The Bartender’s Story

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The true story of how I became a “Porn star” thanks to my pervert of a roommate.

So how does one go from being a VERY lucky bartender, banging lots of customers and co-workers, to a maker of many many personal porn movies?

Well, in my case, it’s simple. My roommate. I’ll call him Larry, because I’m sure if he’s still alive, he will eventually find me on this site.

Larry was the perfect roommate for a guy like me, he was my opposite. If I was considered to be a party monster my freshman and sophomore years, he would have been the nerd. He was the perfect pick when I moved off campus towards the end of freshman year. I needed a roommate to help with the bills, and I needed to get away from the crazy shit that every dorm has to offer.

So, after interviewing all my friends, I said hell no, and put an ad on the bulletin board on campus. Larry was one of the first to respond, and I had him over for the interview.

He was weird, but he was also cool in a very dorky way. He talked about his goals, and his stuff, and nothing about girls, parties, booze or other party favors.


I really never saw much of him in the beginning, I was working and going to school, and like him, my free time was used for homework and sleep, but as freshman year wrapped up, we got to see more of each other, and he turned out to be a very cool, but very freaky guy.

So how did Larry make me into a “Porn star”? Well, it started as a conversation one day after I had brought home and banged a girl named Beth. She was one of the first girls I fucked from the bar. She was…uhhh let’s say she was vocal in bed. By this time, it had already become apparent that poor Larry was not the kind of guy likely to get laid back in the day, so when Larry mentioned to me that he heard me the night before I rolled with it, always eager to share stories about my latest conquest. In the dorms, we always shared stories, so this seemed fairly normal, and in fact, I kind of missed that part of dorm life. Anyway, Larry asked, and I was certainly happy to spill the details to him. As I went on and on telling him about her, it turned out he REALLY wanted to know all the gory details.

It was kind of weird at first. He was REALLY interested. Not the usual dorm room “Did you fuck her?” kind of questions. He wanted to know everything. What color where her nipples? That sort of shit. I didn’t give a shit about Beth, so I told him everything he asked and by the end of the conversation had kind of gotten into it.

It turns out Larry was a virgin. A 20-year-old virgin. I felt bad for the guy, I mean it’s hard to get laid when everything is great, but this guy had a thick accent, was skinny, wore glasses, it was just not his moment to shine. I’m sure he’s a fucking millionaire by now, but back in the 90’s he was pretty much un fuckable. At this point I could tell he was more than a bit of a perv, and after telling him all these details about Beth, only to have him unload all his life details on me, I decided to offer to do for him what we all had done in the dorms. I’d let him have a peek next time I brought someone home.

In the dorm, if you wanted to fuck, chances are someone is going to be in the room with you. It’s just the way life was. I figured this would be no different. So, I told him the next time I was coming home with someone, I’d call him and tell him.

The way the apartment was set up, if you sat on the couch, you could see right into my bedroom. I told him to crash on the couch with the TV on, and that way he could watch from the couch into my room. He was fucking crazy about the idea, thanking me over and over.

To be honest, I didn’t really see it as a big deal, but I could tell this was a big favor for him.

About 4 nights later, Beth one of the daytime waitresses came over again. She was young, not a student at the college, but she had a nice small frame. Not really great tits, but golden hair, big red nipples, and a blond furry bush that hadn’t seen a trimmer yet in life (hey it was 90’s). It was one of my days off, and we had gone out to a movie or something… You’ve got to realize, early on, when I was just starting to get laid, I was going all out to get that pussy, and like I said. Beth was one of the first.

So anyway it’s maybe 10:30 at night, and I had called Larry from the payphone to tell him I’m coming, so as planned he’s on the couch, TV on, fake passed out.

We sneak by him and head to the bed room. şişli escort In no time I’ve got her undressed and am eating her out. (By the way guys eating pussy is a good way to get what you want) The light is on, and the door is wide open. In no time her little tits are writhing up and down as she cums, and my hands are all over them.

I move up and start to fuck her missionary. I do it so her head is facing the wall and mine is looking down the hall to see of Larry is watching.

He was, and I swear his eyes are budging out of his head, and there was a shit eating grin on his face. The crazy fucker is not even trying to pretend he is asleep. I thought he’ d be peeking out from the blanket or something, but he was just short of drooling. I laughed a little, prompting Beth to ask what’s up. Flustered, I just move her around so he can get a different view.

This goes on for as long as I can last. Maybe 30 minutes in a few positions to make sure Larry has had his fill, and finally I cum. I wanted Larry to see that too, but it was a little hard, so I pulled out, and did a porn star trick jumping up to blow my load on her tits. Well the first one went high and caught her right in the face, and what do we hear, but fucking Larry shitting himself with joy. He’s giggling like a fucking school boy and Beth is none too pleased.


Flustered, and pissed, Beth slams the door to my room, and that was the end of Larry’s show.

The next day Larry is acting like he’s on crack or something. The second Beth leaves he’s talking 1000 miles an hour and won’t shut up about Beth, the action, the cum shot, and a million other things all related to me fucking her. It took over an hour to shut him up, but he is hooked. He asked me if I’ll do it again if the opportunity ever comes up, and since I thought his enthusiasm was priceless, I agreed.

Needless to say, this night repeats it’s self a few times with different girls. Larry gets to see me bang Beth that first night, (but never again) then the 18-year-old waitress, and one other one, I think. But after 2 months, Larry hits me up with a great Idea. I don’t remember how the little pervert even started this conversation. I mean imagine asking one of your coworkers or friends out of the blue if you can film him while they fuck… Just sit back and think of the balls you have to have to ask someone that.

Well that’s basically what Larry asked, at first, he just wanted to watch the feed from this broken VHS camera his parents had given him to try and fix.

I kind of think he bought the damn thing just for this use. But I guess I’ll never know the truth to that one. Anyway, He’s got this monster of a camcorder. At least 20 pounds and it doesn’t record, it shows the video from the lens, but the VCR part is broken. He asks if we can get it working, would I tape one of my fuck sessions so he can watch it up close.

Now I had never thought about shit like this, and frankly I thought he was fucking nuts. I asked him why, I mean we both had stacks of regular porn tapes to look through, but he explained to me that there was something exciting to him to see me fuck these girls, and then for him to be able to hang out with them. They would never know he’d seen them sucking cock or whatever, but he would, and to him it was a big turn on. I guess I figured it was as close to sex as Larry was going to get, and as long as I got to keep the tapes if he ever got the recorder working, he could watch them any time. Since I didn’t really think he would ever get it working, and since I didn’t care if anyone saw me fucking, I said fine.

Turns out that I was half right. Larry never got that VCR to record, but the crazy fucker still got the girls on tape. After a solid week of fucking with the camera, he goes to Radio Shack and buys a 50-foot run of A/V cables. Then he runs the cables from the TV in the main room, a 26inch console TV from the stone age all the way to my room. Then on a day off I help him hide the camera in my room, and hook up the cables.

Presto! Now he can watch me fuck on the tv in the big room.

I had never thought about it, as I’d never had a camera, but here it is. Just set it up in my room somewhere and run a line to the TV in the family room so he can watch without the fear of getting busted. Smart, but perverted fucker. The truth is I was just as big a pervert, because as the week went by I started to wonder what I looked like when I was fucking.

By the time the “system went live” me and Beth were at the end of our relationship.

I knew I had maybe 3 or 4 more nights with her before we were done, so I decided if she was going, I’d like to get her on tape. We hooked the cables up to the VCR in the main room, and had it so Larry could hit record at the right time.

Some winter night in late 1996 Beth and I became porn stars for the first time, the very last time we fucked.

Yup, I came home with Beth after hanging out with some friends, and after spending a week thinking about getting it all on tape, I was more ready to do it than Larry. We came in, and I rushed her ass right to the bedroom. I had it all set up, and I put on a show. I fucked her this way, I fucked her that way, I ate her out, she sucked my cock, and we did it damn near every way I could think of. And for a 21 year old, I went on for 51 minutes! (I know because we timed it when Larry and I watched it for the 10th time!)

Beth spent the night, and left at like 11am, but I couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking about that tape. I got up at like 2am to piss, and snuck down to take a peek. I only watched about 30 seconds, but it was enough to know it worked! When we got up, there was Larry, all smiles, asking us if we wanted to go for breakfast and shit like that. Beth by this time pretty much hated Larry, and as I would find out about a day later, she pretty much hated me too, so she split.

That’s when I really got to see my debut. Larry would not shut the fuck up. He had already watched it twice after seeing it live. He was going ape shit crazy over the whole thing, cracking up over some of the shit I did to her. So, I grabbed an 11am beer and we sat down and watched Beth getting fucked by me.

It was fucking awesome. One thing you can tell when watching these videos, is that except for a few tapes. When I made these, I was making Porn, not love. I fucked her like a porn star. I fucked her at weird angles to get the camera a better view, I fucked her in positions that I had never tried, and never really wanted to so I could get her whole body on tape. I fucked her well past when I should have stopped, I fucked her hard, I fucked her fast, I fucked her dirty.

And in the end, I realized that this was the way to fuck! I learned to not just fuck them, but to consume their bodies. To fuck them until there was nothing left to fuck. Push all the boundaries, get them to do all kinds of shit they never thought about doing, and probably never did again. Becoming a bartender was step one in becoming a womanizer, and this moment was step two.

That’s it. We watched it… Twice. By the time 1pm rolled around I was a 6 pack into a case, and was fired up. It was fucking perfect, but we both felt we could make it better. We discussed the future, and it was grand.

Over the next 4+ years, we adjusted shit constantly. Brighter bulbs in the room…Check. Lighter sheets on the bed…Check. A better Camera…Check, I went out and got a top of the line brand new Sony 8mm camera. That shit was expensive for a dude in school working part time. We’d set the old VHS camera up in other spots in the house so I could fuck there too. The family room couch folded out, and I did a lot of the Anal stuff there. It was fucking great.

And the girls, let’s not forget the girls, I started to fuck everything I could. Small ones, big ones, ugly ones, cute ones, tall, short, it just didn’t matter. If I could convince them to fuck me, it was all good. I perfected my abilities to get girls in bed. I didn’t focus on stupid shit other guys were worrying about at the time. Who cares if they are stuck up, rich/poor, stupid, or smart? I didn’t want to marry these girls, I just wanted to fuck them in the ass on tape!

I wanted to fuck as many women as possible, and getting it all on tape made it that much better. Larry was the perfect “producer” setting shit up whenever I called to let him know I was coming home. Later on, I stopped calling. If Larry wanted to tape it, he would, if not, oh well. There were over 100 VHS tapes and at least as many 8mm at one point. It got to the point where he’d tape over nights that he deemed were not “good enough” It was fucking crazy to a level I cannot explain in writing.

We spent hours watching these videos, both alone and together with Larry commenting on my work. He’d comment on the girls, the sex, the… well, the everything. There were even a few times over the years that I brought other friends over to watch some of the “best of” videos or maybe a particular girl, and those nights went on to be legendary. These parties always got out of hand. With a group of rowdy college guys all yelling at the screen and making requests.

By far though, Larry’s favorite thing back then was to watch me break in a virgin ass. Although we worked at it every night to make sure the angles were right, in the end he didn’t care if he could really see the angle so much as hear the thing going down. Heck for some of these girls you wouldn’t have needed a camera to figure it out. You could hear them in the parking lot! By the point that we got the 8mm camera, I was an Anal freak, and not more than 1 or maybe 2 girls asses made it out of my room still virginal.

Just about anytime I brought home new meat, he was willing to stay up till dawn to see if it was going to happen. Afterwards, the two of us would talk for hours as we played the videos back, and commented how some would grin and bear it, while others freaked out. There really was no rhyme or reason to it, and it became a little side bet as to how the next one would react. He loved “The slip and bang” and I heard him laugh one night in the main room when I did it for the first (and last time) to Ann, a prudish girl I had managed to get hammered enough to come home and fuck. She was a one nighter and I knew it was going to be that way, so why waste the moment?

So many girls, so many nights, and so many videos. It went on for over 5 years. It was a blur. I had sex with over 20 women. Getting 15 to 18 of them on tape. Many of them much more than once. Once I started counting, I only had one girl out of 15 that would not let me fuck her in the ass. I was a master, but only at picking up and fucking these girls. I couldn’t hold on to them for any time, as they figured me out pretty quick. I wasn’t romantic, I was a fucking freak in bed. I wasn’t slow, I was a jack hammer in their ass, using them up, and moving on to the next one. I was an Asshole.

Eventually school ended, and It was time to move on to the real world. I was slowing down fucking anyway, and was starting to crave real love. For all the sex I had, I only really liked two of the girls. April was one, and Lee the other. But both had figured me out, and bolted.

When I quit the bar, after graduation I had 100’s of tapes of me fucking, sucking, ass fucking, eating pussy, getting my dick sucked, you name it. Over the first few “stupid” years, I tossed half of them. But as time when on I realized that they were still fucking great to watch from time to time. So, I saved the rest. Over time my ability to get the pussy came to a screeching halt, and all I had were my personal tapes. I hid them from a few girlfriends and my now ex-wife, and little by little over the last 10 years started to convert what is left to digital. Sadly, most of them have failed. The tapes got moldy in the basement and then attic, and then garage. The 8mm stuff did a little better, but not much.

It’s too bad. Some of the girls are gone forever. No more Heather. No more Maggie. No more of the black girl whose name I can’t remember. The ones I do have left are often not the best episodes at all.

I fucked Sarah in the Ass at least 10 times on tape. Getting her in full gape, like the Suzan video I have uploaded to various sites. It was a great video, she complained the whole time about her ass still being sore from the night before. I’m telling you I can remember ever bit of it, as I watched it 100’s of times, but I never converted it, hiding it for years with the rest from my ex. When I finally dug into them to convert, it was the first I grabbed. DOA. I tired tape cleaners for the head, and even took the tape apart to see what was up. It like many others had this white fuzz growing all over it, and was not fixable.

I fucked Laura in the ass a few times, and only one 15second clip remains.

I fucked Mandy a TON, in her ass over and over. She was one of the only ones I ever got on tape in reverse cow girl getting it up the ass. Her facial expressions were priceless. Not a single bit survived. I only have two videos of her left.

I guess now when guys tape shit like I did, they go right onto the computer, but 22-year-olds never think that a VHS tape is going to go bad, or I would have been more careful. I DEFINATLY would not have tossed half or more of them in the trash when I was “In love”.

So that’s it, that’s the story of how I became a porn star. Thanks “Larry” I hope to find you some day!

The End.

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