The Baseball Trip Pt. 08

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Inning 8

Part 8 of a 9 part series. It’s going to be a tight one folks — who will come out on top after everyone scores? All our players over 18. Now get out there and give ’em your all!


When I finally woke up, my whole body hurt. Looking down I saw I was scratched, bruised, punctured. In giving Julia pleasure, I hadn’t noticed how much she’d hurt me. The aggressive athlete was still passed out, snoring lightly. She almost looked cute this way. Like a snoozing tiger.

We had a long day ahead of us, so I started to wake everyone up. We were all mostly naked and, at this point, it hardly seemed to matter. Tits and balls just hanging out all over the place. We’d all seen it all, so why pretend to be prudish?

That didn’t stop me from appreciating Kelsey’s supermodel body, Sarah’s sexy physique, and Julia’s fantastic figure. Each girl so different and yet the same result — they were amazing. Anyone would kill to be with any of them, and I had been with all three. Well, to some extent anyway. Still working on the Sarah stuff, of course.

As per usual, Julia gave me a slap on the ass as she went by, her version of after sex cuddling, I suppose. Kelsey, on the other hand, offered up a high five.

“You two were awesome,” she leaned in and whispered, “We are totally topping that today.”

I got in the shower, once again clearly covered in bodily fluids. Sarah came into the bathroom completely naked without even knocking. Like it was nothing. She started to brush her teeth. Massive breasts shaking in synchronicity with her arm.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. Sarah eye fucked me hard before I could cover up.

“Wow, Julia goes pretty rough, huh?” she asked, pointing at all the scratches and bruises.

“Her thing, I guess,” I said.

“Glad it’s not your thing — not sure I’d have survived this trip, otherwise.”

“I’m assuming Kelsey was more your speed?” I asked. I was trying to be playful but I could hear it came out mean. Sarah just blushed.

“We… ummm… I mean. You and Julia were going at it and we just… Got a little carried away, I guess.”

“Was it good?”

“Yeah. For sure. Did kinda wish that it was someone else’s tongue, though. Or maybe his other parts.” She reached down and gave my bare cock a squeeze. It was still sticky with Julia’s juices but Sarah didn’t say anything.

“That could be arranged, you know.”

“That was the other thing I kind of figured out last night.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Watching you with Julia… I wasn’t just turned on. I mean, OK, I was totally fucking flying. But I felt something else, too. Jealous.”

“Sarah, fuck, I mean… You have a right to your feelings. Of course you do. But you can’t just… I mean, it’s not fair to me or anyone if you’re going to do one thing and then expect us to not…”

Sarah put her hand on my cheek and kissed me lightly on the lips. A brush.

“I’m not mad at you or anyone. Well, at myself maybe. And that’s really what I guess I’m getting at. Remember that story I told you? About the quarry? I think sometimes doing the safe thing’s also the stupid thing. So last night, after everything that happened, I sat up in bed and just… I decided it was time to do something different. Maybe a lot of things. Time to just jump and hope I hit the water.”

“I’m not sure what you mean. I mean, no, I get it. I just… you’re talking about school? Rob? You and me?”

Sarah smiled then leaned in. This time she gave me a far more passionate kiss. Lips and teeth and a little bit of tongue.

“You’ll see soon enough,” she said.


The second to last day of our trip took us to Toronto for one final game. It was a five hour drive — one of the longest of the trip — and all of us, though clearly tired and a little worn, were ready for a last round of fireworks.

Continuing her tradition, Julia asked me to drive post-coitus.

“You fucked me too good,” she said, “I can barely walk, let alone drive.”

Of course, my own wounds from our encounter went unremarked on. At that point I didn’t want to argue it, I just grabbed the keys and took my seat. Julia climbed in the other side, putting Sarah and Kelsey in the back.

Our first hour of driving was basically silent. I didn’t even bother to turn on the radio. We all just stared out our windows, not even acknowledging that other people were in the car. I guess we were all a little fucked out.

Then out of nowhere, Julia said, “I think we should all play a game.”

“Like, ‘I Spy’ or ’20 Questions’ or whatever?” Kelsey asked. She did not sound excited.

“Yeah, but like, I dunno. Fun.”

“OK — what do you have in mind?” I asked.

“It can’t be boring,” Kelsey said.

“I need to keep my eyes on the road,” I said.

“I don’t want to do anything… inappropriate,” Sarah said.

“Oh we’re definitely going to do that,” Julia said. Sarah seemed not unpleased by that promise. “OK, here’s the game: ‘I Bet güvenilir bahis You Won’t.'”

“Oh this can only end well,” I said.

“Trust me,” Julia said, “One person bets that the other won’t do something. Soooo for example, I could say ‘I bet Ben won’t eat this smushed up gummy bear I found under the seat this morning.'”

“You’re damn right I won’t,” I said, “I’m pretty sure the last time this car was cleaned, Yugoslavia was still a country.”

“Right. So in this case I was right. I get a point and it moves on to the next person to make a bet. Whoever has the most points when we get to Toronto wins the game.”

“What do we get if we win?” Kelsey asked, ever competitive.

“The satisfaction of knowing all of us better than we even know ourselves,” Julia said.

“Bragging rights,” Kelsey said, “I can live with that. OK — let’s do this thing.”

“Wait,” Sarah said, “What if Ben did eat the gummy bear?”

“Then Ben would get the point and I have to do something that Ben tells me to do — a dare — since I clearly injured his pride by suggesting he wouldn’t do it.” Then Julia popped the floor bear in her mouth. “There’s an open bag in the door. Jeez dude, it was just an example.”

“I don’t know,” Kelsey said, “It seems like I could just bet ridiculous stuff. Like ‘I bet Sarah won’t jump out of the car right this second’ or ‘I bet Ben won’t turn his face inside out’ every time and win the game.”

“It has to be something that someone might do,” Julia said, “The rest of the group can vote. If a question is deemed unrealistic, then the person who suggested loses two points and has to do a dare for each other person in the car. OK?”

“Got it.”

“Works for me.”

“Good, I’ll go first,” Julia said. She made a big show of considering her options. Traffic whooshed by. Sun glinted through the windshield. It was turning into a perfect day for baseball. And other things, of course.

“OK Ben,” Julia said, “now that this gummy bear has been in my mouth, I bet you won’t eat it for sure.” She took it out and showed me the red, dripping bear, most of its features already worn away.

I shrugged. I’d tasted almost everything else of Julia’s. Why not? She reached over and put the bear in my open mouth. It was a little strange, all warm and wet. I was kind of grossed out. A little turned on.

“OK, so that’s a point for Ben, plus now he gets to make me do something.”

I was kind of at a loss for what I was supposed to do here, so I stuck with something icky and told Julia to lick her window. She did it, not all that excitedly, and then spent the next five minutes wiping her tongue off. “Ugh. Not doing that again. OK Ben, your turn.”

We went this way for a while and, about an hour in, the score was basically level with all of us having done one thing and turned down another. We were feeling each other out, like always. Seeing where the line was, then trying to push the other person over it.

Most of our bets involved doing gross things with gummies. The Haribo people would not be pleased.

It was not a great game but it passed the time and led to some laughs. Then Julia made her third bet and I saw what she had really been up to the whole time.

“Sarah, I bet you won’t kiss Kelsey. On the lips. For a minute.”

Did she really think Sarah wouldn’t do that? Oh I guarantee Julia knew she would. Sure enough, without even a word, Sarah leaned over to the middle seat and kissed her besty. Hard. I tried to keep my eyes on them and the road at the same time and failed miserably. It sounded like a heck of a kiss though.

And that — not the points or the wishes or even passing the time — was the real point of this game. I can’t believe I ever thought that Kelsey was the instigator in our group.

For her dare, Sarah decided to turn the tables. “Since you seem to like kissing so much, maybe it’s time you tried it yourself.”

Julia sighed, as if she really couldn’t have seen this one coming. She turned around in her seat and started shoving things aside. Then she carefully leaned over and shared a taste of Sarah. It was not comfortable for anyone and so they quickly disengaged and sat back down.

But Julia had gotten the point and was now tied for the lead with Kelsey.

“Your lips are awesome. Really full and fantastic,” Julia said.

“Oh. Thanks, I guess,” Sarah said, turning a little red, “It was kind of nice”.

“Sounded like it,” I said.

“You like her lips so much Ben,” Julia said, “But I bet you won’t kiss them.”

“I’m driving right now so ‘no.'”

“Oh right. Fuck. Well, that’s a point for me, I guess.”

“Hey guys,” Sarah said, “I really have to pee. Can we stop at the next rest stop?”

“I bet you won’t hold it for… ten minutes,” I said. It wasn’t much of a bluff, the next rest stop was 10 miles away.



We put the game on hold and when we got to the rest stop, Sarah got her point. Kindly, she told me my punishment was also to use türkçe bahis the bathroom, as well, which was good because I really had to go.

As we were getting out of the car, though, Sarah said, “Hey Kelsey, I bet you won’t ‘help’ Ben in there.”

“You mean, like… hold his thing while he…”


Kelsey thought about it for a moment, then shrugged and got out of the car. “Come on big guy, let’s get ‘er done.”

The stop was pretty simple — a concrete slab in the middle of a grassy spot on the side of the highway. The bathrooms were on either side of the building, so Kelsey and I made our way to the left while Sarah scampered over to the right..

At first I’d thought this would be easy, but I hadn’t considered the fact that Kelsey was now going to have to find her way into a busy men’s room without anyone seeing. The beautiful blonde made a big show of hiding behind a nearby tree, like a goofy James Bond. She even held her hands together like she was clutching a gun, though I have no idea why.

We watched the door as people entered and left. Finally there was a slow point where it seemed like no one was around and we sprinted inside. I grabbed Kelsey’s sleeve and pulled her into a stall. Less chance of getting seen in here.

I stood in front of the toilet and held my arms up, making it clear that this was now Kelsey’s game.

“Hurry it up if you can,” I said, “I really do have to go.”

The tremendous teenager reached down to my zipper and slid it open. Then she fished inside my shorts and, finally, grabbed hold of my cock. It would have been stiff at this point, anyway, even if I didn’t desperately have to pee.

Clumsily, though not in a way that was at all unpleasant, Kelsey pulled my cock out of the zipper and sort of pointed it forward.

“Good?” she asked.

“It’ll do.”

I tried to pee, but Kelsey holding my hardness had made my member switch gears. I could piss or I could cum — not both — and in the hand of such a beautiful woman, my penis was in the wrong setting.

Finally, a long, slightly burning stream shot out. Kelsey hadn’t judged it exactly right, and I started pissing on the floor. She quickly realigned me to the bowl.

“That’s really neat,” she said, keeping a firm grip.

It felt like forever — my bladder had more than a bit to give — but finally it trickled off. I told Kelsey to give my guy a little shake, then let her tuck him back in.

Then she turned around so she was facing me and dropped her shorts.

“What? It’s contagious,” she said and sat down. I have to admit there was something a bit arousing about watching her pee. I don’t want to say it was intimate exactly, but it was something most people don’t share with each other and it was watching liquid spew out of her pussy so… Yeah, I mean, if I wasn’t already aroused I would have been by then.

Eventually she stood up and pulled her pants back up. I gave her a pouty look as her pussy was put away, but Kelsey just smiled.

“I’m sure we’ll get plenty more opportunities,” she said.

We were lucky that the bathroom had been empty this whole time. We opened the stall and went to wash our hands. As we did, an older man came in. He stared at Kelsey, shocked that she was there, though probably a bit taken aback, too. Like I said, Kelsey was striking.

“He needed help,” she told the man, then walked out. I shrugged and then followed.


Back at the car, we agreed to switch seats — I would continue to drive, but Sarah wanted to sit up front. So Julia joined Kelsey in the back.

Once we got on the road, we tallied the points. Sarah, Kelsey and I were all tied at 4 with Julia close behind with 3.

If Kelsey was competitive than Julia was… I don’t know, psychotic. She was not going to lose at her own game and so she made a bet that I’m sure she believed was uncallable.

“Sarah, I know you won’t suck Ben’s magic dick while he drives.”

Sarah didn’t even blink. She tucked her brown hair behind her ear, then reached over and grabbed for my fly. I practically swerved off the road right then and she hadn’t even touched my cock.

“Guys, are we sure this is such a good idea with me driving?”

“Yep,” Julia said.

“Definitely,” Sarah said.

She reached down and got me out with ease. Then in one swift motion the buxom brunette bobbed my apple. Holy fucking FUCK! It might seem like this was old hat by now, but Sarah had only touched my dick twice — once on day one and again on day three — with her hands, and never since. She’d gone from first to third on an infield grounder, this gorgeous girl with deep brown eyes and an even deeper chest.


It was all any of us could say. Except maybe for Sarah and she had her mouth full. As I said, I’d never experienced Sarah’s ministrations. Kelsey was eager, sometimes a little too much. Julia, like everything, was aggressive. But Sarah was attentive, almost loving. Passionate and strangely appreciative. Like it was güvenilir bahis siteleri me doing her the favor by letting her put my cock in her mouth. Sarah swirled her tongure around my shaft like it was something precious to be savored.

I did my best to keep my eyes on the road, but honestly Godzilla could have stepped onto the highway and I’d have plowed right into him. Instead, because this wasn’t dangerous enough, I took one hand off the wheel and rested it on the back of Sarah’s head, twining my fingers in her brown tresses.

She hmmmmed softly and shifted her rhythm, switching from little licks to full on suction. I swear I almost blacked out.

“Sar…” I groaned. She lifted her head up with a loud, savory smack of her lips. I bit of drool trailed from her mouth to my cock. Sarah sat back, a contented little smile played on her lips.

“You said just suck, right?” she said. Julia nodded dumbly. Reluctantly I put my penis back in my pants. If my balls weren’t aching already…

“So that’s a point for me,” Sarah said and smoothed her shorts. Don’t think I didn’t notice the way she moved her legs as she did it. The sexy brunette was as worked up as I’d seen her.

“And Julia, for so rudely challenging me, I believe you should also do some licking. On Kelsey.”

Kelsey’s legs popped open like they were set on springs, but Julia seemed to hesitate. I’d been living with my roommate long enough to know she was straight as a board. Despite the whole athlete, tomboy thing — maybe BECAUSE of the athlete tomboy thing — Julia was into boys all the way.

But if Julia had bet against Sarah’s reluctance and lost, well then Sarah hadn’t counted on Julia’s ingenuity. She leaned over and, like a big dog, took a long wet lap of Kelsey’s cheek.

Kelsey giggled, ticklish, and we all laughed. Things had actually gotten tense for a moment there.

“Good enough?” Julia asked. She wiped her mouth, self-satisfied. “I keep telling you guys. You gotta be more specific.”

“Clearly,” Sarah said, “But don’t worry. I’ll make it up to you.”

“You’d better,” Kelsey agreed.


Ours was not a fast moving game. People actually took their time on their turns, thinking about who to challenge and with what. Plus the bet, itself, was often time consuming as well. And Toronto was fast approaching.

I got a feel of Sarah’s fantastic tits (over the shirt, but still). Then Kelsey got to do the same. Sarah’s breasts were getting molested regularly, but she didn’t seem to mind. She then bet, perhaps looking for a little revenge, that Julia wouldn’t finger herself right there in the back seat.

By the time I glanced back, Julia’s shorts and panties were already on the floor. Her pussy pink and drooling.

SLAP! Julia’s hand rebounded off her clit.

“Doesn’t that, like, hurt?” Kelsey asked.

“That’s kinda the point,” Julia said, dipping her fingers in, “It’s no different than Sarah. Y’know… tasting. Whatever gets you off, you know?”

Julia continued jilling for about a minute or so, then stopped, a little bored with it, and pulled up her shorts. I pretty much missed the whole thing. This driving thing was killing me.

Since it had been Sarah’s bet, Julia made her spend the rest of the drive with her tits out. A reward for the entire highway, really. As soon as her shirt was off, her beautiful boobs glinting in the sun, Sarah took her turn.

“Since we just talked about it, Kelsey, I bet you won’t slap your bare puss like Julia does.”

Kelsey sighed and took off her shorts again. At this point I was starting to think we might be better off just staying bottomless. The beautiful blonde’s shaved snatch was out for everyone to see. Kelsey flattened her hand and then tapped her pussy lightly.

“Jeez, you guys are all such pussies,” Julia said. She reached over and took Kelsey by the wrist, showing her the motion. “Fast and hard. Like that.”

“I did say you had to do it ‘like Julia.'” Sarah said. Kelsey growled in response, reared back and hit herself right on the clit. I heard it this time, but Julia still groaned in frustration, as if it was her own sex getting so under stimulated. Then without even thinking about it, Julia reared back and…


Kelsey whimpered, crossing her legs. Julia suddenly stopped herself, looking at her hand in horror. “Fuck, I’m sorry Kelsey I didn’t… I don’t know what came over me.” Julia seemed legitimately upset.

But then Kelsey raised her own hand and whacked her clit, herself, with that same amount of force. Her poor puss looked a little red, but Kelsey just smiled and got her shorts back on.

“Not bad,” she said, “Just not for me, I don’t think. Well, since Sarah loves sharing so much, I know she won’t taste everyone in the car, including herself.”

Sarah unzipped her pants, dipped her hand in and licked a finger. Then she reached over to me, sliding her hand right up my shorts leg and did the same to my cock.

“Kinda testosterone-y,” she said. She turned to the backseat as if to say, ‘well?’ Kelsey wasted no time get her finger good and sauced, then stuck it up front for Sarah to lick. Then Julia did the same, winding her arm around the suitcases as best she could.

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