to softly caress the dark mound between her thighs. My erection was instantaneous. I had seen her do this often and it turned me on every time.

After a minute or two of gentle probing, she donned the dress and fastened all but the top and bottom buttons. Next she placed a shoe on each shapely foot. I was acutely aware of the fact that Kelly was wearing only three articles of clothing and two of them were her shoes.

I had just about concluded that I was going to witness an elaborate masturbation ritual when her cell phone chirped. Crossing quickly to her dresser, Kelly snatched up the device and examined the screen.

“Hi there,” she said in a soft voice. A pause…

“I’ll be right there. Fifteen minutes.” Another pause…

“Of course I want to get laid! I’ll hurry.” A shorter pause… “I know the rules. No bra, no panties.” Bye.”

An icy hand clamped down on my gut. My breathing stopped and my heart began to race. I thought my knees were going to buckle. My breathing resumed so heavily that I was sure Kelly would detect my presence. Instead, she crossed the room quickly to examine herself once more in the mirror. Apparently pleased with her image, she grabbed her purse from the dresser and turned to leave.

I should have rushed in to confront her right then but my feet seemed rooted to the deck. I’ll always wonder how things would have turned out if I had stopped the whole thing then or at any one of several other points that night. I’ll never know.

As Kelly left the bedroom and entered the hallway, I regained some of my senses. I needed a plan. Racing across the deck, I flew down the steps onto the lawn, grabbing my shoes as I went.

My bag! My computer! My stuff was behind the Trooper. If she didn’t see it she’d run over it pulling out. Either way I’d be busted. Somehow it became very important that she not know I was nearby. At least for now. I had to find out who this guy was. Once I knew that, I’d figure out what to do.

I raced to the Trooper and snatched up the bag and laptop, glancing frantically about for a place to hide them. The woodpile! A couple of cords of wood were stacked by the drive. Without further thought I threw the bag over the woodpile where it landed with a soft thump. With slightly more care, I hid the laptop in the cordwood.

As I turned toward the house, a shaft of light illuminated part of the side yard. Kelly was coming through the door. There was only one güvenilir bahis siteleri place for me to go where I could stay on top of the situation as it developed. Carefully but quickly opening the rear door to the Trooper’s cargo area, I jumped inside and quietly pulled the door shut behind me. Just as I ducked down behind the rear seat, the shaft of light disappeared and I knew Kelly was outside the house and on her way to the car.

Within seconds she was seated in the car fiddling with her keys. I struggled to hold my breath. I was certain she would hear if I dared to draw air before she got the engine started.

Kelly was in a hurry. The engine caught on the first try. She immediately slammed the transmission into reverse and backed rapidly down the drive.

I couldn’t believe it! She hadn’t seen me. Talk about luck. My bag didn’t make any serious noise when it went over the woodpile and Kelly had been too preoccupied to look into the car when the dome light came on. Apparently the Gods felt sorry for me.

I certainly felt sorry for me. I hadn’t been home fifteen minutes yet and here I was crouched down in the back of my wife’s car while she drove off to meet her lover. A short while ago I had been a happily married man and now the world was crashing down around my ears. No matter what happened from this point on, our lives would never be the same. I could not imagine what had gone wrong, but it hurt like hell. Just the thought of someone else touching Kelly was more than I could bear. That she would be a willing accomplice was devastating.

Once again I almost revealed my presence but at the last moment held myself in check. I had to know who this guy was. The wait seemed interminable but within ten minutes Kelly had pulled up somewhere and stopped, leaving the engine at idle.

It was important to know where we were. I decided to take a chance. Slowly raising my head above the back seat, careful to avoid the center where the rearview mirror would be trained, I looked carefully around.

We were parked in a side lot at DataTech. Who is this guy? Someone from work? I didn’t have a clue. Is this old news or is the affair just beginning. Answers. I needed some answers.

A man was approaching from across the lot. Kelly saw him as soon as I did and moved over to the passenger side. I ducked quickly back down behind the seat.

The door opened, the car rocked slightly, and a second later the door slammed.

I heard a rustling sound, barely audible above the idling engine.

“Hmmmmmm..” Kelly’s husky purr.

“Did you obey the rules?” the man’s voice inquired.

“What rules? I can’t remember.”

“No bra or panties. Those are the rules,” he said, playfully stern.

“Oh yes, I remember now, but I can’t recall. You’ll just have to find out for yourself.”

More rustling followed by a sharp intake of breath.

“You follow instructions very well.”

Again I felt a shift of weight in the car. More throaty sounds, both male and female.

“You are very wet,” he said softly. I thought my heart was going the burst from my chest. The bastard was finger fucking her! Once again I almost jumped up to confront them both. And once again I held back. I had to know who this asshole was and I had to figure out how to deal with this mess.

“Of course I’m wet.” A breathless pant. “I’ve been thinking about it all day. If you don’t stop that I’ll cum.”

“Go ahead. You’ll cum again before the night is over.”

For the next several minutes no one spoke a word but the interior of the car filled with Kelly’s accelerating cries and whimpers as her arousal grew.

I couldn’t stand it. I had to look.

I peered cautiously over the seat back. Dashboard lighting bathed them both in a soft glow. The man was leaning over her, kissing her passionately. They had reclined the seats enough to suit their purpose. Kelly’s feet, free of her high heels, were propped up wide apart on the dash. I could see only half way up her thighs.

It was clear to me that their attention was elsewhere so I rose up for a better look, confident I would not be seen.

Kelly’s thighs were open. The man’s left hand was moving gently on her pussy. I watched, both miserable and fascinated, as he inserted his middle two fingers inside her and then withdrew them to circle her clitoris. Each time he eased his fingers inside, Kelly would thrust upward with her pelvis to meet his hand. Each time he withdrew to caress her clitoris, she cried out. As I watched, he accelerated his pace. Kelly’s cries became louder, more frequent and more urgent. Within a minute or two she came, crying out sharply, her thighs quivering against his hand.

The man held his hand tightly against her as her tremors slowly subsided and her breathing evened out. I ducked back down behind the seat, horrified to find that I was fully erect.

What the fuck’s the matter with me? Am I some kind of pervert? Some stranger just made my wife cum and I’ve got a hard on. Jesus H. Christ.

“Oh God, I needed that,” Kelly said breathlessly. “Let’s get out of here. I need more and I need it soon. Please hurry. Scott will be home tomorrow and I don’t know when he’s going out of town again.”

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