The Baseball Trip Pt. 07

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Seventh Inning

Seventh inning stretch! Everyone is over the age of 18.

Despite my roommate’s insistence that we were to stay separate, we all woke up wrapped around each other. Kelsey and Sarah cuddling in one bed. Julia and I spooning in the other.

This was how our baseball road trip had been going. Sexy Sarah had said that she had a boyfriend, but then she started the whole thing by grinding on my lap. Gorgeous Kelsey was virginal and innocent, and then she was neither. Julia and I were in the friends’ zone, then suddenly we were in the friends-with-benefits zone.

Every time someone said that the sex was over, that they were moving on from the physical, they followed that up by going even further than before. And so it would be again.

After everyone took a turn in the shower and got dressed, we made our way downstairs. We were about two hours out from a day matchup in Pittsburgh, our second to last baseball game of the trip. That was plenty of time for something of interest to happen and I couldn’t even guess at the possibilities.

Kelsey, my best friend’s teenaged little sister, had been worked up since the day before when Julia had called an end to the beautiful blonde’s frolicking. Of course, Julia, my tomboy roommate, herself, had said that she was looking for more. And then sexy, buxom Sarah had also made things more interesting, despite her supposed devotion to her on-again-off-again boyfriend.

Honestly, I could see any one of them making a move.

Then, before we even got to the parking lot, Kelsey surged forward and called, “Backseat!”

So that answered my question. Kelsey was wearing a tight white, ribbed top and a pink skirt that went down to about mid-thigh. She grabbed my hand and pulled me along with her, as if I needed the encouragement.

“Ben and I are sitting in the back.”

“OK, OK. Sheesh,” Julia said and shrugged. We were the only car on earth where everyone preferred to be squished in the back rather than comfortable in front.

By now we were all used to the overstuffed situation in Julia’s tiny Beetle. I was sure that even a Smart car would seem luxuriously spacious to me after this trip. As usual, Julia took the wheel, giving Sarah the passenger seat. Kelsey climbed in first, settling – at least for the moment – in what little remained of the middle. I got in after her and we were on our way.

We hadn’t gotten to the highway before Kelsey unbuckled herself and started to shift over.

“I’m not comfortable. I’m going to sit on Ben’s lap,” the beautiful teenager told the car.

“Yyyyyup,” Julia said.

“As expected,” Sarah said.

They kept their eyes on the road. Even if either had wanted to look back, they would have only gotten an eyeful of luggage and not much else. Kelsey lowered herself onto my crotch. I’d been hard since the morning. Since the night before. Honestly, I’d been hard for seven straight days, despite (maybe because of) all the action I’d been getting. At this point, my gun was permanently cocked. Er, my cock was permanently… Anyway. This was hardly the time for wordplay, an absolutely stunning blonde girl was sitting directly over my schlong.

Speaking of which, something felt a little… different about the way she was sitting. Like it was warmer? I couldn’t figure it out.

Kelsey sat up a bit, I assumed just to settle herself more directly on my erect member. Instead she reached back, grabbed at my zipper and slid it down. Before I could even gasp, she fished around in my fly and pulled my bare cock right out of my pants.

“Kelsey!” I shouted, despite myself.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this,” Kelsey said. She lifted up the sides of her skirt, almost like doing a curtsy, then sat back down on my crotch.

This time I couldn’t miss the difference. Her bare skin landed on mine. Warm wetness kissed against my cock. That little minx wasn’t wearing any panties! Clearly, skirts are the greatest invention ever.

Kelsey made a sort of guilty giggle as she pressed against me. My hardness squeezed against her softness.

“Much better,” she said, “Wait. One last thing.” Kelsey lifted herself up slightly again. She reached behind herself, grabbed my cock, and slid it against her pussy lips. I felt my head nestle at her opening. Then Kelsey let go and lowered herself down.

“Yeah… Now that’s comfortable,” Kelsey said. I was buried in her to the hilt. So much different than the virginal girl I’d entered only days before. Still plenty tight, but now sopping wet and ready for my stiffness.

Daintily, Kelsey adjusted her skirt so it was covering everything. Her pussy clutched at my cock. We both sighed together.

“Holy fuck!” Sarah cried, “Are you two…”

“Yup!” Kelsey said, “He’s in me right now. And it feels sssssssooooooo good.”

Julia did her best to glance back, then quickly looked back at the road, swerving as someone honked. “No fair! You didn’t tell me we could do THAT back there.”

“Finders keepers,” pendik escort Kelsey said, giving my cock another squeeze. “Now I’m going to ride this monster until I cum and cum and cum.”

“Ohhhh. That sounds nice,” Sarah said, wistfully.

“I hate you so much right now, little slut,” Julia said, “I’m so jealous.”

“There’s always another drive,” Kelsey said, “Or our hotel room…”

I could hear Julia’s teeth grinding all the way in the back seat. Kelsey lifted herself slowly, then lowered herself back down. I was wrong before about skirts – vaginas are clearly the best invention ever.

“Oooooo… Never done it this way before. Good in a whole different way, you know? Not exactly sure what I’m doing, though.”

“Just do what feels good,” I said, “Trust me, you don’t have to worry about me.”

“Yeah,” Sarah said, “Just work him the way you like.”

“Gaaahhhhhhh I feel ssssooooo full,” Kelsey said, “He’s like… in me so deep. So big. My poor little pussy’s never gonna be the saaaaaaaaame. Ruined me for every other… cock I’ll ever have.” She was moving steadily now. Up and back. My hands shot out and grabbed her tiny ass, just holding on for the ride.

“Gonna go a little faster now… OH! Getting clllooooose… AH! ah HA!”

The dress wasn’t hiding anything at all now. Kelsey was bucking back and forth like riding the mechanical bull. Our sexes sliding, squick squick squick. The smell heady and deep. Kelsey kept grunting. Gasping. Describing her pleasure, like the world’s greatest play-by-play.

“OH! Just came there. Little one. Still going though. Still… still fucking him. Riding that… that cock. oh YES! Another one. Bigger that time. So good. Don’t think I’m stopping… Gonna just keep… keep riding you till you burst!”

Like I said, Kelsey was a talker. And a bit of a narrator, now that I think of it.

With nothing to hide now, she flipped the dress right up and shot her hand down to her clit. Kelsey leaned back, her lips back by my ear. Her movements slowed and she pressed her button.

“Gonna… gonna cum again. And again and again and again. God how did I ever live without this amazing COCK? I just want it in me all the time. F… feel empty without it. You gonna keep fucking me, Ben?”


“You gonna fuck your little Kelsey forever?”

“Yeah Kels. I’m yours. Yours forever.”

“Mine and Julia’s and Sarah’s,” Kelsey said, “You’re ours, you got that?”


“Hrrrrrrrrrr…AHHHHHHHH!” Kelsey’s whole body straightened and shivered. Then she popped back up again and started riding me all the harder. Hands wrapped around the front seat for leverage.

“That’s it! Keep hanging on. I’m not done yet. Oh GOD that’s good. S… Sarah you… how can you not want this?”

“I do. So bad.”

“I’m riding him and it’s like… every stroke. Every time his head hits bottom… I can’t stop. Won’t stop. That’s it. Take my pussy. Fill it up. Give me what I need. Just. Keep. Fucking. ME!

The beautiful blonde teenager was practically in a frenzy now. Nearly leaping off my cock, slamming her butt down hard. Like a piston, unable to stop pounding.

“Come on. Come on! Sssssoooooo close now. Gonna hit the big one I can feel it. Superbig. Gonna cum so hard… Ben you gonna cum with me?”


“That’s my boy. That’s my Benny. Gonna give it to me so good. Like I… Like I knew you would. I used to lie in bed. Rub myself off. Thinking about you. Did you know that Ben? How badly I wanted you? Wanted you to just bust me open with that big cock? Didn’t know it was so big then but I knew… Knew I wanted it. Wanted you. Every night you came over. I would beat my poor clitty sore, wishing it was your fingers. Your tongue. Your dick.”

“Oh God, Kelsey. I… I’m getting close.”

“Yeah? Yeah – fill me up… Fill me with your fertile stuff. I want it. Need it so bad.”

Kelsey reached down and slid my hands up her sides till they were cupping her breasts through the ribbed white t-shirt. The closer we got, the harder I held till I was practically crushing her tits.

“OH! Here it cums! Cum with me. Oh… OH!”

I felt Kelsey’s pussy shudder, then clench and that was the end of it for me. Sperm shot right up my shaft and we both exploded with pleasure.

“OH FUCK he’s cumming! Oh he’s cumming in me I feel it! So hot and… OH!… OH SO GOOD… Oh God that’s so good…” Kelsey kept rambling on, the words ‘so good’ seeming to repeat with each blast of my cum.

I realized I was holding her breasts so hard my fingers hurt. I slowly released. Kelsey slid slightly forward, but kept my cock inside her as my blasts slowed down to a dribble, still filling her teenaged twat with my seed.

I heard a little clapping from up front and saw Sarah smiling at me. Kelsey leaned back and rested her head back on my shoulder. She was still mumbling.

“Never letting you go. Never…”

I heard a loud tapping noise and noticed it was Julia, practically maltepe escort pounding the steering wheel with her fingers. Chanting her own mantra, as well.

“I get next. I get next. He’s mine next.”


The baseball stadium in Pittsburgh is widely considered to be the most beautiful park in the country (except possibly for San Francisco). Long suspension bridges fan out over majestic rivers surrounding an edifice of exposed steel wrapped around green grass. In many ways, this was the stadium that inspired our whole trip in the first place. I just had to see PNC Park in person.

The four of us hardly noticed it.

After we parked, Kelsey finally allowed me to slip out of her nethers and, almost reverently, placed my pleased penis back into my shorts. She smoothed her dress, but did no such thing as put on panties. Just watching her walk, knowing there was only the thin material between the open air and Kelsey’s slice of heaven – it was hard to look anywhere else.

Except I had two other women good and ready to be appreciated, as well. Sarah was wearing a bright blue sleeveless blouse and I saw immediately that she had unbuttoned the thing about halfway down. Half her breast was still covered, yet the sexy Sarah was already showing more boob than most women had to give.

Then Julia – JULIA – reached down and held my hand. Scientific papers would be written about this moment. Sure finding the Higgs-Boson was neat and all but my tomboy roommate showing physical affection in public? That was a fucking miracle.

My girls were fighting over me. In a sort of sweet way that was meant to make sure no one’s feelings were hurt. But still. If this is what it means to be treated like a piece of meat, butcher me up.

We’d parked in the city at a small lot and then followed the crowds of people over the bridge to the stadium. As we went, I felt like almost everyone was staring. The way Kelsey’s (almost nonexistent) ass waggled in that pink skirt. How Sarah’s bosoms bounced along in time. Pretty Julia, flirting and laughing – whispering in my ear – her athletic body practically hanging off mine.

At the stadium, we tried to get into our usual routine. We walked around the concourses, talked about food. Sarah got out her camera and tried to take pictures. But we were all too… fidgety. Live. Like kids before Christmas, we were so busy thinking about unwrapping each other, we couldn’t sit still. Though we tried.

We got to our seats and sat four across, Sarah then Julia then myself then Kelsey. Julia still holding my hand.

“I hope you’re happy,” I told the beautiful blonde as the game began, “Look at what you did.”

“Sarah started it,” Kelsey said, getting into the act.

“Yeah, well, I think you’re going to earn some punishment when we get home.”

“Not unless you discipline Sarah and Julia, too.”

“Are you sure you want that? I mean… what you said before.”

“I say a lot of things when your pendulous penis is plugging me,” Kelsey said.

“Yeah, no kidding,” Julia said. She didn’t even look up from her scorebook when she said it. I looked over, surprised. I didn’t realize she’d been listening.

“Do you mean when I said that you’re my jack for when I jill?” Kelsey asked, “Or when I said that your cock was so big it was breaking my poor little pussy? Or when I screamed that I was never going to stop cumming?”

I heard the person behind us choke on his beer. Julia just lowered her head, trying to keep from laughing. I saw her cheeks turn apple red. But I also noticed she hadn’t stopped holding my hand. Almost affectionately. Definitely possessively.

“No, ummmm. I meant… the ‘forever’ thing.”

“Oh! Oh… Ben I was just… Like I said I kind of just run my mouth while you’re running me and I…”

“No. Of course. I get it.”

“I mean, I said before about this being for fun and I meant it, I mean… I say those things about sharing you with Sar and Jules because I know you’re not mine. If you were… If I had to be…”

“Yeah, no. I know. I wasn’t… I mean, like you said we talked about it. I was just confused. That’s all.”

“We’re OK?”

“Yeah. Totally OK,” I said. I felt Julia squeeze my hand a little tighter, but it felt more patronizing than comforting. I was OK. I knew that Kelsey and I weren’t… Weren’t anything really. Yet I have to admit I felt my heart drop a little.

I looked over at Sarah. She leaned over and winked, then peeled her shirt back a bit more to show me her ginormous boob. It was safely ensconced in her bra – though honestly calling that undergarment a bra was like calling a piece of string a seatbelt. Keeping those massive mammaries in place was a true feat of engineering.

Still, even so concealed, Sarah’s breast looked magnificent – soft and succulent. There was no doubt that she was offering me a chance to worship at her most holy mounds. Was Sarah really about to go through with anything? She’d made it clear that her boundaries kartal escort were malleable (much like her breasts, I know), but she could just as easily slam shut as she would open (much like her pussy, I know).

Then Julia leaned over, put her lips on my ear and sucked, mixing it with little nibbles at my lobe.

“I get next,” she whispered, “Don’t forget it.”

Well, if Julia was so eager to get an at bat, and Sarah was willing to at least take a swing, who was I to feel down about… anything, actually?


All three girls, even Kelsey, kept poking and prodding me. Like they couldn’t control themselves. Julia kept switching between hand holding and cock holding (through my pants, but still). Sarah’s intermittent strip teases kept appearing. KeIsey kept rubbing my arms, my shoulders, my hair, and – in the times when Julia let her – my still-clothed member.

Our little performance in the car had left everyone wanting more and we were clearly headed for extra innings. Maybe a full on doubleheader. Sex-wise I mean.

The actual baseball game was a blowout, with the hometown Pirates’ hopes quickly sinking down to Davy Jones’ locker. Then, in the fourth inning, it started to drizzle. Ordinarily, we’d have stuck this out. The rain wasn’t heavy enough to lead to a delay but even if it did, Julia and I prided ourselves on being die hards. If the umps didn’t call the game then we wouldn’t either.

But with a week’s worth of games behind us and an evening’s worth of activities ahead, Julia announced that she was no longer willing to endure the experience. Kelsey and Sarah had done a great job of respecting our baseball trip, even if they weren’t big fans themselves, but they certainly weren’t the ones to stick it out. And at that point, I wasn’t going to argue it with Julia either.

We left the stadium, all four of us holding hands, united in pervert-ry.


No matter how many times we told Julia there was no rush – the hotel was just outside of town, there was zero traffic, the hotel wasn’t going anywhere – she sped along anyway. I’m pretty sure we went so fast at one point we actually traveled backward in time.

We screeched into the parking lot and before the rest of us could climb out of the car, Julia was in the lobby. Usually sweet as pie with strangers, my roommate practically ripped the keys out of the desk manager’s hand before marching over to our room.

We had another standard hotel room that night – two queen beds with a tiny flatscreen and an even smaller bathroom/shower set up. I was beginning to wonder if these rooms were all printed in one place and then disseminated across the country. They even all smelled the same.

I went in first, but then Julia jumped up and barred the door with her arm. Sarah and Kelsey stood in the hallway, peering around Julia and looking confused.

“What?” Kelsey asked.

“You already had him,” Julia told Kelsey. Then she turned to Sarah, “And you aren’t going to do anything, anyway. I get next.”

“OK. Fine,” Kelsey said, “Better than fine. But it’s still our hotel room, too.”

“Don’t care.”

“We don’t have any other place to go,” Sarah said.

“You know…” I said, looking out the window, “It looks like there’s a pool down there.”


The hotel, indeed, had an outdoor pool, set in an open quad in the middle of the hotel grounds. A sort of oasis in a desert of urban sprawl. The rain had stopped, leaving us with a hot, sweaty haze of an evening. The sun was still hanging on to the horizon, leaving the sky purple and pleasant. Though it was the perfect setup for a swim, the pool area itself was completely empty, as if we were just characters in a story and someone had written us the perfect backdrop for our illicit business.

I was ordered to change into my bathing suit and then make my way to the pool while Julia got ready. I slowly slid into the cool water – it almost felt like trespassing the way my body broke through the glassy blue.

What had, at first, felt a little too cold quickly went to welcoming. It really was a perfect pool day, all other intended activities aside. I dunked my head under the water and when I came up, Julia was standing there, watching me.

She was wearing the sexy green one piece from before. It hugged her curves in all the right places, putting forward her toned arms and bare legs, flat stomach, and tiny breasts. She smiled at me shyly, a weird look for my outgoing, almost aggressive roommate.

Julia lowered herself to the side of the pool, then slid in, making barely a splash. Her feet bounced against the bottom, wetting her to about her shoulders. I paddled over so that we were about an inch apart. I saw Julia was breathing heavy, almost panting, like she’d been out on a run.

I laughed a little, lovingly. I reached up and pulled off her glasses, leaving them on the side of the pool. She smiled, sheepishly.

“Kind of hard to swim with those,” I said.

“Kind of hard to see without them, too.”

“I’ll stay close,” I said. Then I reached back and found the tie in Julia’s hair. I gently unspooled it, watching in awe as her brown locks fell free. Down to her shoulders. I stepped back a little and took my roommate in.

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