The Babysitter’s Surprise Ch. 05

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-Saturday Night-

I’d felt Jake leave the bed some time ago, whispering something about his iPhone vibrating waking him up. Judging the way he was spreading my legs, he was back and raring to go.

He was lightly caressing the inside of my thighs, gently stroking them as he went higher and higher. I was still sort of out of it, which made his caresses feel almost dream like. I’d fallen asleep naked, his cum still splattered on my pussy, but that didn’t seem to be deterring him from where he was headed. He lightly began to massage my mound, not quite tickling it, but not quite really touching it either. It was like being stroked by a feather. “Mmm baby,” I moaned, “feels good.”

When I felt the heat of his breath on my pussy, I writhed on the bed. Just like he had done earlier in the bath, he was building me up slow. Feeling confident that time I knew what he was doing, I handed myself over to it.

I could feel his mouth just over my pussy, not quite touching it. I wondered what, if anything, he could see of me in the darkened room. When he ran his hands up my stomach to gently start massaging my breasts, I realized his sense of sight wasn’t going to keep him from hitting all the right spots. He was being so gentle, lightly palming my C sized tits in his hands, feeling the weight of them as his thumbs rubbed my nipples.

When I murmured, “Oh Jake, your making me so wet,” he rewarded me by licking around my belly button. I’d never known that my stomach was a sensitive zone for me, and I gasped a little at the ticklish erotic sensation. He licked his way down my stomach right to the top of my bare snatch, pausing to blow a hot breath on to me, before working his way back up to my belly button. In and out he flicked his tongue, torturing me in the best way I could imagine.

My breath was starting to come faster, and I had my hands fisted in to the pillow under my head as I wiggled my hips suggestively up toward his face. pendik escort He started kissing his way back down again, and I found myself holding my breath, praying that he would put his tongue on me, even if just for a moment. “Please baby,” I panted, “please tongue my pussy.”

I felt him shift a little on the bed, before he took gently took my hands and guided my hands to my knees, pushing my legs and up and apart, letting me know without words that he wanted me to hold myself open to him. I grabbed the backs of my knees and pulled my legs up toward my chest, feeling my pussy leaking fluid as I did so. I felt so open in this position, so hot and needy.

I felt when his face was back at my now totally exposed pussy, because I could feel his breath on me. Using his thumbs, he ever so gently spread me wide and started licking all around the inside of my pussy. Each lick was sending an electric jolt down to the center of my body, causing my pussy to weep its juices, and I could feel it happening. I wasn’t sure if it was the position I was in, how open I was, or how erotic he was being, but my body was on fire.

“Mmm fuck my little pussy with your tongue baby,” I moaned as I gyrated my pussy, trying to hit his tongue on my clit. “Feels so fucking hot baby,” I said with feeling.

My enthusiasm seemed to spur him on, as he pulled my pussy lips further apart and began flicking my clit with his wet tongue. “FUCK!” I yelled as he ate me. I’d thought when he ate my pussy earlier that I had learned all about his technique… I was wrong! His mouth was doing things to my pussy that were raising my heart rate to thunder level, and I was almost incoherent, moaning and thrashing as he licked and sucked my clit.

He would suck my clit in to his mouth for a minute, apply a bit of pressure, swirl his tongue all over it, then detach and lick all around it. I was pulling my knees back as far as I could, wanting his tongue to continue maltepe escort the magic it was making, hoping that even in the dark he could feel how wet and hot I was, how much I wanted this.

I lifted my ass clear off the bed when he stuck his tongue in to my wet snatch, it felt that good. In and out he flicked and sucked, sticking his tongue as far in to me as it would go. I was almost insane with the pleasure of it, goading him on, begging him to keep doing what he was doing, my little pussy convulsing on his tongue. I could hear how wet I was and I knew he was swallowing copious quantities of my juices, and it only made me hotter, wetter and achier.

“Oh god, oh god, your fucking mouth!” I screamed. By now my head was thrashing back and forth, my hands locked behind my knees as I panted and gyrated, in a complete frenzy as he tongue fucked me. I couldn’t believe what this felt like. “Your fucking unreal,” I yelled. In that moment, I remember thinking that if they gave medals for eating pussy, he would win one, hands down.

He brought his tongue out of my pussy and again began licking and sucking my clit. I felt him put his hand at my opening, and he wasn’t so gentle when he slid two fingers in to my pussy. “YES!” I screamed, loving the feeling of him fucking me with his fingers. He started scissoring them as he fucked in and out of me, setting a pace that was building me up to what I knew was going to be one hell of an orgasm.

The assault he was waging on my clit was almost too much. I was panting, moaning and literally begging for him to keep going , to never stop. When he added a third finger to my dripping hole, I started a non stop litany of chanting, “so good, so good, the fucking best, don’t stop” over and over.

I tipped over the edge when he started rubbing my g-spot, his mouth licking my clit at a speed that seemed unimaginable. I couldn’t take it any more, and I started to cum. “Fuck meeeee kartal escort I’m cumming! So hard!!!” I yelled, at the absolute top of my lungs, not caring if I was loud. My pussy was spasaming, his fingers still rubbing my g-spot, his tongue still hitting that spot on my clit, which I could feel getting tighter and tighter. As I was cumming, he added a forth finger, and started slamming in and out of my wet cunt.

The feeling of being totally stretched made my pussy explode again, harder than the first time. “Please, please, oh god, so good,” was about all I could manage, as he kept licking, sucking and fucking me with his fingers. I could literally hear how wet I was, the squishing was that loud. I was riding his tongue for all I was worth, and it had never felt as good as it did right now.

I felt him suck my clit entirely in to his mouth as he began rubbing my g-spot again, and this time my pussy literally erupted. I yelled, “oh my fucking god!” as I felt my pussy start spurting fluid. I was panting for breath now, tears leaking down my face from the sensory overload as he gently detached his mouth from my clit and began removing his fingers from my still spasaming pussy. “Oh baby,” I panted as his hands slid out, “amazing.”

He ever so gently licked my entire pussy, eating all of the cum I had just let out. I let out little shivers as he did, but he seemed to know not to go back to my clit, because I was far to sensitive for that now. I could feel that the bed under us was pretty wet, and knew I would have to move to a different spot. He took my ankles in his hands and pulled my legs down, rubbing at them when I indicated that I’d gotten pins and needles.

I felt him get up and move around the bed, until he was seated up by the headboard. I turned on my side toward him, thinking to curl up with him, when he leaned over and turned the bed side lamp on.

It took a few seconds for me to adjust to the light, but when I did I was in for one hell of a shock. The orgasms I’d just had were not courtesy of Mr. Miller, they had come at the hands and mouth of Mrs. Miller. She looked me straight in the face, smiled, and said,”I hope your up for a repeat performance later…”

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