The Back Porch

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In the summer of 2020 I lived on the second floor of a two flat house. I lived there alone but the apartment had two bedrooms. I was a student in my senior year at the university during the day but in the evening I was working the second shift for a company that built retail fixtures. These fixtures were eventually sold and shipped to various stores around the country.

In June I decided to take on a roommate to offset the expenses and I invited a friend of mine named Brian who I had met several years ago. But, I didn’t know him all that well. We had what I would call a casual friendship and when I heard that he had been looking for a place to stay, I invited him to take the second but smaller bedroom in my apartment.

Brian had a girlfriend named Mandy and she was a tiny little thing. Cute, with shoulder length blonde hair and a great athletic figure. She looked like she could have been on the track team. She was a wonderful person and a joy to be around and she too was a student about to graduate. Mandy did not live with us but frequently stayed overnight.

In order to explain what happened over the course of the summer I need to describe the second story apartment and how it was laid out. When you enter the apartment from the street there is a main door and a set of stairs that take you up to the second floor. Once you open the door and enter the apartment Brian’s bedroom is the first door you see. To the right and across from Brian’s bedroom is the bathroom and at the end of the short hallway is my bedroom. If you turned left upon entering the apartment you would walk into the large living area. There’s an archway that takes you to the back of the house where there is a full size kitchen which contains a table with four chairs.

There’s a door in the kitchen that takes you out onto the large upper deck which almost spans the entire back of the house. The deck stops short between Brian’s bedroom and my bedroom. Windows speckle the entire back of the house. Brian’s bedroom has two windows overlooking the deck and I have windows on the back, the side, and the front of the two story house.

This is where the fun begins.

All during the week I went to school during the day and worked at night. But on Friday and Saturday nights I went out and had a good time like everyone else. Brian and Mandy had their own set of friends and on occasions I would see them out and we would talk and have drinks.

On one particular hot summer night I was home in bed and I heard the door to our apartment open up and then close. I could hear voices whispering and I recognized those voices as Mandy and Brian. I heard the toilet flush twice and then Brian’s bedroom door closed. Just from the familiar sounds I could tell they were getting ready for bed. I looked out my window and saw the light from the small TV in Brian’s bedroom come on and I could hear music. The whispering stopped and it was quiet.

I then did something I had never done before. I got up and looked out my bedroom window facing the back of the house and could see the TV’s flickering light in Brian’s bedroom. The window was open but the room was dark. I then decided to see if I could get out onto the deck from my bedroom window and peek into Brian’s bedroom to see what they were doing. There was no way I could open my bedroom door w, walk down the hall and then open the kitchen door onto the patio without them hearing it. So, I decided to try and get onto the deck from my bedroom window. This is the part where I cursed the home builder as I always wondered why he didn’t extend the deck all the way to the end of the house. Doing so would have made my nefarious act of voyeurism so much easier.

I grabbed the bottom of the window and lifted it to the fully open position. I then threw my right leg out the window trying to reach the edge of the deck. My toe could just barely reach it. Ankara Rus Escort I then leaned forward as far as I could and was able to get my entire foot onto the deck. My left thigh is now on the window sill and my left arm is grabbing onto the side of the window jamb. With my right foot on the deck I could get my right hand onto the top of the railing and pull myself to the deck. When I looked down I figured I was about 12 feet above the ground and if I fell I would land in some bushes planted along the back of the house and probably break my neck. That’s a long way down at 1:30 AM.

Once I was firmly on the deck I climbed over the short wooden railing and like an escaped convict I plastered myself along the siding of the house and then crawled under Brian’s windows. I perched myself along the side of the second window where I could easily look inside his room and see everything from a distance of about 8 feet. Brian’s bed faced the back of the house so I had to be careful not to be seen if he or Mandy were lying on their backs. The room was dark except from the light of the TV which was perfect for spying on them.

From there I saw a nude Mandy with her perfect light body sucking on Brian’s cock. He was laying on the bed with his eyes closed and she was sliding her mouth up and down his rigid shaft. One hand sliding up and down his cock while the other hand massaged his balls. My eyes were all over the place as he was facing me and I could see her beautiful little pussy and ass as well as the side of one small breast. My cock was rock hard at the thought of fucking Mandy right now. I never wanted her more than I did at that moment.

Mandy removed her mouth from Brian’s cock and then repositioned her body over him sliding his cock into her wet pussy. She began to move up and down the shaft and was moaning and breathing heavily. She laid completely on top of Brian and buried her face in Brian’s neck as he grabbed the sides of her hips and began thrusting hard inside her pussy. She was moaning louder and louder and then Brian had two or three hard thrusts digging his heels into the bed to go even deeper and then everything stopped. Did he cum? Did she cum? What happened?

As the two of them lay there exhausted and silent, Mandy found the strength to lift her left leg off and over Brian’s body letting his limp cock slip out of her pussy and then the evidence revealed itself. Cum poured from Mandy’s pussy as she fell in a heap on her back next to Brian. Both of them were breathing heavily and silent. They were so silent that I was frozen in place for fear of making a sound if I moved. But I needed to move and I needed to get the hell out of there because I had no idea what they were going to do next. If she’s like all the other women I know she is going to get out of bed and clean up. Grab a towel and wipe off. Somebody is going to get up and do something and I’m vulnerable in my current position. What they did was turn off the TV and not get up at all. The room is completely dark right now and also very quiet as the music from the TV has stopped.

I waited a few minutes hoping they would fall asleep and then crawled back to my window and tried to figure out a way to get back inside without making any noise. This could not be done and I had to crawl back under Brian’s window and get to the kitchen door. As quietly as possible I opened the kitchen door enough to squeeze in and was able to make it back to my room undetected.

I then jerked off in 10 seconds at the thought of fucking Mandy and her perfect little body and cum filled pussy.

The next morning I woke up and found Brian and Mandy having coffee in the kitchen. We talked about the weekend and upcoming activities and everything seemed completely normal. I had not been suspected of creepy behavior. Mandy looked better than Yenimahalle Escort ever.

It was a beautiful morning and when I walked onto the deck I went over to my window and thought that if I were to continue watching the two of them I need to figure out a way to get back into the room without going through the kitchen. I was shocked with myself at the thought of thinking this way but Mandy was in my head now and I wanted her even more.

All I needed was a block of wood or a toe hold of some sort nailed to the back of the house where I could plant one toe while on the porch and then I could get my other leg into the window with ease. I worked the entire process through in my head and immediately knew how to solve my problem. I went to the garage and found an old 2×4 and with a hand saw cut off a piece about six inches long. I have my own set of tools so I then drilled two holes and waited until Brian and Mandy had left for the day. I knocked on my neighbors door below and when nobody answered I determined that they were gone as well. I used an old step ladder that was in the garage and screwed the 2×4 to the back of the house. The entire fix took me about 20 minutes. The only obvious problem was the 2×4 looked strange screwed to the back of the house between two windows near the deck. I figured that no one would notice and if they did I would plead ignorance.

The following weekend my plan and the wooden toe hold worked like a charm and I watch Brian and Many fuck for two months completely undetected. I got good and quick getting in and out of the window. The problem was I was falling in love with Mandy. I loved her. Everything about her and I was eight feet away from sexual bliss every weekend. And, to make matters worse, when she didn’t stay overnight I was depressed and missed her.

Then a strange thing happened. I’ll never forget the hot mid September Friday night when I had returned home from work and was tired. I had a cold beer, shut my bedroom door and went to bed. I was awakened by the familiar sound of the apartment door opening up and then closing. Low whispers and then Brian’s bedroom door was shut. The TV light came on and all is well with the familiar sounds of my roommate and the love of my life. But something was odd about a few sounds that I could not work out in my head. It appeared that only one person was whispering or at least I couldn’t tell who was whispering. Is Brian talking to himself? Are there two people in his room?

Curiosity got the best of me and so I got out of bed and with my very best cat burglar moves I went out the window and onto the back deck in a matter of seconds. Impressed with myself, I crawled under the window and peeked inside Brian’s room.

Wait … What? That is not Mandy. That is some young dude. My mind flooded with questions and shock and WTF kind of thoughts. Where’s Mandy? What is this?

Brian then sat on the bed and reached into the night stand and pulled out a baggie of weed and filled the bong on the side of the bed with what looked like red wine. He lit the bowl and took a long drag. Ohhhh … I thought. He was just getting high with this guy.

Brian handed the bong to this stranger who approached Brian on the bed and grabbed the bong taking a long drag himself. He passed the bong back to Brian who was trying to light the bowl again with a bic lighter. The young guy then unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor exposing a rock hard cock right at Brian’s face. Without flinching or saying a word Brian took a long drag and then blew the smoke on the guy’s cock and then slipped his cock into his mouth and began to suck it. My eyes almost popped out of my head. Brian handed the bong to the dude who took another long drag and then set the bong down on the nightstand.

With both hands Brian worked the guys cock and balls like a master sliding his lips up and down the shaft slowly and lovingly. He played with his balls and then reached around and squeezed the guy’s ass with both hands drawing him in closer and deeper down his throat. The guy had one hand on Brian’s head running his fingers through Brian’s hair and was moaning with pleasure.

I had so many thoughts running through my head I could hardly finish one thought before two more rushed in to take their place. I was stunned and I had no idea Brian was like this. Did Mandy know?

After a few minutes Brian stopped sucking the dude’s cock and stood up from the bed. He grabbed the bottom of the dudes t-shirt and pulled it over his head leaving him standing there completely nude. Brian then kissed the dude for what seemed like a long time and the two of them wrapped their arms around each other like they were in love. This was no one night pot induced experiment. These two have been together before.

Brina then pulled his shirt over his head and the dude started kissing his chest and stomach. The dude then unbuckled Brian’s jeans and pulled them down to the floor exposing Brian’s hard throbbing cock. The dud got on his knees and plunged his mouth and wrapped his lips around Brian’s cock and began to suck. Up and down along the sides and sucking Biran’s balls. The dude swung Brian around and bent him over the bed at the waist and began licking Biran’s ass. Brian fell onto the bed and pulled the dude down to him in another kissing session that lasted several minutes. Both their hands were exploring each other’s bodies until Brian rolled the dude over onto this stomach and took a position behind him.

My cock was rock hard right now as the scene was almost more than I could stand. Brian then inserted his cock into the guy’s ass and began to pump. The dude was face planted into the pillow and was almost screaming in it and Biran did not let up. He kept pounding and pounding until he collapsed onto the dudes back in a sweaty heap. Brian shot his load into the dude’s ass.

Brian rolled off and flipped his cum filled buddy over and began to suck his cock. He kept going and fondling and I thought I was going to explode.. After several minutes the dude says, “I’m going to cum” and Brian held on as the spasms were hard and quick filling Brian’s mouth with hot creamy cum. At that moment my cock was out and I shot my load all over the back of the house under the window. I was dizzy. Brian swallowed every drop.

This was the most powerful sexual experience I ever had and I wasn’t even part of it. But here’s the strange observation I noticed during this encounter. When Brian and his friend were done, they held each other in their arms and were whispering to each other. Caressing each other. With all the times I watched Brian and Mandy have sex I never saw the two of them embrace each other the way these two did. These two seemed like they were in love. I doubt Brian and Mandy are in love. That gave me hope in a weird way.

The other strange thing I noticed was that I have never been attracted to men before but this was something different for me. This was a powerful experience that shook me. Why did I cum so hard or why did I cum at all. Why was I actually dizzy after cumming?

I crawled back to my room and it took me a long time to get to sleep that night. I had far too many thoughts running rampant through my brain.

When I woke up in the morning Brian and his boy friend were already gone. I was thankful for that as I didn’t want to run into that issue. I never asked him about it because, what was I going to say? It should be noted that for the rest of the time we were all together I never washed the cum stain I left on the siding. I left it there as a reminder of that night until it eventually faded and disappeared.

Brian kept seeing Mandy throughout the autumn and In December, Mandy graduated and Brian moved out. I heard they broke up and Mandy moved to another state. I never saw her again. I don’t know what ever happened to Brian either. But I wonder all the time if he and Mandy broke up because Brian told her he was gay.

I guess I’ll never know.

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