The Barbecue

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It was a Saturday, and Rose and Rob had their good friends over for a barbecue. They probably wouldn’t have made such a gesture had they known that their friend Mike had been sleeping with their eighteen-year-old daughter, Bria, in secret for the last several months.

Mike was a tall black man in his early forties. He was married to Jenn, who was best friends with Rose since college. The two couples lived relatively close together, so for more than two decades they tended to hang out often. Mike and Jenn had watched Bria grow up. Had even babysat her on more than a few occasions.

Which made Mike’s first kiss with Bria quite unexpected. A small group of friends were celebrating Bria’s eighteenth birthday with Rose and Rob. Many drinks were had over loud music and dancing. It was fun. Not unlike dozens of other times that Mike and his wife were over for these kinds of little parties.

But… late that night, Mike went upstairs to use the bathroom because the downstairs one was occupied. The upstairs hall was dark. The bathroom door opened and from out of it emerged an intoxicated Bria. She paused when she saw him, but then without a word she threw her arms around her parents’ friend and thanked him for coming. And then…she kissed him.

Mike didn’t resist. Not only because the alcohol had lowered his own inhibitions, but also because…well, to put it bluntly — Bria was fucking hot. Gorgeous dark eyes with unnaturally long lashes, a tanned complexion and long, thick dirty-blonde hair, she had the bone structure of a model. A supermodel. She wore braces – and had since she was sixteen, but was getting them off before the end of the summer. When she did, then she would have perfect teeth to go with perfect facial features.

Bria’s body was a little too slender for his tastes. Boney. Small breasts and a small ass that didn’t bubble outward very far. But she was so beautiful that he was caught up in the moment. It was a long, drawn-out kiss that left them both breathless. And then, without a word, Bria walked away and down the stairs. She rejoined her little party as if nothing just happened.

The next day, late in the afternoon, Bria came by his place to apologize. His wife, Jenn, happened to be out shopping. Mike had accepted Bria’s apology and offered his own.

And then they kissed again.

And this time, in an empty house, that kiss led to the bedroom.

Making love to her that first time was very surreal. After all…he had watched Bria grow up! Over the four or five months since then, Mike and Bria maintained a secret, passionate affair. She was nearly twenty-five years his junior, but he had become completely obsessed with her.

And today he would be seeing her all afternoon with the family around. His wife. Her parents.

It was a hot day, which meant — skimpier clothing on Bria. Her tank top was pretty snug. Her breasts were small, but the top highlighted the shape well. But he was more interested in her long, bare legs. Her denim shorts were quite short. Yes, her legs were skinny, but they were definitely growing on him. Her feet were bare and she was constantly wiggling and curling her cute toes. She didn’t wear nail polish, but then again she rarely did. After several hours of teasing him whenever she walked by, or hung around, the family settled down for dinner on the deck. And after that the women – Bria, Jenn and Rose – cleaned up, moving in and out of the house while Rob and Mike chatted over a beer.

Mike walked in to use the washroom and when he glanced over, his secret lover was clearing off the island while her mom and his wife were bustling about. He looked down at Bria’s ass. Those shorts were nice and tight, and although she didn’t have much in the way of curves, he couldn’t help but imagine her little bum naked. He had seen it often now, and he thought about those times when he kissed and worshiped it. When he emerged from the washroom and walked past again, he saw that Bria was alone. She was doing the dishes.

He walked up behind the slender teen, his eyes on her ass the entire way.

“Hey.” He greeted. Bria spun around and grinned, flashing her braces.

“Mike!” She stepped up to him with her wet, dripping hands raised up for a hug. He pulled her close and she tilted her chin. He kissed her and she sucked back at him, sweetly. After staring at it all day whenever possible, he couldn’t help but slide his hands straight down to her bum. He squeezed the small cheeks over her shorts. She pressed herself against him and her nimble tongue brushed across his teeth. She kissed him again and again, getting frantic. Mike broke the kiss, glancing at the backdoor in the next room nervously. And then glancing out the kitchen window to see if anyone had an angle. Nobody did, they were a little far back from the sink.

“Do you think we can get away with… going upstairs?” Bria asked naughtily, standing on her toes and kissing his chin. He released her ass and trying to pull away, but her arms squeezed harder.

“I don’t think so.” He said, though his penis stiffened Elazığ Escort a little. “Very risky right now.”

“Aww!” Bria pouted playfully. Then she caught his mouth again with another kiss. She was incorrigible! He sucked her upper lip and was caught off guard when her tongue tried to push back into his mouth. He let it briefly enter, tasting her saliva before again pulling back. Too tempting. Way too tempting.

“Let’s give people time to settle and… see about trying later?” He said. Bria smiled, revealing her braces.

“Okay!” She said, simply. Then, giving him another peck, she let him go. He watched her turn back to the sink and resume washing the dishes. He looked at her ass and the way those slender thighs disappeared into her denim shorts. His heart pounded with lust. What he wouldn’t give to be able to just wrench those shorts down and bury his face in that sweet bum.

He walked away with that image burnt in his mind. He exhaled and realized his breath was trembling. Leaving the kitchen he was two steps from the sliding glass doors that led to the deck. Glancing back at her, he ran his gaze down her bare legs to where her feet stood on the linoleum. He swallowed, and turned to the door. He could see his wife and her parents were having a deep conversation. They were all sitting comfortably. They weren’t coming in soon. He could probably get away with taking her upstairs.

Or maybe he really could just…eat her ass. Right there in the kitchen.

At that thought, his heart started really pounding. He flicked the lock on the glass door. If he was going to do this, he needed the warning. If they asked, he could just play dumb. Say it locked by accident. Then he quickly walked back into the kitchen, approaching Bria from the side. She turned her head and saw him coming, but he was on her quickly, sliding an arm around her slim waist. When he moved behind her, he could see both her mom and his wife sitting on the bench chatting away. He could see Bria smiling as he hovered over her. He kissed into her neck, sucking at her flesh. Even ducking into her neck though, he risked being seen through the window so he quickly kissed around to her upper back.

“Oh gawd…” Bria breathed. “Can we, like, go upstairs?” She asked, hopefully. “We can totally get away with it…” He kissed to the upper border of her crop top.

“In a minute.” He said as he fell to his knees behind her. “Keep washing the dishes.” Bria’s cute bum was directly in front of him. Pressing his face into it over the denim, his hands reached around her and undid the button. He pulled down the zipper and the shorts fell down to her ankles.

“Oh my gawd!” Bria was smiling, the tap running in front of her. She could see her mom through the window as a man knelt behind her while her shorts were around her ankles.

Mike stared for a moment at her small ass, covered only in purple cotton panties. He kissed her bare skin just underneath the cotton. He pushed her panties up into her crack, revealing more of her tanned flesh. He kissed her again, sucking a little. Opening his mouth, he playfully bit her bum.

“Ah!” Bria squealed, twisting away a little. He kissed her again, closer to her crack. Then he grabbed her panties and wrenched them down her gangly legs. ‘Wisp!’

Mike’s heart thudded in his ears as he stared at the eighteen-year-old’s naked ass. He kissed each of her cheeks as his hands grabbed them and squeezed. He spread them apart, revealing her puckered anus. Just beneath, he could see her labia. He breathed in her intoxicating scent as he stared. Leaning forward, he pressed his mouth against her asshole and kissed it softly. He heard her gasp as he kept his lips there and kissed her again. Bria had told him before that she washed her asshole extra carefully whenever she knew she would see him, for just this very reason. She knew he loved going down there. So he had no second thoughts about snaking his tongue out and licking hard across her anal entrance, clearly feeling the rim on the way by.

He opened his mouth and eagerly sucked at her asshole, flecking his tongue across it again and again. Squeezing her firm cheeks, he held them apart and mowed down on her bum. He poked his tongue at the tiny hole and the tip penetrated. He paused and kept it there for a moment, vibrating it up and down.

Rob had just grabbed a beer from the outdoor fridge and sat down in a different seat. Glancing at the kitchen window, he saw his daughter washing dishes. She closed her eyes for a moment, as if daydreaming. Thinking nothing of it, he turned to his wife.

“Bria doing dishes?” He asked. Rose broke off her conversation with Jenn to glance at the window to see her daughter. She nodded, turning back to her best friend.

“Ohhhh…” Bria sighed as Mike spun the tip of his tongue just inside her rim. Pulling it out, he kissed her anus and then loudly sucked over it again. He rubbed his face back and forth as he ate her ass. He was moving his mouth and jaw up and down over it as if he was really having a meal. Pulling Elazığ Escort Bayan back, he stared at her cute, tanned cheeks. He squeezed them roughly, briefly showing him her anus. When it appeared again, he quickly pressed his face in there and gave it a loud suck. He heard her gasp as he moved over to her cheek. Opening his mouth wide, he tried to bite her entire globe.

“AHH!” Bria chuckled. Keeping his mouth over the smooth flesh, he ran it into her crack Lashed his tongue up and down over her asshole. His strong fingers dug into her cheeks as he licked quickly over her backdoor, clearly feeling it. Opening his mouth wide, he pressed his tongue against her anus. He pressed harder, feeling the tip penetrate. Just inside her anal entrance he vibrated his tongue up and down. Moving his face lower, her wet labia slipped into his mouth. Her flavor was potent — and delicious.

“Ahhh…ohmygawd…” Bria purred, hunching over the sink some more. At this point she was just holding a dish as the water ran from the faucet. Releasing her petals, Mike pressed his face more firmly into her ass and sucked a bigger mouthful. He lashed his tongue up and down her silky lips as her nectar poured into his mouth. She started writhing her bum up and down against his face as he tongued her slit. Releasing her, he pressed his face lower. His nose slipped inside her vagina as he got his mouth over her clit.

“Unh!” She squealed. He held her button trapped and flecked his tongue up and down over it. He stubbornly pushed his face right into her ass, his hands gripping her boney hips as he tongued her clitoris as quickly as he could.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Bria’s moans were quiet but high in pitch. If her mom were to glance through the window she would see her daughter’s eyebrows raised and eyes glazed over, jaw open — but she wouldn’t be able to hear.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Her cries continued as her tasty nectar rolled down his tongue as he lashed at her tiny button. She was writhing back against him frantically now, and he could barely hold her hips steady. He just focused on licking.

Bria ducked her head down as the pleasure in her core surged. She vividly felt his tongue vibrate across her sensitive nub and she gritted her teeth, suddenly silent. Something snapped inside her and her vagina began to pulsate. “Ungh!” She grunted before cutting off her cry. Waves of ecstasy rolled through her wiry body as her torso bucked up and down. She trembled, her knees buckling. But Mike’s strong hands on her ass braced her upright. All of her muscles tensed as electricity flowed through her. She let out a little peep.

Mike’s nose slipped inside her vagina as she bucked, and he continued licking over her clit. She pulled forward and her hand reached back to push at his head. Mercifully, he backed away. He wiped his arm over his nose and chin to get her cream off as he stood up behind her. Undoing his shorts, he shoved them and his underwear down, needing relief. He was going to take her upstairs, but he had to get in her now. Just for a minute. Then he would take her upstairs and fuck her. His erection was straining at the skin.

Eyes locked on her ass, Mike swung his arousal underneath. He felt the heat and moisture of her labia right away and he quickly rubbed his helmet to her entrance. Bria suddenly lifted her head.

“Ohmygawd, what are you doing?” Her voice sounded panicky and he saw her look out the window.

“Just for a second.” He mumbled. He leaned back so that he couldn’t be seen unless Rose, Rob or Jenn stood up. Bria’s entrance clutched at his head and he felt it slip around him.

“Unh!” She peeped. He was pretty well-hung, so it wasn’t easy. He kept pushing, grabbing her boney hips for momentum. Her entrance was so tight it was like an elastic band that was too small. Her entrance glided down his engorged penis as intense heat slowly enveloped him. He got three-quarters of the way inside. Squeezing her boney hips, he stared at her little bum. And where his manhood emerged just beneath it. Withdrawing a little, he thrust again. Firmly. He forced the rest of himself into her wiry body.

“Ohhhh…” Bria moaned, raising her eyebrows and arching her head back. She could feel her lover’s hardness deep inside her. She could feel her pussy give that wonderful straining sensation. Looking out the window, she could see her mom still talking to Jenn. Her mom suddenly glanced at her and Bria’s heart skipped a beat. But her mom just turned back, responding to something Jenn said.

When Rose glanced at her eighteen-year-old daughter and made eye contact she wasn’t really paying attention. Otherwise she may have noticed Bria’s eyes were glazed over and her eyebrows were raised. If Rose lifted her head a little higher, she may have noticed Mike standing right behind Bria.

Mike ground against Bria’s sweet little bum. He couldn’t believe how tight she was around his base. It was pure heaven. He slowly eased most of the way out of her and then thrust quickly.

“Unh!” Bria peeped as his groin Escort Elazığ hit her ass. He fell into a rhythm, thrusting in and out of her while leaning back enough that he couldn’t be seen through the window. ‘Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!’ His groin tapped lightly against her bum, causing the cute cheeks to ripple.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Bria tried to keep the volume down, though her squeaks were high in pitch. Mike’s eyes were locked on her shaking ass cheeks. He was using full strokes, her tightness pulling on the length of his shaft again and again. Each thrust took effort, as her young treasure remained incredibly snug. His shaft was starting to tingle. The sensation was becoming more vivid.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Bria whined. She ducked her head down almost into the sink as she continued to take his unbending cock. Her long, thick hair actually brushed against the dishwater. With her ducking that low, she was out of view from outside. Mike slowed his thrusts.

“Stay down like that.” He said. “Stay down.”

“Why?” Bria asked. But she stayed down. He sheathed his penis all the way inside her hot, tight essence. Then he looked out the window. He could see her mom still speaking to his wife. And he could see her dad looking down at his phone. Pressing against her ass and vividly feeling her entrance grip his base, he reached forward and undid the latch on the window. He shoved it open. All three people turned to look at the window that made the noise. He looked into Rob’s eyes while poking his erect penis deep inside Bria.

“Do you guys need anything while I’m… in here?” Mike asked. He focused on the way Bria’s vagina squeezed the entire length of his pole as he looked at Rob, awaiting his answer. His hand squeezed her hip and held her firmly as he ground against her bum, really poking deep. His penis was about as swollen as it could get.

“No, we’re okay.” Rob said. Rose had already turned away and resumed her conversation with Mike’s wife. He slowly withdrew about half of his arousal, feeling her tightness pull back at him.

“Okay, I’ll be out in a minute.” Mike said as he pushed his penis back into the young teen bent over before him.

“Okay.” Rob replied, and Mike watched him turn back to his phone. Pressing against Bria’s bum, he stretched out to reach the window and then he slid it closed.

“Oh my gawd, as if you did that!” Bria exclaimed. Mike pulled his penis right out of her. Turning, he grabbed the stool that was facing the island and spun it so that it faced them.

“Sit there.” He ordered, leading her by her skinny arm. Bria stepped out of her shorts and kicked off her panties as she turned and sat her little bum on the stool. Lifting her gangly legs, she opened them wide as she blinked up at him. He looked at her quivering labia, framed by the curls of her bush. Her toes curled and uncurled as he stared.

“Open as wide as you can.” He mumbled. Bria obediently spread her legs wide, stretching them outward. She had incredibly skinny legs. Her toes wiggled again and it drew his attention to her cute foot. Running his gaze along her leg, he settled at her treasure. Her labia were completely defenseless.

Holding his arousal, he stepped up to her and slapped it against her petals. Then he aimed his helmet at her entrance and pushed right away, piercing her.

“Unh!” Bria grunted as intense tightness gripped his mushroom head. He pushed again. She was very wet so despite her tightness his manhood eased into her steadily. “Ohhhhh…” She sighed. He didn’t stop until he pressed against her. And her long legs remained outstretched to each side. With her legs wide like that it seemed to make her entrance even tighter. He stared at the point of penetration. Her pink labia stretched around his base. This is where he was inside this model’s sweet body. Looking back up at her gorgeous face, she offered him a smile. Flashing her braces. She blinked up at him. He looked at her mouth. At her braces. He kissed her hungrily, and she was immediately receptive. He started thrusting quickly.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” Bria moaned and her eager tongue snaked into his mouth. Mike sucked on her tongue as he felt her snug tunnel glide up and down his engorged arousal. She moaned each time his groin smacked against her defenseless labia. When he released her tongue she wiggled it enthusiastically as his swollen member darted in and out of her. She was kissing him so hard that he could feel her braces. As he tasted her saliva, he focused on the tightness that enveloped him again and again. Deep inside her, the heat was an inferno. And through it all, her young voice continued moaning. His shaft was tingling and his balls were churning. He knew he didn’t have a lot of time. He broke the kiss, briefly.

“I’m gonna cum!” He gasped before kissing those sweet lips again.

Thrills of excitement went up Bria’s spine. “Cmmph in mmph!” She moaned, unable to break the kiss. She kept her long legs outstretched and wide apart, giving herself to him completely. Her toes stretched outward as her feet wobbled up and down. Occasionally she would curl and uncurl those toes. His rigid manhood pistoned in and out of her again and again, filling her tingling essence. She vividly felt his penis glide along the inner walls of her womanhood and the pleasure was relentless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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