The Barefoot Maid Ch. 03

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“OK. So who won the pool?” Mistress Diane asked. Mistress Lisa grumbled “Kimberly did. She said 25 Minutes. She was right on the nose.”

Janice looked up at Mistress Diane quizzically. Mistress Diane explained. “We had a pool going as to how long it would take you to cum without permission when you could not beg for it. Kimberly won. She gets to use you in any way she wants for the rest of the night.”

Kimberly marched right up to Janice, grabbed her by her red hair and said “We are going to have so much fun together.” And kissed the slave passionately. Kimberly pulled Janice into what was called the “wet room.” The wet room was an expanded bathroom with not only a toilet, Jacuzzi tub, sink, but also a large tiled 2 level bench with faucets and nozzles. A chain with wrist cuffs dangled over a drain in the center of the floor. Janice’s writs were secured to the chain. Kimberly moved a control on the wall and the chain lifted Janice off the floor until her toes barely touched the floor. Next Kimberly grabbed the 1 gallon enema bag and filled it with warm soapy water. She lubed up the nozzle and worked it into Janice’s rectum. Janice gasped when the warm water started to fill her up. When the enema bag was empty Kimberly pulled it the nozzle out and worked a huge butt-plug into the helpless slave’s ass.

Kimberly moved around to face Janice and asked her if she was thirsty? Janice hadn’t thought about it but she was. Kimberly held up a water bottle and ordered Janice to empty it. It was difficult to do, bet Janice soon did drink all the water out of the 2-litre bottle. Now Janice was full of water on both ends. She wondered what was about to happen next, when Kimberly placed a pair of vibrating nipple clamps on the red heads tits. Janice soon felt the vibrations in her nipples, the vibrations from the ben-wa balls which were still inside her, and when the butt-plug began to vibrate as well.

Janice hung there for a few moments, being vibrated even further out of her mind, when the door opened and the rest of the women from the party entered the wet-room, and took seats on the tiled bench. After all the women were seated, Kimberly walked over to the winch control and lowered Janice until she was spread out on her back on the cold tile floor. Kimberly stood over her and said “Now here’s the fun part.” She knelt between Janice’s spread legs and reached in and removed the ben-wa balls with her tongue. Then she removed the butt-plug. Kimberly then went down on Janice and the bound slave out like it was her last meal on earth. Kimberly was doing an expert job on Janice and she started moaning, and begging her Mistress to cum.

Mistress Diane replied “Slut, you have to ask Miss Kimmy.”

“Please Miss Kimmy. May I cum?” Janice pleaded.

“Not yet Slut. I want you to wait until your bladder is full and the enema needs to be released as well.” and she returned to eating Janice out.

“Yes Miss Kimmy.” Diane said, knowing it would not be long for either, as she could feel it about to happen.

Less than a minute later, Janice was pleading with Miss Kimmy to please let her cum as her bladder was full and the enema was about to release.

Kimberly said yes and removed the nipple clamps which drove Janice over the edge and she had a mind blowing orgasm which also caused her to empty both her bladder and her bowels, on the wet room floor. Most of it went down the drain. Diane walked over and removed Janice’s wrist cuffs.

The two naked women laid there in the mess that had been made and Diane grabbed a garden house with a spray gun attachment and hosed the 2 women down to rinse the mess off them. Diane announced it was time for the second wave. While Kimberly had been preparing Janice in the wet-room, the other ladies had been refreshing themselves with several glasses of iced tea and by this time they were all chomping at the bit to empty their bladders.

Kimberly started to make out with Janice right there on the wet-room floor, and when both were really going at it, the other women formed a line on either side of the passionate pair and began peeing on them, which just caused the two women to get more into each other and Kimberly had an orgasm while this was happening, which triggered one in Janice.

The two women laid there on the wet room floor as Diane hosed down her guests, and told them to “Take towels and dry off, there was more fun to be had in the dungeon and to pair off and enjoy.”

Diane said to Kimberly “its 9:00 PM, sweetie.” Kimberly turned to Janice and said “I have to go do the news, but I loved our adventure together, and I WILL see you again.” and kissed Janice good-bye and left the room.

“Isn’t she going to clean up, Mistress?” Janice asked.

“No. Kimmy likes to wear these activities out under he clothes. She cleans up in her dressing room at the station.” Diane answered. “Now, how are you?”

“Honestly, Mistress? “


“I would love a nice long hot shower. And I am starving. I wasn’t Çankaya Escort hungry at dinner; as I was too turned on to eat.” Janice replied.

“OK Baby. You get cleaned up. There is a terry robe over there, if you like. There is a buffet laid out upstairs, the other women are getting hungry as well.” And Diane left the room.

Janice thought about the events of the evening, and smiled. She knew one thing for sure. She would never watch Channel 13 News the same way again.

Janice walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the full length mirror. She was covered in piss and cum from head to toe, and even though they had not done any scat play, she had the biggest shit-eating grin on her face. She thought about Miss Kimmy and how she was still wearing the results of their play, and that made her smile even bigger. It also made her clit throb again. She absolutely LOVED this “degrading” play. It made her so fucking hot. She was about to play with her pussy right there, but decided against it, as she was excited by the thought of what the rest of the evening would bring.

Janice turned the hot water in the shower up to full, and got it. The shower was well equipped with all manner of bath products, shampoos, conditioners, and skin lotions and such. Janice took a nice long shower shampooed her hair and rinsed away the physical remains of the early evenings activities, and was rinsing off when the bathroom door opened and Jill , the girl who had whipped her earlier entered. “Hi.” Jill said simply.

“Hello, yourself.” Janice replied.

“I wanted to make sure I hadn’t hurt you earlier when I whipped you with the razor strop.” Jill said. She was still stark naked, and sat on the sink as she talked to Janice.

“Oh that was you? You are very good at that. That whipping was what pushed me over the edge and made me cum REALLY hard.” Janice said, starting to get excited by the memory.

“I haven’t been doing that very long. I read about it on porn sites, but it wasn’t until I got to college that I was able to try new things. I am from a small town in Indiana, and my father was the minister. You have any idea what it is like, having to act like a prude as the minister’s daughter, when what you actually are a…” Jill stopped at a loss for words

“Horny as hell, kinky dyke?” Janice finished.

“YES, Exactly.” Jill responded.

“Actually, I do. My parents weren’t religious, but my Father was the Chief of police. I had to go to dyke bars in other towns trying to find what I was looking for, and this was WAY before the internet.” Janice sensed Jill had a definite reason for being with her right now. “Was there something you wanted to ask me?” as she turned off the water in the shower and reached for her towel

Jill blushed and spoke very softly “Yes”

“What is it?” Janice said.

“I was wondering if I could play out a fantasy with you. I have had it for years. I have never acted upon it, but I would love to with you.”

“What is it?” Janice asked now intrigued by this young girl who was ALMOST Stephanie’s age.

“I always wanted my mommy to punish me for liking girls. Then I turn the tables on her and end up seducing my mommy. I am asking this because she is a redhead like you. I wanted to do this from the moment I saw Mistress Diane lead you in tonight.”

Janice started getting wet all over again, imagining the scenarios the two of them could concoct. As she finished drying off, she told the young girl “It’s alright with me, but you’ll have to check with Mistress Diane. She might have plans for her little slave girl tonight.”

Jill’s head sunk at the thought of not being able to fulfill her fantasy with Janice, until Janice added, “But it sounds like something I would LOVE to try, so let’s exchange phone numbers before the night is over. We will DEFINITELY do this.”

Jill was so excited she stood up grabbed Janice’s head and kissed her hard.

“Before we do anything else, I am starving; I have got to hit that buffet Diane has laid out. ” Janice said and she swatted Jill right on her bare ass and said “Let’s go, eat.”

And they walked out of the wet room and exited the dungeon

When they got upstairs, they found a room full of lovely naked women feasting and refreshing themselves for the rest of the evening’s festivities and went into the dining room where a sumptuous fest had been laid out on Diane’s dining room table. There were all manner of food there. Breads, meat, cheese, salad, veggies, all good healthy stuff, for drinks there was a fully stocked bar, with lots of beer and wine and next to that was a cooler containing bottled water. Over on the side board was the desert table which was loaded with cookies, cake, and the one thing important to most ANY woman: Lots and lots of CHOCOLATE.

The two women filled plates with stuff from the main table. Jill was about to grab stuff from the desert table when she noticed Janice Keçiören Escort heading for the other room to grab a seat.

Jill asked “Aren’t you going to have desert?”

Janice responded “Honey, I am going to mount a separate attack on the desert table that will make Grant taking Richmond look tame.”

Jill snickered, and followed along.

Janice got a seat in a nice big overstuffed chair in Diane’s living room and started eating her food. Jill sat on the floor at Janice’s feet. When both women had finished their plates, Jill turned to Janice and asked her about desert.

“I’ll get to that in just a minute. It feels good to simply relax a minute. What do you want for desert?”

As an answer, Jill crawled up between Janice’s legs and just before she went down on her bare pussy, she said

“This.” Jill ate Janice out to a toe-curling orgasm. The other women in the room paused to watch. Diane crossed the room and grabbed Jill by the hair and pulled her off Janice. “Bitch, She is mine, and you did not ask me if you could play with her.”

Jill sobbed and said “I am sorry. I just wanted to pleasure her. She is so beautiful.”

Diane pulled Janice up out of the chair and pulled her downstairs to the dungeon. The Mistress marched her naked slave over to a cage sitting in the middle of the room. She bent Janice over the cage and roughly shoved a dildo in her already sensitive asshole. She buried it all the way in and then fastened a harness around the naked slave’s waist to hold the dildo in place. She then spun Janice around and roughly sucked on her nipples to get them nice and hard and re-attached one of the clover clamps to her left nipple. Dianne then shoved a ball-gag in Janice’s mouth. She then attached wrist and ankle cuffs with spring attachments.

Diane then opened the cage door.

“Crawl in, Slut.” Diane said menacingly.

Janice fell to all fours and crawled inside the cage. Diane closed the cage door and locked it. She then reached in and took the dangling clover clamp and pulled it outside around two of the cage bars and back in the cage and attached the other clover clamp to Janice’s right nipple. Next she took Janice’s right wrist and attached it to a ring on the upper right corner at the front of the cage. She repeated the procedure with Janice’s left wrist and a ring on the upper left corner of the front of the cage. Diane then walked around to the back of the cage and attached Janice’s left ankle cuff to a ring at the lower left corner at the back of the cage, and then repeated this with Janice’s right ankle.

Janice was now kneeling in the cage, firmly secured at the wrists and ankles. She could not move too much because the clover clamps would pull her nipples.

“You are being punished for cumming without my permission. We are going to have and old fashioned ladies fuck party down here tonight. Your punishment is that you will witness all that goes on down here tonight, but you will not be able to participate.”

And after saying that, Diane attached a heavy chain to a carabineer on the top of the cage. Diane pressed a control on the wall and the chain started to lift Janice’s cage off the ground. It rose until it reached the pulley holding the chain. Janice was about 15 feet off the ground and could seethe entire dungeon. Diane stopped the winch and walked up the stairs to the upstairs.

“We will be down, shortly. I suggest you think about how you displeased me.”

And with that, Diane turned out the light and left her naked slave alone in the dark to ponder her fate.

About 20 minutes later, the light snapped on, this caused Janice to squint from her cage in the room. She heard two sets of feet walking down the stairs and she recognized Diane’s voice. Diane was scolding someone.

“Look I told you to get to know Janice. I did not give you permission to make her cum. I am going to have to punish you, SEVERLY, with the cane.”

“Mistress, you know I can’t take the cane. You know it……makes me crazy.” Janice recognized the voice as Jill’s.

“How does the cane make you crazy?” Diane asked, knowing the answer full well.

“Being caned makes me so horny that I beg to do all kinds of ….things.”

“What things?” Diane asked.

“Anything anyone would make me do.” Jill replied.

“Let’s test that out.” Diane said. “I am going give you five with the cane.” And delivered a severe cut to Jill’s plump little ass

“ONE!!!!!. UHHHHNNNNN.” The girl screamed out. Janice could not tell if it Jill was screaming in pain or moaning with pleasure, that’s how close it sounded.

The next four were reigned down on the girl’s ass.

“TWO. HRRRNNNNN” Jill screamed.

“THREE. OHHHHHH GODDD, That makes me sooooo hot.”


“FIVE ” And the girl’s breathing grew very ragged, and she pleaded to cum and Jill was grinding her pussy on the floor.

“So you really Etimesgut Escort like my slave, don’t you Jill?” Diane asked.

“Ohhhhh, Yessss. She is so gorgeous. There are all sorts of depraved things I would just LOVE to do with her. I would eat her lovely pussy for hours until she could not take any more. The I would roll her over and do the same thing to her ass and make her cum some more.” The girl continued

Janice was getting excited by the things she heard Jill confessing to wanting to do. DAMN, if only she wasn’t in this cage. Just about that time the rest of the ladies from the party entered the dungeon.

“What was that fantasy you told her you wanted to do? Diane demanded.

“I said I wanted her to punish me for loving to have sex with girls. Then I wanted to turn the tables and seduce her. She said we should exchange phone numbers before the night was over and we would do that” Jill said, grinding her pussy into the carpeted floor.

“Do you know where my slave is now? Diane asked

“No. Ma’am”. Jill said.

“She is in that cage hanging above us. She will be forced to watch all these women having sex tonight but she will not be able to participate, She is being punished because of YOU, little slut.” Diane chastised her.

“I’ll bet she is getting so turned on right now, hearing what you wanted to do ” Diane taunted.

It was true, Janice WAS getting turned on. It was partially hearing what Jill was saying, but more than that, it was the humiliation of Diane announcing to everyone in the room where she was and why she was being punished, and how she was being punished. Diane could not have planned this scenario better, which she did. She knew what got Janice’s juices flowing.

Throughout the rest of the evening Janice was forced to watch helplessly, as the women in the dungeon brought each other to orgasm after orgasm. She watched floggings, electrical play, fisting, etc. At one point several of the college girls formed a daisy chain. She was so horny, the frustration finally got to her and she felt like crying. Mistress Diane was being unfair, she thought. Just about that time the cage started lowering to the floor.

Janice was a mess. She looked like the slut she always wanted to be. The other women teased her about what a horny little dyke she was, which just made her EVEN more turned on. When the cage hit the floor, Diane reached in and unhooked her ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs. She unfastened the ball gag from Janice’s mouth. And then removed the nipple clamps.

When Diane removed the nipple clamps, the result of the blood flowing back into Janice’s tortured nipples was too much to bear, and she screamed in pain and writhed on the floor of the cage, and begged Mistress Diane to allow her to cum.

“NO! BITCH! You are not to cum until I say so. This is still part of your punishment. Now, get your fuckin’ white ass out here NOW!!!! You got a lot of pussies to clean with that tongue before the party breaks up.”

Janice crawled out of the cage and began licking the first pussy she was presented with. She would lick them until they came again, then clean them up and the woman left to get dressed and the next woman took her place. Janice feasted on pussy for well over an hour and finally the last woman to be cleaned took her place. It was Claudia AKA Mommy-Slut. Janice licked her till she had a mind-blowing orgasm all over Janice’s face. Then Janice licked her up again, then Marie grabbed Claudia’s collar, and pulled her off.

“You will be punished for cumming without permission, slut.” The young mistress said as she lead her slave out of the dungeon.

Janice was now alone with her Mistress, and she knew what she was expected to do, she crawled to her Mistress and began making love to her ass. Janice tongued her Mistress to three toe-curling orgasms before Diane pushed her away saying enough. When Diane could stand she led Janice out of the dungeon and out to the garage.

Janice stepped into the garage but could not find her clothes anywhere.

“You go home wearing only your collar.” Diane said in a tone that told Janice not to argue. “Further, you are to remain naked, and after everyone leaves in the morning, I will be over and we will begin our ten days together. Won’t you like that slut?”

Janice’s clit was throbbing. She knew that unless they went out, she would not have any clothes on for the next ten days

“You may clean up, but that is all. Understand, slut?”

“Yes Mistress.” Janice said. She was tired form the evening’s activities, but she was also excited at the thought of the next ten days.

“Good night slut.” Diane said and grabbed Janice and kissed her passionately good night, and then marched Janice to the exit to the street, and literally put Janice naked out on the street.

It was about 1:00 AM the street was deserted and Janice went to her house as quick as she could. There was a small note on the door. She pulled it off the door. She reached in and got the spare key from its hiding place and entered her house.

She looked at the not. It was from Jill. It said:

Sorry if I got you into trouble. I still would love to play with you.



Janice sighed. Oh well another playmate never hurt. She would definitely play with this sweet little slut again.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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