The Banya

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The Banya

I hung my head and sat transfixed watching the steam rise off of my thighs, misty tendrils swirling around me before vanishing into the darkness of the night. The evening was cold, it was the middle of winter, yet in defiance of the chill all around me, warm droplets of sweat covered my naked body and dripped from my hanging head. Even after stepping outside the intense heat of the sauna still clung to my body and the burning inside of me kept the cold at bay.

“As a kid, I always hated this,” Lina said from the other end of the rough wooden bench. “Not actually the banya, turns out that this part is really lovely, but I hated that there was this strange activity that all the adults did and none of us kids were allowed to even be around for it.”

“Yeah?” I asked, turning to face her and sliding my hand on to her slippery thigh.

“Even the name banya was weird to me,” she explained. I had just learned that banya was the Russian word for a sauna. “And all of our parents wouldn’t talk about it very much. But when they did, it felt like a big secret that they had together and we weren’t a part of it. They all seemed to love it in a way that didn’t make sense. Ugh. I hated it.”

Like myself, my wife was totally nude and her body was steaming. Once I looked over at her my eyes never wanted to look elsewhere and I couldn’t help but smile at what I was seeing in front of me. Under the glowing light of the full moon Lina’s pale skin radiated with a phosphorescence that made her appear otherworldly, accentuated by the mess of curly hair atop her head that fell past her shoulders. Lina’s generous curves stood out from the darkness as she twisted her torso and reached her long arms skyward to stretch, full breasts swaying and crashing into one another in enjoyment of being totally free and outside. The dark circles of her areolas were the only contrast to her otherwise ghostly body. The flesh of her ass and hips filled the narrow bench outside of the sauna, I got the impression that it was used to a more dainty type of woman. I had met much of her family and she was the only one built this way.

The two of us were outside of the banya that had been used by three generations of her family, specifically the adults, since they immigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union. The actual structure of the sauna itself wasn’t much more than a small timber cabin with an overhang outside of it that provided some cover for the porch. The exterior was weathered and worn but had been resilient enough to withstand the sometimes brutal winters and hot summers. A stack of firewood was piled against the side of the building, some of which we had already brought inside to light the sauna stove.

“But now…,” I prompted her for more info because I couldn’t see anything about this situation to hate. We had this cabin for ourselves for a long weekend and planned on enjoying every moment of it.

“But now, I fucking love this. Just you and I here, with this entire place to ourselves is just incredible. I get it now. Why my family has kept it the way that they have and how they want all of us to use it,” she said with a big smile, her eyes looking me over and lingering on my crotch. Which, even with the cold all around, was showing signs of life. My wife had that effect on me.

“Agreed. I mean, I never had to deal with the forbidden mystery sauna as a kid. But this is great. And it makes me feel that I, and us, are really a part of the family.”

Lina and I were newlyweds, going on four months of being married. We had tied the knot in a beautiful little ceremony in early fall and were still loving everything about being married. I’m not sure that we had been apart from one another for more than a couple of hours since we were hitched. One of the perks of being married to this absolutely perfect woman was that we were finally able to use the family retreat, which they lovingly called the dacha. Lina’s grandparents bought this land and built this place years ago. Once they both passed it went to the next generation to share; Lina’s parents, aunts, and uncles.

My in-laws, and I mean all of them, not just my father and mother in-law, had an odd rule about the dacha. For the summer and spring it very much functioned like you would imagine; basically everyone in the family had access to it. Sometimes an uncle and aunt would reserve it for a week with their kids, or maybe there would be a big family function and everyone would be invited even though the house wasn’t nearly large enough for everyone. I had attended one such weekend and we brought a tent, as did others, and it was rustic and charming and lived up to all the expectations that I had.

But in the winter and fall, when it was affectionately known as “the Winter Palace”, kids weren’t allowed and neither were unmarried couples. It was a family rule and no one questioned it. At least not out loud, Lina said that when she was younger her and some cousins would Bolu Escort theorize all sorts of stories for this seasonal restriction, but no one ever brought their concerns to the heads of the family.

Even though they weren’t allowed inside of it, the kids all knew about the banya. In the summer the banya felt like a haunted house according to Lina. It didn’t have a lock on it, just a wooden latch to keep the door from blowing open when the wind would howl, so the cousins were able to sneak over to it and go inside, the heavy wooden door creaking open and letting in the warm light of summer.

Once inside the light did nothing to shake the dark feel of the place to a little kid. The stove, a massive metal contraption, sat in the corner like a slumbering dragon. The stovepipe, sooty and cold, rose up from the stove like a sentinel. The dark timbers of the walls seemed straight out of a fairy tale, something that lived in an enchanted forest of mystery and magic. The kids would dare each other to go inside the sauna and have the others close the door on them, leaving them alone in the darkness.

On one such occasion Lina insisted that she heard a rattle from the stove and then the feeling of something touching her body. She recalls that it wasn’t cold, not some sort of ghostly touch that you would expect a child to conjure up from fear. Instead the touch was warm and the feeling quickly spread through her body. It actually felt good, she had told me when relating the story on the drive up to the cabin. But it didn’t feel right and she left before she got too under its spell.

That’s what she said. Its spell.

But now we were married and we were entitled to a weekend for ourselves here. At our wedding her cousin Maria, a couple years older and an elegant stunner of a woman, gave us a nice set of waffled towels to use in the banya and said that we needed to have a weekend here that was just the two of us. She really emphasized that it needed to happen soon. Her husband Dave assured me that we would have a great time.

And so we set it up with her Uncle Sergei, ever since Lina’s grandmother passed away he had become the unofficial manager of rentals for the dacha.

So far it had been completely worth the long drive. It was wonderful to spend time with Lina, the little house was incredible, and the sauna was pretty much perfect. As an Irish American I really didn’t have any reference for what it would be like but I took to the steam immediately and was looking forward to a lifetime of annual retreats here.

And for Lina it was the unraveling of a mystery that had persisted since her youth. Filling in the details of the spooky story that she had been wondering about for years. I could tell that it meant a lot to her to be here with me. In the eyes of her family she was finally a real adult and could be trusted with family tradition.

“I think I have one more round left in me,” I said, the cool air was finally starting to break through my body heat and I could feel the chill creeping into my bones. I certainly couldn’t stay naked in the cold much longer. It was either time to get back in the sauna or head inside the house.

“I’m totally drained,” Lina replied. Even in the dim light I could see how flush her pale skin was, small blotches of pink starting to show on her flesh. Never one for modesty, her entire body was exposed in the moonlight and I took note of how her nipples stood at attention, calling out to me.

I reached over and gave one of them a gentle tug and watched as her heavy breast pulled away from her body before slipping away from me, the flesh wobbling a bit as it came to rest against her.

“You sure? Another ten minutes will feel great,” I sent a lewd look her way and placed a hand back on her still steaming thigh, this time higher up than before.

She pushed me away and stood, leaning over to give me a kiss before beginning the walk back to the house. “Have fun. I’ll see you inside.” I watched her saunter back to the house, she never bothered to wrap her towel around her body and treated me to a show. Her ass swayed with each exaggerated step, tempting me to forfeit the last round in the sauna and follow her inside the house.

I decided that if Lina looked back at me I would follow her inside. If not, I’d follow the heat into the sauna.

My wife disappeared into the small cabin with nary a look back, leaving me alone in the cold. I stood, grabbed the curved wooden handle of the sauna door, and stepped into the steamy room.

The heat had died down a little in the time that we were outside so I grabbed a small log from the pile beside the stove, pulled open the door, and tossed the wood into the dying flames. Almost immediately I heard the crackle as the wood was engulfed, a rapid ticking coming from the heater that I had come to recognize as the precursor to the room warming.

The light inside was dim, a single hurricane lantern on the floor providing all Bolu Escort Bayan the illumination that was present. The dark wood of the walls made the sauna feel like a cave, small flickers from the dancing flames inside the lantern brought some movement and the illusion of life to the room. I loved the way it felt. Aside from the heat and the steam, there was a sensuality to the space that I had never encountered before. The air felt charged from the burning inside the stove and the darkness created a mystery.

I spread my towel on the top level of the three tiered benches and sprawled out on it with my face down, feeling the heat settle onto my skin and work its way into my muscles. There was something about all of this that was making my cock hard, it had started to move against my thigh and I reached down and gave it a tug, stretching it out and squeezing some more life into it. I could feel the hard wood of the bench beneath my towel and I grinded my dick against it a little bit. It felt good.

I’d always loved nudity and being naked, being around others who were naked. There was some of that arousal in the sauna, even though I was alone now. I thought back to earlier in the evening and the way that my cock was half hard the entire time that Lina was in here with me. I also noticed that her nipples were erect and that her pussy had opened up a bit, the unmistakable sheen of dampness visible between her legs. Whatever it was that I was feeling in the sauna, Lina had been feeling it too.

Is this the reason why her family insisted on keeping the kids out of here?

My thoughts were interrupted by the low creak of the door to the sauna opening and I was surprised to see my wife walking inside. In the dim light her curves were exaggerated to almost cartoonish proportions. I took her in from the bottom up; noticing the tight muscles of her legs widen into a pair of thighs that looked capable of crushing the life out of me, watching the thick flesh of her ass flex as she knelt to pick up another piece of wood, her dangling tits swaying in front of her like a pair of overripe melons begging to be picked.

Her tits looked enormous, bigger than I had ever seen them to be. She opened the stove door and the flames from inside lit up her chest, the ghostly white of her flesh shining like a beacon. Her nipples, always large and spectacular, looked incredible for the brief moment I could see them. They stuck out from the tips of her breasts like two eraser tips, perfectly formed projections of dark red.

She tossed in another piece of wood and closed the door to the stove, closing off the flickering flames. By the time I was able to raise my glance away from her body and up to her face she was shrouded in shadows, not much more than a curvy silhouette.

“I thought that you were back in the house? It’s nice to see you, I was just thinking about you,” I said from the bench, turning my body so that my growing dick was no longer a secret.

Lina didn’t say a word, just walked closer and sat on the bench next to me. Despite the near darkness she moved with a fluid grace inside the sauna, much more comfortable than I had been trying to navigate it and step up to the higher bench.

I stared at her, waiting for a response to my words but I received nothing back from her. She looked forward in the direction of the stove but I felt that somehow her eyes were on me, feeling me out in the darkness. Perhaps sensing my gaze, Lina turned so her body faced towards me. I could barely make out those wonderful, full tits swinging across the front of her body.

“The silent treatment, huh?” I goaded her. “And here I thought that we were getting along great.”

A moment later her hands, still surprisingly chilly from the night air, were running along my legs. I was laying on my side, having turned a little to show her my growing cock, but she exerted some force on my body and turned me over again. Now, I was on my back with my entire body laid out in front of her. Her hands had found their way to the inside of my thighs, dangerously close to my relaxed balls, when I felt a wave of heat from the stove wash over the two of us.

The heat was intense, I could feel the thick droplets of sweat forming on every bit of my exposed body. Neither of us had tossed any water on the stones of the sauna so the heat was dry and strong. I took in a deep breath to steady myself and held it in my lungs. The competing sensations were hard to ignore; the rising heat of the sauna vying for control of my body with the stimulation from Lina. She seemed unaffected by the temperature. Her hands were and now gripped the base of my cock.

“Babe…that’s intense…,”I managed to say,”…but don’t stop. It feels really good.”

Slowly at first, my wife began to pump my cock. Lina cupped my balls with one hand and used the other to work up and down the shaft. Her hand felt incredible. I’ve always loved hand jobs, I think that they feel Escort Bolu so fucking good and I love to see my cock getting jerked off. It really turns me on. In the past I’ve told Lina that but never really emphasized just how much I like them. There’s something juvenile about them and, honestly, I’ve been a little embarrassed to ask her for them in anything other than a passing way.

But right now she didn’t need any encouragement and I leaned into it, thrusting my hips upward on each downstroke and watching as the head of my cock emerged from her tight grip. Lina moaned in response to my movement, a low murmur that was the only sound I had heard from her since she came into the sauna. I loved the way she purred and hearing it only made my cock harder.

I propped myself up on my elbows to get a better view of what she was doing. On the opposite wall our shadows played a sexy game. Her tits, hanging free and low, dangled above the silhouette of my erect dick, pointing skyward and controlled by Lina’s firm grasp. I could make out the curve of her ass as she leaned further towards me and stuck her rear in the air, wiggling it enticingly.

I felt like a voyeur, like I was watching two people that weren’t Lina and I. Our shadows came together in silence on the far end of the room and yet I felt everything that the two figures did. Every slow movement of her hand on my rigid shaft, the way that she would twist the head when she reached the top of each upstroke, the heavy weight of her tits as they brushed against me.

Her silhouette paused for a moment, perched over my dick, and Lina lowered her head. The dark, thick line of my cock disappeared into the outline of her face. Even amongst the sweat and the heat of the sauna this was a different sensation as she took me past her full lips. The inside of her mouth burned with a different heat, a primal desire to possess her husband entirely.

She took my entire length into her mouth. I could feel her lips pressed against my flesh and her tongue snaked out and lapped at my balls.

“Aaaahhhh,” I moaned, unable and unwilling to hold back. It felt so good, she had never done that before. The sauna was bringing out new tricks in my new wife.

Lina raised her head from my cock and licked along the shaft, all the way to my balls, and started jerking me again. But her face continued to dive lower and I felt her tongue, wet and warm, lap at my asshole.

Woah. For so long I had wanted her to do that but it was never anything that I asked for. I felt uncomfortable asking her to do it, I wasn’t sure how it would make her feel or what she would think of me. Do wives want to lick their husband’s asses? But now I didn’t need to ask, somehow she knew that it was just what I wanted. I spread my legs to signal my encouragement and pushed towards her. Lina’s tongue danced around my hole with an eagerness that made me think she liked this as much as I did.

With the increasing heat in the room and the rising burn in my balls from Lina’s stimulation I knew that I was on a short fuse. But I wanted to make it last and I clamped down from the inside trying to hold back my eruption. Lina, sensing this, increased the ferocity of her assault on my body. Her hand shot up and down with a reckless fury, pumping my cock like she was trying to pull my soul out of me. And my asshole was meeting more than her tongue, her entire mouth had engulfed my opening. Her huge tits were smashed against the bench, spilling out from beneath her as she angled lower to get access to my ass.

I had never been aroused in so many ways at once; Lina pulled forcefully on my balls, pumped my cock, and lapped my ass simultaneously. It was a battle that I had no chance of winning. I surrendered and exploded into the darkness of the sauna. Thick globs of cum launched into the air and vanished in the steam. A dollop landed on my stomach and another splattered on my thigh. Others went unaccounted for as Lina continued to pump and pull everything from my rock hard, twitching cock.

“Fuuuuuccc….that….,” was all I could get out, I was completely overwhelmed by my orgasm. It was perhaps the most intense of my life. I tried to sit up further and reach toward Lina, I wanted to smother myself in her tits, but she was already backing away from me. In the shadows she loomed over me like a goddess of pleasure, obscured but certain of the work that she had done.

She stood and stepped down to the lower level and then to the wooden floor. I watched as she bent over, again her swaying tits were hypnotic in their movement, and reached for the wooden bucket next to the stove. Her hands grabbed the old, carved ladle and dipped it into the bucket, filling the ladle’s scoop with cool water.

Lina tossed a full scoop of water onto the stones of the stove. It sizzled and popped as it turned to vapor, I could feel the heavy cloud of humid air making its way towards me. Through the darkness and fog I saw Lina watching me. I could make out a smile on her face, a grin of satisfaction as her eyes met mine. In my peripheral I could make out her hand sliding between her parted legs.

A moment later she opened the door and stepped into the moonlight, vanishing and leaving me alone in the sauna.

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