The Babysitter’s Cam Page Ch. 04

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Part 4 – Revelations. This should wrap things up for Jay, Megan, and Kelsey for now. This has generated a whole bunch of ideas that I could do with them later, but I think it is best to let them finish their first adventure. Thank you again to anyone who has commented, voted, or sent a message. I didn’t expect to enjoy writing as much as reading, but hearing other’s enjoyment is great.


What Megan said next was a certain jolt to reignite me.

“Kelsey, he’s cum in your mouth and pussy. Are you ready for him to cum in your ass next?”

The girl whimpered, still in recovery from the combined assault by my wife and I. “I think I need a minute.” She then quickly sat up, “I mean if that’s ok with you sir, I know I said I’d do whatever you wanted.” Kelsey had real nervousness in her voice and her eyes.

Megan picked up on it right away, ” Kelsey, I know you said that, but if you need a break so that we can all have more fun, that’s fine.” She punctuated this by embracing Kelsey tightly and with a peck on the lips.

I laid down on the bed on the other side of Kelsey while Meghan held her. Kelsey turned onto her back, looking back and forth at both of us, laying on our sides facing her. Light touches going to and from each of us as we brought things down a notch. Even with assistance from my wife’s little blue pills, I needed a moment to recharge after two orgasms so close together.

“You guys, I’ve never felt so good before.” Kelsey smiled up at us with a glint of wonder in her eyes. “Even beyond the orgasms, the way you just took control, Mrs. G….”

“Dear, you’ve shared my husband’s cum with me, please call me Megan”

“The way you just took control Mrs. G.,” she winked at me as she returned to the more formal name, “It just really let me go, like not overthink it. I’ve always been so self-conscious; I think it is why I tried to get really drunk at that party you picked me up from.”

Megan gently turned Kelsey’s face to hers and kissed her softly. “Kelsey, I know what you mean. It means that you don’t have to hear everyone else’s judgements in your head. It’s freeing.”

Our babysitter nodded. “Yes! Like, I can hear my mom’s voice saying how sinful this all is, and that I dress slutty already…..” she shuddered a little, her voice catching a half a beat before she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and opened them again. “But I don’t care about that right now, with you.”

Megan reached across Kelsey’s body and grabbed my arm, pulling us into a loving bundle of nakedness. “Kelsey, everything tonight has been with adults making our own decisions, not hurting anyone. It’s hard to get past that, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun once you do.”

I laughed loudly at that and kissed the back of Kelsey’s neck. “You can do whatever you want here and not worry. So, what do YOU want?”

Kelsey smiled and wiped a small wetness from her eye, “Sorry to get all serious and ruin the mood.”

My wife pointed to my returned erection, “I don’t think you’ve ruined the mood at all dear,” with another laugh. The seriousness of the conversation evaporating as we all remembered that we naked, sweaty, and horny as hell.

“Mr. G, I want you to take my ass, I really do. But what I really want, is to just have you and Mrs. G tell ME what to do. I want to feel that freedom again. I know you won’t make me do anything I really don’t want to do. I meant it before, when I said I’d be your slut,” Kelsey said eagerly, almost in a rush.

I looked at Megan with a raised eyebrow, asking her silently how she wanted to go forward from here. She nodded, telling me to take it from here. I rolled off the bed and stood up, reaching my hands out to the girls.

“What I want to do first then, is take a shower and get clean before we get dirty again.”

I led them both to the shower in our master bathroom and pulled them in with me as I turned the water on. The shower was plenty big enough for two, Megan and I having worked out all of the best angles in there for sex, but three was pleasantly snug. It was impossible to move much at all without rubbing against another body, which led to a very uncoordinated washing of all three of us. At one point I was making sure that Kelsey’s breasts were extra clean as I massaged all of the soap into them, when Megan squatted down and took a slow lick up the underside of my still hard cock.

When I moaned, Kelsey looked down between us and saw Megan there, grinned and moved to stand over and behind her, mirroring the beginning of our fun. My wife smiled back and turned her head to swipe her tongue through our babysitter’s folds before diving all the way down on my erection. Kelsey whimpered cutely before pushing her pussy against Megan’s head and leaned up to kiss me. She only pushed a few times before Megan extricated herself and stood up.

“Well, aren’t you the little minx, using my own moves against me.” I could tell at this point that Megan was going to start pushing Kelsey’s submissive buttons. “I Keçiören Escort don’t think Jay asked you to do that, did he?”

Kelsey froze momentarily, then shook her head, “No, Mrs. G.”

Megan nodded subtly at the girl, “What makes you think that’s what he wanted then? I thought you said you were doing what Mr. G. wanted?”

I had formulated a plan over the last few minutes, and it was time to really take charge. I turned Kelsey around and had her put her hands on the back wall of the shower. “Now Megan, I think we may need some of your toy box for this next part. Go get it out and I’ll get our little pet’s ass all ready for me,” I said more firmly than usual.

Megan practically clapped and giggled at the thought of her “toy box” and stepped out of the shower for a quick dry and then scampered into the bedroom to bring out the box of toys we’d gathered over the years. From your everyday vibes, dildos, handcuffs, etc. to a few stronger items like some very tight nipple clamps and a small crop, there was guaranteed to be some fun added.

I turned back to Kelsey and stood behind her, leaning my whole body over her back, my hands holding hers to the wall as I spread her legs wider with mine. “As for you, I’m going to take your ass, Megan told me you’ve never had anal sex before?”

“No sir, but I have put my finger in there, and recently the butt plug for my cam page.”

I growled in her ear, “Good, then I get to be the one to take that cherry…. When I’m ready to.” I stood up, spanked her right cheek hard enough to leave a pink handprint, and grabbed the small bottle of waterproof lube we kept in the shower (I told you we had worked out ALL the angles in here).

Kelsey moaned and shifted her feet a bit when I spanked her, so I pushed her hands lower, effectively having her shaped more like an L and presented her ass to me. I poured the lube directly on to her star and coated my finger. When I started lightly running my finger around her hole, I spanked her on the other side.

“Oh, Mr. G, it feels so different when it’s not my own finger.” Kelsey groaned as I teased the tip of my finger against her opening. I reached back to turn the water off and then added more lube to where I was about to penetrate.

I keep a slow constant pressure with my right index finger working its way through her backdoor. When I hit the first knuckle, I reached around with my left hand to circle her clit, adding more stimulation. By the second knuckle I had started to saw my finger in and out slightly, rotating my finger to stretch her a little more. Once I had my whole finger inside her, I pulled out almost entirely before starting the same process with a second finger. My left hand could feel her pussy getting wetter as I kept both sides stimulated. Kelsey’s legs began to tremble once the second finger was halfway in.

I immediately removed my hand from her pussy and spanked her lightly again, not enough to hurt but definitely to get her attention. She whined as I slowed down her climb to an orgasm. “Oh, Mr. G, your fingers feel bigger than my plug. God…. I’m going to be stretched so much….” She had reached the peak of anticipation.

“Megan! Bring her plug!” I hollered over my shoulder while still slowly moving my fingers in and out of her rear passage. My wife took no time to retrieve and present the plug to us in the shower.

“Now Kelsey, you’re going to have to wait until I’m ready to put my dick in your tiny little asshole, but I don’t want to waste all this stretching so you’re going to lube this up with your mouth and then keep your butt ready for me with it.”

Kelsey turned her head to look at me, her eyes lidded with lust, and said, “Yes Mr. G. I’ll keep my ass ready.”

Before she could say any more, I pushed the silver plug into her mouth, all the way until the jeweled end was the only part outside her lips. I fucked it in and out of her mouth a few times before removing my fingers and inserting it in their place. Both women let out a small moan at my actions. I turned to grab the washcloth for my fingers, but a small hand reached up and grabbed my wrist.

“Can I suck them clean, Mr. G?” Kelsey asked demurely. Megan gasped behind us at the request. “I know it’s dirty, but I want you to really use me, all of me. So, can I?”

I nodded, allowing her to draw my hand to her face and watch as she licked up and then down my fingers before sucking them into her mouth. I felt her tongue circling around them like she had done earlier with my cock and felt it flex in jealousy. I looked over to my wife to see her with a shocked look still on her face and two fingers in her pussy as she watched.

Kelsey pulled off my fingers with a pop, then looked up at me again, “Thank you Mr. G. I’m ready now for whatever you want next.”

This was becoming more than I expected, our neighbor babysitter was pushing herself well beyond what I was going to do. I figured I’d go with it and follow Etimesgut Escort her reactions. I stepped out of the shower, having mostly air dried by this point, and patted myself down.

“Megan, dry Kelsey off then go get out the corner straps for the bed.” I ordered. Megan grinned and hastily dried her subject off before running to prepare the bed.

“Kelsey, this next part isn’t going to be what you think. I need you to just do exactly what I say, ok?” I asked. When she agreed I moved behind her and pulled her arms behind her, walking her into the bedroom fully under my control.

We arrived to see Megan on the bed on all fours, attaching the far top corner strap to the bed. We had invested in a custom bed frame when we bought this house, one that had inconspicuous anchor points for the times when restraint was in order. It appeared that she had already secured the other three straps.

I spoke up loudly as she struggled to connect the last strap, “See Kelsey, we have this all set up to really take control and keep someone exactly where we want.” I was moving towards the footboard while talking and motioned her to move towards the side where Megan was working. She smiled as she realized what I was planning. “These straps,” I continued, “are very, very secure, and they have these cuffs on the ends, see?” I lifted one up before quickly, flipping her legs and wrapping it around my wife’s ankle.

“Hey!” Megan shouted and started to reach forward before Kelsey cleverly grabbed her arm and connected the cuff. My wife put up a token struggle as I attached the second leg cuff and then her other arm, leaving her strapped spread eagle on the bed.

I ran my hand down my wife’s arm, across her shoulder and between her breasts with the lightest touch. “You keep saying that I’m in charge, but you try to give Kelsey orders and tell her what I want. I don’t think that’s how it is supposed to work is it?” I pinched and pulled her right nipple to punctuate my question. She moaned in response, and I saw her eyes flash in desire. “So, I’m going to use this moment to demonstrate for our new friend. Show her how it can be.”

“Jay, this is so not fair,” Megan laughed at me.

“Fair? Kelsey, I want you to run your fingers all around her pussy but not inside or touch her clit,” I countered as the girl went to follow direction. “Was pretending to be someone else and tricking Kelsey fair?” I repeated the treatment on her other breast this time. “Was it?”

“No,” she grunted out in response, trying not to show how much this was affecting her.

“No, what?” I smirked, really pushing it now.

“No, sir. It was not fair.” Megan responded as she knew she was supposed to.

I smiled now that she was playing along, “Well then I think we have to punish you a little for manipulating such a fine slut as this,” generating a small moan from both women. “Kelsey, I’m going to use you to punish Megan now. Climb up here and lay right on top of her.”

She moved until they were nearly face to face, their breasts mashed together and Kelsey’s shorter body fully over my wife’s. I told her to stay there as I went back into the toy box for a couple of things. The first was just some simple ropes which I wrapped around the girls’ torsos, keeping them together, then another set tying their legs together.

Now that they were secured, I took the next part up to their heads. “Megan you’re going to get to watch Kelsey lose her anal virginity from up close, but I don’t want to leave you out. Get this wet,” I ordered as I pushed a plug of her own to her lips. After she had sufficiently wet it, I returned to the foot of the bed and worked it into her back door slowly.

Kelsey spoke up, “I can feel her pushing up against me as you do that. It feels like she’s trying to fuck me.”

“Oh, you just wait little girl, I’m going to really fuck you once Jay lets me out of this.” Megan promised.

I just chuckled as I climbed onto the bed between their legs, lining myself up with Kelsey’s ass. Before I removed her plug I pushed the button on Megan’s starting a slow vibration pattern.

“Oh, you fucker, you evil evil man,” Megan cried out as the plug changed its vibration pattern. I could see her trying to move to escape it, only causing her to rub more and more on Kelsey. Her look though carried no venom, only lust as I moved to the next step.

I toyed with the jeweled end of Kelsey’s plug, drawing out another groan of anticipation. “This is your last chance, Kelsey. Your last chance to keep your last virginity. Your last chance to stop me from taking your ass and being the first to stretch out your last hole.”

“Mr. G., Please fuck my ass, please. Take it sir, it’s your ass. Please” Kelsey began to beg as I pulled her plug out and put the head of my cock against her forbidden hole. “I’m ready Mr. G., please just push your big cock into my asshole and make it yours. Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaa” she was cut off as the head Demetevler Escort of my cock passed through her sphincter.

I gave her a moment to catch her breath before putting the same constant pressure I had with my fingers. As I slowly pushed my way in she kept talking, “Oh my god, Mr. G you feel so big. Oh, I feel so full,” She then looked back down, face to face with Megan, “Mrs. G., your husband’s dick is in my ass. It’s stretching out my little hole and I’m tied to you and can’t stop him. Oh…… fuck….. I don’t want to stop him though. I want him to fuck me into you. Mmmmmmmmmm,” her speech interrupted by her own moans.

Megan just looked on, wide eyed, before trying to respond, “Oh Kelsey, I…”

I stopped her reply by putting Kelsey’s plug into Megan’s mouth. I knew that it would do two things. First it would shock Kelsey to see my wife switch to the submissive side for a bit. Second, I knew that Megan didn’t mind a little ass play and would get off on it.

“MR G!” Kelsey cried out as she watched Megan suckling on her butt plug like a pacifier. “Oh my god, Mrs. G, that’s so dirty. You can taste my ass on that. My ass that’s swallowing Mr. G’s cock. Oh god this is so hot!”

I finally reached the end, my hips against Kelsey’s ass and paused to keep myself from cumming from how tight she was. It’s a good thing that this was after two other orgasms, or I may not have been able to hold off. As it was, I could not hold out long and began to reverse directions slowly until just the head was still inside her.

“Mr. G, please fuck my ass. It feels so different, and I can feel the vibrations through Mrs. G,’s body from hers. I want this so bad, please fuck me.” Kelsey looked back and me and her eyes told me she was ready.

I pushed back in about halfway, retreated, and then pushed in further and faster. I slowly added speed and depth as Kelsey adjusted to my invasion. She kept a running commentary for Megan the whole time.

“He’s fucking me Mrs. G. I can feel his whole cock in me.”

“Oh my god, I’m so full.”

“I can feel your nipples rubbing on mine when your husband fucks me into you.”

And so on. Megan for her part was moaning around the plug in her mouth and pushing her hips up on my in-strokes. I knew that she would not be able to just be a witness.

Moments later, I was giving Kelsey’s asshole a proper fucking when she turned to me again, “I want you to cum in my ass Mr. G. I want you to shoot it so deep in me that I’ll be feeling it for days. Fuck me harder, put it deep in me!” She was almost delirious on her way towards her peak. She leaned down and pulled the plug out of Megan’s mouth with her own so that she could kiss my wife while I plundered her booty.

I fucked harder into her, knowing that it was not going to take long. My groans and facial expressions must have given me away to Megan, who now was allowed to speak again.

“Kelsey he’s about to do it, he’s going to cum in your little asshole. Mmmmmmm” she moaned as the vibrating plug in her went to a higher part of the pattern. “I’m going to cum with you. This is so hot, you’re so sexy like this. I want you to kiss me when he goes off.”

And that is what sent me over the point of no return. With a yell I slammed forward into Kelsey as far as I could, my cock somehow still having gallons to fire into her. For her part Kelsey screamed out at first before remembering to kiss Megan. Kelsey moaning into Megan’s mouth must have been enough mental stimulation to go with the anal stimulation and pushed her to a small orgasm of her own.

I ended up leaning forward, bracing myself with my arms so as not to crush the two sex pots below me while I caught my breath. I could feel Megan still twitching as the vibe kept her riding the wave. Kelsey was just about limp against my wife, eyes closed contentedly with a smile on her face.

“Mr. G,” she began almost dreamily, “You can fuck my ass anytime you like.”

I laughed which caused her to giggle as my softening dick started to slide out of her ass, “That’s what being my slut means Kelsey, anytime I like.”

I untied the girls from each other and helped Kelsey to her feet. She ran herself to the bathroom, saying that it felt weird, and I then turned to Megan still tied to the bed.

“This vibe is driving me up the wall, it’s not enough to get me to really cum. I only did because it was so hot watching you take her.” Megan moaned, really on edge. “I’m going to go crazy if you don’t turn this off.”

I leaned down to kiss her first, giving her all of the love, passion, and togetherness that we shared still. She kissed back, moaning a little, before yelping and biting my lower lip.

“Jay, she’s licking my pussy!” Megan sounded completely surprised. We had not heard Kelsey return to the room. “Oh my god she’s going to make me cum again!” Megan was clearly on the upswing again. I looked down to see a grinning Kelsey, lapping away at Megan’s clit while one hand was gently rocking the vibrating plug in and out.

I kissed my wife again before I started to loosen the straps holding her arms. She didn’t have time to move before overtaken by a massive orgasm. Kelsey kept licking lightly until Megan begged her to stop.

I removed the rest of the ties from my wife and knelt down to kiss my new lover, tasting my wife all over her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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